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Welcome to the Hottest Cowboy Contest: Day 1

Welcome to the 2014 Hottest Cowboy Contest. 

You don't have to go to the PRNC National Finals in Las Vegas to find Hot Cowboys .  We have them right here on Inner Goddess.  We will be taking nominations Dec. 4-11 from YOU the readers.  Then on the 12-13th, we will have a run-off vote between the cowboys who received the top 10 most
nominations.  So be sure to come back each day to nominate.

Each day, we will promos from our Grand Prize packages.  Each time you nominate/vote for a cowboy, you get an entry into the random drawing.  come back Dec. 14 to see who won the coveted titled of
Hottest Cowboy

The two Grand Prize packages will be posted on tomorrow's blog Dec. 5.  They contain signed books, ebooks, jewelry, swag and gift cards from 20 Authors. . Come back each day to re-nominate and to see more information about their books.  

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The Cowboy Way series
by Becky McGraw
a Contemporary Romance series

Cowboys are a different breed...
They work hard, play hard and love harder.
It's all about the ride, until the right woman...

makes them fall.

Cowboy Way #1

Tina Montgomery needs to find her Texas Tomcat. Her promotion and livelihood depend on it. That promotion could mean a new life for her, her sister and her niece. It's a big risk however, because if she fails in her bid to head up a new menswear line at her company, she could lose everything. That's why finding the perfect model to represent the line has become her sole focus. At the point of thinking she would never find that man, one with both experience and attitude that shows in his face and eyes, she meets Dean Dixon. His gorgeous eyes tell a story she definitely wants to hear and the man has more attitude than any she’s ever met. Physically he's perfect for the job. But that attitude she thought she wanted in her cowboy quickly becomes her biggest downfall when she tries to convince the sexy, but hard-hearted rancher to help her.

Dean Dixon is done with women. His cheating ex-wife has shown him just how untrustworthy women are. He has a ranch to run, and a son who might not be his to raise alone. That's more than enough for any man to handle without dealing with his sister-in-law’s friend who is determined to convince him to model for her company. He has seen what that industry has done to his brother. Dean is a rancher, not a model, and he isn't about to abandon his family or fall into the same trap his brother had. He stands his ground, until his sister-in-law tells him why Tina needs the promotion she’s wanting so badly, and asks for his help. Hope had bailed him and his family out when they needed her the year prior. How could he refuse to help her now?

JUST SHOOT ME (#1, Cowboy Way) is available on here:

