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Twisted: wherever the twins go, trouble follows

Twisted: A Gay Erotic Thriller
By Joey Jameson

Imagine another person, the mirror image of you but yet different in every way… Everly and Hadley Stone are identical twins.

Growing up the boys were inseparable, always at each other’s side and experiencing everything together as one. It seemed like nothing was strong enough to break the bond between the two brothers. Until now…

On the eve of their birthday the twins meet a man who is literally to die-for, causing them both to fall helplessly at his feet. But what any unsuspecting man should know, is that wherever the Stone brothers go, trouble follows. Their story is one of secrets and lies which will have you guessing till the brutal end who’s good, and who’s very, very bad. Light or dark? Sweet or sexy? Quiet or confident? Innocent or deadly. Pick your flavour.
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Review by pearls
There is a part of the story where the twin brothers visit a club.  As they pass the queue, everyone stares at "these gorgeous identical twins walking....touching each other just enough to suggest the most taboo of thoughts" and thinks "Oh my God. Hot."  That one scene is sums up the intrigue of this book.  Danger has always followed these twin brothers, trouble that is unexplained.  The book opens in the present, after a horrific incident.  However , which brother is to blame?  The rest of the book returns to the beginning for the reader to follow the growth of the boys up to this incident. 
As different in personality as they are similar in looks, their growth over the years has found both brothers asking the same questions:  why can't he be more like me? and, privately, perhaps I should be more like him.  While the reader might think they know which is the nicer brother, we've been shown enough to realize it could be the other.  It's a psychological thriller couched within an erotic gay storyline.  It will keep you guessing to the end, while enjoying the scenery of the ride. 


 I writhed underneath his bulk, my raging hard-on pressing up against my jeans to the point of causing me to chafe inside my trousers. Before I could respond, he drove his tongue deep into my mouth again; hot and wet it explored, licking and sucking in a rhythmic manner. His hands moved up my muscular torso, finding their way under my top and running his fingers over the deep grooves of my abs. A moan escaped my lips at the sensation of his smooth palms making contact with my nipples. My mouth opened further, inviting him deeper inside me.
         Lying on his sofa, I could feel how cheap it was as the rough coiled-springs drove up uncomfortably into my back causing it to arch unwillingly and force my crotch up even further against his own.  He responded by driving his pelvis harder to meet me half-way, the sensation sending sparks of colourful pleasure dancing through my bloodstream.

            I opened my eyes for a moment and searched his face, trying desperately in vain to remember his name.

          Didn’t matter anyway, it wasn’t like we were going to be friends afterwards.

I pushed him off me, forcing him to sit up and causing a look of hurt to flash across his features before quickly evaporating into lust as I lifted my black t-shirt off over my head; stopping only for a second to let him admire my sculpted chest before I started to unbuckle my shorts. I could feel his eyes roll over my naked torso; pausing at the broadness of my tanned shoulders and trickling down over my round pecs. I slipped a hand into the waist band of my denim cut-off shorts and let my eyes close as I grabbed my dick and adjusted it in the confines of my underwear. When I opened them he was practically drooling at the sight of me touching myself.
      I unzipped the crotch and nodded in his direction, silently motioning for him to get naked too. He stood and clumsily tore at his shirt, letting it fall discarded to the floor. As he fumbled with his own trousers, desperate to get back to touching my skin, I stood and let my shorts and underwear fall to the ground in a pool at my feet.

He was hot. There was no denying it; similar in build to myself, same deep V definition under his abs and with just a light dusting of hair over his generously perk pectorals. The muscles in my stomach constricted as lust swept over me, and I realised just then how horny I actually was.
       As he swiftly removed the last of his clothing revealing a hard-on that sliced through the air like a sword as it was released, I was on him in a flash, taking his dick in my right hand and forcing him down on his tacky old sofa. He groaned in response to my grip and laid himself back with his hands behind his head. Lowering myself down I took him into my mouth, all at once I forced the muscles in my throat to relax as I led him deep inside my mouth, trailing my wet tongue down his girth. I paused for a moment as my head relaxed further and he slid obligingly even deeper until he practically grazed my tonsils. With one hand I worked the skin around his penis in a circular motion as my tongue licked and lips sucked expertly at his head. My other hand found my own cock and worked a similar motion on myself, mirroring what I was doing to him. He arched his own back now, driving him further inside me as his hips began pumping slowly into my face. I responded by gently grazing my teeth up and down his shaft once, sending him the message to chill the fuck out.

He half-groaned and half-laughed as he got the hint that I was in charge.
          “Fuck yeah, baby, keep doing that.”

           My mouth  sucked harder and harder, my tongue licking and spitting as it went to town on his smooth glistening mushroom head. My own strokes became shallower as I began to feel the orgasm building inside me causing my own cock to moisten.

        “Jesus, you give good head,” he whispered as he took my head in his hands and knotted his fingers in my dark hair.

I loved dirty talk. The filthier the better. The more a guy talks smut to me the fucking hornier I get.
           I groaned in response, my desire boiling up inside of me and coming out in grunts through my stuffed mouth.

About the Author:
Joey Jameson lives in Brighton, UK; a world of decadence, glamour and intrigue. He believes life is better when drizzled with naughtiness and drenched in layer upon layer of sparkling glitter. His work is best appreciated with a hard drink and the lights down low and will leave you wondering just what goes on in his twisted little mind.

He is the author of “Candy from Strangers”, “Blackout” and the recently released short “Interview with the Porn Star.” Keep your eyes peeled for more titilating adventures that are yet to come.

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