Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 5: It's getting hotter and hotter

Las Vegas may have the PRNC Rodeo Finals and the Chippendales dancers, but we have lots of hot cowboys right here all week long!

What makes a cowboy hot?

Is it the mystery of his eyes hid under the brim of his hat?
Is it the way his muscles bulge as he works the land?
Is it the command he shows as he rides his horse...

Or the fact that he knows how to work a piece of rope?
Is it the fact that he loves animals
and that he is always polite like his momma taught him?

Or the way his slow drawl guarantees he will take a long time working his sensual mouth down your body......

At Inner Goddess, we love Cowboys for all these reasons and more

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April Zyon welcomes you to MASSEY, TX, a great place to come home and find romance


Coming Home
Massey, TX #1
by April Zyon
a Cowboy Romance
from Evernight Publishing
cover by Sour Cherry Designs

After sixteen years in the Marine Corps, Rhys Hollister is returning to Massey, Texas with a heavy weight bearing down on him. His father’s life hangs in the balance, marring any pleasure he finds in coming back home. Finally meeting Gwen Baker, his father’s doctor and family friend, comes as an unexpected pleasure in a time of such sadness. 

Having never met the elusive Rhys, though she knows his mother and sister well, Gwen gets quite the shock when she first sets eyes on the man. There’s a connection between them, deeper than either have ever felt, and one strong enough to last a lifetime. The timing isn’t ideal, but their feelings won’t be denied forever. 

All it takes is a celebration, some time alone together, and a mutually burning desire hot enough to rival a Texas summer. When they are in each other’s arms, it’s just like coming home. 


June 20, 2014 

Sixteen years ago, he’d left his hometown of Massey, Texas to join the Marines. He’d wanted out of the tiny town, and it had been the only way to do it without upsetting his mother. She hadn’t been thrilled with the idea, but she had understood his need to follow in his father’s footsteps.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been back home. He’d been home on leave and between tours when it was permitted. He’d tolerated his mother’s fussing, and let his baby sister drag him around town to show him all that had changed while he’d been away.

Then he’d gotten recruited onto an elite team. One he couldn’t talk about with anyone, even his father, a retired Master Sergeant. The trips home had dwindled until they’d finally faded to nearly none seven years ago. He hadn’t been home at all in four years.

Looking at it now through eyes that had seen too much death and destruction, he saw a peaceful and generous place, not the prison he’d been desperate to escape on his eighteenth birthday come hell or high water. It was a place where everyone knew everyone else and looked out for their neighbors. A place where the people banded together in trying times to help those they considered friends and family.

A lot had changed, he realized, as he drove through the center of town in his semi-new truck.

Massey had grown. When he’d left, it had been barely eight hundred souls. Now it was approaching the five thousand mark. Main Street was still the same, but different. It was new and updated, clean and welcoming. He recognized a few faces on the street, citizens starting the long preparation process for the Fourth of July.

Although many turned to check out his truck, not a one would be able to place his face. He was just a stranger passing through in their minds, but he did get a few nods from folks. It was the small town way after all. While they might be a bit wary of strangers, they were always welcoming. So, to each nod, he lifted his fingers from the steering wheel in greeting and dipped his chin.

As he drove along Main Street, the businesses started to thin, making way to homes as he entered the suburbs of town. Suburbs were something Massey hadn’t had sixteen years ago, but they had been starting to show on his last trip. The rapid growth, though, was a shocker. There were whole communities, and actual paved roads. Sidewalks teemed with kids, who were out playing in the below average temperatures for June and enjoying it.

Shaking his head, he rubber-necked the entire way, trying to absorb how his little backwoods town had exploded into a mini metropolis. It was unbelievable. Fucking unbelievable what sixteen years could do. Not just to places, but to people as well.

Turning slowly onto the rural route, he picked up a bit of speed. In the rearview mirror, he could see the rooster tail of dust begin to rise as he got out into the countryside. Six miles to go and he’d be on the land that had passed down through his father’s side of the family. Each man had done his time serving his country, and then had come home to take over and carry on the tradition.

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Finally Forever
Massey, TX 2


Joshua Carver and Alison Hollister have been neighbors for years. They have also been in love with each other for just as long, but never admitted it.

