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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The magical power of love and redemption

When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever. Kidnapped from a cemetery in New Orleans on Halloween, each of the five friends becomes embroiled in a paranormal turf war that will decide the outcome of not only their lives, but the entire city of New Orleans.

Coming October 20th through October 24th, 2014...
  A multi-author series from five exclusive Siren authors:
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Magical Redemption
Midnight, New Orleans Style 2
by Corinne Davies
a Paranormal Menage Erotica Romance
from Siren Publishing
When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever.
Dani O’Brien is an introverted astrophysicist who spends most of her life staring at the stars and never allowed other people’s opinions to dictate her life. Her four best friends are the closest she has to sisters and their annual gathering to celebrate a friend’s life is one of the highlights of her year.

Identical twins Gavin and Maddoc McDryw are Druids with the ability to influence the energy that every living being emits. They alienated themselves from their clan after allowing a woman they thought they loved to manipulate them. The brothers can’t figure out why they are so drawn to the quirky human but the longer she’s with them the stronger their feelings for her become. But, not everyone is happy with this burgeoning relationship. As negative forces tear them apart, can they trust in the magic of love to hold them together?


Maddoc pulled a chair over and placed it right behind her legs. “Sit down, Dannika.” She dropped into the seat without looking, and he claimed that small yet definite sign of trust. Gavin glanced up at him, and he gave his brother a small shrug. He had no idea why she would react so strongly to a star chart.
She’d lied to Gavin when he asked her if the chart meant anything to her. The false answer vibrated in the air around them, but he didn’t push her too hard. There were things that sometimes took a while for the mind to believe. Twenty-four hours ago, that small lie would have infuriated him and fueled him believe that Dannika was here to deceive them. She was no witch out to destroy their family, and it was high time he admitted his own responsibility in his past.
Carrying around all that anger for the majority of the past century had been a thinly veiled attempt to ignore his stupidity. It was easier to blame Morgana for the many deaths in their clan, but he’d been the one thinking with his prick, showering the witch with everything she demanded regardless of the price his people and his soul had to pay Instead of standing up and accepting their part in it all, he’d convinced his brother to leave their home and strike out in the New World.
“Dannika, have you ever been to Scotland? Did you know that the stars are so clear and bright on a cloudless night that you can read by their light?”
“That sounds beautiful. Studying the stars through a telescope is wonderful, but it’s mostly math. I can’t remember the last time I looked up in the sky with my own eyes.”
Gavin rounded the table and squatted next to her chair, on the opposite side of Maddoc. “We’re going to take you there.” Gavin looked over at Maddoc, and he nodded his agreement. It was time to accept the past for what it was and stop hiding from the home he loved so much. Dannika’s trust in them was a new and fragile thing. He’d protect her until that faith and trust in them both grew strong enough to bind them.
“I’ll show you all the places that Maddoc lead that got us into trouble.”
“I somehow find that difficult to believe, Gavin. I might not have had any siblings, but my friends did and not one of them has ever stated that they were always the followers into mischief.
“But, I was.” Gavin slapped his hand over his heart as if her comment wounded him. “Maddoc was always the bad one.”
“A length of Campbell tartan, a bottle of mead, and Colleen McDonald,” Maddoc stated as he straightened. They were the details of a potential tryst Gavin had convinced him to join in on when they were hardly old enough to know what to do with a naked woman. That prank had almost landed him and his brother with their heads in a noose and their balls tied to running horses.
“No media evidence. It didn’t happen.” Gavin grinned as he lifted Dannika’s hand to his mouth. “Merely a footnote in a feud that had nothing to do with us…directly.”
“You started a feud?”
“Not intentionally…”
“That’s not a denial, Gavin.”
“Perhaps wearing another clan’s tartan while seducing the Laird’s niece wasn’t the best choice,”
“In Gavin’s defense, we had no idea that the Cambells and McDonalds were on the verge of war.”
Dannika looked up at Maddoc, and he searched her face for the truth. He hoped that she wouldn’t judge them too harshly for their mistakes. She’d said a couple times that she didn’t understand subtle facial expressions, but that didn’t prevent her from being an open book. She might be uncertain of the events unfolding around her, but there was hope and the soft burgeoning blossom of true love in her gaze, a gift so pure it struck a resounding cord in Maddoc’s own heart.
“I hope you like crawfish, Dannika.”
She blinked, confusion clouding her expression for a moment. “I do. Why?”
“Because, we have a traditional boil planned for tonight, and I feel like celebrating.”
“What’s the celebration?” Excitement and curiosity danced like an aura around her body, and Maddoc had a vision of her dancing naked with him and his brother amongst the heathered hills of their home.
“Your arrival into our lives, of course.” As Gavin moved around the table, Maddoc backed up a step, leading her with him. A breath later she was pressed between the two on them. Maddoc could feel her heartbeat even out, and the nervous anxiety that hovered around her faded away.


