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Summer Lovin' with Manlove Authors Party Time, Day 3

Summer Lovin'
(Manlove Style)
Aug. 14-17
Welcome back to another day of Summer Lovin'!  We have an awesome line-up today!! On the Book Club Forum, we have areas for all different genres.  The GLBTQ area is called the Rainbow room and we encourage you to visit and discuss your favorite reads. 
  We will have 28 authors over 4 days on the blog --  Each author donating to the Grand Prize, so check out their posts for prizes.  Come back each day for more chances to enter. You can see Day 1 and Day 2 blog posts here.
Today Kicks off the Summer Lovin' FB party!!!
We will have 20 authors over 2 days at our FB party Summer Lovin' with Manlove Authors on Aug. 16-17.  Please join us and chat with these great writers! Saturday is 9am-10pm EST.  Sunday is 1-10pm EST. 

Something in the Way He Needs
Family #1
by Cardeno C.
**Cardeno C. is giving away a copy In Your Eyes from the Mates series**
Police captain Asher Penaz’s staunch professionalism bleeds into his home life, down to his neatly pressed attire and spartan apartment. He enjoys being the man in charge, and leather bars satisfy his need for dominance—so his sudden and powerful attraction to the lighthearted, free-spirited Daniel Tover throws him for a loop.

In his entire life, Daniel has never gotten what he needs, so he moves to the next place, the next job, the next attempt to find something worth staying for, always landing at the top of his game, but never feeling like he belongs. The chemistry between Asher and Daniel sizzles, so Asher invites Daniel home.

As both men struggle to learn themselves while getting to know each other, the lines of desire and control blur. With all that fire comes the risk of getting burned. But if Daniel and Asher can walk through the flames together, they might find what they desperately need.


Strong Enough
Family #2
When twenty-two-year-old Emilio Sanchez sees handsome Spencer Derdinger walking by his construction site, Emilio makes it his goal to seduce the shy professor. Getting Spencer into bed isn’t difficult, but Emilio soon learns that earning the trust of a man deeply hurt will take time and patience.

With a prize like brilliant, sweet Spencer on the line, Emilio decides he is strong enough to face the challenge. Spencer is surprised when he’s approached by the gorgeous construction worker he’s admired from the safety of his office window. Acting spontaneously for the first time in his thirty-eight years, Spencer takes Emilio home.

When the casual hookup turns into the potential for love, Spencer realizes that if he wants to build a life with Emilio, he’ll need to be strong enough to slay his personal demons and learn to trust again.



More Than Everything
Family #3
As a teenager, Charlie "Chase" Rhodes meets Scott Boone and falls head over heels in love with the popular, athletic boy next door. Charlie thinks he's living the dream when Scott says he feels the same way. But his dreams are dashed when Scott moves unexpectedly and doesn't return.

Years later, Chase meets brash and confident Adan Navarro, who claims all he wants is a round between the sheets. When they're still together after eight months, Chase is convinced Adan returns his love. But then the time comes to be open about their relationship, and Adan walks away instead.

Time heals all wounds, but when Charlie runs into Scott and Adan and realizes the only two men he's ever loved are now in love with each other, his heart breaks all over again. Scott and Adan tell Charlie they want him back, but Charlie doesn't know if he can trust two people who have hurt him so deeply. And even if he can, why would Scott and Adan want Charlie when they already have everything with each other?


I was so lost in thought, I had the door open before I looked up. I raised my head when I saw two sets of feet walk in.

And there, standing in my apartment, were Scott Boone and Adan Navarro. I gasped and leaped back from the physical embodiments of the ghosts who had never stopped haunting me.

Charlie!Scott shouted happily, and at the same moment Adan excitedly cried out, Chase!”

It was like a fucking nightmare.

Fuck,” I muttered and turned my head quickly from my first love to the only other man I’d trusted with my heart. They’d each eviscerated me once upon a time, and though I’d healed, mostly, being faced with both of them at the same moment was still too much… way too much. I suddenly felt as nauseous as Stacia.

Adan slowly turned his head to Scott, whose mouth was gaping open.

Charlie? Adan asked weakly.

Scott closed his mouth and gulped. Chase? he said.

Fuck,” I groaned, as my brain started catching up to the comedy of horrors unfolding in front of me. It wasn’t just that they were both there at the same time. They had been standing close together when I’d opened the door. Really close. And was Scott’s arm around Adan’s back?

They both looked over at me and stared.

Charlie? Scott asked, his voice hesitant, the question clear from histone.

Chase? Adan asked, sounding equal parts incredulous and horrified. Their tones and body language had already clued me in to what I was seeing, but when I shifted my gaze from Scott’s eyes to Adan’s and then back again, my suspicion was confirmed. I knew them well enough to recognize what I was seeing.

