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Cover Reveal: Hope's Desire by Raine Storm

Cover Reveal
Hope’s Desire
Raine Storm

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About the Author

Raine Storm is an author from Cleveland, Ohio
Raine Storm lives with his teenage son and has been writing for as long as he can remember. He has always loved to read and write. He is the author of the upcoming erotic trilogy entitled the Wildcat series in which Dom Sebastian will attempt to train former dominatrix Ashley into submission. Sebastian is a tough man who has sworn that he will never love again but he begins to develop a soft spot for his sexy sub. Raine also has written a psychological thriller entitled Hazed and Chained that is currently available. Raine is a dark writer who prides himself on shock factor. When he is not reading or writing he is coaching baseball or doing something else athletic such as playing tennis or running. He loves to be active. Raine also enjoys communicating with his readers as often as he can and hopes to meet as many as he can.


Hope's Desire Synopsis

Alex Cameron and Amber Shannon were meant to be together.
The love they had for each other, unbreakable. They were going to live happily together in each other’s arms. Only the universe had other plans for them and they were torn apart. Alex poured his heart out to Amber, trying to get her to stay, but every time she heard the word love, she ran.
Three years had passed and to Alex’s surprise Amber is married to another man, a man that had caused her a great deal of pain. When Alex heard the news, he set out to find her. He’d never stopped loving her, fighting for her. He didn’t then and he wouldn’t now.
Reunited by fate, he’s determined to heal her pain and have her back safely in his arms again.
Can Amber find it in herself to leave her demons in the past and let Alex love her the way every woman deserves to be loved?
Will their love conquer all?


Where to find Raine Storm

Street Team ~ Raine’s Thunder and Storms ~

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Where to find Raine’s Books

Hazed and Chained
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Goodreads Book ~
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Hope’s Desire
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