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Riley Bancroft - Darkest Faerie Tales

Deep into the Abyss
Riley Bancroft
 Book 2 of the Darkest Faerie Tales series

Excerpt: The Darkest Faerie Tales

For one long and torturous week, I’ve been locked inside this cabin, ripped away from the world I thought I knew by the one man who literally makes me weak with need. I can’t seem to escape him, physically, mentally, emotionally. He’s became everything I want, everything I desire, yet he won’t touch me. Not like before.

As the only hybrid born between the Seelie and Unseelie courts, I fight the dark and light inside of myself. I grew up in the Seelie courts and only the Elders from each court knew of my secret identity, an anomaly my parents went to great lengths to hide.

Cole became aware of my existence because he is one of those Elders, an Elder of the Unseelie court and he’s the man who kidnapped me.

A war has been brewing between the two courts over the last few months and the ante was upped with my abduction. The Seelies have no use for me, but the Unseelies want to exalt me into a position of authority—to be the sovereign ruler of the Aos sí. A queen.

Once upon a time, I thought the Seelies were the epitome of virtue and the Unseelies were the embodiment of wickedness, but I’m finding out neither is true. Good and evil live in everyone, despite their association to what the world believes of them.

Who I thought I once was, is no longer who I am and with every lesson taught to me, I’ve learned there is a price to pay.

Cole has broken me—my spirit, my mind, because I was meant for a higher purpose, I know this now. To unite the angelic and infernal sides of both courts, to restore power back to the magickal people of the Aos sí, and to discover who I truly am.

Welcome to my twisted faerie tale.

Excerpt: Deep Into the Abyss

He treaded back over to her. “Assume your position.”

Mya shivered at the hungry gleam in his eyes, as she reared her head back, looking up at him. He’d taught her the position of submission. One she was expected to get into when commanded by him. Initially a test that began as an exercise to establish trust in the beginning, it had come to mean more to her. It gave her a vulnerability to him, on her knees with her legs splayed apart, her arms clasped together behind her back, jutting her breasts forward. Could she push him enough this time to finally take control of her? For days, she’d been at his mercy, giving in to his every order, bending to his will. She needed to flip the switch. “Give me one good reason why I should assume the position?” she demanded. Using all the strength she could garner, she rose on shaky legs. Thank goodness, she wore jeans. The material kept her hands from slipping off her thigh as she stood and faced him.

“Now, Mya, or you will be punished.” His eyes narrowed as his lips pressed tight together. A storm of energy surged through her. Punish me then. Warmth seeped into her veins. “You will do well to remember that the Unseelie court wants me as their sovereign ruler. One day, I will take my spot on the throne as queen and you will rue the day you ever laid a finger on me!” Or, not laid a finger on me! The anger built and built until it breached her sanity and overflowed. “Perhaps I should be telling you to bow before me, Cole!” He marched toward her. A frenzied expression crossed over his face. “You will submit to me right now.” Invisible sparks danced between their bodies—now flush to one another. “I will not.” Mya defiantly lifted her head. “You submit to me.” The contact only fueled her hunger for him as the air around her charged with excitement.

With each deep inhalation he took, vibrations thrummed across her flesh down to her sex and fed her desire. Cole lowered his face to hers.

His nostrils flared. “This is your last chance. Do as you are instructed and you will address me as Sir.” So badly, she needed to kiss him, to latch her mouth onto his, to devour him. Her heart banged in her chest. She licked her lips, anticipating how his kisses always felt. “Are you jealous? Does knowing I kissed Gavin ruffle your feathers?” She pulled her shoulders taut, pressing her breasts against him. Her nipples hardened with the contact. “Is that why you make me submit to you all the time, but don’t touch me—so you feel like you own me?—because you don’t.” He was so revved up he probably didn’t catch the untruth of her broken up statement. She could tell Cole battled with wanting to possess her, so he played these games to give him a sense of ownership. It may have sounded like she said he didn’t own her, but in truth, he did in every sense of the word—mind, body and soul. “Did you like kissing him?” Hurt flashed through his eyes before he quickly masked it.

TinkNCognito Review

This second book picks up where book one left off and it didn't miss a beat. We are learning more about Mya's background and what the Unseelies are wanting from her. Cole is determined to stay away from her, much to her confusion but the pull between them is stronger than ever. As the story continues to develop, I just want more and more of the this pair. I can't wait to see where Riley takes these characters.

About the Author
Riley Bancroft

Riley Bancroft grew up in the heart of Texas. Ever since she was little, she favored stories on the darker side, not just supernatural, but psychological as well. She penned her first erotic poems in college about the love of her life. The pursuit of her writing career began when she wrote a short story based on the intimate scene missing in Twilight, to share with her friends. They encouraged her to write her own novel. And so, she did.


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