Friday, July 18, 2014

Can she save them from the Deadliest Secret?

The Deadliest Secret
by Lauren Peyton
a Romantic Suspense
from Beau Coup Publishing

In Washington State there is an island dedicated to housing the most violent offenders the system ever sentenced. Gwen, the prison psychologist deals with many on a daily basis and puts herself in constant danger. Her duty to her job is tested when one inmate crosses the line. 

Kody cannot stop himself: he is obsessed, he needs her, he wants her, and vows that he will have her. The body count rises around them, but when the secret she's held for so long comes to the surface will she be able to save those she loves? Will she even be able to save herself? The Deadliest Secret always has been hers, but will she survive it

“Bring me more news, Warden?” Gwen tried to joke with the warden. He seemed to loosen a bit around her, and his smile was slow spreading, yet genuine.
“More deviants, the world has gone to shit but at least we can make a few bucks off these poor saps.” He chuckled, a low and throaty sound. “Gwen, I wish you wouldn’t insist on seeing these bastards when they’re riled from transport.”

She shook her head. “Scott, I’ll be fine. I take self-defense classes and the guards are posted right at the door. Nothing will happen, trust in me and in my history.”

“Still don’t like it. But here, we got some real winners coming this week,” he said, his disgust at the new tenants obvious.

“Oh, interesting ones?” She felt some excitement at the thought of new faces and new problems to help with.

“We have sick fucks coming in. One guy works for some mob or gang or something. He’s a murderer, rapist, all around five star piece of shit.” He caught himself and turned a light flush when he realized she was a lady and was just looking at him. “I ah shi...shoot, Gwen, forgive the language. They are some real messed up men, very violent offenders.”

Gwen had to laugh a little at how her boss was suddenly red faced and scrambling to correct his foul language.

“Don’t worry, Scott, I forgive the language,” she said softly, while reaching for the files he was handing over.

“They aren’t the full files on that McQueen guy, you don’t need to have nightmares from the pictures. I want extra guards posted at your door. I will order that tonight.” 

“Don’t, please. I don’t want any of them to get the satisfaction of thinking they scare me.” Gwen hated the idea of the men she worked with trying to always watch out for her more than they did each other just because she had breasts and a vagina.

Scott just looked at Gwen. He was going to have extra guards put at her door regardless of how much she objected to them. The guys coming in were dangerous no matter how much she wanted to ignore it or pretend they weren’t. They were killers and the newest batch were possibly some of the worst. He wondered where the world was heading to. This was not a good sign for the future.

“Gwen, I don’t like this,” Scott said to the young blonde woman he had come to respect the hell out of because she was tenacious and the only one who had balls enough to call him on his shit as well as take on the bastards in the prison.

“Then don’t think about it. This is my job, now go do yours so I can do mine.” She winked at her boss, making the situation just a bit lighter with a joke. She kept her gaze level and he shook his head before heading back to the door he came through.

“Just be careful, Gwen, you know you’re the heart of this place for a lot of us old fogies.” He looked back over his shoulder, then left.


***Author's Bio***

Lauren is a Tacoma native who was able to grow up in the beautiful Puget Sound. She love to write. Lauren's favorite genres include romance, thrillers, suspense, and dark fantasy. She is currently continuing to work on her follow up projects and new series that are promised to tease and hook you from start to finish.

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