About Us

Inner Goddess began as site to discuss books that we loved.  The idea stemmed from a series of phone calls after reading 50 Shades of Grey in which we realized we all liked to read the same type of books but were too embarrassed to talk about them.  We realized there needed to be a place where romance and erotica readers could talk about their favorite books.  A place where we could let our Inner Goddesses dance and sing with our fictional boyfriends.  And thus this site was born.

Realizing that authors needed sites too, we opened our doors to them.  Before long, we had authors and readers talking, exchanging excerpts, discussing cover art, and passing around hot photos of leading men material.  Like we had hoped, it was a comfortable place to chat about books that we love, to make recommendations and to find great new books, and to make new friends.

So welcome to our house, where you can let your Inner Goddess fly free, from Judy Blume's Forever to Sylvia Day's Bared to You.

Contact Us:  InnerGoddessForum at gmaildotcom

pearls--I am a librarian, a book reviewer, a poet, an 80's rocker girl, a mom and wife, a friend.  I've reviewed all kinds of books from Storybooks to XXX, but this time I wanted to build a site where I talked about how a book made me feel, instead of breaking down the literary style.  As a member of several local book clubs, I wanted this site to have that feeling of sitting in a circle and chatting.

TinkNCognito--I am an account by trade, a wife of 28 years, and a music fan but books are my passion.  I reconnected with my love of reading through Harry Potter and Twilight, then found Outlander.  Thanks to some great friends (pearls included), I found Black Dagger Brotherhood, Joey W. Hill and Fifty Shades.  It completely awakened me to the possibilities of love, and made me realize that I wanted to talk about intimacy with good friends.  pearls felt the same way and here we are.

Queenie--I run a book review blog The Novel Approach.  I am a voracious reader preferring strong male characters. 


  1. Hi, Pearls, TinkNCognito, and Queenie!

    I sent an email earlier this month to the address given above, but I'm afraid it might have gone to spam. I am interested in doing a book blast on your blog for Hurricane Crimes, my romantic suspense eBook, that'll be available on Amazon tomorrow. :) Please email me at ChrysFey(at)yahoo(dot)com if you are interested.

    Thank you!

  2. I have done five book trailers for the Naughty Literati (of which I am one of the authors) plus several for my own dark fantasy/paranormal romance and erotica novels. My YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/windlegends . I would be honored to have you incorporate my videos on your website. I will subscribe to your YouTube channel.

    Charlotte Boyett-Compo

  3. It's so encouraging to see a review site that has real people, interested in giving real reviews.