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Dean turned and laid down on the floor then reached back with his foot to find the first rung.  He scrambled down the tree to the ground, and took a moment to adjust his jeans, before he started across the pine needle covered ground.  Last night in the heat of the moment, he hadn’t felt the prickly pine needles sticking into the soles of his feet.  He hadn’t felt much of anything, except the overwhelming urge to get Tina Montgomery up in that deer stand and fuck her brains out.  This morning, he felt every step he took, just like he felt the bitterness of the regret inside his chest.
If they’d met when he was younger, before he became so jaded.  Before Cindy.  Maybe Dean’s life would be different.  Tina Montgomery coming along now wasn’t the same.  He wasn’t the same.  Last night up in that deer stand he’d forgotten his problems for a few hours.  She’d helped him forget.  But when his feet hit the ground again this morning, they were all still there.  Last night hadn’t solved a damn thing.  Dean knew it had just been a temporary reprieve in his shitty life. A welcome one, but just a reprieve.  Dean still didn’t have a damned clue how he was going to fix things.  Or if he could.
Taking a deep breath, he huffed it out then picked his way through the trees toward the place they’d made love the first time last night.  Dean looked around under the tree and found his hat behind some scrub, but didn’t see her skirt, his boots, or anything else.  He mumbled under his breath and turned.  A pair of ripped red panties occluded his view.  They smelled just like Tina Montgomery, and he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
“Looking for these?” Cord asked smugly.
Dean ripped them from his fingers, and shoved them into the pocket of his jeans.  “Where’s her damned skirt?” he grumbled.
Cord laughed and pulled it from behind his back to hand it to him.
“My boots?” Dean growled.
“Hope has those in the truck.”  Cord didn’t move to go get them though.  His brother stood there with a wide grin on his face.  “Figured you took her to the deer stand.  I made enough damned noise to wake the dead.  You should be saying thank you instead of being an ass.  Seems like you should be in a better mood too considering.”
“Would you just go get my damned boots?”
“Hope has Tina’s boots too,” Cord said in a sing song voice, then his eyes laughed as he added, “I’ll go get them on one condition.”
“What’s that?” Dean asked clenching his fists, wanting nothing more at that moment than to plant one in his brother’s face.
“You let her climb down that ladder to get her panties and skirt.”
“Fuck you,” Dean growled and shoved him hard.  Cord laughed as he stumbled back and put his hand on his chest.
“You know I’m just kidding.” Cord’s face turned serious.  “I’m happy for you brother.”
“Nothing to be happy about. It’s done,” Dean said through his gritted teeth.  “Now, go get my damned boots before I tell your wife you’re ogling Tina, and she kicks your ass!”
His brother’s laughter echoed through the woods, as he walked toward the clearing.  A few minutes later, he returned with Dean’s shirt, and their boots.
Cord dug into the pocket of his jeans and handed Dean a set of keys.  “Ya’ll take your time,” he said with a wink.  “Lucky says to take his truck when you’re ready to come back.  He’s riding with us.”
A lightning bolt of desire shot through him, but Dean caught it and crushed it.  He had things to do.  “We’ll be there in a few minutes,” he said as he turned to walk back to the tree stand.

Cowboy Way #2 
Twyla Taylor is one frustrated cowgirl. She's not winning at barrel racing or in love. She's spent ten years nursing a crush on her brother's best friend, Ryan Easter, who thinks of her as no more than his little sister. When Twyla catches Ryan with yet another no-good buckle bunny, and calls him out, he tells her to get a life, and that is exactly what she decides to do. One that does not include a buckle-bunny-chasing cowboy with a bad attitude, or an overbearing older brother.

Ryan Easter is one frustrated cowboy. He's winning every night at bronc riding, and has a different woman in every city. Mostly so he can keep his best friend's fiery little sister, and his desire for her, at bay. Since she grew those proud little breasts of hers, and mile-long legs, Ryan has had to fight his attraction to her. If her brother knew what he was thinking, he would kill Ryan, if her daddy didn't first. Ryan valued the surrogate family the Taylor's provided him with too much to ever go there with their youngest member.

His diversion techniques work like a charm, until one night he pushes her too far, and Twyla takes off. Ryan knows he has to find her quickly and apologize, or face his best friend's wrath. He finds Twyla in Dallas and decides she's definitely gone cowgirl crazy. He barely recognizes her, because his barrel-racing tomboy is wearing makeup that looks like it was put on with a putty knife and she's working at a bar which borders on a cowgirl strip club. When she isn't serving shots off of her stomach, she's shaking her round ass for any man with a dollar to shove into the waistband of her barely-there shorts.

Twyla refuses to leave with him, and Ryan knows he better make his final arrangements, or come up with another way to convince her and fast.


Ignoring her comment, and what had to be her obvious discomfort, Ryan stepped forward, leaned over her to balance his shot glass about two inches under her navel. Heather always put it at the base of her ribcage, so a little would spill into her navel, but Ryan put his lower. Her muscles contracted, as the cold glass touched her skin and heat zinged through her as she thought about him licking her up to the glass, before taking the shot.

The amber liquid sloshed in the glass, and he frowned. “No spilling, Twy, or there will be consequences.” His eyes met hers and his pupils were dilated almost as large as the blue irises. His breathing came in short spurts, and she could see his pulse pounding at the side of his throat. The look on his handsome face said he would relish delivering those consequences. “By the time I’m done, I’ll really need that drink.”

