Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hottest Male in Literature: Day 2 of Nominations

This could be anyone from Mr. Darcy to Rhett Butler to last year's winner Ethan Grant

July 1-4

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  • Each nomination = 1 entry for the Grand Prize

July 5-6

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Complete rules and prizes are listed on the event page.
Curious to know who has already been nominated?
Each night, I will list all the names nominated that day, too. 

Here's a taste of some of the yummy hotness in the Grand Prize. 
Erika Reed:  author of over a dozen ménage erotica romances, including her new release today Triple Her Chances from her new series Last Chance Tavern
Prize:  ecopy of Double Her Chances from the Last Chance Tavern series
Some women have all the luck --Three Hot Men! And they're all hers!  So lucky that she doesn't have to choose.  Each guy just a little different, able to fulfill a different need and mood.  Always someone available to change the lightbulbs or take out the trash.  Ah yes, perfection. 
What do you find hot?  Do you find it hot that someone is willing to share you so you can have all those needs met?
Emily A. Lawrence:   writes contemporary romance in three heat levels: sweet, sensual and erotic.
Prize:  Guardian of My Soul (book 1 in Soul's Desire series) kindle ecopy
It's also hot to know that a guy is willing to lay down his life to save yours.  Like your own personal bodyguard--you know, to guard your, uh, body....Emily A. Lawrence's book features a bodyguard who gives his client some very personal attention.  Yep, that would definitely be hot. 
Ryan O'Leary:    author of the popular sexy short story series J's Closet, also writes erotica novels
Prize:    kindle ecopy of Happy To Be Stuck With You
Yes, it is definitely hot to be the sole object of one's affection, someone who is determined to keep them together, determined to win her heart and make sure she’s happy to be stuck with him.  So smitten, like Travis, that he takes
whatever baggage or obstacles come along with you.  J is one Lucky girl!

Natasha Blackthorne:   author of several  historical erotic romance novels and series
Prize:   winners' choice of Kindle/Nook ebook from her currently published books.
Do you find the bad boys HOT???  I'm talking about the scoundrels.  In Natasha Blackthorne's latest series Regency Risks, the Earl seduces the shy young widow, turning her into his wanton wench.  As he keeps reminding her, the stable contains many dangers for a young wench wandering alone.  {Quick somebody find me the nearest stable!!! I need to sign up for riding lessons now!}  You got a love hot bad boy that wants to do hot bad things to you. 
Elle Boon: erotica paranormal menage author of the Ravens of War 
Prize: ecopies of Selena's Men and Two for Tamara
Of course not all bad boys are men, some of them are GODS! Elle Boon's series Ravens of War follows 12 of the Elite group created by Zeus.  And they are prepared to defy Zeus, Chronos and any other god that tries to come between them and their lady. 
Sydney Logan:  contemporary romance author
Prize:  Kindle ecopy of Soldier On
Let's face it, any guy willing to fight for what he loves and believes in is hot.  Fighting for country, honor, love:  traditional values that speak to the need for stability and strength.  Sydney Logan's Brandon from Soldier On made our list of top 5 Military Men last month.  There is truth and honestly that gives him a solid foundation. 

Jess Buffett:    hopeless romantic who is a huge fan and author of M/M & M/F romance with a happy ending—anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be Shifters, Vampires, Cowboys, or the boy next door.
Prize:  ecopies of Cowboy's Chocolate Roses, Cupid's Time, and The Alpha's Onyx & Fire
Jess Buffett has given us all of this hotness in the Grand Prize basket.  A cowboy that will will stop at nothing to keep her safe.  A God willing to move heaven and earth for love.  And two powerful men who will help her let go of her inhibitions. All while making the prophecy come true and saving everyone.  Now, that's HOT!

Come back tomorrow to see more hotties found in the Grand Prize basket!!!


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  1. Scott Maclaren from the Kilted Desire series by Author AB McKinley aka Scott McKinley Author/Cover Model. Modern Day Scottish Hero who can definitely rock a kilt and your world.

  2. I agree with Mona Lisa - Scott Maclaren from the Kilted Desire series by AB McKinley is everything a woman could want, with a scottish accent to boot!

    1. Scott is unique! He's real and shared so much with his fans!
      Scott Mclaren, Kilted Desire !

      Diana Ghimes.

  3. MMMMmmmm it's gotta be Scott Maclaren from the Kilted Desire series by Author AB McKinley aka Scott McKinley Author/Cover Model, rockin' that kilt like NO other!! :)

  4. Raffle copter will not let me vote today. :( My nominee is Hank Stinson from the Divine Creek Ranch series by Heather Rainier.

    1. They told me yesterday that this option is lagging. I will check tonight and manually add your vote

  5. Scott Maclaren in Kilted Desires by A B McKinley#!

  6. Tiernan Guaire in Hard as Stone (SoulShares Book 1)
    Just love everything about that man!
    Thank you again for the Hottest Man in Literature.


  7. Alec from "The Guardian Of My Soul" by Emily Lawrence

  8. Raffle copter is saying to vote again tomorrow but I haven't voted today yet so would you please add my vote to the count, thanks. I'm nominating Scott Maclaren from the Kilted Desire series by AB McKinley. Thanks

  9. I have to say RAPHAEL (Vampires in America) by D.B.Reynolds. He is everything you want in a HOT MALE. Tall, dark, powerful and dangerous, but he would lay his life on the line for his mate.

  10. I just adore Zane Garrett from Cut & Run. Holy hotness batman!

  11. Hottie Scottie Maclaren from Kitled Desire- by AB McKinley aka Scott McKinley Author/Cover model whose beautiful body is on the cover of his books. Totally drool worthy!! I wanna see what's under the kilt and can we keep the handcuffs?? Rawwrrrrrr

  12. Scott MaClaren from Kilted Desire series
    Ab McKinley

  13. Scott Maclaren from Kilted Desire by AB McKinley aka Scott McKinley 😊

  14. Rhett Butler gone with the wind.

  15. Scott Maclaren From Kilted Desire Series

  16. Lucian Bane, the dom wars series by Lucian Bane.

  17. The last two days when I tried to log in it would log me in then say nominate again tomorrow but I hadn't nominated anyone yet!
    I nominate Hank Stinson from Heather Rainier's Awakening Veronica!

  18. Lucian Bane from the Dom Wars series by Lucian Bane

  19. Chris Merit from the Inside Out Series. Chris is the ultimate male. Hot, caring, has flaws and loves Sara. Is a wonderful friend to Mark Compton. What more could you ask for?

  20. Scott Maclaren from the Kilted Desire Series by A B McKinley