Saturday, July 19, 2014

When a Vampire and Succubus combine forces, hell breaks out

Hunger Embraced
Hunger #1
by Jennifer James
an Erotic Paranormal Romance
from Etopia Press
50% off

Hunger 2: Hunger Unbound releases on August 1st

She’s fed up with being fed on.

All Miranda Thibodeaux really wants to do is survive corporate hell and be left alone. But as the daughter of the Incubi king, being left alone isn’t on her schedule. And as an avatar to a goddess with multiple personality issues, taking things in stride isn’t either.

Daniel looks like an ordinary surfer boy—T. T. B.--Tall, Tanned, and Blond. Hot he may be, but ordinary he’s not. Beneath the pretty packaging lies a ruthless warrior, a servant to the Vampire Council. His mission is to find Miranda and present her to the council, then get the hell out of Dodge before he loses his focus. The last thing he needs is the distraction of the testy female.

When circumstances force Miranda to turn to T.T.B. for help, they both end up with more than they bargained for. And that normal human life she wanted? Not really doable when everyone wants a piece of her...

Review by pearls
A great twist on the succubus/vampire legends. The succubi take their energy from vampires, who need to have sex with them to feed. Except Miranda is bored with the whole set up. That is until she meets TTB--Tall, Tanned and Blond--Daniel. They band together to learn what has happened to her father whom she walked away from years ago, as well as the strange being stalking her in her dreams. Their banter is hilarious, their sex is hot, and their actions always lead to more trouble. Daniel must decide between his oath to his brotherhood or helping this little spitfire he is falling in love with. It is a fun read and I can't wait to read what they will do next in the sequel.

About the Author
Jennifer James is a multi-published erotic romance author who lives in the Midwest on the shore of Lake Erie.

She once landed on her head in a creek while sled riding. Not to be outdone by her older brother, she continued to play and had to walk home with frozen twigs and leaves in her hair.

She loves spiked cocoa in the winter, Dirty Palmers in the summer, and has a raunchy sense of humor.

Published with Unbuttoned Press, Decadent Publishing, and Etopia Press.

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Twitter: @JenniferJames34
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