“Look at how wet you are.” Maddoc licked up her leg, swirling his tongue against her clit.
“I can’t see from this angle. I’d need a mirror.” The words shot out of Dani’s mouth, and she almost cringed at how it must have sounded.
“I’ll buy a dozen for you and hang them all over the room.” Gavin kissed the back of her neck. “Then you can watch everything we do to you and see how you affect us.”
Another long, hot lick and Dani arched her back and lifted her pussy higher, hoping that Maddoc would continue, but he stopped way too soon for her liking.
“Soon, baby.” Gavin pressed kisses down her spine and then nipped one ass cheek before hopping from the bed.
Dani felt a trickle of cool lube slide down the crack of her ass as she turned her head and watched Gavin strip off his pants. His cock bounced in front of him, hard and thick as the pants slipped from his hips. Dani licked her lips, and Gavin gripped his length, giving it a slow stroke. Watching Gavin stroke himself was enough of a distraction that she didn’t think of what Maddoc had been up. Until, she felt the teasing pressure at her rear entrance as he pressed what felt like a single finger into her.
“Keep relaxing, Dannika.” The pressure increased slightly, and she concentrated on keeping her breathing even. Maddoc pumped his fingers in and out of her, and she quickly relaxed further. The memory of what it felt like to be between them before flashed in her thoughts.
“I could come watching him finger fuck your ass like that.” Gavin squeezed the base of his cock, and Dani watched as a bead of moisture rose up in the slit.
“Come here.” She reached out for Gavin, and he came close enough for her to run her tongue over the liquid pearl. Dani loved the taste of her men and swirled her tongue around his length again, sucking him into her mouth.
“Not too much, Dani. I don’t want this to end too soon.
Sucking on Gavin’s cock was enough to keep her mind occupied as Maddoc prepared her ass. Feeling more lube trickle over her skin every time the pressure built, there wasn’t any pain, only anticipation and need. Her body felt like it was on fire when Maddoc and Gavin adjusted her.
“I need you.” Maddoc rolled her over and entered her with a swift thrust of his hips. The intensity of his gaze stole her breath. He looked like a man on a mission.
Pleasure exploded over her senses as Maddoc rolled his pelvis, fucking her with long strokes of his cock. Before she could get too used to this angle, he rolled them again so that she straddled his hips. Maddoc caught her legs and slid them up until her knees dug into the mattress on either side of his waist. She lifted her ass to compensate and pressed her breasts against Maddoc’s muscular chest.
“That’s right.” Maddoc wrapped his fingers around her breasts, teasing the nipples as Gavin moved in behind her.
She clenched her ass in anticipation, and Gavin swatted her on one cheek.
“No tightening up,” he ordered as he pressed his cock against her back entrance. With Maddoc already buried in her pussy, Gavin felt larger than ever. Her muscles burned with the exertion of taking on two men again. If she hadn’t already done this with them once and known everything fit, she’d be worried, but she knew that Maddoc had stretched her.
With both of them inside of her, she felt like everything was right with the world, like this is where she was meant to be. They moved slowly at first. Maddoc would ease out while Gavin pushed deeper, and then vice versa. It was magical the way they could make it so perfect. But quickly the need in her grew, and she found herself rocking her hips back and forth as they moved, wordlessly encouraging them to take her harder and faster. As if she’d spoken the words out loud, they quickened the pace.
Driving into her body, Dani moved with them, feeling the sheen of sweat break out over her body as she looked down into Maddoc’s eyes. He was gritting his teeth, his expression a violent splash of erotic wonder. She’d never seen anything so beautiful in her life.

About the Author

Corinne Davies reads anything she can get her hands on from the side of a cereal box to a historical book on the Riflemen during the Napoleonic wars. During her younger years, she first put pen to paper in an attempt to write a love story between her and her favourite rock singer of the time. It was filled all the angst that only a teenager can come up with and an incredible wardrobe.

In her senior year of high school she tried again. This time, the story was more like Clash of the Titans meets Robin Hood. Despite the unusual combination, the lack of plot, and a horrendous amount of dialogue, she received a lot of encouragement from her grade 12 English teacher. (Thank you Mrs Harvey!)

During the wee hours of the morning, when her first daughter insisted on waking up, she discovered online RPGs and her love of writing emerged again. After many encouraging words from fellow writers, she decided to try her hand at developing her own stories. Something, she quickly learned, was not as easy as she had imagined.

By day, she is a full-time wife, mother, and product consultant. At night, she avoids such mundane tasks as housework and laundry by creating her own worlds where mythology comes to life. Worlds in which you are just as likely to be living next door to an ancient Deity as finding an mystic treasure in the attic.
Twitter: @DaviesRomance

Check out Book 1 Erin's Redemption by Alicia White

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Series Spotlight Giveaway

Each day this week, we will spotlight a different novel from this new erotic series. 
Come back each day to earn more entries in the Rafflecopter. 
Corinne's Key Word is Druids.
 There are 5 chances to win:
Prize #1:  a large tote bag with a picture on each side, an Unhallowed Redemption coffee cup, a 2015 desk calendar that features some of Tara Rose's book covers, a wind turbine squishy toy, animal print swag (snap bracelet, sunglasses, pen, paper fan, small vinyl bag), two squishy stress cubes with book covers from the Passion Peak, Colorado series, a signed card, and a set of magnets with each of Tara Rose's current release book covers
Prize #2:  Custom made Karen Mercury Key Chain and $10 Amazon Gift Card
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Prize #4:  $25.00 in Strandbucks from Corinne Davies
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Monday, October 20, 2014

5 New Erotic Paranormal Menage Romances at Midnight, New Orleans Style

When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever. Kidnapped from a cemetery in New Orleans on Halloween, each of the five friends becomes embroiled in a paranormal turf war that will decide the outcome of not only their lives, but the entire city of New Orleans.

