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Healing a Broken Heart is Racy

Healing Her Racy Doctors
Racy Nights series
by Tara Rose
a Erotic Menage Romance

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ER nurse and submissive Loreen Newhouse has admired surgeons and Doms Adam Eastman and Travis Randall from afar for years, but she hasn’t dated since her fiancé was killed four years earlier.
Adam lost his fiancée to a car bomb three years earlier when he and Travis served together in Doctors Without Borders. Travis is afraid to give away his heart after watching the pain that Adam went through.

When a chance encounter leads to Adam and Travis pursuing a Dom/sub relationship with Loreen, all three believe they are on the road to healing. Until an ER victim who too closely resembles Adam’s fiancé is brought in on the anniversary of her death, and Adam bolts without telling Travis or Loreen where he’s gone.

Can Loreen overcome her own past grief and help Adam and Travis heal from their loss, or has she lost them both forever?

Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, paddling, cropping, flogging, sex toys, HEA


Her heart gave a strange little lurch. This morning, before they’d driven her home, she had the uncomfortable feeling that last night had been nothing more than a one-time thing for them. She’d steeled herself for the brush off. But now, it didn’t sound like they had any plans to do that. “Have you two ever talked about anything like this before? Sharing a woman, I mean.”
Both men shook their heads. “Never,” said Adam. “Not before today, that is.”
“So what’s different now?”
They exchanged a guarded look. “Are you saying you don’t want to try this?” asked Travis.
“No, I’m not saying that at all. It’s just that I can’t imagine this is something guys sit around and discuss. And especially not you two. You never date, and you’ve barely spoken to me in all the years we’ve known each other and worked together. I’m just trying to figure out what happened to change your minds.”
One thing no one could accuse Loreen of was staying silent when something was on her mind, and she hoped she hadn’t offended them.
“That’s not very subbie of you,” said Adam.
“And you’ve just changed the subject.”
He almost grinned, and her pussy grew wet at the challenge in his eyes. “No I haven’t. I’m avoiding it. There’s a difference.”
“We have to talk about it,” said Travis.
“You don’t have to, but I sure wish you would.” Loreen glanced around, but they were currently the only ones sitting outside. “This morning after you two woke me up, I sensed a lot of tension.” She took a deep breath before continuing. “Look. I don’t know where this is going. All I do know is that last night was the most amazing night of my life. I’ve never done anything like that before, and I never thought I would. But now that I have, I can’t imagine just pretending it didn’t happen. And I sure hope neither of you wants to do that.”
She drained her coffee. “So if you want to try this, let me know. If you don’t, please tell me that as well. I’m a grown woman. I can handle the truth either way. I want to learn about this lifestyle, and I want to do it with both of you. I want us to repeat what we did last night, and more. I’m tired of watching people live their lives while I sit on the sidelines and cheer them on. I don’t want that anymore, but I’m also not going to throw myself at men who don’t want to be with me.”
Her breath caught in her throat at the intense looks on their faces, but she kept going. If she didn’t get this out now, she never would. “I want to experience everything you two are willing to teach me. I’m lonely. Okay? I’m so lonely. And I don’t want to be any longer. So please tell me what’s in your heads right now.”
Loreen watched them both, waiting. Finally, Adam smiled and then so did Travis. She resisted the urge to pump her fist in the air. She hadn’t blown it. This was really going to happen!
“You’re right,” said Adam. “We’ve worked with you a long time. But we weren’t ignoring you. Honestly.” He cut his gaze quickly toward Travis before continuing. “You know I had a fiancée who was killed in Iraq three years ago. And we both know about Pete’s death. Lissa’s death affected Travis deeply as well. We’ve both buried ourselves in work. It was rough over there. We saw a lot of horrible things.”
“I really can’t imagine it.”
“It wasn’t pretty. The work was very fulfilling, but it’s nice to be back in boring Racy.”
Loreen smiled. “Boring for you two, but things do happen here.”
“You’re right,” said Travis. “Comparatively, though, this place is very low key.” He put down his coffee cup and reached across the table to take her hands. His touch sent jolts of desire coursing through her body, and memories of last night raced through her mind. “But this isn’t answering your questions, is it? I don’t know why we waited so long to do more than make small talk with you. Fear, I guess. Fear of rejection, fear of getting hurt in other ways, and just stupidity, I suppose. But we do want to try this.”
She studied his face, but saw only sincerity. “And the tension I sensed this morning? What was that all about?”
“We had words, but it’s all good now. We’ve worked it out.”
“Okay. But promise me something. Both of you. If you feel differently, you’ll tell me right away. I want everything out in the open or I can’t do this. The trust I showed you both last night isn’t even close to anything I’ve done before. I can’t go down this road without knowing that if you’re tired of it, or of me, you’ll say so.”
Travis grinned, and her traitorous pussy grew wet. “Tired of you? Seriously, beautiful? You think we’d grow tired of you?”
Her pulse raced. “It happens.”
Adam shook his head as he brushed a finger up her arm. “Not a fucking chance. But yes, we promise, just the same.”
She squeezed Travis’s hands, feeling happier than she had in years. “Thank you. So, okay. What do I do? How is a sub supposed to act? What do I call you two in public? Should I dress a certain way? Are there things I’m not supposed to say? God…I don’t know anything about this at all.”
Adam laughed. “Relax, okay? There are no protocols unless we establish them and you agree to them. Let’s just enjoy this day and we’ll take things slowly starting right now.” He glanced at her half-eaten sandwich. “Are you going to finish that?”
