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Day 3: Roping, Rodeo Sex and other bedroom games

Today, is all about MORE. 
More prizes, more hotties for your TBR, more romance and more sexual intensity.   
More Prizes!
Our sponsoring authors have even more to give. 
So we are creating a 3rd Grand Prize!!
Grand Prize #3
$10 Strandbucks
a 2015 Honor James Calendar with swag: coozie, pens, stress ball & flashlight keychains
April Zyon swag:  coozie, pens, stress ball & flashlight keychains
Slow Ride Home by Leah Braemel
Books from Forever Publishing:
SWEET ON YOU by Laura Drake
  FORGIVE ME by Eliza Freed (ebook only)
Grand Prize Basket #1
Silver & Turquoise Horseshoe earrings
Divine Creek Ranch SWAG pack
$50 Gift Certificates, plus Strandbucks
Tangled bundle
Cowboy Six Pack (Kindle only)
A Cowboy for Christmas
Hope for Christmas
Finding Dandie (Kindle only)
Montana Wranglers #1 & 2
winner's choice from Brenna Zinn's backlist
Winner's choice from Paige Tyler's backlist
(except boxed sets, His Perfect Mate, or Her Lone Wolf )
Grand Prize Basket #2
Signed copies of all 3 books of the Colorado Heart series
Paperback edition of Wicked Witches of the West: Rowan's Ascension
$40 Gift Certificate
Crewel Work
True Loves' Fire (Kindle only)
Jackson's Sub
A Cowboy for Christmas
Chase & Seduction
All 5 books in the Massey, TX series:

More Romance and More Sexual Intensity!

 Each day, we will promos from our Grand Prize packages.  Each time you nominate/vote for a cowboy, you get an entry into the random drawing.  Come back Dec. 14 to see who won the Grand Prize basket.
Randi Alexander taught me that National Rodeo Finals happen in December in Las Vegas, when I read one of her cowboy romances.  So, we decided to host our hottie cowboy contest at the same time.   One of Randi's books is HER COWBOY STUD.
Her Cowboy Stud
a Cowboy Kink
by Randi Alexander
an Erotic Romance
Book Blurb
 Trace McGonagall's quiet life on his Houston stud ranch is shaken up when gorgeous Macy Veralta arrives to claim an inheritance left to her in his uncle's will. Trace sees her as just another gold digger, but he also can't resist her curvy body. When she hints at being the perfect submissive to his Dom, he has to have her.
Macy wouldn't have been three months late to claim her inheritance if she'd known Trace was sin in jeans. The cowboy's dominant bearing and the smoldering glint in his eyes send shivers to her toes and stirs images of being bound in his bed and disciplined at his hand. But could Trace's perfect seduction be part of his plan to reclaim her inheritance?