Coming October 20th through October 24th, 2014... MIDNIGHT, NEW ORLEANS STYLE A multi-author series from five exclusive Siren authors:
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 Erin's Redemption
Midnight, New Orleans Style #1
by Alicia White
a Paranormal Ménage Romance
from Siren Publishing
When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever.
Erin Holmes is dying. She empties her account and heads to New Orleans. Her plan: one last party before saying good-bye to her friends. After meeting her old college buddies at their hotel, they have a few drinks and take a trip to a cemetery.

Mikael Moreau is a vampire. Inside the cemetery, he smells his Eternal Love—a vampire’s perfect match. Abandoning a territory battle, he spots an unconscious woman. He carries her back to the coven, hoping he can save her life.

Elijah Moreau is angry when he learns that his brother went into battle without him. When he goes to confront the other man, the smell of death hangs in the air. He soon finds out that the woman lying on the bed is Mikael’s Eternal Love. To save Erin, both men must donate their blood to empty hers of disease, which means that Mikael will need to share his Eternal Love with his brother. The three form a blood bond, but is it enough to last an eternity?

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, HEA]

When she reached the courtyard, Erin stood on her tiptoes and looked around. She nibbled on her lower lip, hoping to spot her friends, but the place was packed. Weaving through the crowd, Erin walked toward the bar. She knew her friends and suspected that they would be right in the middle of the party. It didn’t take long before she spotted a familiar face. Excitement rushed through her system and she smiled. This time it was all real.
Shrieking with glee, Erin ran toward her friends that were surrounding a table. She hugged Shayla Marino first, followed quickly by Faina Andropov, Heidi Purdue, and then Dani. She was giddy, bouncing in her four-inch pumps. The five of them giggled and started talking at once as they embraced in one big group hug.
“We were wondering when you’d be down to join us,” Shayla teased her, hitting her hip gently against Erin’s.
“I needed a few extra minutes getting into this costume.” Erin grinned, placing her head on Shayla’s shoulder.
“Let’s get you a drink.” Faina turned toward the bar and held up her glass, motioning to the bartender for another round.
“How was your flight?” Heidi wrapped an arm around Erin’s waist and led her to the table.
They chatted for a while, the five of them reminiscing about the good old days.
A little while later, Erin sat on her barstool, sipping her fruity cocktail. Looking toward the dance floor, she watched as Dani and Shayla sang along to the music, dancing around the bar like free-spirited pixies. She couldn’t help but smile even though she knew this would probably be the last time she would see them like this. Her eyes filled with moisture, and she blinked rapidly, banishing the tears. She had to stay in the moment and enjoy this time with her best friends.
Faina raised her glass and cleared her throat. It seemed that it was toast time. “To Lisette. It’s been ten years since she departed this plane, and I still miss her.”
Lisette Trudeau had gone to college with them at the University of Mississippi. To this day, Erin didn’t know all the details relating to her death, but it had changed them all in different ways. Lisette had also been from New Orleans and the reason the four of them were now in the magical city. The woman had been into voodoo, and although Erin hadn’t believed at the time, she had since changed her mind. Erin looked at her friends and wondered what each one would say about her when the time came. As soon as that thought entered her mind, she pushed it away.
“Hear! Hear!” She lifted her glass and tapped it gently against her friend’s before taking a drink.
Heidi laughed. “That’s exactly how Lisette would have phrased it…departed this plane.”
Erin smiled, took another sip of her drink, and looked around. There were a lot of people wearing costumes, from overly sexy to downright silly. Faina elbowed her, and she jerked her head to the side. Faina pointed to a couple of men wearing pants with suspenders.
Oh, firemen!
“Why do I suddenly have an urge to burn down my house?” Faina asked and started giggling.
Erin couldn’t help but laugh along with her. She immediately grabbed her purse and started looking through it. “I think I have matches in here somewhere.”
Using the search for matches as an excuse, Erin shoved her hand in the cellphone pocket and palmed a pain pill. The firemen caught on pretty quickly and started staring back, winking, and Erin only shook her head.
“We’ll take care of you,” Mikael told her. “Elijah and I will give you everything you desire. You belong to us, Erin. You’re our Eternal Love. Say it. Tell me you understand.”
“Yes,” she moaned. “I belong to you and Elijah.”
“Then you’re willing to be claimed as our Eternal Love?” Mikael asked, and Erin nodded.
Mikael grinned. He moved at lightning speed, picking her up, and Erin automatically wrapped her legs around his waist. Her back hit the wall and she moaned, rubbing her pussy against the front of his pants. Fuck yeah! He took her mouth like a starving man—biting, sucking, and consuming her. This kiss was about possession. He owned her mouth. Hell, the man owned her. Mikael moved one hand up her thigh. Grabbing her fishnet stockings and panties, he ripped the crotch wide open, exposing her naked pussy to the cool air.
“Mmmm,” she moaned.
Erin reached out and grabbed the top button of his jeans. She pulled hard, forcing all the buttons to open at once. Mikael shifted his hips, letting the denim fall down his legs. The length of his shaft rubbed up and down, her juices covering his cock, and Erin swallowed hard.
Damn it!
Cupping her ass with one hand, Mikael easily held her exactly where he wanted her. He grabbed the base of his cock and rubbed her opening with the head, back and forth, teasing her. Erin moaned and wiggled. She wanted to beg them to take her, both Mikael and Elijah. She couldn’t seem to think or breathe. Her whole body centered on the pleasure it craved.
“Oh, God,” she said, feeling her insides clench. “Fuck me.”
With one single thrust, Mikael shoved his cock in her pussy. He filled her, stretching her, and Erin loved the small bite of pain, making her pussy stretch to fit his size.
“Oh, baby. Tight. Hot. Mine.” Mikael growled deep in his chest, an animalistic sound that had her moving her hips, desperate for more.
“So good…”
Erin closed her eyes and focused on his cock buried deep inside her. He took control, thrusting deep and moving fast. Mikael kept one hand on her ass, and with the other he cradled her head, forcing her to look at him. Erin loved the way his eyes darkened and sparked with desperate need. He was sexy, almost possessed. Arching her back, Erin did her best to ride his length.
“Harder. Faster,” she demanded, her needs the only thing that mattered.
Mikael didn’t need to be told twice. Pulling her off the wall, he moved her to the nearest flat surface. He grabbed her hips tight and powered into her. As if completely in tune with her wants and needs, Mikael thrust into her, his rhythm finally at the beat her body craved most. He seemed to know exactly what to do to make her body respond. He moved her hips in small circles so her clit brushed against him. The motion sent bolts of pleasure throughout her body. She grew wetter, her body opening more, making Mikael’s thrusts into her smoother.
Turning her head, she spotted Elijah. Erin held out her hand, not wanting him to be left out and he moved closer. He touched her, rubbing one fingertip above the top of her dress. He seemed uncertain for a moment before finally pushing the material down, exposing her breasts. Elijah stared at her as he lowered his head. He paused, his mouth directly above a nipple and Erin held her breath. Elijah didn’t leave her waiting for too long. Leaning forward, he took her nipple in his mouth, biting, causing a flash of pain that shot straight to her pussy.
Closing her eyes, Erin gave her body over to their demands. Elijah suckled her breast while squeezing and torturing the other nipple. She could feel her orgasm coming to life as Mikael pounded into her pussy. She let the sensations take over, letting them manipulate her body.
Mikael picked up his pace, fucking her harder, his cock rubbing on a spot deep inside her that made her toes curl.