As a model, Alison has traveled to far off locations, met new people, and had amazingly good success. All it took was one person to ruin all she’d worked so hard to achieve. One moment, a singular event, will change the course of her life forever.

Born and bred to work the land his forefathers secured through their blood, sweat, and tears, Joshua Carver is a rancher through and through. He loves his piece of land, his heritage, but he’s looking toward the future. Looking forward to a wife and children, but only one woman will do.
With trouble on their doorstep, they will have to rely on each other. They are out of options if they truly want their forever.

August 20, 2014  

Tipping his hat to one of the older ladies, part of the knitting club his mother belonged to, Joshua Carver stepped up into the local hardware store. Nodding to old man Thornton, he headed down the aisle after grabbing up a basket.
He dipped his head in greeting to a couple of folks he knew. Stopping now and again, he quickly filled up his basket with various screws, some new tools to replace ones wearing out, and a few bolts to replace ones he knew were rusted.

Once he had everything, he moved up to the counter and waited for George Thornton to finish with his conversation. No rushing in a little town like Massey, Texas. You just had to accept that and go with the flow.

Sometimes, it was easier than others. Today was one of them. Joshua had nowhere he needed to be, not right off.

“Josh, my boy, how are you doing?” George asked as he squeezed his pot belly behind the counter. For a man that resembled a scarecrow, he sure did have a gut on him.

“Pretty good, sir. How’s the missus doing?” he asked since he knew how the game was played.

“Good, good. She’s off visiting her sister right now. I love my Martha more than life, but Lord love it, her family is a bunch of whackos.”

Nodding slowly as he stifled his laughter, he shrugged. “Sadly, you can’t choose your relatives, or the relatives of the one you love, sir.”

“Nope, you sure can’t,” he agreed as he kept ringing up the order. “How about your momma? How’s she doing?”

“Pretty good, sir. She’s still got days where it’s hard to get going, but she knows that Pops wouldn’t want her to waste away. She’s getting back into the knitting and book clubs. She was even talking about helping out with the Christmas pageant this year.”

They had lost his father three years ago. The man had always been healthier than a horse with the constitution of the most stubborn mule. Too much stress and too many long hours working the farm had taken their toll and he’d died of a heart attack. Alone, in a field, no one had known until he hadn’t come home that night. The loss of Daniel Carver had rocked the community, much like the loss of their neighbor had done so barely two months ago.

Daniel Carver and Paul Hollister had been poker buddies, shooting buddies, and pretty much the best of friends. When Daniel, his father, had passed, Paul Hollister had made sure to come around the Carver Ranch often to check on everyone and ensure they didn’t need anything. Joshua personally couldn’t have thanked the man enough for all he’d done. He had truly gone above and beyond during that devastating and horrible time in his, and his family’s, lives.

“Well, hot damn, boy, that’s great!” George declared at the top of his lungs. Not that the man really had to yell. He had a big, booming voice that just tended to carry no matter what the situation. “I’ll have to tell my Martha about that when I talk to her tonight. The pageant has surely missed your mother’s calm, guiding touch these last couple of years. We all fully understood, but it would be great to have her back again.”

“Yes, sir, kinda why she’s thinking about it.”

When the order was rung up, Joshua asked George to add on their outstanding balance so he could pay it all off. It was a bit of a doozy, but not as bad as it had been now and again in the years past.

Signing his name to the slip, he pocketed his copy and hefted the bags.

“Oh, before you go, Josh, Martha wanted me to pass along the invitation out to our place not this weekend but the next. We are having some of the grandkids coming in and we thought we’d show them how true Texans do a barbecue and shindig.”

He thought about it and nodded. “I’ll mention it to the family, sir. I’m sure that a few of us will gladly come over and eat you out of house and home. I know the hands would welcome a few hours to let loose.”

“Good, good. Well, anyone and everyone is more than welcome. We’ll be starting on Saturday around nine. We’ll do some riding, there will be swimming in the pool, so bring a suit, and of course, there’ll be plenty of food. Martha has already got her shopping list ready to go. I may need to take out a second mortgage, and I have no idea just how many counties she’s planning on feeding. I love that woman, otherwise I’d have to hide out in the hills,” George said.

