Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Forbidden romance on the High Seas

A Pirate's Life
Forbidden Plunder Book 1
by Jessica Anderson

99 Cents

Alexander has his life set for him, his family is rich, rich enough for him to live happily for the rest of his life, until they start pressuring him to marry. He doesn’t want to marry just for wealth, and his father continues to pressure him sending him over the edge, taking a step to far. Alex runs and takes refuge under the black flag.

Christina has been a servant most of her life, until her master goes too far one night, and she finds herself on the run from the authorities, Dressed as a man aboard a ship with a clear rule of no woman aboard.

Can Alexander keep his identity hidden so the pirates won’t turn him over to his parents for the coin they offer? Can Christina keep the image of her being a man hidden?
Review by pearls
Unable to live by societal expectations, two desperate souls turn to the life of piracy--and meet their soulmate.  Told from alternating perspectives, Alex and "Chris" find themselves aboard a pirate ship sharing a forbidden attraction.  After a bar fight reveals hidden truths about one another, they must find a way to live their dreams.  This book is filled with the action on the high seas, along with intimacies in the bedroom.  Alex teaches Chris to fight for herself and she teaches himself to find a cause worth fighting for. 

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