Series Spotlight Giveaway

Each day this week, we will spotlight a different novel from this new erotic series.  Come back each day to earn more entries in the Rafflecopter. 
Today's Key Word is Vampires.
 There are 5 chances to win:
Prize #1:  a large tote bag with a picture on each side, an Unhallowed Redemption coffee cup, a 2015 desk calendar that features some of Tara Rose's book covers, a wind turbine squishy toy, animal print swag (snap bracelet, sunglasses, pen, paper fan, small vinyl bag), two squishy stress cubes with book covers from the Passion Peak, Colorado series, a signed card, and a set of magnets with each of Tara Rose's current release book covers
Prize #2:  Custom made Karen Mercury Key Chain and $10 Amazon Gift Card
Prize #3:  a Hand-made Scrabble Tile Necklace by Alicia White
Prize #4:  $25.00 in Strandbucks from Corinne Davies
Prize #5:  TBA
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank You for a wonderful 2 years!

Thank you so much for joining us in celebrating our 2nd anniversary!
We hope to continue bringing your interesting books and great authors in the next year.  Stop by the Forum and chat with others about the books you read, or just to look for recommendations. 
I've been talking this weekend about the fun parts of being a blogger.  It can be late nights.  Computers can be frustrating (especially when they crash).  But blogging truly is a labor of love.  I love working with TinkNCognito and the authors I meet along the way.  I love reading all these wonderful books.
Another great thing about blogging is how wonderfully nice and generous the authors are. We often have authors stop by the Forum to drop off excerpts and c over reveals.  When I ask for contest prizes, they quickly respond.  And when a charity comes calling, the bring in their friends. 
My Rockstars are Authors!
We have a few more snippets for you, but first a shout out to all the authors who donated to our Birthday Basket of Prizes!
The Rafflecopter will continue to be run until June 4, so keep stopping by!
AB McKinley - e-books of Kilted Desire 1 & 2, Scotsmen do it Kilted Tank, Mug, Magnet, Pin, Teddy bear, Scottish biscuits ( cookies ), Scottish Tea
Alicia Sparks-- an ecopy (kindle) of Primitive Fix and a tarot reading
Amanda McIntyre - paperback of The Master & The Muses
Beth D. Carter - pdf of Otherworldly
Brenna Zinn - ecopy of Iron Rods
Caitlyn O'Leary -tba
Carrie Ann Ryan - signed paperback of Ink Reunited
Corinne Davies - ecopy of Chasing Peace Love & Fur
Dina Redmon- an ecopy (kindle) of To Speak of it Again.
Elle Boon - an ebook of Selena's Men and Two For Tamara
Emily A Lawrence - Unforgettable Hearts ecopy (kindle)
Erika Reed - ebook of Double Her Chances.
Grace Burrowes - ARC paperback of The Captive
Gracie Wilson - an ecopy (kindle) of Lonely Girl
Heather Rainier - pdf of Divine Charity (June 13 release)
Heather Snow - signed paperback of Sweet Deception
Hennessee Andrews -  Tattoos and Cupcakes ebook
Honor James - choose from her backlist
Izzibella Beau - ebook (kindle) Broken
J. Kenner - signed paperback of Wanted
Jeaniene Frost -ARC paperback of The Beautiful Ashes
Jill Shalvis - paperback of Always on My Mind
Katherine Rhodes- an ecopy (kindle) of Not Quite Juliet
Kristen Ashley - paperback of Fire Inside
Laurie Roma - ebooks of 3013: MATED and 3013: CLAIMED
Lisa Renee Jones - Tote bag and a print copy of Hot Secrets
Lori King - ecopy of Weekend Surrender and ARC of short story Watching Sin releasing June 15
Maisey Yates - paperback of Avenge Me
Monica Burns - paperback of Love's Portrait
Natalie J. Damschroder - paperback of Fight or Flight
Randi Alexander - signed paperback of Chase and Seduction
Rose Gordon - paperback of Secrets of a Viscount
Sabrina Jeffries - What the Duke Desires (paperback)
Sable Hunter - Green with Envy (It's just sex) and Bad as s (sweeter version (both Kindle copies)
SE Jakes (Stephanie Tyler) - paperback of Free Falling
Sherri Hayes - signed Slave booklet of chapter 1
Sophie Jordan - paperback of Foreplay and signed ARC paperback of Tease
Susan Hayes - ecopy of 3013: Renegade
Sydney Logan -an ebook from her list of released titles.
Tara Rose - 3 ebooks from her backlist
And Now For MORE Snippets!
On the Forum, we often have a Spotlighted books or series--our version of Book of the Month.  Corinne Davies was one of the first authors to join us.  Of course I was fangirling her the whole time because I love her 3Xtacy Lake series.  This year she brought us book 8 in the Menage Shifter romance series with Chasing Peace Love & Fur.  She is donating an ecopy to the prize pack. 