“Yes, sir.” Joshua chuckled softly. “I will be sure to pass all that along to the appropriate folks. I’m sure that you will see a good chunk of the Carver Ranch invading come Saturday, not this one, but the next,” he said with a bit of a smirk.

With a few more words, Joshua managed to get out of there. Not the shortest trip to the hardware store he’d ever made, but not the longest either. Tipping his chin to a group of older ladies, he smiled, and when they went by with titters and whispers, he rolled his eyes. Women were weird creatures that never seemed to grow out of their odd mannerisms.

After stowing the new goods in the box of his pickup, Joshua looked around Main Street. He could go straight back to the ranch, but he was feeling the need to fill his gut. As his mama often claimed, he was still a growing boy, even at thirty.

With that thought in mind, he headed over to Milly’s—the best diner in Massey since it was the town hangout. No matter your age, you had eaten there if you grew up in or surrounding Massey, Texas. They had the best milkshakes in the world, some of the best damn burgers around, and no one could top their steaks. Of course, they were in Texas, where beef was very well-known.

One rule with Texans—never fuck with their beef.

Chuckling, he walked across the street and into the diner. Slipping his Stetson off, he nodded to a few of the patrons and looked for a booth along the front windows. The space was huge, had to be to fit entire football teams or school classes inside.

Sliding into his seat, he set the hat aside and rubbed at his face. He’d been up too damn early and would be up way too late. Couldn’t be helped, though, he thought, looking out the windows to Main Street. With most of his brothers off living very different lives, he was the one that was handling all the day-to-day. It definitely took a toll, but he wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Marine of Her Heart
Massey, TX 3 

Coming to Massey, TX was a favor to a friend, but soon Victor “Tricks” Michaels was calling it home. When his friend once again asked for a little help he stepped up to the plate. What he didn’t expect was the terror he’d have to see in her eyes.

Gennifer “Genny” Baker has always played up her party girl, troublemaker image. If people only ever expect the worst then they can never be disappointed. But she’s gotten herself in deeper than anything ever before and she needs help extricating herself, fast. A call home to her sister soon has help on the way. She just never expected it to come in such a sexy bundle.

A long road trip home shows Genny just what she’s truly been missing with a man of her own. If they survive what’s coming, maybe she can convince Victor he’s the Marine of her heart.

Be Warned: anal play


A phone call in the dead of night wasn’t something anyone wanted to get. The fact he was up anyway didn’t matter. He grabbed the cell and looked at the screen as he answered. “Yeah?” he said in a low tone.

“Need a favor. I’ll owe you big,” the voice on the other end said.

That had his full attention. Especially considering he likely owed Rhys Hollister a half dozen favors as it was. “Call us even,” he countered.

There was a long moment of silence before Rhys sighed. “Okay, but you may change your mind after I tell you what it is. Actually, you’ll change your mind once you meet my favor,” his friend and former Marine Corps cohort muttered.

“Spit it out, Rhys. What do you need me to do that has you calling me in the dead of night?” Glancing at the clock, he squinted. Two forty-six a.m. to be precise.

“I need you to get to the L.A. Greyhound on Fourth as fast as you can. Take a vehicle, you’re going to want one of your own. I need you to pick up Gwen’s sister, Gennifer,” he said softly.

Ah, the elusive baby sister. The trouble finder extraordinaire. Gwen, Rhys’s fiancée, and nicest person on the planet, was the polar opposite of her baby sister. From all the stories he’d heard, Genny and Rhys’s baby sister Alison used to be serious hell raisers.

“The guy she was with is likely the issue.” Rhys was still talking. “His name is Salvador Peretti. I’m sending you everything I could find on the asshole. If I get anything more once Simon gets here, I’ll shoot it to your email. I sent along a couple photos as well so you should know him anywhere. Listen, Vic,” he said before pausing.