 Trace could barely restrain himself from grabbing and conquering. Macy embodied everything he looked for in a woman. Sweet and kind, blushing but sexy, funny and sexy. Yeah, he’d already mentioned sexy, but she was damn sexy.
It took him a moment of measured breaths to bring himself under control before he kissed her. He didn’t want to take, he wanted to give. To share a kiss, not ravage her. As he inched his lips closer to hers, she wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. Beautiful. Did he mention beautiful?
His hands slid down her sides, barely brushing the swell of her breasts, ending up on her back. His lips touched hers. Rocket fire lust shot down his spine. His cock hardened and swelled, his balls tingled, and everything in him begged to rush this, to make a bed in the hay and take her down with him.
She was precious. Worth taking his time on. He kept the kiss soft, easy, until she sighed and flicked her tongue onto his lips in invitation.
His tongue explored each crevice of her mouth, tangled with her tongue, sucking it into his mouth to invite her to taste him. Her taste—perfect—like sweet wine. He dug the fingers of one hand in her hair, feeling the silk, loving the thick, heavy texture.
His hand traveled from her back to her firm, round ass. He pulled her closer and shared her startled inhale as his cock pressed hard into her stomach. Unable to keep himself from testing her sexual tastes, he walked her back a step, pressing her against the gate. He ran his hands up her sides, along her arms, and unlinked them from around his neck. Holding her wrists, he spread her arms to her sides and pinned them to the wood plank.
Her eyelids fluttered then opened, piercing him with a seductive gaze.
"Do you like that, Macy?" He spread his feet apart, leaning the full weight of his body against hers. His cock throbbed as it engorged, feeling her heat creep through their clothes to taunt his sensitive flesh.
"I like…" she whispered, her breath panting in and out.
Trace tipped his head and spoke quietly in her ear. "What do you like?"
"I like to be held."
He grinned. That was exactly what he wanted to hear. "You like to be…restrained?"
"Yes." She turned her face away.
He leaned back to see her. Her pink cheeks and tightly closed eyes confused him at first. Until he realized she was uncertain of his reaction to her disclosure.
"Beautiful, you've found the right man."
She swung her head and looked at him, her eyes at first relieved, then heating with a tempting, teasing sexuality. "And you? What do you like?"
Kissing her, he said, "When I have you in my bed…" Another kiss. "You'll know the full intensity of my dominance."
She cried out softly, her entire body shivering along his.
Every cell in his flesh responded, pumped to bursting with desire. He took her mouth, desperate to show her what she did to him. How she made him crazy with the need to bind her and please her with stinging lashes and tight clamps. The kiss turned potent, so intense he forgot where he was, what was happening around him.
Welcome to Club Mystique
Jackson’s Sub
The Doms of Club Mystique 2
by Mardi Maxwell
a BDSM erotic Romance
Rancher and ex-military sniper Jackson Ramsey has loved Jenna Parnelle for years. His feelings of possession and jealousy have kept him from claiming her even as he’s warned off any other man who approached her. Jackson believes he has the situation under control until the day Jenna almost drowns and his legendary control slips. After a night of passion he sends her away. Broken-hearted and believing Jackson had just been slumming with the chubby girl from the poor side of town Jenna packs up and moves away.
A year later she’s forced to return to the ranch for three weeks while she helps her best friend arrange her wedding to Jackson’s older brother. As soon as she arrives Jackson begins pursuing her. The past year has taught him that his love for Jenna is greater than his feelings of possessiveness. Jenna is still drawn to Jackson but confused by his pursuit and determined to protect her heart. Eventually he convinces her to give him three weeks of submission. She agrees with the intent of working him out of her system but Jackson is determined to become a permanent part of her heart. (Also available in paperback)
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Excerpt 3:

     She knew her body well enough to know she wasn’t going to be able to give him the response he was expecting. For a moment she wondered if she dared try faking an orgasm. Distracted by her thoughts, she was trying to decide if she could pull it off in front of so many experienced Doms when she realized Jacob had stopped the scene. For some unknown reason, maybe Fate was going to spare her the embarrassment of failing and humiliating not only herself but Jacob as well.
     Jenna pulled in a deep breath. Nope, no scent of smoke so the club wasn’t on fire. She listened for a moment. Nope, no yelling so there wasn’t a fight going on somewhere. Opening her eyes she saw Jackson stalking toward the stage, his eyes locked on her, a riding crop in his hand. Damn, she thought as her heart raced with excitement. I’m doomed.
     Jackson leapt onto the stage and moved toward the spanking bench. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing with my sub?”
     “I wasn’t aware she belonged to you, Jackson,” Jacob told him, for once sounding aggressive.
     “She wears my brand. That makes her mine.”
     “I haven’t seen a brand.”
     “You haven’t looked in the right place then.” Jackson moved to stand next to Jenna, his hand landing on her bare back, claiming her.
“It’s on her pussy, right above and to the left of her slit.”
     “Jackson! How dare you,” she screeched, then screamed when heswatted her ass with the crop.
     “You don’t have permission to speak, angel. I strongly suggest you keep quiet, as every word you say will earn you another lash.”
     Turning her head as far as she could, she strained the muscles of her neck and looked up at him. Jackson ran his hand up her back then gently pushed her head down until her cheek rested on the padded bench again. When he crouched down, she looked into his eyes, saw the burning anger there, and wished she hadn’t drawn his attention.
“Scared, angel?”
     Nodding, she stared at him.
     “I need words.”
     “Yes, Sir.” Her voice shook and without thinking she tugged on her wrists, wanting to escape.
     “Good, you remembered. And, angel, you should be afraid because I’m in charge now and you only get what I choose to give you.” He reached up and tested the tightness of the cuffs on her wrists then smiled when his fingers slid beneath them and he felt how loose they were. “Now, tell Jacob whose brand you wear on your body.”
     Jenna thought about lying but knew he would turn her over, strip her bare, and show everyone in the club the tattoo on her mound.
     “Your brand, Sir.”
     “And who do you belong to?”
     “You, Sir.” When he smiled, she added, “As long as I’m on Ramsey land.”
     “No. It’s all or nothing, angel. You can agree to be my sub for at least the next three weeks, on and off my land, or this stops now.
Your choice.”

