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Fooled Around and Fell in Love

Fooled Around and Fell in Love      The Doms of Sybaris Cove 3
by Tara Rose
a BDSM Ménage Romance
from Siren-Bookstrand
10% discount until September 29th.
Jade Augustine has grown up believing the lies that label her unsuitable for long-time crushes Liam Raleigh and Estevan Durante, even while both men have wanted to pursue a relationship with her. When the three are forced to ride out a hurricane in the safety of Liam’s house, play and sex soon turns to love.
But when the storm clears, reality tears apart their newfound love. Both men find themselves at odds with their own families, and with Jade’s bully of a brother, Santos, a Sybaris Cove police sergeant.
When Santos is trapped inside a storm drain at the ocean’s edge during a rescue attempt, Liam and Estevan join his rescue effort, despite the ancient curse that prevents the male Durantes and Raleighs from trying to leave the island.

Will they lose their own lives to save the man who is hell-bent on keeping them from being with the only woman they’ve ever loved?



“It looks like a museum. I’m afraid to touch anything.”
“Please don’t say that. It’s only a house. Honestly. A lot of these things were passed down to me.” That was only partly true. George Raleigh, his grandfather, had actually loaned him a lot of the pieces when he’d downsized his own home. But they would be his once George passed away. The rest had been mostly his father’s idea. Your house has to make a lasting impression.
“It’s really beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Liam thought it pretentious and silly. If it wouldn’t offend his grandfather, he’d put most of these things into storage, or sell them. The money they’d bring could feed several families on this island for months.
“May I see the rest of it?”
“Of course.” He walked her through each room, explaining various pieces and answering questions. It finally dawned on him she didn’t think he was a snob or regretted being here, and he relaxed.
When he showed her the indoor pool, she glanced around at the glass walls and grinned. “You can’t even swim naked. Your neighbors would see you.”
Liam nearly came in his pants at the images racing through his mind. “Not without a telescope and bare trees. It’s very private here.”
She stepped closer to the windows and eyed the sky. “Guess we’ll have to wait until the storm passes to swim.”
“Probably a good idea.” Would she swim naked with them? Oh lord… “And that’s too bad because Estevan and I are really great swimmers.”
“Do you swim in the lake behind Phoebe’s Playthings?”
“All the time. Practically grew up on it.”
They continued the tour, and she asked if he missed being able to swim in the ocean. “Not really. There are some rough currents along the shores.”
“That’s true. I’ve had some close calls myself.”
Estevan had stayed downstairs to make them snacks and drinks, but as they finished the tour by approaching Liam’s bedroom, Estevan found them upstairs.
“Our party is ready. And the cable is still on, so that’s good.”
“I have a generator, but I’m not sure I want to waste it on the TV. If it goes out, it goes out.”
“I agree. Have you shown her your bedchamber yet, your majesty?”
Liam gave him a droll look. “I was just about to, smart-ass.”
Estevan winked at her. “If you think the rest of the house is opulent, wait until you see this.”
* * * *
Jade gasped as she stepped into the center of the room. She twirled in a slow circle, trying to take it all in. “Is that real marble?”
“Yes.” Liam still sounded apologetic and she wished he’d stop that already. He had a rich family and probably made more money than she and Estevan did put together, times two or three. But why should he have to feel badly about that?
“It’s gorgeous. Really.” Columns supported the ceiling, which curved upward into a stained-glass dome. The bed looked big enough to hold about five people comfortably, and was flanked by more columns and actual bed curtains. Yet at the same time, everything was light and airy because of the colors. It was as grand as any palace she could imagine, and it didn’t really suit the man she’d caught a glimpse of today.
“Thank you. I didn’t design it. This house was actually built for one of my distant uncles, but he decided he didn’t like living on a hill. When my father heard about that, he talked me into buying this home from my uncle. My father is one of those who believes we all should be perched up here, looking down on the natives.”
She and Estevan exchanged a quick glance. There was no mistaking the undertone in Liam’s words. “But are you happy here, despite that?”
“Yes. It’s very comfortable. A bit large and empty for one person, but I have everything I need.”
Estevan clapped him on the back. “And now we’re here. So let’s party.” Estevan cut his gaze toward the bed. “Or, should simply I bring everything up here?”
Jade couldn’t say what it was that forced the grin to her face. Something in the air changed, and she knew it had nothing to do with the weather. She gazed at each man in turn, not weighing options or allowing her thoughts to take shape this time. She simply went with her gut. “Yes. Bring everything up here. And hurry, please.”
Estevan let out a sound halfway between a gasp and a laugh, and then he sprinted from the room. She would have laughed except her mouth was suddenly busy with a kiss so hot that she was certain her entire body would melt, and she’d be nothing but a pile of goo at Liam’s feet.
His hands were all over her. In her hair, on her ass, and brushing up and down her arms. She moaned loudly and let his tongue inside, aware of nothing but the taste of him and the raging lust in her body from his touch.
The man could kiss. Just as well as Estevan did. She ran her hands over the rippling muscles in his back and arms, and then when she grabbed his ass he groaned, and broke the kiss just long enough to gaze into her eyes with so much intensity she nearly fainted. He took off her top and bra, and then she almost fell trying to get out of her pants, panties and sandals. She was naked, and not the least bit self-conscious about it when he kissed her again.
She heard movement, and then Estevan swore under his breath. When he moved behind her and nuzzled her neck, Jade fought to keep from passing out. The reality of being naked with two men touching her and kissing her was far, far more intense and incredible than her mind had been able to conjure in fantasies.


