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Friday, March 25, 2016

Bianca D'Arc talks about the inspiration behind Alpha Bear

Alpha Bear
a Grizzly Cove novel
by Bianca D'Arc
a Paranormal Romance

Guest Post

 Why Write Shifters?
The Inspiration Behind Alpha Bear

by Bianca D’Arc

Shifters as romantic heroes and heroines have really come into their own in the past ten years or so. Coincidentally—or, perhaps not so much—my first book was published 10 years ago this past Valentine’s Day. My first writing contract was for a vampire short story, but as it happened, the first book to make it to publication was a dragon book. I wrote the vampire story for a contest and was really surprised when they offered me a contract! But I didn’t want to just write vampires. At that point, vampires were old news and I was looking for ways to expand my paranormal world beyond what was accepted at the time.

Shifters were my natural choice. I wrote werewolves at first, but I couldn’t resist adding a werebear character even way back in 2006. His name was Rocco Garibaldi—Rocky for short—and the joke going around was that he must be a wereracoon with a name like Rocky. But no. He was a bear. A grizzly. And I found I had so much fun writing his character that I eventually gave him his own book.

Why are bears so much fun to write?

Well…they’re big. They’re growly. Furry and cuddly—sort of. They’re strong and powerful, and when you see one, you get a little thrill of excitement—or fear, depending on how close it is to you. Kind of like a handsome man, in a lot of ways.

Bears are slow moving and laid back until they get angry, and then it’s sorta like the Incredible Hulk wearing a fur coat. Badass bear with big freaking claws and sharp teeth. Where wolves are playful and quick, bears are dependable and steady. Their appeal is slightly different from the sexy, bad boy werewolves, but every bit as alluring.

It seems only natural to me that bear shifters are making a splash in romance right now. My long-running paranormal series branched out in years past to include the Redstone Clan of cougar shifters, a group of ex-mercenary werewolves, tiger and panther shifters, and a number of different vampires thrown in for good measure, but I’ve circled back around to bears again, and it feels…right.

Grizzly Cove is a social experiment being conducted by the Alpha Bear, John Marshall, and his crew of ex-military werebears. They want nothing more than to settle down in a quiet spot on the Washington coast and build their own little town where bears can be bears. But fate has other ideas, and all sorts of supernatural Others begin to show up.

I like mixing it up with different kinds of bears, and different kinds of women to be their mates. The Alpha Bear will find himself entangled with a witch. Not all the women in this series are magical, but for this story, and this particular werebear, we needed a badass mate who could hold her own with the strongest of the strong.

Grizzlies dominate in Grizzly Cove, of course, but there are a few notable exceptions of black bears and Kodiak bears. Not to mention the town’s single polar bear, and the female panda and her adorable toddler.

The one thing they all have in common is what I call the fierce factor. They are brawny and cunning in their fur, but when they shapeshift into their human halves, they are H-O-T. Muscular, strong and with sharper senses than mere mortals, they are on the hunt for the perfect mate to complete them.

So, the simple answer to what inspired Alpha Bear and the entire Grizzly Cove series, is that I wanted to get back to basics with a crew of shifters that were just trying to find a peaceful place of their own making, to live in and raise a family. They may wind up getting dragged into the bigger conflicts in the world through the series, but there’s always that safe place—Grizzly Cove—to go back to when the battle is over, and the loving mates they find along the way. Isn’t that, basically, what most of us look for in our own lives? Love, and a safe and happy place to live are among the most important things to me, and, I suspect, a lot of other people in the world.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Grizzly Cove!
YouTube Trailer:

A man with a plan…

John is the
Alpha bear of Grizzly Cove, a town built to his own design, made up mostly of bear shifters. He brought them all together, so it’s on him when the community comes under attack.

A woman of power…

Ursula is more than she appears, and when her secret comes out, she’s afraid the shifters aren’t going to take it well, but John surprises her. He needs her help to combat the evil targeting the town, but there seems to be more to their relationship.

A battle to the death…

When evil attacks from the ocean, can John afford not to utilize Urse’s skills to protect the town and people in it? Better still, can John reconcile his inner
bear’s demand that she is his mate, with his lifelong dream of leading his people into a new way of living—in a town built just for them? Or will he have to give up Grizzly Cove in order to keep the woman he loves?

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Bianca  D’Arc Bio:
Bianca D’Arc is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 romance novels. She has twice won EPPIE Awards for her work, along with the Australian Romance Readers Favorite Erotic Romance eBook of 2008 for her first werewolf romance, Lords of the Were. She is a native New Yorker who worked as an executive on Wall Street during the summer of 2001. She changed careers after the tragic attacks of 9/11 and started seriously pursuing publication in 2005. She has a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, a Masters in Library Science, and a Juris Doctor, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She loves her garden and plays the piano, ukulele and guitar.


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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Can Love Grow in the Battle between Light vs. D'Arc?


Tales of the Were series 
by Bianca D'Arc 

Blurb by pearls
Military Shifters was enough to intrigue me, so I requested a review copy of Bianca D'Arc's newest book Red, the 2nd book in the Redstone Clan series.  The Redstone clan is a family of cougar shifters who have created a community of shifters of all types. D'Arc has created her own universe of Others: paranormal creatures who co-exist secretly amongst humans and who have magical powers.  The Redstone clan is powerful, and has built a peaceful truth with other weres and vampires in the Las Vegas area.  They serve the Light. 