Victor Michaels had survived by listening to his gut. It wasn’t always accurate—the fourteen bullet wounds he’d taken while in the Marines gave testament to that—but it was a good little guide. “What?” he growled into the phone. He was already starting to figure out in his head what he’d need to take as he looked around the house he, Simon Markham, and Anthony Romero—also former Marines—had rented for the duration of their stay in Massey, Texas. He had to travel light to be fast, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to be armed to the fucking teeth.
“This Peretti guy has the cops in his pocket. He has a massive security detail that are all former Rangers or SEALs that ended up getting weird discharges from the service. They are, for all intents and purposes, as fucking psychotic as he is. You will need to disguise Genny in some way to get her out of town. I don’t even care what you do, I doubt she will either at this point, but no matter what, you get her back home.”

“You know I will,” he said. It was a matter of honor between brothers.


Taking a Chance
 Massey, TX 4

Disheartened with a career he no longer loves, Travis Carver is seriously considering returning home to Massey, Texas. While he’s unsure what his role in the future might be, he finds it doesn’t matter once he’s reconnected with an indescribable beauty.

Cassidy Milner only has fond memories of Massey, Texas. At one time her home, before a horrific tragedy forced her to move. Returning to her birthplace after losing her job wasn’t quite what she expected. Especially once she ran into an old neighbor looking just as lost as she felt.

Their connection is instantaneous, but with her former boss dragging her into trouble how can Cassidy dare to hope? Travis isn’t about to let the best thing in his life get away. All he has to do is convince her that their love is worth taking a chance.


He couldn’t breathe. Quite literally, Travis couldn’t breathe. His mother was crushing his ribcage. Hell, he was pretty fucking sure he was already turning every shade of blue there was. He didn’t even have enough air left in his lungs for a token protest.

The woman would not let go either, despite all he’d said earlier when he’d had air. Now he was pretty sure she was hanging on so he couldn’t leave. Even though he had told her he was there to stay for good, no more jetting off into the sunset.

His youngest brother Joshua stood there grinning, clearly enjoying the fact that their mother was target locked on someone else for a change. He did move finally, likely having seen the desperate edge in Travis’s eyes as the spots flashed and the light at the end of the tunnel became so much clearer.

“Mama, you might want to let Trav catch some air. He’s about to keel over any minute now would be my guess, given his eyes are starting to roll in two different directions,” Josh told her.

Thankfully, Theresa Carver, the woman who had given him life, spared him an untimely demise and let go.

Sucking in air, he stumbled back, catching himself on a chair as he bent over desperately trying to fill his lungs time and again. The spots began to dissipate, the oxygen starvation to his body began to be relieved, feeling returned to his limbs, and all he could think was he wasn’t getting close enough for a repeat of that any time soon.

Finally giving in, he collapsed into the chair. Rubbing a hand to his ribs, he shot his mother a look. He’d forgotten how strong the woman was. Joshua, the shit, was just grinning away like the goofball he was.

“I’m sorry, Travis,” his mother said softly. She moved closer, and he honestly couldn’t have stopped the instinctive flinch had he tried. She gave him a glower. The one that all mothers had in their arsenal. The one that turned a child of theirs from a little shit into a perfect angel in under two seconds no matter what. It was the one that promised hell would be visited upon their heads, without mercy.

His entire body tensed when she got to his side. All she did, though, was wrap a gentle arm around his shoulders and give him a light squeeze. “I’m just so happy to have you home again.”

“I know, Mama,” he said, his voice a little rough. From not breathing, of course. He also didn’t have a tear in his eye—nope, he wasn’t crying. That was an irritant removal lubricant doing its job. At least that was what he was telling himself. “I’m glad you’re happy I’m home. I am, really.”

Joshua snorted. “I think he’s trying to say that he was hoping you wouldn’t be nearly so enthusiastic about it.”

“Joshua, don’t you have some work to do?” their mother asked him in a rather pointed tone.

“Nope, all done. Just killing some time until my bride gets her tush in gear so we can go out for our night on the town.”

For a moment, Travis’s brain fritzed out. Then it clicked—his brother was a happily married man. To Alison, formerly Hollister, the girl who had grown up next door. The girl his baby brother had been in love with from the moment he’d first laid eyes on her.