Chasing Peace Love & Fur  (3xtasy Lake 8)

“It looks like they have kept the property taxes up to date if that makes you feel any better?” She’d been about to start a pile for the current year when Nouel stepped up behind her. Lightly grasping her wrist, he lifted the page up a bit so he could see it and bent close to her face to read it. Having a man this close to her was a bit disconcerting, especially after the way Luc had made her feel upstairs yesterday. During dinner last night, Luc and Georges hadn’t said anything else about them sharing a woman and she wasn’t about to ask. Both of them had given her a gentle kiss on the cheek when she’d said she was going to turn in early but hadn’t given any inclination of being interested in more.
Nouel, on the other hand…He’d wrapped his arm around her waist as he bent over her to reach for another paper. The stretch of his body over her back made her heart flutter and sent tingles of awareness along her skin, arrowing straight for her pussy. She shifted her hips, hoping to create enough friction between her legs to alleviate some of the ache she felt, but the movement made her ass slide back and forth across the front of his jeans. He stepped closer and she could feel the hard ridge of his erection press against her spine. She froze, uncertain what to do next. Do I ignore it? She hadn’t meant to arouse him but now that he was…“I’m sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed you, Nouel.”
He dropped the paper on to the table in front of them and wrapped his other arm around her chest, directly below her breasts, trapping her back against him. “Sweetheart, you’re making me feel all sorts of things, but uncomfortable isn’t one of them.” He shifted his weight slightly side to side, moving her body with him as if they were slow dancing together. “You feel absolutely perfect in my arms and I love the smell of your skin.” He brushed his cheek against hers.
“Maybe because I smell like your bed?”
Nouel chuckled against the shell of her ear. “Maybe, but there is more to your delectable scent than a reminder of my second favourite place in the world.”
“Like what?” The question was out before Clara could press her lips together. She’d never felt like this before. It was like the universe had collapsed in on itself and only the two of them remained. She reveled in the feel of his warm breath on her ear and the way his thumb had started stroking the underside of one of her breasts. She took in a shuddering breath and felt the effort vibrate through her body. Nouel pressed the hard ridge against her again and this time she moved counter to him, pressing back against him.
“You keep doing that, Clara, and we’ll never finish this conversation.”
“I thought we were dancing?” Clara grinned when he moaned against her temple. It was fun teasing him and she didn’t feel as though he was pressuring her to do anything she didn’t want to. If anything, it was the opposite. She wanted him to demand more, give her what she felt she wanted but didn’t know how to ask for. Having never been in this situation before, she wasn’t certain what to expect or what he might be expecting and that set her to worrying.
“Whatever is going through that head of yours, I want you to stop thinking about it.”
“What do you mean?”
“You went from being soft and flowing to rigid and locked down.” Nouel continued to stroke under her breast with his thumb but didn’t make any further moves. He slid his hand over her hips and pulled her back against him. “Think of your favourite song, something slow, something that makes you wet.”
He whispered the last word and Clara felt her cheeks heat up as her pussy grew slick. The more she rocked her hips back and forth, the wetter she felt.
“What song are you thinking about?”
“Never Tear Us Apart.” Clara used to fantasize about a man who would sweep her off her feet and stand up to her father. But, any male that looked in her direction would grovel and snivel at her father’s feet. She’d thought that Eddie would stand up to her father, but discovering his betrayal destroyed that dream…until now.
“I remember that one.” He hummed the melody against her temple as they moved and she relaxed back against him again. Being held like this made her feel warm and cherished. This was uncharted territory for her. Usually anytime a male got near her, her inner darkness would snarl and slam against its prison walls, but ever since the moment she stepped foot inside this house it had become unusually quiet.  
“Are you trying to seduce me, Nouel?”
A soft chuckle feathered the hair at her temple. “I thought you were trying to seduce me.”

