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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Scrolls of Cridhe, vol.1: Highland Winds

Seven original novellas in the Scrolls of Cridhe bundle

The Scrolls of Cridhe - Volume 1, Highland Winds

The Scrolls of Cridhe - Volume 1, Highland Winds is a collection of seven new Scottish historical romance novellas by seven of your favorite authors:
Suzan Tisdale, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Kathryn Lynn Davis, Lily Baldwin, Ceci Giltenan, Kate Robbins and Tarah Scott

The Legend

Long, long ago, in the time before time, seven sisters were called from the far reaches of the realm. Each brought unique talents, but had one common gift; the ability to weave ageless tales of love and courage. An evil witch coveted their gifts and locked them in a tower, silencing their voices upon threat of death. But the Highlands are enchanted, and magic will not countenance seven pure hearts such as theirs to be lost.

 With no one else to hear them, they sang their stories to each other. Fate blew a braw Highland wind to their prison, and the sweet, high timbre of the sisters’ voices enthralled it. The wind gathered close their silver words as it raced past each day, and carried their love and goodness throughout the world...then across the ages.

 Today, their words live on in the Guardians of Cridhe, seven sisters who have sworn to preserve those pure and musical hearts so long as they live. It is said these seven descend from those ancient female bards. Only their words can bear witness to that truth...

The Novellas

Highland Revenge by Ceci Giltenan
Does he hate her clan enough to visit his vengeance upon her? Or will he listen to her secret and his own heart’s yearning?

The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
A forbidden love so powerful it could destroy them both.

Stealing Moirra’s Heart by Suzan Tisdale
She didn’t believe he was a thief when she rescued him... until he stole her heart.

Spirit Stones by Kate Robbins
Sheona MacLeod has a gift. Malcom MacDonald seeks change. Together, they can change destiny...if they dare.

A Tear For Memory by Kathryn Lynn-Davis
How can a seer paint ‘Truth’ when she’s lived a life of lies? Will she allow a man who has twice deceived her to open her heart to the truth?

A Jewel in the Vaults by Lily Baldwin
She has never met a man like him before. Then again, he has never met a lad like her.

Lord Grayson’s Bride by Tarah Scott
She can’t allow his love for her to destroy him...

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To read snippets and interviews
 with the authors and characters,
visit "The Guardians of Cridhe" FB page at
Supporting Cancer Research
The authors will be donating a 50% of the royalties for ebooks sold in November of The Scrolls of Cridhe to cancer research!!!  The Cancer Research Institute (CRI), is the world’s oldest and largest nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to advancing the science of cancer immunology with the goal of developing new ways to harness the immune system to prevent, treat, and—one day—cure cancer.
 Immunotherapy is aimed at harnessing the body's own immune system to fight cancer.
Funds from CRI have supported the research behind:
Gardasil™ - cervical cancer vaccine
Provenge ™ - prostate cancer vaccine
Yervoy ™ - melanoma antibody
BCG – bladder cancer treatement
As well as blockbuster antibody treatments Herceptin (breast cancer) and Rituxan (lymphoma).

Candy Cane Kisses and Enchanted Embraces


The 99 Cent Holiday Bundle, “Candy Cane Kisses & Enchanted Embraces” Releases today November 17th, 2014!

 In Celebration of the release the Authors are throwing a

LIMITED EDITION brought to you by 10 Bestselling and Award-winning Romance Authors!

Over 100,000 words of content!
Dreidels and Demons, by Eileen Rendahl, National Bestselling Author and two-time RITA Award Nominee Paranormal
All Melina wants is a normal wedding with the normal kinds of problems that normal brides have like drunk uncles and wilted flower arrangements. Such is not the life of a Messenger for the supernatural beings of Sacramento, however. Something is after her and it’s not just her mother with another cake sample for her to taste.

Honor the Promise by Cyndi Faria, Award-winning Author New Adult - Sweet Contemporary
Expected to become a fourth generation firefighter, a young cadet discovers Latin dance unleashes his deepest desires and gives him the confidence to choose his own path.

