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Come to Sybaris Cove: An Island of erotic pleasure

Behind Blue Eyes 
   The Doms of Sybaris Cove 1
by Tara Rose
 BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance M/F/M
A Siren Erotic Romance
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Sales VP Alaina Pembrooke isn’t happy when her ex-boyfriend screws up yet another order with one of her biggest accounts at Phoebe’s Playthings. Shipping department heads Taj Durante and Jeff Raleigh finally have no choice but to fire him. When Alaina, Jeff, and Taj realize that Alaina’s boss and her ex were secretly lovers, all three become unwilling pawns in a dangerous game of corporate greed and betrayal.

Taj and Jeff are descendants of the men who founded Phoebe’s Playthings, and are also under the curse placed on the males of both families. If they try to leave the island, they die. Both men have buried themselves in the work of running the company, but when Alaina becomes their lover and their submissive, they know they’ve found the woman they’ve each waited for.

But can they stop Alaina’s boss and her ex from ruining the company their ancestors built, and from driving away the woman they love?

“Stay as long as you want.” Jeff dried his hands on a dishtowel and joined them both in front of the bookcase. “I don’t suppose you’d want to watch an old western with us?”
She laughed. “Actually, that sounds wonderful right now.”
“Really?” They both asked it at the same time, identical looks of surprise on their faces, and she laughed again.
“Yes, really. I don’t want to go home yet.” Now she simply sounded pathetic, although it was true. Nothing awaited her at home except solitaire on her iPad and a tub of ice cream in the freezer that she’d been saving all week.
“We don’t want you to go,” said Taj. “Pick out a movie.”
She shook her head. “I couldn’t. We’d be standing here all night. You two pick and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, no matter what it is.”
Jeff took a seat on the sofa and Alaina sat next to him, admiring Taj’s ass as he moved back and forth, running a finger along the spines of the disc cases. Finally, he selected one, popped it in the Blu-ray player, pushed buttons on the remotes, and then The Treasure of the Sierra Madre lit up the big-screen TV.
“Oh good. I love this one.”
They both looked surprised again.
“You’ve seen it?” asked Taj, taking a seat on her opposite side.
“Yes, I have. I love Bogey.”
He raised his brows and shot Jeff a look over her head. She ignored it and settled back against the cushions, kicking off her boots and curling her legs under her body. She didn’t miss the way both men eyed the hem of her skirt as it hiked up higher at the gesture. She ignored that, too. Let them look.
By fifteen minutes in, it was obvious the guys had seen this movie so many times that they could quote all the dialogue, and were bored out of their minds with it. She laughed until her sides ached as they each tried unsuccessfully to imitate Humphrey Bogart’s speech, and then Taj tossed a sofa cushion at her, a mock look of hurt on his face, and she thought she’d pee her pants from laughing so hard.
She tossed it right back, hitting him square in the chest, and he fell off the sofa and clutched his side. “She got me…I’m dying, Jeff. She’s killed me.”
“You’re such a pussy.” Jeff tossed another cushion at him, striking him in the face with this one, and then Taj jumped up and threw the sofa cushion toward Jeff. Jeff ducked and it hit a lamp, nearly knocking it over.
“All right. I think we’re done.” Jeff picked up the sofa cushions. “Alaina is going to tell everyone at work that we act like toddlers after hours.”
“I’m not saying a word about this. No one would believe me anyway, and there would be the inevitable questions. What were you doing in Jeff’s house? Why was Taj there, too? What did you really do with them all evening?” She giggled at the looks on their faces. They were a combination of lust and delight, and she could hardly take a full breath.
It had been so long since she’d held someone in the dark, naked. She was lonely. Lonely and horny. And she wanted these two. She had since the first time she’d looked into their eyes.
But what the hell would happen Monday morning at work? And what would Sallyanne say? And did any of that really matter? She was an adult and so were they. Couldn’t they all just have a fun time and not make a big deal out of it? Just one night, to ease the pain of feeling so alone all the time. Would they give her that if she asked? No strings attached. Just sex. Just for tonight.
They both stared at her, and as she watched the emotions cross their faces, one thought finally broke through hers. They wanted her, too. It was suddenly as crystal clear as the sound of the gunfight on TV and the chiming of a clock somewhere in the room. It came off them in waves that she could see and taste. They floated on the air toward her, the same way soft breezes blew in through the open windows, bringing with them the smell of coming rain.
“I’m on the pill,” she said, her voice coming out in a breathy whisper that she wasn’t even sure they’d hear. “But I haven’t had sex in…” Good God, that was a long time. “In years. And I have no STDs. I’m certain of that.”
Taj picked up the remote and flipped off the TV and Blu-Ray player. Jeff hadn’t taken his eyes off her. “It’s all right,” he said softly, his voice both dominant and tender at the same time. “Neither do we.” She actually saw him swallow. “But we need to know one thing. Are you absolutely sure you want this?”
She nodded. “One hundred percent positive.”
He and Taj exchanged a glance she couldn’t interpret. She couldn’t take it any longer. She moved toward them, not sure which one to approach first, but she didn’t have to decide. Taj pulled her into a tight embrace and planted a kiss on her lips that was so hot she literally would have slumped to the floor if his strong arms hadn’t encircled her.
She parted her lips to let his tongue inside as a moan escaped her throat. One of them brushed his hands over her back and then her ass cheeks, but she didn’t give a shit which one it was. Taj’s tongue raked the inside of her mouth, and then hands were tangled in her hair as well.
She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and let her mind go blank, just absorbing the energy and the sensations. She’d never been kissed like this. She’d never had such an intense moment of raw sexual energy coursing through her body. It shattered her emotions and rendered her grip on reality useless. She couldn’t do anything except feel. She didn’t want to. She only wanted them to take her, open her up, and use her until there was nothing left.