 Beth D. Carter had never met us when she heard about one of our events and immediately offered a copy of her title Paper Kisses.  and then a week later, offered  snippet from "Otherworldly", book 1 in the McKnight, Perth & Daire series.  AND she's giving away a pdf copy!  See:  Authors Rock!

 She sees ghosts who have been murdered and he solves cases with good ole detective work.  But together, they make a little magic of their own!

As she continued, the light managed to stay just out of reach, and she respected its wishes, following at discreet distance. It turned a corner, so Charlotte hurried up, not wanting to lose sight of it.

But when she went around the corner as well, she stopped suddenly. There was a large crevice in the ground, filled with water. Charlotte’s heart thundered heavily, and her feet would not allow her
to walk forward. There was absolutely no way she would go near that pool of brackish water.

But the light flared brighter, morphing until Zach Braddock-Masters’ ghost stood staring down into the smooth depths.

“Are you in that water?” she asked.

Zach nodded.

“Do you know who did this to you?”

Zach didn’t answer. She wasn’t sure if either he didn’t know or just didn’t know how to show it.

“We’ll find you, Zach.”

One minute Zach stood near the water and the next he stood in front of her, practically touching her nose with his. His eyes were cloudy, as if death had already started eating at him in the afterlife,
but the panic shining from them couldn’t be misinterpreted. He shook his head and held a finger to his lips then flashed out of sight. The brightness had her shielding her eyes, and when she opened them the warehouse had disappeared and Charlotte found herself back in Alice Braddock-Masters’ house, only she was no longer in the den but in the formal dining room. Her belly rested against the mahogany table. Mrs. Braddock-Masters and Jonas stood behind her.

“So Zach is dead?” Mrs. Braddock-Masters clarified, her shoulders slumped.

Charlotte took a deep breath and tried shaking off the vision. “I’m so sorry. His spirit is strong. He wants to be found.”

