Monday, December 15, 2014

3rd Annual EOY Angels & Demons Awards

The 3rd Annual Angels & Demons EOY Awards
at Inner Goddess is now taking nominations. 
 An annual Best of the Year book awards nominated and voted on by our members.
This event is run through the Inner Goddess Forum page.
Nomination Rules:
* Top 5 Nominees will make the ballot, so re-nominate someone even if you saw they were already nominated.
* Book must be publicly available.
* Book must be from award year or character must be in a book from award year.
* Members can nominate as many times as they wish, but only vote once (see Note below).
* Member authors should feel free to nominate from their own catolog.
* Nominations will occur on IG forum and IG Goodreads group, but voting will
occur on IG forum.

If someone else has nominated it, you should do it too. If you
nominated it, I will only count you once, so someone else should come
in behind you.

You can nominate same title across multiple categories.

Inside one category, you can have multiple titles or characters you
nominate. For example, you can nominate two different titles for best
romance. The top 5 will make the ballot, and then you will only be
able to Vote once.

2014 Nominations open: Dec. 15-25
2014 Voting open: Dec. 26-31
Winners announced: Jan. 1

Best Romance Novel

Best Romance Novella/short

Best Paranormal/SciFi Title

Best BDSM Title

Best Menage Title

Best Cowboy/Western

Best Historical

Best Mystery/Suspense

Best Romance starring a Public Servant

Best LGBT Title

Hottest Romance Scene

Most Romantic Scene

Best Book Cover

Best Hook

Best Hero/Alpha

Best Heroine

Best Dom/Domme

Best sub

Best Bad Boy

Best Bad Girl

Best Wingman


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  1. Okay must go and do some research to make sure my faves are actually from this year lol