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Three huntsmen to keep you warm: Let it Snow!

The Huntsmen
Mischievous Fairy Tales 4
by Honor James
an Erotic Historical Fairy Tale Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA
from Siren-Bookstrand
 10% discount until Sept. 19th
 Personal Note from pearls:
I have waited 9 months for this book!  I first heard about it on New Year's Day and it's finally here!!!  Can't wait to read Snow's story.  {jumping up and down}

Locked in a tower, Snow knows that her very life hangs in the balance. But through more than a little luck she manages to escape the fate the false Queen has planned and seeks refuge in the forest.

Unfortunately her luck only holds for so long before the Queen's knights are on her trail. After all, if she’s allowed to live, the Queen’s hold on the kingdom will crumble.

The Queen wishes to hire them but they know better than to fall for the pretty lies from a face that hides the truly twisted nature within. Dierk, Niklaus, and Baldric are professional Huntsmen for a reason. The forest is both their home but also their place of business. When things start to go very wrong they know what they have to do. Find the Princess and keep her safe.

What they didn’t realize was that they weren’t merely destined to protect her. They were destined for something much more intimate.

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.


         Sometimes waking was the worst part. Waking in the filth of the dungeons where she had spent her childhood. It was in those moments, the brief time between being asleep and being awake that she was able to forget everything. In those precious moments she was able to recall a time before. A time before the darkness. A time before her father was gone. There was that moment when she felt freedom, and then reality crashed in on her with brutal clarity. She both loved and hated those moments, loved them because they reminded her of why she continued to breathe, why she continued to fight for life, and hated them because when they ended she was back in the darkness once more.
A deep and heavy sigh escaped her lips as she looked up at the rocky ceiling above her. The steady drip-drip-drip from the stalactites above her only enunciated the sorrow that she felt deep inside.
Thirteen years. She had been locked in her own father’s dungeon for thirteen years. She had been locked away since the moment of her eleventh birthday, kept from all, thought to be removed from the mortal realm. Hidden until all hope was lost. Sighing, she rose from her niche and moved to the small hole that looked out onto the courtyard. It wasn’t large enough for her to even put a finger through, but it was large enough that she was able to breathe the scent of the oceans, if only for a moment before the entire yard was filled with people.
She had tried before to call out for help, to get a guard to help her, but it only resulted in the deaths of the ones that had tried to help her. She no longer called out for help. She no longer tried to escape. To do so with the aid of another would only cause their death, and that simply was not something she would accept. She would not be the cause of another man’s death, period.
She would be free. Somehow, someway she knew that she’d be free again. She simply had to be patient. Once more she began to do her daily routine. She paced the small cavern and once more began to work at the small opening at the back of the cavern in hopes that she would somehow get free.
* * * *
“Bring her to me,” the Queen demanded from her throne.
“Her, Majesty?” the man asked with obvious concern.
“Did I stutter? Do I need to call another in?” she asked and turned a scornful look to him.
“No, Majesty. I–I will get her now,” he whispered, his head bowed so deeply that he was practically dragging the ground with it.
The Queen nodded and turned to look out the window once more. “Soon, very soon it shall be over and then we will have reason to go to war with our neighbor.” She all but purred at her own genius.
“Yes, sister, you have planned this out perfectly,” the man said from the shadows as he stepped out slightly so the sun caught only his perfect side. “To the people she is and has always been a symbol of hope, a piece of the old King that would one day rule, but now sending her to that old bastard and making sure that she dies along the way. Simply brilliant, two birds, one stone.”
Smiling smugly, she nodded. “I am rather brilliant aren’t I?” she asked with a grin and then waved her brother back to the shadows. “We don’t want her seeing you before she has to, now do we? After all, the poor girl has been in the dungeons for so very long that she simply won’t know what to think about a man as strong and as virile as amazing as you, brother dear.”
Gushing at his sister’s praise, the man nodded and watched her. “It will all have to be handled with delicate care, sister dear. Would you like for me to be one of her escorts?” He tried, and failed, to hide the lust that he had in his words.
Turning with an angry glare, red in her eyes, she growled. “You are not to sully yourself with one such as her. She’s a strumpet, a whore. She gives herself to all of the guardsmen, and I allow it because it keeps their mouths silent.”
Watching him flinch, she felt a perverse satisfaction at the lies she told. “Now leave me. When I meet with my dearest stepdaughter I want to be alone. A mother should be able to give the news of a wedding to her daughter, right?”
“Of course, Majesty,” he said and with a flourish and bow. He left the Queen to tell the woman of her fate, marriage to a man that was easily five times her age. Then he would wait in the wings to kill the brat once and for all. Well, after he had a taste of her body for himself that was.