I’d loved two men during my thirty-five years on this planet. Only two. And I’d lost them both. Wouldn’t it just figure that they’d found in each other what they had both deemed missing in me?

I dropped my face into my hands and whispered, “Fuck.”


Cardeno C. - CC to friends - is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a lot of happiness and a few "awwws" into a reader's day. Writing is a nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer work with gay rights organizations. Cardeno's stories range from sweet to intense, contemporary to paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong relationships and walks into the happily-ever-after sunset.
Cardeno's Home, Family, and Mates series have received awards from Love Romances and More Golden Roses, Rainbow Awards, the Goodreads M/Romance Group, and various reviewers. But even more special to CC are heartfelt reactions from readers, like, "You bring joy and love and make it part of the every day."
Cardeno C. Tour organized by: We Love Kink



Rough in the Saddle series
by Hennessee Andrews
The XYZ is more than just a ranch..... 
Hennessee will be chatting at the FB event
on Sunday, Aug. 17, 5-6pm EST
**Hennessee is giving away a set of all 5 books of the Round In The Saddle series**
Macon's Story #1
Macon Sumner loves two things in the world. One is taboo, his best friend Wade Sutherland. His second love is the rodeo, where their problems begin. When a nosy reporter clicks a picture at the rodeo, capturing Wade and Macon kissing, life is never the same and neither are their relationships with their family and peers.
As outcasts in their small, narrow-minded town, Wade and Macon feel the effects daily. Wade becomes secretive with their relationship, foolishly believing that hiding is the answer. What he doesn’t realize is how much harm he is inflicting on Macon by doing so.
Sneaking away for intimate moments with Wade are as hurtful as the glares Macon receives from people who are supposed to be neighbors, friends. Even roping buddies have stopped inviting them to functions. He can’t stand how he feels or how Wade is treating him. When he receives a call from Zander Wesley, he sees a new life and opportunity for him and Wade.

BUY LINKS:    AMAZON      Bookstrand
Zander’s Story #2

Zander Wesley feels cursed by his sexuality. While he wouldn’t change it, he is having difficulty coping and finding his place in the world. His family exiled him from their lives years ago, but the pain of rejection still haunts him as well as the memory of the beating he suffered at his father’s hand.
At thirty-two, Zander wants more than a life on the road and working for someone else during the winter. He has saved for a ranch, and all he needs to do is find it.
When Zander runs into Dean Buchanan and John Acker, desire he has held for the two heightens to a new level. He believed the men were straight, but a rendezvous with Dean in his horse trailer proves him wrong. Dean admits his feelings and expresses his want for more than just a fling. The only problem is John. Can he overcome his jealousy and succumb to his desire for Zander?
BUY LINKS:     Amazon       Bookstrand
Warren’s Story #3
Warren Reynolds has never been one for commitment, and the idea of settling with one partner isn’t something he's ever wanted. When Zander Wesley steps into his world and offers him a lucrative deal, everything in his life begins to go haywire.
   Jesse Martin, a shy cowboy with a crush on Warren makes a bold move at the bar, capturing Warren’s attention. The two share a night they will never forget. Old habits are hard to break, and before Warren realizes the implications of sneaking out during the night, his feet continue forward even though his heart directs him to do the opposite. His mistake haunts him daily, as well as the image of the man he seemed to connect with.
When Warren decides to visit the XYZ Ranch, he runs into Jesse. All he wants is one more chance, but Jesse isn’t sure. He is still hurting. Can Warren prove himself and win Jesse’s affection?
BUY LINKS:     Amazon      Bookstrand
Joe Ray’s Story #4

Joe Ray Mullins can’t escape the sins of his father and is constantly looking over his shoulder. Trouble seems to lurk everywhere he goes. When two men are looking for him at a rodeo, he is leery because his father has recently been paroled from prison, and many are seeking to find him.
Christian Wright didn’t want to be in Kansas City with the owner of the XYZ Ranch, Zander Wesley, scouting for new members to begin with. He liked the event even less when the hot calf roper, Zander, who he has his sights set on, sticks a gun to his head in the restroom. They cut their losses and chalk up the event as nothing more than time wasted.
When they find Joe Ray badly beaten in the parking lot, they miss their flight in order to get him to safety. Who knew the bad boy image Joe Ray projected is nothing more than a ruse?
BUY LINKS:     Amazon     Bookstrand
Everett’s Story #5
Everett Davis never expected to find his wife in bed with his best friend. Divorce gives him a second chance to be true to himself after hiding his secret desires for years. Packing up and walking away to take a farrier job at the XYZ Ranch lands him in quite a predicament.Kyle Quinten, the ranch trainer, catches Everett’s attention. The only problem is the fact that Kyle is ten years his junior and has his sights set on winning Everett’s affection. Kyle isn’t concerned with the age difference and wants nothing more than to help heal Everett’s heart.
Fantasies were all Everett had ever experienced. When Kyle blatantly invites Everett to act on his desires, neither will ever be the same. Everett is led by his overwhelming passion for Kyle but fears the age difference between them will eventually cause problems.
Will Everett let go of his hang-ups and submit to the younger man who has fallen for him?
 BUY LINKS:      Amazon      Bookstrand
Author Contact infoWebsite
Twitter @HennesseeAndrew