New Year’s Endeavor by Loucinda McGary, RWA Golden Heart Finalist Sensual Contemporary Recently widowed Tammy Knox takes a holiday cruise at the urging of her daughter Avery and her best friend Dori Miller. Tammy is seeking a distraction from her increasingly lonely life, but she doesn't expect it to be in the form of her best friend's handsome, younger son. Is their New Year's endeavor destined to be a shipboard fling or true love?

Flame to Fire by Kate Lockridge, two-time RWA Golden Heart Finalist Paranormal
Nate Arbinger is a Helwyn, a demon hunter, who uses ancient ballads as a road map to track escapees from Hell. Battle weary, Nate has come home to Molly for the Yuletide season. Little does he know that a minor god and the Fates have other plans for his holiday…

The Christmas Con by Jill James, Amazon Best-selling Author Sexy Contemporary
Two reformed jewel thieves, Robin and Ian, are on the job to retrieve a priceless necklace, but Santa has special plans for a reunion of the ex-lovers.

Just A Little Christmas by Janet Miller, Prism Award-winning Author Contemporary
Alice Masters has two young children, no job, and Christmas is coming without a tree or decorations. When she begs her neighbor Rand Brown for the old Christmas tree he’s thrown out, what starts as Just A Little Christmas turns out to be a lot more.

Winter Solstice Wishes by Gayle Parness, Fantasy Author Paranormal
Elle, a fae who refused to return to the Faerie Court because of the abuse she'd endured, has been a guest in Sasha's home for the last six months. Sasha, a vampire with a violent past, was smitten by this sweetly elegant female. Can they heal each other on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year?

Christmas Weekend: A Heart’s Delight Short Story by Grace Conley, SVRWA GOTCHA Award-winning Author Contemporary
San Francisco cop Joe Maggiano runs into his long-lost flame on Christmas Eve – during a terrible fire! Will he and Gwyn be able to re-kindle their love over the course of a holiday weekend in charming Heart’s Delight, California?

The Holiday Fixer by Addison James, SVRWA GOTCHA Award-winning Author Contemporary
A hacker is threatening the online dating site, Coupling, and head of product development, Wendy Ram, hired self-made billionaire security consultant, Zachary Evans, to fix the problem in time for their holiday promotion. A 21st century retelling of the holiday classic, The Shop Around the Corner.

The Christmas Clocks by Delores Goodrick Beggs, Arts Council Fellowship-winning Author Paranormal

When an image of her lost love appears on the old clock's face, Genoa can't let him disappear again, she can't!

Don’t miss a minute of the #KissesEmbraces Release Day Party! Authors will be giving away prizes throughout the event and you still have time to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway!
Kisses & Embraces Facebook Page
Join our Rafflecopter and Release Party at
Here is the schedule for the event!

Winners of the various prizes will be announced Tuesday!

The #KissesEmbraces party may end Monday night but there will be lots of fun happening on the page all season long.

AND you can still enter to WIN the Grand Prize Giveaway until the day after Christmas!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Fireside Series is Complete!

Get all 3 novellas in the Erotica Romance series!

The Fireside Series Bundle
by Morgan Black


Sometimes scars are on the surface, but sometimes what lies beneath is far more treacherous.
Cheyenne is beautiful, successful, and filthy rich. But hidden below her impeccable facade lies a broken girl who feels like love is just another business transaction. After she marries Collin, another wealthy ranch owner, she'll have done her part to keep the family business alive. But when she meets Luke she realizes that her heart can't be bought.
Cheyenne and Luke become stranded in a cabin in the woods and when a blizzard threatens to bury them they must fight for their lives. If only they realized once rescued they'd have to keep fighting.


