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A New Year's Eve Message from Inner Goddess

Sit back and enjoy our 2014 year in review by Pearls and TinkNCognito.
And for 2015, join our Inner Goddess New Year's Resolution: TRY SOMETHING NEW THAT YOU'LL ENJOY AND SHARE IT WITH A FRIEND!

A Year in Review by Pearls

This was the year that Tink and I let our Inner Goddesses out to play!  After spending a year building the forum and making online friends, we joined the party LIVE and OUTLOUD!  First we spent a Wild, Wicked Weekend in San Antonio.  In addition to hanging out with the 2014 Caveman of the Year Taylor "Takeitoff" Cole and dancing it up at a male review, we got to watch a Drag Queen Review and play dress up like goddesses, cowgirls, and more!  Best of all, we met great friends.  I am so excited to know such warm sweet ladies like Trish, Lori King, Tracie, Desiree Holt, Laurie Olerich, Brenna Zinn, and more.  You ladies not only made the weekend fun, but this entire year! 

Tink and I also were honored to host the Warrior Goddess Charity event for cancer survivors.  We raised over $1000 to help warrior goddesses reclaim their lives.  As we did, authors and readers shared their stories of survival and loss, reminding us of the women in our own lives we dedicate this event to.  We are honored that others join us in this great cause, so THANK YOU. 

RT panel w Lexi Blake & Shayla Black
Rarely are Tink and I separated, but she was sailing the Caribbean while I took a solo trip to RT Booklovers in New Orleans.  WOW.  I can't even begin to list all of the great friends I made, plus running into old friends from WWW.  Best of all I met cherrymarie, who is now working with us on the forum.  All of the workshops were great and I enjoyed meeting authors like Randi Alexander, Sophie Oak/Lexi Blake, Carrie Anne Ryan, Olivia Jaymes, Tiffany Reisz, Cat Johnson, Tina Folsom, Lisa Renee Jones, and the list goes on.  I'll just say Penguin totally rocked Bourbon Street and RT had the most awesome Meet-n-Greet party:  Authors packed wall to wall!

Reunited with my BFF, Tink and I went back to San Antonio for RWA in July.  
RWA with authors
Seeing old friends again, like Melissa, Nadine, and Kimberly was great, but so was meeting new friends like Rhea Regale and Sydney Bristol.  I got to meet some of my favorite authors like Laura Kaye (yes, I completely fangirled) and hangout with Simone Elkeles and her cover model.  It was such a pleasure to see our friend Julie Kenner win a RITA!!!   And our pre-InnerGoddess author friends joined us too: Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra and Victoria Saccenti.

RWA w Randi Alexander
So in this year of living large and letting my Inner Goddess reign, I found that my Inner Goddess is happiest when surrounded by good friends and by books and their awesome authors.  In November, we were invited on our first live Radio talk show with Sable Hunter and Randi Alexander.  I was grinning the whole time, so happy to sit around and chat and joke with two great authors like friends.  I'm not just in awe of them for being great storytellers, but I also like them as people

So whether it was building a fan site for Tara's Temptresses (Tara Rose) or crowning Heather Rainier as the 3-time Hottest Male author champion, it was tons of fun because it was time spent with friends.

I couldn't imaging having more fun running a blog than I am by doing it with my BFF Tink.  Our planning lunches are the highlight of my month.  And she always has my back!!!  Here's to even more fun in 2015!

A Year in Review by TinkNCognito

This has been a banner year number two for Pearls and Tink and the InnerGoddess Blog.  We are having so much fun with all our authors, friends and other fans.  We have hosted around 400 blog posts, held several Facebook parties and Twitter parties and just shared the love we have for erotic literature and our favorite authors.

Goddesses at WWW
Our journey started in February when we went to Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio.  Pearls makes a great roomie and we met some amazing authors, many who became fast friends.  We both had fangirl moments meeting Cerise Deland, Desiree Holt and Regina Carlysle and fell in love with Brenna Zinn and Dalton Diaz.  Along with Samantha Cayto, these ladies throw one hell of a party.  It was like spending 4 days with your best friends.  And the cavemen weren't shabby.  We finally got to meet Lori King (we are huge fans), Cassandra Carr, hooked up with Bella Juarez and became fast friends with Laurie Olerich (all are awesome authors so check them out).  We met so many authors that weekend and so many fans, just like us!  It reminded us that authors are also fans, just like we are.  We were sad when it was over but are already booked for WWW in 2015.  Not sure much would be able to keep us away.

In early May, Tink did her first author interview with Laurie Olerich for YouTube
Belles on Wheels: Lisa Renee Jones
( which was so much fun.  Who doesn't like talking about books and drinking wine.  After the interview.  Laurie and Tink went to meet up with some great authors at Belles on Wheels in Austin.  We met up with Emma Chase, Alice Clayton, Kresley Cole, Kyra Davis, Katy Evans, Lisa Renee Jones, Christina Lauren, Jennifer Probst, S.C. Stephens, Kristen Proby for a book signing at Book People then afterwards met with some of the group and other fans at the Driskoll for drinks.  Tink is a fan of Lisa Renee Jones - who was our very first blog post - and became a fast fan of Kresley Cole.  She was so much fun.  Tink agreed to be her bail contact if she got arrested in Austin.  It was just so much fun. 

In May, while Tink was sailing in the Caribbean, pearls was at RT in New Orleans.  I know she met with lots of great folks and I am sure she will tell you all about it.
RWA w Sylvia Day
Then in July, Pearls and Tink went to hang out at RWA in San Antonio.  We hung out with our friends Melissa and Nadine and first time authors Victoria and Maria Elena and met up with Laurie Olerich.  The first night was the book signing and Tink was thrilled to meet Sylvia Day and Nora Roberts and to see Rita winner Julie Kenner again.  We each went our own way to meet and get autographs from some of our favorite authors.  There were so many - it was a readers buffet of amazing authors.  Such a fun night and they raised money for a literacy charity.  We came back to the conference on Saturday and met up with our crew and grabbed a table in the lobby.  We were the hot spot to be and be seen.  We had so many authors come by to sit a spell and chat including Laura Kaye (SQUEEEEE), Stephanie Draven, Julie Kenner, Brenna Zinn and many more.  It was so much fun just chatting to our favorites and meeting new ones. 

We have just had so much fun this past year and I can't wait to see what the
WWW w author Brenna Zinn
new year holds.  But we couldn't do it without the amazing authors who grace our blog each and every day.  We do what we do because we are first and foremost readers who love good stories.  We have joined street teams, started street teams, given advice, screened books and promoted, promoted, promoted.  We love our authors and wouldn't be here without them.

From this gal's perspective, I wouldn't know what to do without the technical expertise of Pearls.  Not only is she one of my best friends but she is the backbone of the blog and the website.  She is an idea gal through and through.  She is the creative force behind what you see every day.  Pearls is the heart to my soul!
Keep following us, inspiring us and loving what we do and we will keep doing it.

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