A shiver worked itself up her body from her toes, and the glass wobbled. She gasped and contracted her muscles to steady it. Agitation bristled through her. “Why don’t you just have the damned shot then, and get on with this?” That’s what she really wanted.

His hand clamped on her ankle, and he grinned. “Patience is a virtue, darlin’. Slow is not always a bad thing, and I’m about to teach you that, and a lot more.” His voice was heavy with anticipation, and his sensual threat was punctuated by his tongue making a trip around his lips.

Her eyes followed it around and heat sizzled along her nerves to singe her at the apex of her thighs. Maybe this is why all those bunnies she saw leaving his trailer were smiling. They must have had the patience he was talking about, and liked that Ryan was slow as a turtle in his lovemaking. Twyla wasn’t sold on it yet, but deciding to try to find the patience he asked her to have. She a huffed a breath then relaxed and uncurled her fists.

What the hell did she know about all this, anyway? She was green as grass at this, he knew what he was doing. Had done it many times. Too many. “Get on with it, then,” she grumbled, settling her focus on keeping that shot glass steady on her lower abdomen.

Ryan’s dark head appeared in her line of vision, and Twyla gasped. His eyes met hers over the plane of her tummy, and were filled with mischief and purpose. His hot breath tickled her thighs when he warned, “Keep it still, Twyla. No spilling.”

He slid his hands, behind her calves, and under her thighs to hold her hands at her sides, then turned his face to plant a wet kiss on her inner thigh. His mouth latched there and he sucked, while his tongue swirled on her skin. Fire zipped up to her core, her muscles contracted, and Twyla whimpered. The glass wobbled and she knew right then she was in big trouble.


Blame It On Texas
Lone Star Cowboys #1
by Tori Scott


Logan Tanner shook the red dust of West Texas off his boots at the age of eighteen and hasn't looked back. When his father has a stroke, Logan is temporarily forced to return home and take over the family ranch. He still feels responsible for his mother's death when he was twelve, and has never gotten over the guilt. Now he's faced with having to protect his twelve year old daughter Katie and his sister and her friend Megan Flynn. It's nearly more than one man can handle.

Megan Flynn immediately falls in love with Morris Springs, Texas, population 976, when she delivers Logan's runaway daughter to his doorstep. Raised as a city girl, Megan dreams of owning a few acres, raising a few champion Australian Cattle Dogs, and starting a small-town veterinary practice. The only thing between her and her dream is one stubborn, reluctant cowboy with an overprotective streak as wide as the West Texas prairie. But her stubborn streak is a match for his any day. And she's determined to prove it.

Blame it on Texas is a story of the power of love to overcome any adversity, the strength of family and friendship, and the joy that comes with being part of something bigger than yourself.

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 Megan opened the door, tears pricking the back of her eyes at the sight of Logan, looking exhausted and scared, leaning on the door jamb.

He lifted his head and his gaze met hers, locked with hers for a heartbeat before he straightened. "How's Blue?"

"He'll be okay. He punctured a blood vessel in his paw and lost a lot of blood, but he's strong and tough. He'll make it. The Doc just finished stitching him up. He's been sedated, so I'm leaving him here until morning." She reached a hand up to cup his cheek. "Katie?"

"Nothing yet." His fists clenched and he willed them to relax. "The whole town is looking for her, though."

"Yeah, I know. Doc has a scanner. We've been listening. I'd just hoped…"

"Yeah, me too." Logan reached for Megan, needing the comfort of her in his arms and she came to him willingly. With her snuggled against him, he felt like he might be able to hold himself together. She held him tightly for a moment with her head pressed against his shoulder, then she released him and stepped back.

Logan ran his hand down her hair and rubbed the ends of the silky strands between his thumb and finger. "Are you through here?"

"Yes. I just need to clean up and let Doc know I'm leaving." She cupped his cheek again, then turned and went into the back of the clinic, returning a moment later with a bloody towel.