Thrusting deep, Baldric yelled her name as Dierk did the same in near unison. Shuddering as his semen spilled down her throat, he watched as she swallowed and licked him dry. Pulling back, he stumbled to a chair and collapsed.
Snow dropped to the bed and shivered, clenching at the bedding and arching her back to take Dierk deeper into her ass. “God that felt amazing. I was missing someone though.” She looked up and caught Nik’s gaze. “I needed you inside of me, too. Now we have to do this all over again,” she pouted. “Not that I’m complaining.”
“I’m a-coming. I’m a-coming,” he said, hopping out of the tub and rapidly drying off. “If you hadn’t been so damned impatient, woman, I could have been right there with you, but no, you just had to rush through it didn’t you?” Nik grinned at her.
“Damn right I did. I’m a horny woman, Niklaus. I was desperate for my men. Now.” She looked over her shoulder at Dierk and smiled. “Who’s fucking me where this time?” She simply needed all three of them, and since both Dierk and Baldric were already growing hard once more, she knew they needed her as well.
“I get your mouth this time,” Dierk said, pulling his cock from her ass.
“I definitely want your ass,” Baldric said, getting to his feet and moving around the bed.
“That leaves me with your pink, swollen, and so damned tempting pussy,” Niklaus murmured with a grin. “I’m one lucky man.”
“You’re damn straight you are. You all are damn lucky.” Snow moved on the bed slightly and looked over her shoulder, grinning when she watched Dierk clean himself up before returning to her. “Who’s going to be on bottom?”
“Just stay right where you are,” Niklaus told her. “Well, maybe back toward the middle of the bed. “Baldric is going to slip into your ass, I’ll slide into your pussy, and you’ll sit in our laps. Dierk will lean against the wall, his feet on the bed, and you can suck him."
“All right.” She watched them as they moved. It was as if they were of one mind, one body, and it was one of the many things she loved about them. She leaned back against Baldric as he held her close, shivering with the touch of his fat cock to her ass. She let her head drop back onto his shoulder. “God yes. Please. Fuck me.”
Niklaus moved onto the bed and, with a little work, got situated to slide his cock deep into her pussy. “You’re so tight,” he groaned, giving her a couple of quick, hard thrusts.
“She’s tiny, perfect,” Baldric said, cupping her breasts while Nik got her settled just right. Thrusting his cock into her ass, he squeezed her nipples lightly and rolled them in his fingers.
Dierk got onto the bed, back to the wall, and settled into position with his knees braced wide, his cock standing nearly straight up against his belly. Stroking his cock, he watched them all as Snow took two cocks with great pleasure.
Snow looked up to see Dierk stroking his own cock and felt her mouth watering. “Come here, Dierk. Let me suck you as well.” Another moan slipped from her throat. “God yes, there,” she whimpered, rolling her hips to give her men more access.
Moving closer to her, Dierk put a hand in her hair and pressed his cock into her mouth. Staring into her eyes, he slowly rocked his hips, matching the same rhythm Baldric and Niklaus had going. Tightening his hold on the strands between his fingers, he let his head fall back as he thrust his cock deeper into her mouth, nearly hitting the back of her throat.
Snow swallowed to take Dierk fully into her mouth and hollowed her cheeks so she could suck him harder. Her tongue stroked along his cock, teasing him as she did shivered herself from the teasing.

About the Author

Honor James was born in the United States 30+ years ago. She is married with two teenagers, one of which is getting ready for the next step in life, college! By day she works as a Customer Service Representative while under the cover of darkness she delves into the realm of the paranormal. In September 2012 her first book was accepted by Siren Bookstrand and published November 2012.

Still writing and getting along in life Honor has now joined the Evernight family with her first book due out with them in February 2014.
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