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The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor

The MacGregors: Highland Heirs
by Paula Quinn
a Historical Romance
from Forever/Hachette


Known for her beauty and boldness, Abigail MacGregor must preserve her clan's dangerous secret: that her mother is the true heir to the English Crown. If the wrong people find out, it will mean war for her beloved Scotland. To keep peace, she embarks for London, unprepared for the treachery that awaits-especially from her wickedly handsome escort. He is the enemy, but his slow, sensuous kisses entice her beyond reason . . . 
General Daniel Marlow, loyal knight and the kingdom's most desirable hero, would rather be on the battlefield than transporting a spoiled Highland lass. But Abby MacGregor is unlike any woman he's ever met, in a ballroom or in his bedroom. Captivated by her daring spirit and seduced by her lovely innocence, Daniel must choose between betraying his queen or giving up the woman who would steal his country-and his traitorous heart.

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“Aye, ye did say that,” she murmured. “Well, since we’re both awake, we might as well spend the night together again.”
The innocence in her voice struck him in the guts. She wanted nothing more from him than someone to be with outside in the night.
He, on the other hand, was not innocent at all. Her choice of words sent a little spark of heat to his groin. The way she turned on the pads of her feet and ended up pressed against his side and tucked neatly under his shoulder tilted him on his axis a little.
“I’m cold,” she whispered, her teeth chattering.
He put up no fight when she lifted his arm around her shoulder, then covered them both with her plaid. The desire to protect her overwhelmed him and sent tremors through his muscles. He knew little of her. Was she an innocent daughter of a Jacobite chief, or part of some secret scheme Anne was devising.
Hell. Anne didn’t devise schemes.
“I wasn’t certain if you were ever going to speak to me again,” he said, when what he should have said was, You should go sleep somewhere, lady, and not on me.
“I was verra’ angry with ye. But I’ve forgiven ye.” He heard the smile in her voice and made a mental note of how well it pleased him that she was no longer angry. He would decide what to do about his unwanted concerns for her tomorrow. Right now, he only wanted to sit with her just like this, with her beneath his arm and pressed snuggly into his side. Warmth swept over him like fine wine until he felt drunk on it.
How was it that she fit so neatly into him, now and earlier when she slept in his lap, like she belonged there, close to him?
Close to his heart.
Hell, it scared him, and after fighting for over a decade, not much scared him anymore.
“D’ye have a wife, General Marlow?” Came her sweet voice against his chest.
“No, lady.”
“Are ye betrothed?”
“I am not.”
“Is there a lass somewhere who has yer heart?”
“Well,” she laughed softly, “are all the ladies in England fools?”
“They’re the opposite,” he told her. “They’re wise to set their interests in another direction.”
She shook her head then tilted her face up to his. In the filtered light of the moon, he could make her out enough to fall victim to the alluring curves of her mouth, her soft, sweet breath against his chin. “Nae, they are fools not to try to win yer affections.”
He knew every reason there was to stop what he was thinking, what he was feeling, and what he was about to do. But reason was a puny opponent compared to desire.
Slipping one hand behind her nape and the other to her throat, he tilted her chin another half-inch then covered her mouth with his. The instant after he did it, he regretted it, but then she coiled her arms around his neck and drew him closer, and he couldn’t stop. He never wanted to. She didn’t resist him, in fact, she melted in his arms. She groaned softly when he drew his tongue across the seam of her mouth. She bit his lip and ignited his blood to liquid fire. He swept his tongue in and out of her, holding her close to him while they kissed, wanting nothing more from her than what she gave him now. Making love to her could be dangerous if Charlotte found out. He’d have to make sure she didn’t find out, at least until he had proof of other crimes and could arrest her. If she hurt Abigail before that he’d hang her himself.
He wondered, as he held her in his arms and kissed her long into the night, how he could be so content with one he was supposed to hate. 

