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I Want You, and I Get What I Want

I Want You
I Get What I Want, Book 2
by Jaden Sinclair


Dwayne ‘Dozer’ Rivers doesn’t believe in true love, and how can he? His mother died at a time when a boy really needs his mother, his father wasn’t there for him, and his sister left - leaving him to grow up fast. He filled the void in his life with countless one night stands,
enjoying each one to the fullest. Settling down is something he doesn’t want or can see for his future.

 Samantha Tatum is looking to start over with not only a new family but in a new town. And one of the new things she wants for herself is Dozer. Only the man she has her sights on has made it very clear to anyone who’s listening, that he doesn’t mess around with young girls such as herself and intends to stay clear from the innocents. So how can an innocent, young girl like Samantha convince a man liked Dozer that they are perfect for each other? Seduce him! Samantha might get what she wants, but can she hold on to him?


Seeing the drive to the house coming up, she opened her mouth. “Dozer stop the truck.”

Dozer slammed on the brakes, put the truck in park and scooted over to the middle quickly. “Are you sick?”

“No,” she breathed out, her hands shaking.

She moved fast, turning in the seat and crawling up on his lap. Dozer’s arms went out as if he might be afraid to touch her or something. His dark eyes widened, his mouth opened in surprise, and she could feel his body stiffen under her. Samantha took hold of his face with both hands and lowered her own down.A light kiss to the lips, then another, and another. Dozer didn’t move or kiss her back, but it didn’t stop her from going on. Another kiss, then she got a bit bolder and touched his lips with the tip of her tongue “Kiss me, please,” she breathed out against his lips.Giving it all she had, Samantha turned his head just a bit and kissed him with everything she had to give, right there. She pressed her lips to his, teasing his lips with her tongue, then slipped it inside his mouth, seeking out his tongue. A low groan slipped from his chest and his hands came up to her face, holding her, kissing her back, deeper than what she started.She didn’t hold back her moan of pleasure. Her first thought was, now this is a kiss. This is how a man kisses a woman that he wants to make love to. Not the kind of kiss which spoke of a quick screw in the back seat of a sports car.

His mouth moved over hers, his tongue thrust into her mouth and tangled with her tongue. Then his hands moved from her face to her shoulders, towards her back and down to cup her ass. Samantha moaned again and began to rub herself on the hard contours of his body. It felt so good having him touch her, kiss her. It had her wanting so much more from him right here and right now. 


Falling Into You  
"I Get What I Want" series #1
by Jaden Sinclair

Start the "I Get What I Want" Series with Falling Into You 
Vincent ‘Vinny’ Laron crossed a line on his going away party four years ago - he hurt Charlene Rivers. He acted selfish at the one time when a man should never be selfish.
Retired now from the army, due to an injury, he's going home with a new mission. Show the girl who stole his heart that night how right they could be together. Only problem is... she's not's easily convince. Which leave him with only one thing to do---convince her.
Charlene Rivers has tried like hell to put what happened between her and Vinny behind her. For the most part she’s done a good job at it, but when Vinny comes home without a heads up to anyone - well, the past might not stay where it belongs. Not when he’s made it crystal clear that he intends to show her how good they can really be together

*********Author's Bio***********

Jaden Sinclair lives in a small town in Kansas with her husband of eighteen years, two boys and a few pets that keep her hopping. Between sports and the animals it’s a wonder at times how she is able to keep the flow of her wri
ting going. But she does. She has many series in the works and out for your enjoyment, and most known for the Shifter series.
Between werewolves, vampires, scifi, new worlds or simple romances, one never really knows what will come out next. So to keep up with what she doing, visit her website: or just simply email her at She’ll love to hear from you!

Twitter @jadensinclair1

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