“How’s Ali doing?” Travis asked curiously. He hadn’t made it to the wedding, which had been an impromptu affair in Vegas, much to his eternal regret.

“She’s great,” Josh said. The smile on his face was one of true, pure happiness. He was in love and it showed.

Travis was happy for his brother. Josh had always mooned about in regards to Alison. The fact they were now married, in love, living happily and all that jazz, just made it even better. Though he would admit, to himself and no other, he was also a little bit jealous. His baby brother deserved to be happy, but Travis still felt a little off balance by it all. He didn’t fully understand his feelings on the matter.

He also wasn’t going to be telling anyone he was jealous of his baby brother’s bliss. That would just make him sound like a raving moron. The other emotions he’d figure out as he went along. While he didn’t like to talk about his feelings, he didn’t bury them either. Travis would work through them to figure them out in his own way, in his own time.

“I’m glad the two of you finally got your heads on straight and admitted how you felt for one another,” Travis said. It had been highly comical during the early days into their teens, more painful as they’d turned into adults and gotten their own lives. Then a little sad when he’d catch them shooting longing looks at the other one from across the room.

In his family, though, there was a rule to never interfere unless things didn’t resolve in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the loss of the Carver family patriarch had thrown their grand scheme to get those two on the right path a bit askew.

Looking around the kitchen as his mother and Joshua talked about this and that, Travis took in everything that had always made the room so welcoming, including the oversized jacket and heavy duty boots that had belonged to his father. His mother couldn’t move them, wouldn’t move them. She said they, or some version of them, had been in those very spots since the day they’d moved into the house and they would remain there until it was her time to join her one and only love.

It was a wonderful reminder of the love his parents had shared. It was also a goal each of the kids in the Carver family hoped to achieve for themselves. Brant, the oldest of the kids, had tried and failed. Not that anyone had been shocked by that. His ex had been a raving bitch. Joshua, though… He smiled slightly. Josh had achieved it.

A hand waving in his face brought his attention back and he blinked up at his brother. “What?” he asked. The look on Josh’s face was amused, which led him to believe his brother had been attempting to gain his attention for a while.

“I said, we’re heading over to the old Milner place to meet up with Ali. She’s over assisting Genny Baker with some last minute wedding things. Want to come along? There will be food,” his brother said.

It was tempting, really tempting. He was starving. “You sure they won’t mind?” he asked, pushing to his feet.

“Hardly,” Josh scoffed. “Hell, Rhys will be there and likely be glad to see you, I’m very sure. You can meet some of his friends from the Corps too. One of whom is the lucky bastard that Genny roped.”

He only hesitated a moment more before nodding. “Sure, why not?” he said with a grin.



Second Chance for Love
 Massey, TX


Mercy Jenkins is a free woman, at last! Never again will she enter into a relationship without thinking it through. Never again will she be swept off her feet without some way to anchor herself firmly. Never again will she let a man have control over her heart. She really should have known better...
Brant Carver is home for a holiday, not by choice. Going out for a night on the town with his brother is exactly what he needs to help him forget why he’s on vacation. Not once did he figure that he’d end up waking in Mercy’s bed, or forgetting how he got there. 

Mercy made a choice to be upfront with Brant about the consequences of their one and only night together. What comes next proves they both have a second chance at love.
Be Warned: anal play

“Come on, Brant. It’s a holiday, not like it’s a prison term.”

Turning a glare on his youngest brother, one that had made grown men piss their pants in the past, he growled. The little shit didn’t even flinch, just smirked at him. Joshua Carver, youngest male of the Carver family, was a pain in his ass and always had been. He loved the kid, but damn if he didn’t wish he’d smothered him when he was little.

“It’s a forced holiday, not something I wanted. If I’d wanted a holiday in the midst of my biggest fucking case, I’d have taken it. The fucking brass seem to think that I’m an idiot and don’t see what they are doing,” Brant practically snarled out.

“So, what are they doing?” Joshua asked.

He had to look carefully at his brother, but all he saw was an honest inquiry to the trouble. Shit. He’d been too long undercover if he had to see if his own baby brother was yanking his chain. Maybe the brass was right. Maybe he did need a break. Nah, he thought a moment later, they just wanted him out of the way.

