Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When two worlds collide, love is The Heart of Everything

The Heart Of Everything
by Jaden Sinclair
a SciFi Paranormal Romance
from Beau Coup Publishing 
Keegan Squir is a Taillefers runt. He has not gone through the metamorphosis that all men of his kind must complete and with the threat of war all over the galaxy his transformation is something he can’t wait to go through. He needs to have the strength to fight, to defend his home and the people he loves. Keegan Squir longs for his body to equal the size of his heart and his courage.
Zhora Draven visits the planet Drudent to spend time with her best friend. Her father is a General in the Galactic army and is never home, leaving Zhora alone most of the time. When she goes to her best friend’s wedding, she never dreams she’ll meet the man of her dreams. A Taillefers.
Their attraction hits them like an exploding nova, coming out of nowhere, knocking them both off their feet. However, just when they're getting to know each other and exploring their hunger for one another, the war lands on their doorsteps, forcing not Keegan's change, but threatening their new found love and the peace of the galaxy.
*Content Warning: This book was once called Taillefers.


***** Excerpt*****

The breeze blew right in her face, carrying with it a scent of freshness, she felt lightheaded. Another wave of dizziness, almost a drugged sensation hit her, mixed with a strange impression of tiny fingers touching her body. The pounding
 need grew stronger inside her, pooling between her legs, frightening and thrilling her. She wanted to stay and run at the same time.
The stranger still staring didn’t help. No, he moved toward her. Son of a bitch! She could almost feel his body heat.
Panicked, Zhora turned away as he moved toward her. She pushed her way out of the crowd in an overwhelming urge to get away from the things going on in her body she didn’t understand. She didn’t get far.
He caught her, the one staring at her. Grabbed by the arm, she swung around, and lips covered hers. She was kissed and kissed deep. The impulse to run disappeared. She had no control over her body, couldn’t stop her arms from going up around his neck, or stop her eyes from closing.
 Zhora didn’t mind either. She enjoyed the kiss, even kissed him back. Boy, did he have a skill with his mouth. His lips moved over hers. His tongue teased her lips until she opened for his tongue to slip inside. God, he tasted good. Too fucking good. He tasted of fresh air after a big storm. Zhora wanted to crawl into him, to get closer to enjoy his touch more than mere kissing satisfied.
He walked her backward, and she went willingly. The feelings, the emotions hitting her, too overpowering to fight had she wanted to. Zhora had to have more, needed more, craved more She touched his chest, skimming both hands up and down smooth muscles. Up to his shoulders, she pushed the shirt off, not understanding why she had the compulsive need to. Never this way, she wasn’t the kind of girl to kiss a stranger, to strip him, or make out, yet she was doing all of those things. The urge to feel his skin against hers drove her crazy, while the outside world melted away in a haze until only the two of them existed.
 Something wasn’t right, one part of her mind told her at the same time that everything felt damn right. This wasn’t her, yet she didn’t stop. She wanted his hands on her, his mouth on her body, and he seemed to need her as badly as she needed him. The voice telling her it was wrong grew weaker.

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