She nodded. Travis let go of her hands, and she stuffed the rest of her breakfast into her mouth. They finished their coffee, and then Travis suggested they take a walk up the street to see the progression on the new shops that now lined this road. All but a few of them were completed. “And at the end of the street, when we come to Tye Me Up, we’re taking you on a shopping spree.”
She stood. “You’re offering to take me shopping? Seriously?” They stood as well, and after Adam threw their trash away, she curled one hand around each of their arms. “How can any girl resist an invitation like that?”
As the crop struck each ass cheek several times in quick succession, Loreen yelled and tried to move away from the pain, but Travis held her down tightly.
“Was that a safeword?” asked Adam.
“No, Sir. But God…that thing really stings.”
Both men chuckled. “Finally found something that actually gets her attention,” muttered Adam. He struck her several more times with it, alternating cheeks, and tears stung her eyes again. Sweat pooled at her hair line and under her breasts. She wanted to take this for them, because this was her ultimate fantasy, times one hundred. And for the first time in her adult life, she didn’t feel weird about having it.
She no longer felt like a freak, or that she had to hide this part of herself. She’d even hid most of it from Pete. But now all that had changed. With Adam and Travis, she could be exactly who she was inside. Tears ran down her face as the emotions overwhelmed her. Loreen was truly free now, in a way she never had been before. She could tell them anything and they wouldn’t think less of her. She’d found her place in the world, finally.
Adam stopped, then something cool and soothing was rubbed on her ass cheeks. She caught the scent of eucalyptus. “That feels wonderful,” she whispered. “Thank you, Sir.”
“I didn’t have any at home last night or I would have used it.”
When he helped her stand, both men took turns holding her and kissing her, and then they unclipped her cuffs and told her to flex her arms for a few moments to work out the stiffness, before asking her to climb on top of the table.
Adam spread out the towel and told her to kneel on it, as close to the edge as she could. They helped her get in position, then placed the other towel under her ankles, which hung over the wooden edge of the table.
“Rest on your elbows, not your hands,” said Adam. “That’ll be more comfortable in the long run.”
She did, and was treated to the exquisite sensation of their tongues on her ass and pussy. She moaned and wiggled, unable to stop the orgasm that crashed over her as they licked her clit and asshole, and fucked her with their fingers in both holes. They used plenty of lube and there was no pain, only incredible pleasure. Travis had been right. She’d never look at a pool table again in the same way.
“Do you like that?” asked Travis.
“Yes, Sir,” she whispered. “It feels incredible.”
“You’re still so tight,” said Adam. “I can’t wait to push my cock inside both your holes.”
Loreen groaned. “I can’t wait, either.”
When she didn’t think she could take anymore, they told her to lie on her back, and they placed the second towel under her neck as additional cushioning. Both men shed their clothes and climbed on top. Loreen giggled as she pictured what this would look like to anyone coming down the stairs right now.
“What’s so funny?” asked Travis.
“I’ve just never been this happy. Is this a fantasy of yours? To have sex on here?”
His grin nearly made her come again. “What do you think?” He covered her body with his and kissed her roughly, pulling on her ponytail as he did so. She stared to wrap her arms around his shoulders but Adam caught her wrists and pulled her arms over her head, clipping the cuffs together once again.
“Have to find something to hold her arms up there…” muttered Adam.
Loreen heard him climb off the table, but she was too busy with Travis’s tongue to think twice about it. When Travis moved to gently biting her nipples through the corset, she simply kept her arms overhead, enjoying the feeling of total surrender once again.
“Turn on your side a second.”
She did, just as Adam returned, holding up a coil of rope. “Look what I found.”
She watched him tie it to the clip between her cuffs, then he knelt out of sight. She assumed he was tying the other end to the table legs because he tugged on her arms slightly.
“It’s bondage rope,” said Travis. “Very soft and it won’t hurt the cuffs or those pretty jewels on them.” Travis untied the laces on her corset, then carefully slid it out from underneath her body and asked her to lie on her back once again. He sat back on his heels and ran his hands up and down her breasts. “Fucking gorgeous.”
Adam climbed back on the table and knelt between her legs, slipping on a condom. While Travis busied himself teasing her nipples with his teeth and tongue. Adam slid his dick into her pussy. Loreen tossed back her head and closed her eyes, moaning softly as she enjoyed the competing sensations. She didn’t see how this could get any better. Travis picked up the ball and rolled it over her nipples while Adam continued to fuck her pussy, almost lazily. When the men switched places, Adam continued what Travis had started with the ball, while Travis slipped on a condom and fucked her pussy.
“She looks so pretty under the light,” he said. “I knew this would be perfect.”
Adam grunted his response, then he reached over to pick up the vibrator, frowning. “Hang on. It’s not plugged in.”
Travis withdrew from her pussy. “Sorry. I was distracted.” He winked at Loreen and she giggled.
Adam plugged it in, then climbed on the table again and turned it on. “You might not be laughing a in a second.” He placed the head of it on her left nipple and she yelled in surprise. The arousal racing through her body was insane. He alternated nipples while she writhed and moaned, panting as a crazy orgasm built.
Travis wrapped his arm around both ankles and lifted her legs straight up, then struck her pussy and ass with the riding crop. She was out of her mind with need. It stung, but at the same time she loved it. Coupled with the vibrator on her nipples, she couldn’t keep up with all the competing sensations. The men switched toys, Adam lightly striking her nipples with the crop while Travis put her legs down, spread them, and tortured her clit with the vibrator.

About the Author

   Tara Rose is the author of three popular MFM/BDSM series: Racy Nights; The Alpha Legend; and Passion Peak, Colorado.  She writes about small towns and what happens behind closed doors. Tara writes exclusively for Siren Bookstrand.  

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