"Good Lord. He bled that much?"

Megan grimaced and said, "He bled that much after I'd put a temporary bandage on his paw. He bled a lot more than that during his mile run chasing the car. He's quite a dog. It's amazing he's still alive."

Logan held the door as she went through, sucking in a breath as she brushed against him. Hell of a time to get turned on by a woman, when his daughter was out there somewhere with a criminal.


​Other books in the Lone Star Cowboys series

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Book 3: The Bluest Eyes in Texas

Book 4: Beneath a Texas Star

Book 5: Between Lonesome and Texas

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Time to start the Nominations
Come back each day to nominate Dec. 4-11
Vote on Top 10 Dec. 12-1

Each time  is another Grand Prize entry

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  1. This will be a tough choice!! can't wait tot see who wins!

  2. Thanks to all those supporting J.P.!

  3. I nominate HEATH McCoy (Hell Yeah!) Author Sable Hunter

  4. Cord Benedict may be an ex-quarterback but he is learning all the ropes to being one HOT cowboy!!

    1. He was a close second for me!

  5. My vote goes to Hank Stinson (author Heather Rainier). He is a real man!

  6. How could you even pick? I think anyone from the Heather Rainier series.

  7. Definitely Heath McCoy!

  8. Today I vote for Angel Martinez from Heavenly Angel. The book is from Heather Rainier's Divine Creek Ranch Series.

  9. I entered and hard to pick just one. 2nd pick Ash Peterson-divine creek. Heather Rainier as a great series.
    So does Cara Covington- Lusty series... can't just pick one.... Thank you

    1. I love Ash Peterson too. Its so hard to pick just one!

  10. Angel Martinez of "Heavenly Angel" by Heather Rainier is a super hot cowboy in my opinion.

  11. Angel Martinez from Heather Rainier's "Heavenly Angel" is a remarkable cowboy character. Love him!

  12. It's so hard to just pick one. I also like Cord Benedict from Cara Covington's Lusty Series.

  13. I nominate J.P. Ryan from Natalie Alder's Crewel Work. Yeehaw! :)

  14. I vote for Angel Martinez from Heather Rainier's "Heavenly Angel."

  15. While picking just one is soooo hard, I love Jackson Ramsey from Mardi Maxwell's The Doms of Club Mystique!!!

  16. I had to pick Angel Martinez, he has been one of my favorite characters from the Divine serie. He not only was a hot cowboy, he was loving and caring to both Teresa and her son.

  17. Angel Martinez "Heavenly Angel" Heather Rainier Divine Creek Series. Angel is one sexy cowboy!

  18. The edgy Boone Warner from "mayas triple dare" - heather rainier, a close second Julian Alvarez, Angel Martinez, and Brian Benedict

  19. Jackson Ramsey from The Doms of Mystique series by Mardi Maxwell.

  20. Jackson Ramsey from Doms of Club Mystique series by Mardi Maxwell

  21. Most any guy from Heather Rainier's Divine Creek Ranch series...

  22. I like a twofer ;) so I chose, Trey and Garret McGatlin, from the Double Seduction series by Randi Alexander.

  23. Such a hard decision! I love them all!

  24. I nominate Dave Logan from Logans Lonestar Heroes by Becky McGraw

  25. Angel Martinez of Heavenly Angel by Heather Rainier - Sexy, caring, sexy, loving, sexy, and smart

  26. I nominated Dean Dixon from Just Shoot Me The Cowboy Way Series by Becky McGraw

  27. Too many sexy cowboys to count but Angel Martinez is definitely a fave.
    Divine Creek Ranch series by Heather Rainier

    Stacy Wilson
    dragn_lady at

  28. I fell in love with Jack, Adam and Ethan in the very first Divine Creek romance ❤️

  29. Reno Montgomery,Texas Bossa Nova, Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Cynthia D'Alba