As much as authors jump in to help us, we like to help them out when we can.  When an author decides to build strip club for ladies in your hometown, you jump at the chance to get involved, even if it is fictional!  Inner Goddess has been working to build a release party for Brenna Zinn's new Ellora's Cave release: Iron Rods-The Best Little Fictional Strip Club for Ladies in Texas.  We hope you will join us at the FB party on June 4!  Until, here is an excerpt:
Wed., 11am-9pm
Watered-down drinks were the last straw. The wild concoction of emotions brewing within her bubbled over. The time for calm had passed. She needed action. Something to release the rage and hurt trapped inside. She’d had enough of being stomped on by life, and by God she would not sit still while this seedy little club stepped on her as well.
Tatum picked up both drinks and marched to the bar, fury feeding her temper. Something in her day was going to go right, and having a decent drink to dull her pain wasn’t too much to ask for. So what if Conan the bartender looked as though he could snap her in half. If he so much as blinked the wrong way, she’d jump over the counter and make him wish he’d never poured a drink in his life.
The bartender had his broad back to her and appeared deep in conversation at the end of the bar with another man she hadn’t noticed before. How she could have overlooked the stranger was a mystery.
The man looked up and made eye contact with Tatum. Out of nowhere, fire popped and sizzled through her, scorching senses that had been dulled by the oppressiveness of the club. For a mesmerizing moment, she stared at the stranger, unable to look anywhere else.
Black hair groomed to perfection, a handsome face with an honest-to-God square jaw and wearing the kind of slick suit and tie she’d only seen in magazine ads, he looked like a modern-day aristocrat. Some big shot who was completely out of place in a dive like Iron Rods.
Why such a good-looking man was here to do anything beyond strip she didn’t know and didn’t give a flip, she reminded herself. Tonight she was on a mission to forget her troubles and find some kind of satisfaction. If the stranger couldn’t help her in either regard, then he was little more than eye candy.
She plunked down the cocktail glasses. A harsh thud sounded as they hit the wood counter. The bartender glanced over his shoulder. His face still appeared impassive, though his eyebrows now arched a bit higher on his forehead.
“Yes?” he asked.
Tatum steeled her resolve and straightened her spine, hoping all six feet of her looked formidable to a man who probably crushed boulders with his bare hands. “If these drinks have a shot of pure vodka in them, then I’m the governor of Texas.”
The bartender said something to the stranger then turned around and made his way to where Tatum stood. Her skin grew cold as she noticed the hint of a grin pull at the corners of his lips. How could a person look more intimidating with a smile on his face?
“You saying I watered down your drinks?”
Though the music in the club was loud enough to vibrate through the floor and up her calves, she easily heard his deep bass voice. A tremor of fright added to the quaking in her legs. Scared or not, she’d started this and she wouldn’t stop until she had two cocktails to her liking.
“I’m saying there’s no more alcohol in these glasses than there is in the Colorado River down the street.” Allowing the full impact of her feelings to give her strength, she took a step closer and pressed her stomach onto the padded vinyl that trimmed the bar. “My friend spent a lot of money for these drinks and I aim to make sure we get what we paid for. So how about you taking that unopened bottle of vodka there on the back shelf and trying one more time?”
The large bartender’s nose flared and the muscles in his thick neck and arms flexed. Before he had a chance to say a word, the man at the end of the bar spoke.
“It’s okay, T. Do as the lady asks.”
The big man shot her a look that could have frozen hell. “Fine. As the lady likes.” Without breaking his glare, he roughly grabbed two glasses and dropped them on the counter before reaching for the vodka.
And just like that, the polished stranger in the fancy suit single-handedly shut down her attempt at blowing the steam she’d built up.
In a perverse way, Tatum didn’t feel appeased. She might have gotten her way, but pumped-up energy still surged in her system. If only she could punch a wall or kick over a chair. She needed to do something, anything, to relieve her bottled-up tension and lock down the pheromones that unexpectedly decided to show up to the party.
The good-looking man wasn’t making her struggle to calm down any easier. Over the stacks of papers littering the end of the bar, he stared at her, and not in a pleasing way. He appeared amused, almost smug, as though she had just provided his evening’s entertainment.
She pushed her attraction aside and allowed her irritation to hitch a half notch.
“Are you the manager here?” she asked, making her way down to the end of the bar.
He punched the end of the pen he held and tossed it onto an open file. “I guess you can say I am. Is there a problem?”
His tone sounded a little too bored for her liking. He might not be hard to look at, but he had pompous ass written all over him. “As a matter of fact there is. Have you taken a good look at this place lately? It’s a dump. The lighting sucks, the dancers aren’t good-looking and couldn’t dance to save their souls, and the bartender is serving lousy drinks.”
He tilted his head. “You don’t say.”
His prissy, holier-than-thou attitude provided just the spark she needed to stay ignited. “Yes, I do say. You should be ashamed of yourself and this place. It’s the worst club in Austin.”
“And yet you’re here.”
“I—” Tatum started, but faltered in the wake of his unexpected retort. She blinked several times, too flustered to speak. Weren’t managers supposed to be nice to their customers? Even rich, snobby managers?
The stranger stood and Tatum’s gaze continued up until her head tilted back. Powerfully built, he not only stood several inches taller than her, he dominated the space around her. Though he might not be as humongous as the bartender, he radiated a fierce but intelligent intensity that commanded her attention. Here was a man used to getting what he wanted.
“You think someone else can do better?” he asked.
Her mouth watered as she watched the play of muscles behind his snug shirtsleeves and listened to the deep voice that poured over her like warm molasses. Good Lord, the man was virile.
Not permitting herself to be influenced by intimidation or lust, she raised her chin and said the first thing that came to her mind. “I think a drunk monkey could do better.”
“You looking for a job?”
Her mouth fell open at his audacity. She might be fast on the uptake, but he was faster and better.
Perturbed, Tatum planted her fists on her hips. “You calling me a drunk monkey?”

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Kiss Me, I'm Irish--and I write paranormal shifter erotic menage

Chasing Peace, Love & Fur
3xtasy Lake 8
by Corinne Davies
an erotic paranormal menage romance MFMM
from Siren Bookstrand
While this can be read as a stand-alone,
If you haven't read the first 7 awesome 3Xtasy Lakes books
For a limited time get book 1, Caress of Fur, for $0.99
and books 2-7 for 25% off!
Offer ends March 20th.
Clara Fitch is terrified of the violent side of her nature and has worked hard to suppress her primal instincts. The iron control she’s kept on her inner bear is starting to fray, and she now fears for the lives of every living creature who comes in contact with her.
After spending years looking, Luc, Georges, and Nouel Benoit had given up on their dream of ever finding a woman they can share. When a beautiful enigma of a woman arrives on their doorstep, they can’t believe their good fortune, but there is more to her than delicious curves and a sharp tongue.
The Benoit brothers know that Clara is their Mate, but she has suppressed her inner animal to the point of inhibiting her natural abilities. Has she driven her inner bear mad? Can they convince her that her animal side is nothing to fear and learn to trust herself while embracing the idea of being their Mate?
Exclusive Excerpt
“Damn. Please tell me we didn’t beat Brodie’s ass too much at your poker game last time he was up.”