He drew his forefinger from my lips down my neck and across my collar bone stopping right above my chest. Slowly his finger dipped between my breasts and down to my navel where his hand greedily grabbed the front of my pants and pulled me towards him. My head snapped back before my lips locked with his. The heat radiated from our mouths, wet and juicy kisses joining together. Everything about him was so forbidden and mysterious, just the relief I needed from my perfectly mundane life. I inhaled his woodsy scent allowing it to take me away. He was the freedom I wanted and now I would do anything to have him.

 “Luke,” I said in a husky voice. “Luke, take me.”

 His eyes met mine for only a moment, while a smile played on his lips.

 I waited on bated breath afraid to move. My heart was beating so fast inside my chest that I considered lunging towards him just to end my moment of discomfort. But as he rubbed his lips together I noticed that his breath increased pace. He took his free hand and put it behind my head into my blonde locks and pulled me towards him. Our faces collided, the air finally releasing from my lungs as our lips converged. Heat spread through my body as his hand reached inside my jeans becoming dangerously close to my already wet sex.

 His lips separated from my own he moved his delectable mouth next to my ear. “You feel so good, so warm,” he whispered throatily. “I want you, all of you.”    

For Purchase Links, visit

About Morgan Black
Morgan Black is a hair stylist by day and hottie writer by night. She walks her dogs in high heels and never leaves the house without red lipstick. She firmly believes in the power of Zen, and does Yoga freely in her backyard, in her favorite set of pumps.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 Seals of Summer in this Mlitary Super Bundle

The SEALs of Summer
Military Super-bundle
of ten novellas and novels hit both the New York Times and the USA Today bestseller lists…
NOW read the next books from authors Anne Marsh, Cora Seton, Zoe York, Kimberley Troutte, S.M. Butler, and Jennifer Lowery.


by Anne Marsh:

It’s supposed to be a quick wedding hook-up. She’s lonely. He’s available. After seeing Rio Donovan and Gia Jackson down the aisle, the sizzling sexual chemistry between Mimi Hart and Mack Landry has this pair burning up the sheets in a night of no-holds fantasies. One night. No regrets. And no promises. As Strong’s resident bad girl and bartender, Mimi has earned every inch of her reputation. Tattoos, motorcycles and dancing on the bar—Mimi’s all in. She’s fun and she’s tough, a hot sex-on-the-pool-table woman—not a sunset-and-kisses sweetheart. Until her wedding hook-up, Mack Landry, turns into a man on a sensual mission…and threatens to send her heart into freefall even as her own past threatens to catch up with her.


Print buy link for SWEET BURN:


To learn more about Ann Marsh and her books, visit her website:


by Cora Seton:

When a damaged soldier and a disgraced Hollywood actress agree to marry for a year, can they remember that it's only supposed to be an act?



To learn more about Cora Seton and her books, visit her website:


by Jennifer Lowery:

Former Navy SEAL, Noah Kincaid, bears the responsibility of fellow counterterrorist operative, Atalanta Devayne’s, imprisonment, torture and retirement. Now the drug lord has resurfaced and set up an elaborate plan to exact his revenge on Attie. Noah and Attie must face challenges to overcome the past and accept their feelings for each other before the danger that tore them apart separates them forever.



To learn more about Jennifer Lowery and her books, visit her website:


by Kimberley Troutte:

When a Chinese gaming company tricks Amber Fitz into hacking the U.S. Department of Defense to extract weaponry secrets, can she trust Charlie Handly and his newly-formed SEAL team to get her out of China and protect the secrets in her hands?




To learn more about Kimberley Troutte and her books, visit her website:


by S.M. Butler:

Addison Hardy kept Navy SEAL Eamon Murphy twisted in knots growing up, with her vivacious smile and her gorgeous curves. He thought he was over his best friend’s sister. But finding her at the wrong end of his weapon three years later is only the beginning, and Murphy just might have to break all his rules to keep her safe.




