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A Craving For Two

A Craving For Two
Crave series, stand-alone
by Amy J. Hawthorn
an Erotic Ménage MFM Romance / Suspense
from Siren Bookstrand
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Paige Drummond has been offered the job of her dreams. Crave is set to open a boudoir photo studio and the owner wants her to do the design work. There’s only one problem. She’s given up the dream she’s worked so hard for because of a devastating blackmail attempt. Ashamed, she holds the dark secret close to her heart and refuses to tell even those closest to her.
Enter Nate Hughes and Sloan Davis, two sexy-as-sin contractors whose love for construction is only outweighed by the size of their hearts.
When too many convenient accidents haunt Paige, Nate and Sloan decide the safest place for her is in their arms. When the passion of ménage burns hot and sweet, can they both protect her against the unknown threat and convince her to stay forever?
Crave, equal parts naughty, class, and sass.
Then the door shut her in her face. Helpless in her twin’s plot, she rested her forehead on the door and just resisted banging her head against it. Hard. She wanted it hard enough to knock herself unconscious.
She felt like she’d been tossed down a rabbit hole. There was only one direction this could lead. Her sister thought that if she trapped her in here with her tools she’d be tempted to start on a design for Tara’s photography studio. How long would she be locked in here before someone let her out? No, she hadn’t actually tried the door yet, but she’d bet money that’s what had just happened.
Sometimes having someone who could practically read her mind was a pain in the ass.
But why would she spend the money on sexy clothes if all she wanted her to do was look at the space and draw up a design?
“Paige?” A low male voice with the barest hint of a Southern accent sounded across the empty space at her back. “Are you ready to get to work? That’s great. Tara said you might be a little hesitant, that you had a lot of things on your schedule, but she was hopeful you’d be able to fit her in.” She felt the faint Southern twang in that deep voice resonate in her belly and lower.
She turned and found the reason for the professional but sexy clothes. Almost six feet tall, she estimated, with rock-solid shoulders, he stood in snug, faded jeans, tan work boots and a navy T-shirt.
Simple clothes had never, ever looked so good on a man. She made two fumbling attempts at speech before the words finally tumbled out.
“Uhm. I think there’s been a mistake. I hadn’t actually planned on—” The door, now at her back, opened and bumped into her, nearly knocking her over and making her drop the tote.
“Shit. Shit, I’m sorry.” A tall, tanned male squeezed in the half-open door and bent to pick up her bag.
“Way to go, you just mowed over our interior designer.” The Southern twang came from the broad-shouldered man with short brown hair. He had soft green eyes and an equally soft-looking mouth.
Her knees wobbled at the way he said the word “our.”
“Wow, Paige, you look fantastic. Something’s different though, but I like it, whatever it is.” Mr. yummy skin, hazel eyes, and to-die-for smile looked at her as if she should not only know what he was talking about, but who he was.
Well, she didn’t have to worry about working in the diner any longer or trying to remodel their late grandmother’s house. She’d be spending the rest of her life in prison for murder. This wasn’t the first time her sister had done this to her, but this might be the final straw.
Her cell phone chirped with a text message. She dug in her purse, knowing who it would be. Whether it was some sort of twin bond or her nose for trouble, Peyton knew she was right here, right now.
“Excuse me. I’ve been waiting on this message.” She dreaded opening it, but she needed to pull off the bandage and get this over with so she could get the hell out of here.
The phone chirped again as she pulled it out. “Just heard from Julie so I know you’re with them. Don’t shoot me. Which one do you think is hotter, Sloan or Nate?”
How was she supposed to know who was who? Clearly Peyton had already gone through the meet and greet without her, pretending to be her. Then she read the second text. “Nate is the brick wall with the sexy accent. Sloan is the tall and hot-as-sin sweetheart. Take your pick, hell, take them both. You’re welcome.”
A third text came through as she was putting the phone back in her bag. Now truly afraid to read it but with no choice, she looked again. “I love you, truly. I don’t know why you’re hurting and it’s killing me. Please have some fun, Paigey. *huggles*”
And there went the wind in her angry sail.
Maybe if she worked up a quick design she could put her sister’s mind at ease and then get back to her regular routine? It was really her only hope for escape. She stepped into the room and forced a smile.
“My schedule cleared up unexpectedly for today, so I thought I’d stop by.”
“Do you mean that it cleared up earlier than you expected? Yesterday you said you’d be here today, ready to work.” Going by her sister’s descriptions, it was the man named Nate who’d caught her mistake.
Was it even a slip? One would think that after all the years of getting dragged into her sister’s switch schemes she’d know how to cover her awkwardness better. But no, as usual, she’d fumbled it as soon as she’d opened her mouth. She couldn’t do this.
No. She wouldn’t do this. There was a difference.
“I’m sorry. I can’t do this. I’m not who you think. You say we spoke yesterday? You must have met my sister, Peyton.”
“Honey, no two people could look that much alike. What’s going on? If you didn’t have the time for Tara you should have said so. It would have been better than jerking everyone around.” He sounded irritated but not angry. Irritation she could deal with. She’d do the right thing and then she’d be free to leave.