Marcario shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. He and Gaspar are usually the ones that play aggressively against each other.”

Georges rubbed the back of his neck. “Good. At least we don’t have to worry about him carrying a grudge that will fuck this up.”

“Fuck what up?” Marcario adjusted the strap from the camera case on his shoulder.

“She’s our Mate, right, Georges?” Luc said, never taking his eyes from their Mate.

Georges knew his brother was double checking what they already suspected. He nodded and lowered his voice enough that hopefully she wouldn’t hear him. “Yup, damn right. She’s all ours.”

Marcario looked back and forth between them. “You’re kidding me. That’s great, congratulations.” He looked over at Clara’s vehicle and then his own. “If you don’t need any more pictures I’m going to head out. You shifters don’t notice the cold that much, but I’m freezing my ass off.”

“Damn, man, sorry about that.”

“No big deal. Jessica will curl up against me and warm me up when I get home. The joys of being married to a shifter myself.” He gave them both a grin and a wave before jogging over to his Land Rover.

Luc rested his hands on George’s shoulder and gave him a little shake. “Can you believe this? She’s perfect.”

“I’m a little shell shocked at the moment. It’s going to take me a second to process this. I mean I never thought…” It was true he’d given up on the entire idea of ever finding a woman to share, let alone the possibility that she would be a Mate to all three of them. It was mind boggling.

Clara’s car door opened and they both rushed to her side of the car. Georges held the door open while Luc took her hand to help her out. She gave them both an odd look before lifting her cell phone. “Brodie verified that you aren’t serial killers but I’m not to play poker with either of you.”

“If the power goes out, we’ll play president then.” Luc smiled. “Do you have a bag with you?”

“Yes, in the backseat.”

He’d opened the backdoor and reached in for her overnight bag before she could say no. Inside the vehicle her scent was much stronger and he could pick up the subtle ursine notes to her scent but there was still a strange…blankness to it.

Georges’s cell phone rang, distracting him. He glanced down at the screen and nodded at his brother’s questioning look. He stood and handed Luc her bag. “Excuse me, I had better take this call.”

“Come on in, Clara. I’ll show you which room you can put your stuff in.” Luc placed his hand at her lower back and led her inside. Georges waited until the door closed before answering the call.

“Ecstasy Lake Auto Body, how can I help you?”

“What is my sister doing at your shop and why is she spending the night when there is a perfectly good hotel minutes away?” Brodie’s deep voice almost sounded like a growl as he spoke. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t drive up there myself and come and get her.”

“Aside from the brutal storm about to descend upon us?”

“Not good enough.”

“She’s our Mate.”

Silence punctuated the phone long enough that Georges pulled it away from his ear to see if the call had been dropped.

“All three of you?”

“She’s only met Luc and I so far but I have hopes that Nouel will feel the same way.”

“And are you prepared to share your Mate with your brothers? Moose aren’t known to share well.”

“Brodie, we decided long ago that we would share a Mate between us. The best we’d ever hoped is that we’d find a woman willing to take on the three of us. The idea that she might be meant to be a Mate to each of us is just as much of a mind-blower to me as well.”

Brodie didn’t say anything right away but Georges could hear the sound of soft voices on the other line. Figuring he was speaking to his wife, Georges had faith that Stephanie could make him see reason. She was a levelheaded woman.

“You make her cry and I’ll come up there and tear the three of you to pieces and feed you to the locals.”

“Dude, that’s nasty. Did your gentle wife hear that?”

He snorted. “My gentle wife is the one who suggested it.”

Georges paused in his pacing back and forth, wondering how he could gently ask Brodie what was wrong with his sister. “Can I ask you something…something about your sister?”


“Are you kidding me?” Georges almost shouted into the phone. Arrogant ass.

“No. You want to know something about Clara, ask her. I’m not giving you insider information and making this easier for you. Great things are worth fighting for. Don’t fuck it up.”

“Thanks.” For nothing. “Stay home with your family, Brodie. We’ll bring her to you for a visit so you can meet Nouel.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Talk to you later.”


Georges ended the call and scanned the edge of the woods for Nouel. Leave it to the idiot to wander off in the snow now, wearing Miss Lavender’s yarn-bomb creation. Hopefully the storm would keep any poachers out of the woods and stop them from shooting his brother.
To read an ADULT Excerpt,


About the Author

Corinne Davies first put pen to paper in an attempt to write a love story between her and her favourite rock singer of the time. It was filled with all the angst that only a teenager can come up with and, of course, an incredible wardrobe.

Years later, during the wee hours of the morning, when her first daughter insisted on waking up, she discovered online RPGs and her love of writing emerged again. After many encouraging words from fellow writers, she decided to try her hand at developing her own stories, learning it takes more than mind blowing sex and a happily ever after to make a great story.

By day, she is a full-time wife, mother, and product consultant. At night, she avoids such mundane tasks as housework and laundry by creating her own worlds where mythology comes to life. Worlds in which you are just as likely to be living next door to an ancient Deity as finding an mystic treasure in the attic.  

Twitter: @DaviesRomance


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Chasing Peace Love & Fur by Corinne Davies
Contest ends on midnight, Sunday, March 2014.

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