To learn more about S.M. Butler and her books, visit her website:



Beth Stewart is ready to find a nice guy and settle down. But the only man who makes her tingle also drives her crazy in the non-sexy, work-related way. When her bosses hire Finn Howard as a marketing consultant for their growing winery, Beth is sure working together is going to be a complete disaster. Finn knows he can't give Beth what she wants--and a nice guy would walk away. But when a long day of work turns into a private night, fueled by wine and pent-up desire, he gives in to his baser instincts. Damn the consequences. Latest in the sexy small town Wardham series!



To learn more about Zoe York and her books, visit her website:

1 $25 Amazon gift card
1 Prize pack of Hotshot books
5 winners will each receive a Smoke Jumper book of their choice

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Wicked Was Your First?


Six New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors bring you six all-new contemporary and super sexy suspense stories of first loves, first attractions, first temptations, first times and first obsessions. 
Publication Date:  August 19, 2013
99 cent SALE for limited time!
Order Now!

When I first heard about the Wicked Bundle, I was excited to see that 6 great authors were involved.  Then I found out we would have an exclusive excerpt from Joan Swan, whom I love and adore as a writer and person, from the follow up book to Intimate Enemies, one of my favorite books--- well, let's just say that I am now over the moon about this set!!!  So without further ado, here is an excerpt from First Temptation from Joan Swan.  Then stick around to read blurbs from the other books and to enter their Tour Giveaway!!


Counterterrorist agent Taft Walker is up for the challenge of posing as an adult store owner with a new female undercover partner who is also a sex-toy virgin. At least until he sees the real woman beneath her tough façade.

Border Patrol Agent Zoe Brooks is ready to get off the front lines. She’s willing to tolerate a swaggering partner like Taft for a new opportunity. But she’s not prepared for the way he understands her deepest, sexiest desires.

Visit Joan's website to find more of her incredible books


Taft groaned, rolled his tongue over hers, then pulled away before he lost focus. Or she did.
He scraped a hand through her hair and fisted it, a little too tight. “Head on straight?”
Zoe closed her eyes a second. When she opened them, her gaze was clear. Sharp. She gave Taft one nod, and he let her go. Then he located the agents scattered near opposite exits before shutting off the lights.
Zoe took the platform they’d created earlier, with a smile that seemed to have its own light source. She stretched one arm high on the pole and leaned her body toward the metal as she introduced herself and explained pole dancing with the charisma of an inspirational speaker. She accompanied her talk with a sexy stroll around the pole, never taking her hand off the brass bar, all the time caressing the shiny surface.
Just the look on her face, the way she moved, the click…click…click of her boots on the platform made Taft hot. And he wasn’t the only one. When he checked on Cantos’s gang, he found them riveted.
When she faced the pole and reached high, placing both hands on the metal—the signal for Taft to start the music—her body curved lazily.
The store’s speaker system poured out a soft female voice with electronic enhancement announcing, “It’s Britney bitch…”
A deep, sexy bass immediately followed, filling the room with a thick pulse. The effect jolted awareness through Taft’s body, leaving a sizzling trail of sensation from his neck to his groin.
Zoe began her dance the same way, soft, sexy, and hot. She lifted her body in a straight line to the top third of the brass with what looked like absolutely no effort, hooked one bent knee on the pole in a smooth, elegant move, and hugged the bar close as she spun easily, once, twice, three times. Then came out of the last spin and let go, slowly arching backward, one arm extended overhead, eyes closed.
Taft’s heart thudded quick and hard. She definitely knew what she was doing, and he didn’t want to pull his gaze from the sheer elegance of her body, but had to.
Swallowing to wet his dry throat, he scanned the room before studying Cantos and crew, hovering at the back of the crowd. As if Cantos felt Taft’s gaze, he glanced sideways until their eyes met, then tipped his head, silently calling Taft over.
Taft didn’t immediately respond. He refocused on Zoe just as her feet touched the floor again. With her back to the pole now, arms overhead, she caressed her hands down the brass the way every man in this place wished she was stroking their cock—Taft included. She pulled the clip from her hair, and as she continued toward the floor, it spilled everywhere.
Cheers and applause rose from the audience. Cat calls. Whistles.
With her back rigid against the pole, she inched toward the floor. Splayed her knees wider. Her skirt rode higher. And tiny black panties—so tiny they barely covered that perfect peach-fuzz pussy he wanted to taste—crept into view.
The crowd went wild.
Taft’s body joined in, and he swore under his breath.
Zoe rose to her feet, every glorious inch of her body stretched back against the bar, the clingy turquoise outlining her curves and planes. With her back to the pole, her arms overhead, she lifted herself into another effortless spin, tilting her head and curving her spine around the bar. Her body bowed toward the audience, head back, eyes closed, and her hair cascaded in the air behind her.
He could watch her for hours. She was mesmerizing.
Which was why he had to stop watching her.
Taft’s cock pulsed beneath his jeans as he made his way through the audience. He checked the position of agents, evaluated the crowd and gritted his teeth when they cheered or hooted for another of Zoe’s sinful moves.
When he stopped, Taft left too much space between himself and Cantos for the man to talk to Taft without moving closer. The easier Taft made setup, the more suspicious he would look. Criminals were distrustful that way. But it wasn’t Cantos who approached Taft. It was Picasso. 