by Gabrielle Evans

Now Available From
Gabrielle will be chatting at the FB event
on Sunday, Aug. 17, 6-7 pm EST
**Gabrielle is giving away an ebook of Cry Wolf**
The Legend
The laws of the paranormal world are few and simple, but they are absolute. The most sacred of
these directives is also the simplest—no human shall come to perish by the actions of a Nightkin.
For centuries, the Nightkins lived in secrecy and peace amongst the humans, but not all were
content with their blessed life. In their arrogant, misguided hatred of the mortals, four tribes of
shifter Nightkins—pumas, bears, wolves, and eagles—banded together and fought against the
humans, killing and burning everything in their path.
Saddened by the savageness of their children, the great Ancestors sought to not only punish them,
but to teach them compassion, tolerance, and love. Cursing the four tribes, the Ancestors decreed
that no longer would the shifters have control over their beasts, but that their beasts would control
them. Each member of the tribes would live as their animal counterpart, sentient but unable to
change between forms.
Every twenty-five years, on the night of the summer solstice, the shifters would be granted their
human skins. During their reprieve they would seek out their mates, because only the gift of love—
both given and received—could break their curse. If a Nightkin could not find his mate by midnight
on the winter solstice, however, he would become a beast one more, alone and forgotten.
The curse is theirs forever, and as immortals, forever is a very long time.
Cursed to bear the sins of his forefathers, Chey Black has spent more time running the forest as a
wolf than he has lived as a man. Finding love and breaking the curse during his brief reprieves is
nearly impossible, especially when the world he once knew has moved on and forgotten him. So,
why bother when being alone is easier?

As a guardian, it’s Quinn Augustine’s responsibility to help Chey acclimate to the changing world
and aid him in his search for a true mate. Befriending the gruff wolf-shifter is fine, but attachments
only complicate his job. Chey’s chiseled body and roguish charm prove too tempting to resist,
though, and before long, Quinn’s protective walls come crumbling down.

What starts as mere animal magnetism soon evolves into something much deeper, but breaking
the curse won’t be that easy. Someone seriously wants Quinn dead, and unless Chey can find and
eliminate the threat, he’ll be doomed to walk alone forever.

A small-town girl from southern Oklahoma—we are talking one red light that may
or may not work depending on the day of the week—Siren-exclusive author
Gabrielle Evans believes in taking chances and pushing boundaries.

Gabrielle’s best-selling series are driven by her belief that everyone has a happy
ending waiting to happen, even if it’s found in a seemingly unconventional way.
When she’s not busy writing her next anxiously awaited book, she’s living her own
happily ever after, married to her high school sweetheart. For now, she parks her car
in central Indiana, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Send Gabrielle an email at or get updates right to
your inbox with her NEWSLETTER.


Taming Tarek
Z Pac Alpha Shifters 1
by Taylor Brooks
Taylor will be chatting at the FB event
 on Sunday, Aug. 17, 1-2 pm EST
**Taylor is giving away 2 - $5 bookstrand bucks to 2 separate winners**
Tarek Falco was hardened as a young boy after witnessing the tragic death of his mother at the hands of a Panthatarian. Over the years he grew to detest their breed and all those around him. Now as an Oath Keeper his job is to keep Zarantaria safe, though few can tolerate him.
Micah Tulsen is the youngest of his Spartician brothers. With his rugged good looks, he usually has more suitors than he knows what to do with, though none of them much interested him like someone always had.
On the twentieth anniversary of Tarek’s mother’s death Micah watches him from afar, unnerved by the unrelenting connection he feels for him. With Tarek focusing solely on seeking revenge against the Panthatarian that killed his mother, Micah steps in refusing to let the past eat away at Tarek and destroy him.
The question remains…can Micah tame his wild beast? Or will Tarek’s unrelenting rage end up destroying them both?