But Evil is always waiting for an opportunity to strike at the light.  And the Were are ready for them.  In addition to their shifter gifts, they have served as Special Forces, Green Berets, Seals.  This combination makes them lethal fighters and defenders of the Light, as well as protectors of those they love.
I have love all the characters I have met in Red's book, and I will definitely pick up their books that I have missed.  In Red's book, he has been called upon by an old Army buddy to protect his baby sister who's visiting Las Vegas.  Babysitting a bachelorette party quickly turns into a fight between good and evil.  Meanwhile, Red and Trisha fight their growing attraction out of respect for her brother.  What unfolds is an action story filled with romance.  An enjoyable read that prompts me to add Tales of the Were to my TBR list!


 The Tales of the Were includes:
Main series: Lords of the Were, Inferno
The Others: Rocky, Slade
Redstone Clan: Grif, Red, and three more coming soon!

The Brotherhood of Blood series is related, and includes:
Vamps: One & Only (novella), Rare Vintage (novella), Phantom Desires (novella), Sweeter Than Wine (novel), & Forever Valentine (novella).
Wolves: Wolf Hills, Wolf Quest

Tales of the Were: The Others #1

On the run from her husband's killers, there is only one man who can help her now... her Rock.

Maggie is on the run from those who killed her husband nine months ago. She knows the only one who can help her is Rocco, a grizzly shifter she knew in her youth. She arrives on his doorstep in labor with twins. Magical, shapeshifting, bear cub twins destined to lead the next generation of werecreatures in North America.

Rocky is devastated by the news of his Clan brother's death, but he cannot deny the attraction that has never waned for the small human woman who stole his heart a long time ago. Rocky absented himself from her life when she chose to marry his childhood friend, but the years haven't changed the way he feels for her.

And now there are two young lives to protect. Rocky will do everything in his power to end the threat to the small family and claim them for himself. He knows he is the perfect Alpha to teach the cubs as they grow into their power... if their mother will let him love her as he has always longed to do.

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Tales of the Were: The Others #2

The fate of all shifters rests on his broad shoulders, but all he can think of is her.

Slade is a mystery. A warrior and spy who serves two masters - those in the human world and the Lords of the Were. They've sent him to Nevada to track a brutal murderer before the existence of all shifters is revealed to a world not ready to know.

Kate is a priestess serving the Goddess and the large community of shifters that have gathered around the Redstone cougars. When their matriarch is murdered and the scene poluted by dark magics, she knows she must help the enigmatic man sent to track the killer.

Together, Slade and Kate find not one but two evil mages that they alone can neutralize. It's a tricky situation because Slade finds it hard to keep his hands off his sexy new partner, the cougars are out for blood, and the killers have an even more sinister plan in mind.

Can Kate somehow keep her hands to herself when the most attractive man she's ever met makes her want to throw caution to the wind? And can Slade do his job and save the situation when he's finally found a woman who can make him purr?

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Tales of the Were: Grif
Redstone Clan #1
Griffon Redstone is the eldest of five brothers and the leader of one of the most influential shifter Clans in North America. He seeks solace in the mountains, away from the horrific events of the past months, for both himself and his young sister. The deaths of their older sister and mother have hit them both very hard.

Lindsey Tate is human, but very aware of the werewolf Pack that lives near her grandfather's old cabin. She's come to right a wrong her grandfather committed against the Pack and salvage what's left of her family's honor - if the wolves will let her. Mostly, they seem intent on running her out of town on a rail.

But the golden haired stranger, Grif, comes to her rescue more than once. He stands up for her against the wolf Pack and then helps her fix the old generator at the cabin, making it habitable for her while she completes her task. He's friendly and all too attractive, but she has a job to do, regardless of the cost to herself or her budding relationship with the local handyman.

When she performs the ceremony she expects will end in her death, the shifter deity has other ideas and turns the tables on them all. Grif's dual nature is revealed and Lindsey learns there is much more going on than she thought.

Thrown together by fate, neither of them can deny the deep and true attraction between them. They come together, but in the end will an old enemy rip them apart?

Warning: Cats are frisky and they get up to all sorts of naughtiness, including a frenzy-induced multi-partner situation that might be a little intense for some readers. You have been warned.

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Tales of the Were: Red
Redstone Clan #2

A water nymph and a werecougar meet in a bar fight... No joke.
Steve Redstone agrees to keep an eye on his friend's little sister while she's partying in Las Vegas. He's happy to do the favor for an old Army buddy. What he doesn't expect is the wild woman who heats his blood and attracts too much attention from Others in the area.
Steve ends up defending her honor, breaking his cover and seducing the woman all within hours of meeting her, but he's helpless to resist her. She is his mate and that startling fact is going to open up a whole can of worms with her, her brother and the rest of the Redstone Clan.
Trisha's had to hide her special abilities most of her life, but with her brother's Army buddy - the guy they call Red - she's finally free to be herself. He calls to her in a way she's never experienced before and while bad guys keep trying to abduct her, he's her safe port in the storm. But can such dangerous beginnings lead to a life-long love?
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Tales of the Were: Magnus
Redstone Clan #3

Magnus Redstone is the middle of five brothers. As a result, he's always had a little bit of a hard time forging his own identity. While he excels at martial arts, he didn't want to be a soldier like Grif and Steve, his two older brothers. He also doesn't have time for practical jokes like the younger two, Bob and Matt. No, Mag is probably the most serious of the brothers and he always has been. The only real moment when he threw caution to the wind was when he met one very special lady. A lady with fangs...

Author Bio & Links:

Bianca D'Arc has run a laboratory, climbed the corporate ladder in the shark-infested streets of lower Manhattan, studied and taught martial arts, and earned the right to put a whole bunch of letters after her name, but she’s always enjoyed writing more than any of her other pursuits. She grew up and still lives on Long Island, where she keeps busy with an extensive garden, several aquariums full of very demanding fish, and writing her favorite genres of paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi romance.

You can usually find Bianca on Facebook (, Twitter ( or you can find out more about her books on Goodreads ( or her website - WWW.BIANCADARC.COM.


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