“The director’s brat was transferred into the main office two weeks ago. The kid’s been working in various field offices to gain experience. In reality, he’s been making waves, and had numerous reports written up on him. Those are permanent parts of your records, unless of course your daddy is the Director of the DEA.”

“So his old man had them wiped?” Joshua asked. He carried two mugs of steaming black coffee to the table and handed one to Brant. Accepting it gratefully, Brant took a sip and let out a happy sigh.

“No, they can’t be wiped once they are in the system, but they can be buried. His old man slapped a “classified” notation on them with some bullshit security level that means only the Directors of the agencies, DEA, FBI, etcetera, can open them. That or the President of the United States, of course.”

“Of course,” Joshua parroted, rolling his eyes.

Pretty much how Brant felt on the situation.

“So, the big boss gets his kid back under his thumb to keep him in line after all these reports are filed on the shit. What’s that got to do with you being forced out mid-operation to take a vacation? I mean, you look like you could do with a couple days to decompress, but not a month, bro.”

“It’s a big case, huge, headline making,” Brant said. He saw it click for his brother a moment later, Joshua’s eyes going huge. “Exactly. If the little shit makes a name for himself off my hard work, and eight years of undercover work, blood, sweat, and frustration, then all that bad stuff just vanishes from everyone’s thoughts. He’ll be known for taking down one of the biggest cartels around. He can ride that at a desk in any office anywhere in the world, and literally never have to do an ounce of work again until he retires.”

“Fucking hell, what a load of bullshit!” Joshua got up from his chair, and paced to the counter before spinning to look at him. “So this little piss ant is going to get all the credit for the last decade of your life? Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Eight years,” he said. Chuckling at the glare he got, Brant shrugged. “I have no say on it, bro. I might be top dog in the field, but when it comes to office politics, I’m just the fodder they throw into the path of the drug cartels to slow them down and to make good headlines so the brass can shine.”

“Shit,” Joshua muttered. He had his hands braced on his hips as he glared at up at the ceiling, shaking his head slightly. “So, and this may be nothing more than my head doing its thing, but what happens if the kid fucks up the whole thing? Like, he goes in and the cartel ends up killing him?”

“Then his daddy will know he should have listened to the fodder when he said the kid was too cocky, too green, and will die. The only good thing is that my name’s been removed from everything on the case except for some initial work at the beginning. The boss’s brat’s name’s on everything now. Which means, when he fails, and he will, then Daddy can’t save his ass ever again. He’ll be blackballed at best, dead at worst. If he lives through this, he’ll be lucky to get a job flipping burgers at some truck stop in the backwoods of Croatia.”

Joshua was frowning at him. “How do you know your name’s been wiped off everything?”

“Because I made sure it was. If they want to take my op away, fine. If they are going to pass it off as someone else’s then I don’t want any association with it. If he crashes and burns, he will crash and burn alone. Plus, if the kid fucks this up even half as bad as I think he will, then his daddy will be forced out too for shaming the agency. I also made sure that all the other agents on the case had the little shit’s name on their documentation too. No one is throwing this back on me when the kid gets killed. Not that I’m hoping he does, but he’s too full of himself to see where the threat will be coming from.”

“Fuck,” Joshua said. Shooting him a glare, he shook his blond head.

“Nothing to be done about it,” Brant said. He knew better than to keep beating a dead horse. He was pissed, would be for a good fucking long time, but he couldn’t do a damn thing about it when the Director of the DEA said he was out. Not like he could go whining to the President of the United States about the director favoring his snotty-nosed little turd of a son.

“Well, we’re not going to fucking sit here and bitch about it. Let’s head over to The Shanty. We can drink a little, flirt with the ladies, and then drink some more. I’ll get Ali to come and rescue our drunken hides at some point. She’ll do it. She’ll give me grief, but when I lay this on her, she’ll fully understand.”

Get drunk without having to worry about someone trying to kill him? What a novel concept. Brant hadn’t had a night out on the town in too long. A few trips during his time in the Rangers with the other guys, but that had been a rarity.

