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Bad Boys of Rock: Meet Luke

Temporary Dom
A Bad Boys of Rock / Club El Diablo Novel
by Holly S. Roberts
a Standalone Rocker BDSM
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 Luke Isaak, the drummer for Blood Rights is on a mission. Machala Winters got away once and Luke is determined it will never happen again. She’s perfect for his sadistic proclivities though the first time she held herself back and drove him crazy.

Machala knows what she wants and if Luke would accept her submission and stop prying into her past, he would be at the top of the list. Some things are meant to stay buried and a certain Dom needs to respect her privacy.

Sometimes love hurts in more ways than one. And sometimes a Temporary Dom holds a girl’s heart forever.
Author's Note:
Temorary Dom is a standalone book but follows The Bad Boys of Rock: Bad Boy Dom & Loving Two Doms. A Club El Diablo Novel.

This book contains adult situations with BDSM, sadism, mm, mfm, and mf. If this is not your thing read no further or you might have your pants shocked off and then anything could happen. Recommended 18+


“Hell.” I cried, coming out of my memories as Luke turned me to the side before moving me onto my back. He lifted my legs and hiked my ankles over his shoulder. I didn’t like the look in his eyes.

“Where did you go, girl?” he asked as his cock pushed into my ass. “Stay with me. You take this and know it’s me fucking you.”

I was back in the now and it was worse because he watched me as he filled my ass.

“Yes, girl, look at me. I love your nasty asshole. You’re not shutting me out… this out.” His gaze burned into me. “I know how much you want it.”

The problem was—I did want it. I wanted him topping me, dominating me, hurting me. Making me do the things I hated. His chilling smile made my pussy wet and so did his cock. He was so beautiful, each muscle in his arms and chest perfect and strong—made for a masochist’s pleasure. I gritted my teeth against the pain as his hands tightened on my hips. He plowed my ass, no longer taking his time or caring about the burning ache.

Why did I love this man who would never give up until he uncovered all my secrets?

Review by pearls:
Bad boy rockers--How do I love thee!  It was supposed to be about meeting each other's needs.  As play partners they were perfectly matched.  But it became much more.  The mystery behind her guilt and nightmares pushes Luke to help her face what she has hidden deep down.  I like the characters and this storyline.  They both like his Sadistic brand of BDSM and as individual scenes, I enjoyed it too; however, I found it hard to take so many beatings in such a short amount of time.  You don't have to know the other band members' stories to enjoy their supportive presence in the story as Mechala moves from play partner to girlfriend. 

About this Author

Writer of erotic romance--New Adult, PNR, and the BDSM Club El Diablo Series. Love coffee, chocolate, and wine. Avid reader.
I live with my teenage heartthrob (though we are older now) and at the mercy of our two demanding dogs.

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