Once again, she prepared for the sting of the paddle only to be surprised when instead they brushed thick suede falls over her back, ass, and legs.
“This is called a mop flogger,” said Liam. “It doesn’t really hurt.” He let them flop against her several times, and she relaxed into the pillows underneath her. It didn’t hurt at all, but rather gave her a nice thudding sensation that soothed her tense muscles. Even when his strikes became more forceful the sensation resembled a deep tissue massage more than anything else.
But then the paddle came down across both ass cheeks, and she yelled again. It stung far worse than the leather glove had, but at the same time she loved it. Sweat broke out along her hairline, so she concentrated on keeping her breaths deep and complete, finding that helped make the strikes more pleasurable. When he finished, she realized she still had ten more to take, and called yellow.
They helped her stand, and Estevan placed a hand on each shoulder. “What do you need, beautiful.”
“Just a break before the last ten.”
“I am so proud of you right now. Do you know that?”
“So am I,” said Liam, patting the paddle against his thigh. “And I hit hard. I know that.”
She was surprised by the look of admiration on their faces and the tenderness in their voices. She hadn’t expected that. As pleasurable as this was for her, she hadn’t considered what it did for a Dom in return. “This is important to you, isn’t it? I mean the opportunity to play. You need this.”
Liam nodded, the corners of his mouth turning up as he did so. “Yes. Exactly. That’s exactly right. We do need to do this, as much as a true sub needs to experience it.”
“I hadn’t realized that. I have such a skewed perception of the BDSM lifestyle.”
“Most people do,” said Estevan. “But maybe now we can both teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to learn.”
“I would like that, Sir. I would love that, in fact.”
He gave her a thoughtful look then kissed her gently on the mouth. “All right then. It’s settled. But for now, I owe you ten swats.”
They draped her over the pillows again, and this time she was able to take the last ten swats without gritting her teeth or flinching. She loved this, and their revelation as to how much they needed it had sparked her interest. She felt so proud when they each told her how well she’d done, and took turns caressing her sore ass cheeks.
“Are you comfortable like this for a while yet?” asked Liam.
“Yes, Sir. Very.” She wondered if more punishment on her ass was forthcoming, but instead one of them knelt behind her and licked her wet slit. She moaned loudly and writhed on the bed, loving how she couldn’t move her arms or legs. When a warm, wet finger was gently inserted into her ass, she held her breath.
“Have you had anal sex before?” asked Estevan.
“Not for a while.”
“Did you like it?”
“Yes, Sir. As long as enough lube was used.”
“We’ll definitely do that. And we’ll use condoms.”
“Thank you,” she whispered. Jade couldn’t believe this was happening. How incredibly sexy and raw was this? Bent over, tied up, and about to be fucked in the ass by each of them. She whimpered, but not from fear or pain. She was so turned on it was ridiculous.
When something hard and wet teased the opening to her pussy, she gasped. One of them slid a large dildo into her wetness, and then two fingers were slipped into her asshole. “Oh my God…”
“Is that good for you, beautiful?” Estevan’s voice was so sexy she nearly came.
“Yes. So good.”
She heard the sound of a condom being slipped on, and then the man she assumed was Estevan slid his dick into her ass, slowly and gently. He moaned softly under his breath the entire time, and before he got it all the way inside a crazy orgasm crashed over her. The contractions went on and on, helped along by both holes being filled and the fact that each thrust of his cock inside her ass massaged her clit between the dildo and the pillow under her body.
She cried out loudly, shaking her head back and forth, and the noise she made competed with the wind and thunder outside. She swore she could hear the rain lashing against the windows, but even that took a back seat to the exquisite pleasure in her ass and pussy.
Estevan pulled out, and she heard the sound of a condom again, and then Liam slid his dick into her ass. Her orgasm was still going strong as he thrust in and out, faster and rougher than Estevan had done, but she didn’t mind. She loved it. It was so raw and dirty, and she loved giving her body to them this way.
When he pulled out, she heard the guys remove their condoms, and then they gently pulled the dildo out of her pussy. Estevan whispered close to her ear. “We’re going to fuck your pussy again, and you’re going to take it.”
“Oh…Yes, Sir. Fuck me. Please. Fuck me hard.”
Both men groaned, and then she didn’t know who had just shoved his cock into her, but she didn’t care. He reached underneath to massage her tender clit, and within seconds another climax was building. This was almost too good to be true, but she wasn’t going to argue. She cried out in pleasure and rode the waves of desire racing through her body, hoping this never ended.
About the Author
   Tara Rose is the author of FOUR popular MFM/BDSM series: Racy Nights; The Alpha Legend;  Passion Peak, Colorado; and The Doms of Sybaris Cove.  She writes about small towns and what happens behind closed doors. Tara writes exclusively for Siren Bookstrand.  

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