The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea. “Fuck yeah, why not? I haven’t had a good night out drinking in forever. Be nice to have to be poured into my bed for once instead of pouring someone else into theirs.”

Getting to his feet, he went over to his brother. “If you wake me up at the fucking butt crack of dawn tomorrow, I will kill you. I will snap your little neck and bury your body out in the middle of fucking nowhere. No one will be able to prove I did it. Ever. We clear?”

Joshua was laughing at him and just shrugged. “At least you don’t have to be up before dawn. I do, so I’m going to stop drinking as soon as the room starts spinning. If I drink any more than that, I’ll be hurting all day tomorrow. To ease your mind, big brother, I won’t be waking you up.”

“Good enough for me. Let’s go,” Brant said. He checked his pockets for his wallet and keys, in case he needed to be the one to let them back into the house. His hand brushed over the small of his back and he had to hide the flinch. He didn’t have a weapon on him. He fucking felt naked without it, but he couldn’t go around carrying it on him while he was on vacation. Not that he didn’t have his service weapon with him. It was just packed away, out of sight and out of mind.

Mostly. Sighing, he scrubbed a hand through his short, dark blond hair. “First round’s on me,” he told Joshua.

“Hot damn.” His brother smirked. “That’s just what I wanted to hear.”
Laughing softly, he followed Josh out of the house and to the truck. It was going to be good to get out, see some of the folks he’d grown up with, and just relax for a couple of hours. He’d likely regret it tomorrow, but that was tomorrow and this was today. Fuck tomorrow.

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Having been a lover of the written word all her life April has always wanted to expand her horizons and write something that could be shared with the world. Only one thing held April back, the fact that the letters and numbers mixed and jumbled more often than not. Diagnosed with Dyslexia when she was eight years old April had to work her butt off just to be able to keep up with the other kids in reading and writing, so her love for fictional writing was tossed to the wayside for the moment.

Time marched on, as it always does, and she forgot her childhood dream of becoming an author and instead focused on what she had to—creating a career for herself.

As the endless waves of time passed the shores became less rocky and more sandy, a place where she could find an even foot. That and Microsoft invented Word. Hallelujah.

This is where April began her journey into the written world, the world that her imagination had been ceaselessly creating for her entire adult life.

Now she has been given a chance to let her literary wings unfold and fly, thanks to the amazing publisher Evernight Publishing.

Now it's time to let the dream take flight and watch it soar!




When a Lady Meets a King
by Brenna Zinn
Lady Pembrook went to great lengths, traveling thousands of miles and assuming a false identity, to satisfy her fantasy­­ of a one night stand with a real Texas cowboy. But when a mysterious stranger in dark sunglasses threatens to expose her scandalous behavior, a handsome King comes to the rescue.

"Thank you. You're very kind." She offered her hand. "I'm Emma Lloyd."
Her English accent, both refined and seductive, lingered in his head like a favorite melody. Burton leaned in and took her hand in his, noting the softness of her touch and the aroma of her perfume. Vanilla and warm brown sugar. She smelled like a fresh baked cookie perfect for eating. He stopped himself from licking his lips.  "I'm Burton King.  It's my pleasure. Mind if I join you?"
Before answering, Emma took a deep inhale and released it. In that brief moment her demeanor abruptly changed. Like a switch had been flipped somewhere deep inside her, the vulnerable lamb suddenly vanished.
"Absolutely Mr. King. My pleasure." She removed her purse from the bar stool next to hers and patted the wood seat. "I was hoping this wouldn't stay empty for long."
Once high pitched and riddled with fear, her voice was now low and steady. Her trembling body now calm. If he hadn't had his eye on Emma from the moment she left the hotel lobby, he would have sworn the lady sitting at the bar was an entirely different woman.
Her shift from damsel in distress mode triggered an alarm to ding in his head. Something about this situation was off. Just plain wrong. No doubt he should turn around and leave this pot of brewing trouble behind. Didn't he already have enough on his plate?
But now that he'd seen her up close-good Lord the woman was beautiful-he couldn't walk away. Budding lust and intrigue kept his feet cemented to the floor.
Why is this gorgeous woman here all alone?
"Thank you." Burton tipped his hat and took the seat. "You in town for the stock show and rodeo?"
"Not entirely, though I hope to go there while I'm here." She sipped from her drink, then licked the twin peaks at the top of her lip. "And yourself? Are you with the rodeo?"
Desire kicked straight in the gut at the sight of her flirty pink tongue. There were several places he'd like to see that tongue stroke, and none of them were on her body.
How long had it been since he'd been with a woman?  A year? Two? Clearly he needed to clean out his pipes more often. Just watching Emma's mouth move was causing an uncomfortable situation behind his jeans.
"I'm attending the rodeo, but mainly for business purposes. I like to buy several bulls and heifers during the Junior Livestock Auction every year to help those kids earn some college money. It's a good cause."
Excitement flickered across her elegant face. "How very interesting. You must be a cowboy then. I absolutely adore cowboys. Have you been one for long?"
Have I been one for long?
He chuckled. The way she worded her question was just damned cute, as was about every other thing about this mystery woman. "I guess you can say I've been a cowboy all my life. I grew up on the ranch I now own. Two thousand acres of the prettiest land in the Texas Hill Country you'll ever see."
Emma crossed her legs, causing her skirt to inch higher up her thigh. Burton couldn't resist the urge to see just how high the hem had risen nor the need to check out the long stretch of her shapely legs.
How I'd love to have those legs twined around mine.