“She’s my twin and used to do this kind of thing all the time when we were little. I’m sorry to let everyone down, but I can’t do this.”
“Of course you can. You’re here, you might as well come on in and take a look.” Sloan invited her in and gave his friend a cutting look.
Maybe it was her imagination but she swore it said don’t you dare scare her off. What had her sister gotten her into?
She had one thought when Nate’s mouth descended on hers. Had she really given them the green light? She had, and as his tongue touched hers, she couldn’t have been happier with her decision. His hands slid down and palmed her ass, and tilted her hips tight against his legs and held her tightly. He wasn’t letting her go, and she loved the knowledge.
Sloan’s hands moved up her side, taking her shirt along the way, and his hands paused just below her breasts. He kissed her neck lightly. Was he waiting on his own signal? She’d known from the start that taking one of them would mean taking them both, and she’d made her decision with that truth in her heart.
 She reached behind her back, unsnapped her bra, and then gripped Sloan’s thick wrists. She moved his hands higher until the weight of her breasts rested in his palms. When he groaned against her neck and ran his calloused thumbs over her nipples, she smiled beneath Nate’s kiss.
Nate pulled his mouth away on a frustrated grunt. “I need to see you. Let me see where he’s got his hands.” He pulled her shirt and bra over her head and looked down.
“Do you want one? If they’re half as sweet as they feel, she could be in trouble. I could tongue them all day. What do you say?” Sloan’s quiet voice was all business as he described what he wanted. “I can’t wait to spread her out and explore everything she’s given us.”
Overpowering lust hit her so hard and fast, she went lightheaded.
“Then I say we quit wasting time and get to work making sure she has a night she’ll never forget.” They’d already done that, but she couldn’t find the words as she was lifted and laid on the bed. “I want to see every square inch of that sweet body.” Nate’s eyes burned her as his focus pinned her in place.
He removed her shorts, tossed them away and Sloan did the same with her panties.
“I don’t know where to start. Look, touch, or taste? I want it all.” Sloan removed his shirt, and his hungry gaze immediately returned.
“Paige, be certain, honey. This need we have for you is real. We’ll take every little thing you give us and will push for more. We’ll give you the sun and moon in return, but we’ll be greedy lovers. ” Her always serious Nate made one last valiant attempt to warn her away, and she wanted him all the more for it.
“If you’re not sure about anything, you’ll have to speak up. We’ll watch you, pleasure you until you can’t see, but Nate’s not exaggerating. We’ll take every crumb you have to give.”
“I want this. I want you both.”
Nate went to his bag, produced two condoms, and tossed one to Sloan. Then, without a word, they stripped, making her ridiculously thankful she hadn’t had to choose between the two of them. As silly as it might seem, each in his own way was the sexiest male she’d ever seen.
Nate with his broad, heavy shoulders, thick muscled thighs, and green eyes made her mouth water. Her already damp pussy slickened and ached for him. Sloan, tall and leanly muscled, with those golden eyes, watched her with a look of need that matched her own. His sinful mouth quirked a lopsided smile as he tore open the condom packet.
He rolled the condom over his long erection and came to her. “My perfect Paige. I couldn’t have dreamt up a more beautiful woman.” He kissed her until she saw stars, and then headed for her breast. When the heated suction of his mouth hit her, it started a matching ache deep in her womb.
Nate watched with dark need glittering in his gaze.
“Nate?” What was he waiting for?
“I want you too much. I don’t want to go too fast, too hard. You deserve to be worshipped, not mauled by a starved wild man.”
“I want you, Nate, I don’t care how you come, as long as you come to me now. Something’s missing, and it won’t be right until you’re in the bed beside me.” He gave a single nod and put his own condom on. “And please, hurry, I think Sloan has decided to torment me with his tongue. I need something more, and he still thinks we’re playing.” And she wasn’t kidding. He worked one breast in his mouth and the other with his fingers. The emptiness inside her swelled and throbbed, until it was all she could think about.
Sloan drew away for the briefest moment. “Baby, no lie, you have the sweetest breasts I’ve seen, and I could spend days here, loving them. You were warned. There’s no going back.” And like he said, he went straight to her other breast and continued.
“Are you empty, baby?” All she could do was nod in answer to Nate’s dark gaze. “Do you need me to fill your pussy?”
Their actions and words stole all reasoning, leaving her nothing but a needy mess.
Nate came to her other side and trailed a finger over her lips as if to shush her whimpers, and knelt between her legs, splitting them wide. That wandering finger trailed over her exposed pussy in a tortuously light graze. “Here?” He barely inserted the tip when she arched her back and nodded her head.
About the Author
As a teen Amy read horror and fantasy as fast as she could get her hands on it. She'd never met a Dean Koontz book she didn't like.

Until one day at the bookstore she stumbled across a pretty blue cover complete with a bare-chested, sword-wielding Highlander. That Highlander and his heroine showed her the magic of a happily-ever-after and she's never looked back.

She's read and written her way from Kentucky to Arizona and California then back to Kentucky which she and her family now call home.

Who says characters with a dark side can't find love?
Twitter: @AJHawthorn


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  1. I've been good when I need to be and bad when I want to be. This sounds like a great book! Amy will be a new author for me ! Can't wait to read this