About Paula Quinn:
New York Times bestselling author Paula Quinn lives in New York with her three beautiful children, three over-protective chihuahuas, and a loud umbrella cockatoo. She loves to read romance and science fiction and has been writing since she was eleven.  She loves all things medieval, but it is her love for Scotland that pulls at her heartstrings.

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Cover Reveal: Never to Hope

never cover

Title: Never to Hope

Author: Aimie Grey


As the daughter of addicts, Alissa Ross is determined to break the cycle for herself and others like her. After years of following a set of carefully laid plans and working a demeaning job to save enough money, her lifelong goal of attending law school is almost within reach.

Alissa believed that love was out of the question for her…that is until the day Carter Smith moves in to her apartment building. From their first meeting, there’s an undeniable connection between them, and Alissa slowly begins to trust that it’s okay to hope for happiness in her life. For once everything is looking up, but as she has learned all too well, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Will Alissa be able to trust the man who has everything to gain from destroying the only thing she’s ever wanted, or will she accept it is better never to hope?

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About the Author:

Aimie Grey didn’t read a single book until she was in her early thirties. One fateful day, her friend decided to put an end to the madness and shoved a steamy romance novel under Aimie’s nose. After being forced to read one of “those” scenes, Aimie went home and bought the book, and the next one, and the one after that. In the two years since, Aimie has read close to four hundred books. Somewhere along the way, she became frustrated with reading repetitive stories revolving around the experienced man seducing the still virginal woman. Aimie decided to take matters into her own hands and wrote her debut full length erotic romance novel Never to Keep.

In addition to her day job as an IT system administrator, and her new evening gig as a writer, Aimie’s primary role in life is wife and mother. Aimie lives in the Midwest with her husband and two teenage daughters. (Now you know why she needs those books!)

You can connect with Aimie at:

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you are All My Tomorrows

All My Tomorrows
by Kathryn Kelly
an Erotic Contemporary Romance
Brittany isn’t the same girl she was four years ago. Haunted by memories of a violent attack, she hides from the world, hoping to go through life unnoticed. That is until Trey—her first crush and the only man she ever loved—reappears.

Trey had been around Brittany her whole life. Seven years her senior, he’d watched her grow into a gorgeous young woman. When she turned sixteen and suddenly started practicing her newfound feminine wiles on him, Trey realized he needed to back off.
Four years later, when he runs into her again in a nightclub, Trey realizes they still share a special connection. Not to mention he can’t stop thinking about how badly he wants to make love to her.
Brittany wants Trey, but before they can have a future together, she’ll need to deal with the awful secret she’s carried with her from her past.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here! In addition, this story contains reference to a sexual attack in the heroine’s past, as well as a scene that contains a graphic, sexually motivated attack upon the heroine.
About Kathryn Kelly
Kathryn Kelly is the author of several MC romances. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, football and scotch. In her head, she rides hard and lives free.

Small town romance: A Kiss to Build a Dream On

by Kim Amos
a Contemporary Small Town Romance
from Forever/Hatchette
Twelve years ago, beautiful, blond, wealthy Willa Masterson left White Pine, tires squealing, for New York City, without looking back.  Since then, she's enjoyed everything New York has to offer a girl with unlimited resources. But the recent discovery that her boyfriend has squandered her inheritance in a Ponzi scheme sends Willa back to White Pine, to the only asset she has left: her childhood home, which she plans to turn into a high-end B&B. 

Enter Burk Olmstead, the best contractor in town-and Willa's high school boyfriend, whom she left high and dry when she moved away.  Hard-working, hard-bodied Burk, who has been taking care of Willa's childhood home for years, also has plans for the beautiful old house-plans that conflict with Willa's B&B.  When these two argue, sparks fly and reignite the fire that's always been between them...but it may take the whole town of White Pine to get these two lovers back together for good. 
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“This piece you did, this collage. Is it how you envision things?”