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The Rancher’s Royal Bride
 Billionaire Brothers 4
by Jenn Roseton
a BBW Romance 
CoverArtist  Diana Carlile
Book Blurb
When a threat is made against her, Ellie Sterling is sent to hide out at Logan Trask’s ranch in Wyoming. She doesn’t know who is after her. Or why. She’s a curvy illustrator, for goodness’ sake, not a crime fighter.
Retired SEAL Logan is asked to look after Ellie. When he finds her curves more tempting than he thought possible, suddenly he’s the one in danger - of losing his heart.
But when revelations from Ellie’s shadowed past take her by surprise, Logan is the one she turns to. Can this burned-out SEAL give her a safe haven in his strong arms, despite having a secret of his own?

This is a sexy contemporary romance novella of approximately 31,000 words. Although it’s part of the Billionaire Brothers series, it can be read as a stand-alone romance.


“I’m … I’m glad you’re here,” she confessed. Although his hands were just touching her shoulders, she felt safe in his loose embrace.
"So am I,” he muttered.
Their gazes met and held for a long second, then Logan’s mouth oh-so-slowly descended. Ellie’s pulse skittered and she held her breath.

He kissed her lightly, softly. A tingle of electricity zipped through her. Then his lips claimed hers once more. Ellie sighed against his mouth as the kiss intensified. Just as her arms stole around his neck, he stepped back, wrenching his mouth from hers.

“Sorry.” He raked his hand through his hair. “I shouldn’t have done that.”





by R.C. Ryan
a Western Romance
from Forever Publishing
First love always burns hotter . . .
Ash MacKenzie broke his share of hearts when he left Copper Creek all those years ago and struck out on his own. Tall, tough, and proud. That's how Brenna always remembered him, and from the looks of things, he hasn't changed much. Once, she thought he could save her-whisk her away from her rough childhood home and start fresh together. Now she knows better . . .
 Ash isn't planning to stick around town long. As soon as he uncovers the truth about his father's death and makes sure the family ranch is safe, he'll be back out on his own. And then he runs into Brenna Crane. It broke his heart to leave her once-a herd of stampeding horses couldn't make him do it again. But Brenna has made a new life for herself, one that doesn't include him.
Now he just has to convince her to give their first love a second chance.

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About the author:
New York Times bestselling author R.C. Ryan has written more than ninety fiction novels, both contemporary and historical.  Quite an accomplishment for someone who, after her fifth child started school, gave herself the gift of an hour a day to follow her dream to become a writer.  In a career spanning more than twenty years, Ms. Ryan has given dozens of radio, television, and print interviews across the country and Canada, and has been quoted in such diverse publications as the Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan.  She has also appeared on CNN News, as well as Good Morning America.  R.C. Ryan is a pseudonym of New York Times bestselling author Ruth Ryan Langan. 

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