Z Pac Alpha Shifters 2

Riker Tulsen is thought of by many in the Z Pac as the bad seed of the Tulsen clan. It is a reputation he doesn't pay much attention to, never minding much what others think of him. He is who he is and makes no apologies for the man that he’s become.
Slade Marx is the youngest in his Spartician family. They’re a tight-knit clan, and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for one another. Until one night a tragedy strikes their family, forever changing their future.
In a time of need and a moment of desperation, Slade and Riker find their two paths crossing. They form a bond and an unspeakable connection that defies rational explanation as they meet in their shifted form of Spartician.
As they each learn more about one another they will have to determine if what they have is a result of one moment in time, or if it was predestined.
Forbidden Fruit
Z Pac Alpha Shifters 3
Coming to Siren Bookstrand October 6th
Rourke Falco is single, lonely and has no desire to even look for a mate. When his restlessness starts to take hold of him, he takes time away from the territory he works and live in. His hopes are that he may find some peace in the nearby blissful Unicyn Forest. 
Ty Neston is a loner. When he becomes stricken with a problem that feels so good it is nearly painful, he escapes into the forest within the Sergin Valley. 
Whether by luck or fate, Ty and Rourke cross paths with one another more than once. Ty is unable to deny his attraction for the Rourke and makes his move. Their uniting might have been fleeting if it hadn't been for a fruit that Ty had brought along the way. 
Unrelenting passions and unmistakable lust set the stage for these two as they test the boundaries of species while exploring the depth of their connection.
 Watch for this title to become available for pre-order in late September!
About Taylor
Taylor Brooks first fell in love with writing when she penned her first book for Siren Publishing, Take Me. She’s also an avid reader and finds herself drawn to the stories of gay lovers, and finds the passion in such stories absolutely beautiful. This also explains why her genre of choice for her writing is GLBT.
In addition to her Sultry SoCal, Rocky Mountain Man Hunt, and Z Pac Alpha Shifter series, Taylor has many stories brewing inside her head just itching to break free. Stay tuned for more as she strives for exciting ways to tease and please her readers.
Connect with Taylor ~


The Nehalem Pack
by AJ Jarrett
A paranormal series about shifters finding their mates.
There are currently 14 books, #15 due later this year.

AJ is also the author of 3 other series:
 Warriors of Light, Twist of Fate, and A Forever Home

Buy Links:
 Bookstrand        Amazon

AJ will be chatting at the FB event
 on Sunday, Aug. 17, 4-5 pm EST

 **AJ is giving away an ebook of the winner's choice from her backlist**

The Alpha's Captive #1
Hunters have taken everything from Devon Carsten. First, they murdered his parents, and now they’ve taken his brother. With no other options left, Devon decides an eye for an eye, or in this case a brother for a son, is the best course of action, and he takes the son of the man who kidnapped his brother. But his plan blows up in his face when he realizes the man in question is his mate.

Aiden Stefano never imagined a weekend at home would start off with him being kidnapped by men claiming to be werewolves or that he would fall for one. Now he must find a way to convince Devon what they share is worth fighting for and prove to his father that wolves aren’t the monsters he believes them to be. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Aiden is the only thing Devon has to bargain with, but can he give up his mate to save his brother?
Contact the Author at:


The Prince of Punk Rock
Radical Rock Stars Book 1
by Jenna Galicki
Jenna will be at the FB event
 on Saturday night, Aug. 16, 9-10 pm EST
**Jenna is giving away a $5 gift certificate**
I love her, but I also love him.
She's everything to me.
He sets my world on fire.
It's our dirty little secret, and it’s about to blow our record deal sky high.
I’m Tommy Blade, the Prince of Punk Rock, and this is our story.

Tommy Blade is a man with a secret. It’s a secret he only shares with one person, Jessi Blade – and the men he surrenders to in the bedroom. Her only condition to their tumultuous sex life is that these men are one night stands. But when Angel Garcia enters his life, it’s like a match to gasoline.

Mega-talented punk rock singer Angel Garcia, with his smoldering ebony eyes, tight leather pants and unstoppable stage presence, is a man who is use to getting what he wants. He has his eyes set on Tommy Blade as his new lead guitarist, and as his life partner.

Jessi Blade, sympathetic to her husband's bisexual needs, loves him enough to share him, but she never counted on Angel Garcia to test the threshold of her marriage. He makes her life hell . . . and heaven. He’s her damnation and her salvation. She wants to hate him. She wants to despise him. But, his charm and raw sex appeal are impossible to resist. Without warning, she finds herself falling in love with her husband's gay lover.

At the height of it all, their punk rock band catapults to stardom.

Their lives are marred by secrecy, deception and sacrifice. Feelings of betrayal, backlash from the sensationalistic media and threats of blackmail send them down a hard road filled with tough decisions.

They aren't your ordinary rock stars. They're radical rock stars. And they have a big story to tell.

About the Author

Jenna Galicki, Author of Adult Contemporary Romance, is a strong advocate for LGBT rights and marriage equality. She volunteers with God's Love We Deliver, delivering meals to people with HIV and AIDS and other life threatening illnesses. She actively raises money and participates in AIDS Walk New York and is a proud sponsor of Children International.

She lives in Long Island, NY with her husband and three dogs. She's a Rottweiler enthusiast and an avid music buff. Elaborate stories and fictional characters are her constant companions. When she's not hunched over a computer, you can find her front row at a rock concert.

Follow Jenna Galicki, she would love to hear from you:



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