Willa tried to concentrate on the question, even though she was suddenly, unbearably warm. She tore her eyes from Burk’s to glance at the collage. It featured an open, homey space with cream walls and leather couches the color of an old penny. Stacks of books were placed here and there, as if any topic you wanted to read about would be within reach. The coffee table in this picture was yellow, not blue like hers, but the effect was the same. Its worn look gave all the newness a comfy feel, as if to say this was a room for using and living in—not just for staring at.

“It’s a good start,” Willa confessed. “I was thinking I’d like to have some of the same touches in the B&B.”

Burk nodded, but didn’t take his eyes off Willa. A long moment passed, during which she wanted desperately to reach for him, to take his strong face in her hands and to apologize already. To tell him how sorry she was for the past. For the way she’d been a stupid, selfish teenager and had wounded him.

Her heart pounded. She wondered, suddenly, what it would be like to start anew with Burk. Not in a relationship, necessarily, but to have something else between them besides the past. Maybe even just great sex, she thought, glancing at the thick muscles of his arms, taking in the strength of his large hands. She wondered at the hairs of his forearms, dark but soft, and how they’d feel against her skin.

God, it would be fun. She bit her lip. All this pent-up frustration would have somewhere to go. She and Burk could wash away the pain of the past with pleasure of the present.

“I like this room,” Burk said quietly. A sudden hoarseness in his voice thrilled her. He tapped a strong finger on the collage’s page. “I’ll help you with your projects if you can do a little background work on the how. You figure out the techniques, what supplies we need, I’ll help you make it happen.”

Willa’s heart surged. She was downright delighted, happier than she’d been in ages. She’d found something she could do, could learn. “Thank you!” she cried, throwing her arms around his neck before she could think twice. His arms entwined her instinctively.

As soon as their bodies were linked, the blood rushed to hear head in a roar. The warmth of his skin was going to melt her, his breath on her cheek was going to erode her, the pieces of his hair threaded between her fingers was going to end her circulation. Her body was going to cease to function, and she’d be locked in this moment. Forever.

She inhaled the scent of him and found she didn’t mind.

“Willa,” he growled. She couldn’t tell if he wanted her off of him, or wanted her pressed harder against him.

He pulled back to look at her and she saw the dark desire etched into his face again. He’s going to kiss me, Willa thought.

And this time I won’t let him flip a switch and walk away.

She was ready for it—ready for him—when the doorbell clanged and startled them both. They broke apart as the moment shattered. Their bodies distanced themselves, and Willa was instantly cold, missing the warmth of him.

Burk mumbled something and picked his paintbrush back up. Willa stood, smoothing the front of her work clothes, and walked to the door with as much dignity as she could muster. I will kill whoever this is, she thought. I will strangle them and dump their body in the Birch River.

About Kim Amos
A Midwesterner whose roots run deep, Kim Amos is a writer living in Michigan with her husband and three furry animals. 
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A Billionaire between the Sheets

 by Katie Lane
a Contemporary Romance
from Forever/Hatchette
Overnight billionaires, the Beaumont brothers are thrust into life in the fast lane with exotic cars, private jets . . .  and sex and success on their minds.

A commanding presence in the boardroom and the bedroom, Deacon Beaumont has come to save the failing company French Kiss. He was born to be boss in this glamorous new world of lacy lingerie and stunning supermodels. But one bold and beautiful woman dares to question his authority.

Olivia Harrington has dedicated her life to the company's success. Just because Deacon is sexy as hell doesn't mean he'll make a better CEO. With a limitless supply of push-up bras and garter belts, Olivia turns her considerable feminine charms on Deacon to discover what makes him tick . . . and reveals instead the billion reasons why she wants him to stay.
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About Katie Lane
Katie Lane is the USA Today bestselling author of the Deep in the Heart of Texas and Hunk for the Holiday series.  Katie lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and when she isn't writing, enjoys reading, going to the gym, golfing, traveling, or just snuggling next to her high school sweetheart and cairn terrier Roo.

Learn more about Katie Lane at:
Twitter, @ktlane3