When Taj pulled down her pants and panties, she started to turn around, but stopped herself. Her face burned with embarrassment. If anyone was on the shore right now, God only knew what they would think. She had assumed he’d keep her pants on, but clearly they meant to smack her bare, sore, and already-bruised ass with those things. She was in big fucking trouble here. And she loved it. Every decadent second of it.
* * * *
“Ouch! Jesus Christ!” Alaina couldn’t believe how much it hurt when he hit her bare ass with the oar. He’d obviously been holding back before. She started to move but remembered their words. She was not going to start this over again.
“Good girl.” Taj’s deep, sexy voice didn’t help much. She gritted her teeth as the next two blows were delivered, wondering how the fuck she was going to get through seven more, and then ten with a bamboo pole.
But at the same time, her pussy was soaking wet and her clit began to throb. Images of fucking them both on this boat filled her mind, and she hung on to those as the next three blows were delivered. She yelled so loudly that she swore she heard her voice echoing off the mountainsides. Tears stung her eyes.
“Just four more. You can do it.” Taj’s voice lulled her a bit more this time, but when he delivered the last four, she cried out again and the tears spilled over her lashes.
He caressed her ass cheeks and nuzzled her neck. “Good girl. I am so proud of you right now.”
Oh God. She was so fucking turned on it was ridiculous. She mentally begged him to fuck her, just like this, bent over and hanging on to the back of a chair for dear life. “Thank you, Sir,” she whispered.
She heard Taj move away and sneaked a peek to her right to watch Jeff pull another pole out of the bag in which they were kept. Could she really do this? Yes. She could. She wanted to. She wanted to do it for them, because no one had ever indulged her fantasies like this or tried to help her overcome her tendency to control everything, and never settle down and have fun.
The tears ran down her face, but they weren’t only from the pain. She was overcome with emotion, and with what this actually meant. They cared about her so much, and were willing to help her become a better person. The kind of person she wanted to be, not what they thought she should strive for. They’d recognized a character trait in her that she despised, and they were going to help her change it. Or soften it, at least. No one had ever cared enough to even try and do something like that.
She wasn’t going to disappoint them. She was going to do this for them.
When the first blows struck her ass, she yelled again. This was serious shit. It burned in a way the riding crop had, but worse. Much worse. Jeff paused between strikes, but tears still ran down her face and her ass was on fire. It was a struggle not to move.
“Five more. You’re halfway there. You can do this.”
She knew she could, but oh man did it hurt. When he was finally done, she understood the difference big time between play and punishment. And she never wanted to feel it again. She would do anything not to feel that again.
He nuzzled her neck as Taj had done, and caressed the wounds he’d just made, rubbing something cool and soothing on her ass cheeks. “This will help. I am so proud of you. So very proud of you. I didn’t think you could do it, but you did. No more impact play on your ass this weekend. You’ve had enough. But don’t worry. We have plenty of other ways to play.”
He helped her stand, and then he pulled her into a tight embrace. Behind her, Taj caressed her hair and back, and then Jeff kissed her rough and deep, shoving his tongue into her mouth. She made a loud noise in the back of her throat as Taj pulled off her top and removed her bra so quickly that she barely had time to process it.
Jeff released the kiss, and then he helped her step out of her pants and panties, lifting each foot to take off her shoes and socks as well. Taj dragged what looked like a pool cushion to the front of the boat, and Jeff pointed. “On your hands and knees. Now.”
“Yes, Sir.” She could hardly breathe. This was so damn exciting and unexpected that her pussy had already begun contracting in tiny spasms. It was the ultimate fantasy. Punished and then fucked, rough and hard. She’d wanted this so badly, and here it was, about to become reality.
She heard them both put on condoms, and glanced up just to make sure she hadn’t hallucinated it. Where they got them, she had no idea. But did it matter? Taj pulled her hair. Not hard enough to really hurt, but she definitely knew he had done it. He knelt behind her, and then with his other hand he reached underneath to rub her clit.
“You’re so fucking wet and ready for us, aren’t you? You’re a bad girl. I knew you were. You want us to fuck you. Admit it.”
She cried out as her orgasm drew even closer at his words. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, Sir. I want you both to fuck me.”
He tugged her hair. “Are you a bad girl?”
“Yes, Sir. Yes. I’m a very bad girl. You wouldn’t have punished me otherwise.”
“That’s right. You are.” His fingers grazed her clit, bringing her closer and closer. “And bad girls get fucked as well.”
APP Exclusive: One Week in Paradise (MFM)
The Doms of Sybaris Cove 
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Doms and marketing executives Arizona Durante and Dallas Raleigh believe it’s unrealistic that two Doms can share a woman’s affections plus her submission. So Arizona’s sister, Lucie, challenges them to share her employee Celina Vallee for one week and not fall in love. They refuse citing cruelty and deceit, although in secret both men have had fantasies about Celina for years.

When Celina overhears her name offered up as the challenge, she persuades Arizona and Dallas to allow her to help them win the bet, no strings attached, just to spite Lucie. Celina has always had a secret crush on both men, and doesn’t want to pass up her chance for one week with them both.

But during that week, Celina is offered a job in New Orleans that includes the opportunity to pursue her career dreams. There’s just one catch. Arizona and Dallas are bound by an ancient curse that prevents them from ever leaving the island.


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