FIRST EXPOSURE by Elisabeth Naughton
A film that could make her career. A weekend that will change her life…

When actress Avery Scott’s assistant goes missing researching a role for Avery at an exclusive adults-only resort, Avery finds herself with only one choice: travel to the resort herself and look for clues. She hires an elite operative from Aegis Security to accompany her. She just doesn’t expect to get former undercover FBI agent Cade Blackwell—the man who ripped out her teenage heart twelve years before. One weekend at the sexiest resort in the world with the only man she’s ever loved will expose her to more than just a kinky new lifestyle. It’ll expose her to numerous wicked firsts that will test every ounce of her self-control. And if she’s not careful, she could lose her heart—and her life—in the process.

Visit Elisabeth's website to find more of her incredible books.

FIRST RAPTURE by Alexandra Ivy

Madison Philips has only one reason to return to Las Vegas: Luc Angeli. The tall, dark bad boy took her virginity on her eighteenth birthday and then walked away, now she’s back, and ready for revenge. Luc Angeli spent his youth trying to earn the approval of his philandering father. Now he’s his own man, but there’s still something missing from his life. He doesn’t know what it is until he catches sight of Madison across a balcony. Suddenly he knows this woman is what he’s been searching for, and this time he’s not walking away.

Visit Alexandra's website to find more of her incredible books.


Hot sex. No regrets. Jess Delaney has spent her life playing the role of the good-girl. On a trip to Vegas, she decides to walk on the wild side when she meets mysterious Blake Landon. Rich, powerful, and carrying plenty of secrets, Blake is unlike any man she has ever met before. But as the passion burns between them, danger waits in the darkness…a danger that may just claim Jess’s life…

Visit Cynthia's website to find more of her incredible books.

FIRST INK by Laura Wright

Women in his bed, celebs and rockers in his chair, life is pretty freaking swell. Then she walks back into it again. Not for pleasure, but for pain. For Ink. A bleeding heart to match the one she left him with five years ago.


She can’t forget him or the pain she caused him. All she has is a hope for redemption. But it’ll only work if he lets her inside his exclusive world, under his famous artist’s needle and into his bed—once again.

Visit Laura's website to find more of her incredible books


He’s dangerous, sexy, and everything she wants. And he’s about to make his claim…

Hayden, the dangerously sexy, tattooed ex-SEAL is one of the best friends Sierra has ever had—and the main star in her wildest fantasies. But he doesn’t see her that way. And she’d die of embarrassment if he found out she was still a virgin.

Hayden’s struggled to keep his attraction to the beautiful, dark haired casino chef a secret. But when an attacker targets Sierra, Hayden’s protective instincts go into overdrive. With the attraction between them burning out of control, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her and make her his.

Visit Katie's website to find more of her incredible books


TWO $100.00 Amazon gift cards will be given away at the end of the tour.

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