Contact the author Mardi Maxell:




Meet the cowboys of Wild Bluff Ranch
in the Colorado Heart Series.
Colorado Wild
Colorado Hearts 1
by Sara York
a Cowboy MM romance

BlurbWhen love sneaks up on you, shoot for the heart. 

Billy Bradford has a secret, and it's bigger than the fact that he's an assassin. When Tucker Hayes, Billy's straight best friend, is injured on a mission, Billy acts in haste, kissing Tucker. Shocked by the act, Tucker runs. But desire is stronger than convictions, leading Tucker to hunt down Billy. 

The other guys on the ranch are oblivious to Tucker and Billy's actions as they investigate a new target. Grant Stovall is hung up on his ex, but Roger Burk, their new operative, catches his attention and one small touch isn't enough. 

    Snipit from Colorado Wild
Four beats of his heart passed, then another four with both of them searching each other's eyes. Roger's hand burned where he touched Grant, heat racing up his arm. For a moment he really thought they were going to kiss and part of him wanted to so badly his mouth watered, then a part of him wanted to run away and never feel anything like this again because the memories of Hayden were too painful to push away and desire was so intricately woven with Hayden that he couldn’t separate the two.
The air changed between them and Grant shuttered his desire, the spark in his eyes growing dim before being extinguished. He stepped away and cleared his throat, his gaze no longer meeting Roger's. "I'll be out here if you need anything."
In that moment, Roger wished he wasn't just beginning another assignment. He wanted the freedom to pull Grant close and kiss him. They didn't know each other well enough to wind up in bed together, but the ache Grant had opened wouldn't go away easily. Though their relationship wasn't traditional, he and Hayden had been together for years. Before Hayden, he'd been with only two other guys, choosing to remain unattached instead of playing the dangerous dating game that had led to so much confusion amongst his friends. Of course they'd all been straight and they'd slept around so much they ended up getting girls pregnant, changing their lives and the lives around them.
His and Hayden's relationship had been special. Of course everyone who has a relationship thinks theirs is unique, but theirs had been. They'd shared everything. Their lives were so intricately interwoven he'd believed they'd be together forever. Then death came, taking it all in a few seconds, leaving nothing but emptiness and defeat. Hayden had been the only guy who understood him and Roger feared he'd never find that again with anyone. Maybe he didn't deserve to find it. Once in a lifetime was more than most people got, few ever caught a glimpse of what he'd had with Hayden, and he wanted it again, craved that connection—maybe to the point of looking for it with a stranger just so he could feel again.
"Goodnight." Roger moved to the door separating the room, wishing that Grant would say or do something but relieved that he hadn't. In the morning, they could get up and pretend that nothing had happened because nothing had. They'd spent a few minutes looking into each other's eyes and that was it, no promises were made, no hearts bruised. He'd read too much into it and now he needed to forget it ever happened.


Colorado Fire
Colorado Heart 2
by Sara York
a Cowboy MM Romance

Where there's smoke, there's fire. 

Marshal has it bad, but can he figure it out before he ruins his relationship with his best friend, or will he mess up the one good thing in his life. 

Zander doesn't know if he's coming or going. Life at Wild Bluff has been easy up until now. His head is spinning and his heart is aching. Can he figure out Marshal's mess before it puts them both in hot water? 

Grant Stovall is in too deep. Should he turn to or away from Roger Burk? If only the answers were easy, and he could be sure. Craig is back in town, ready to serve a burn notice, destroying everything the men of Wild Bluff hold dear. 

Colorado Flames
Colorado Hearts 3
by Sara York
a Cowboy MM Romance

James Davenport can’t help but spy on Brody Medders, hoping to catch a glance of the sexy fireman. But he’s not the only one watching Brody. A twisted past of lies, drugs, and deception has caught up to Brody and now he’s in danger. After Brody is hit by a car, James comes to his rescue. James values honesty, but there is more to Brody’s story than he’s willing to share. 

On Wild Bluff, Marshal is dealing with injuries that have sidelined him. Doubts about their relationship surface, driving a wedge between Zander and Marshal. A mission in Brazil requires Zander’s attention, leaving Marshal alone on the ranch. 

In Texas, Mike Jarred informs Connor Ellison that he’s headed to Brazil for work while Connor visits Lane and Gresh at Crazy Hills ranch. 

When Colorado and Texas collide, you never know what will happen.



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