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7 Awesome Manlove Authors Kick-off Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'
(Manlove Style)
Aug. 14-17
Here at Inner Goddess, we are all about looking inside yourself and being true to yourself.  Whether that means a candlelit dinner or whips & chains, with a different or same gender person, or persons.  On the Book Club Forum, we have areas for these different genres.  The GLBTQ area is called the Rainbow room and we encourage you to visit and discuss your favorite reads. 
This week we are hosting our first Summer Lovin' (Manlove style) weekend.  This began with a casual conversation with one of my favorite authors Sandrine Gasq Dion.  Her Assassins/Shifters series includes hot military guys, hot shifters, smart men, firemen, every kind of man you could ever want and desire.  She's our first post for the event.  We will have 28 authors over the next 4 days. 
We will also have 20 authors over 2 days at our FB party Summer Lovin' with Manlove Authors on Aug. 16-17.  Please join us and chat with these great writers!

Each author has donated to the Grand Prize, so check out their post for prizes.  Come back each day for more chances to enter. 
by Sandrine Gasq Dion
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Sandrine will be chatting at the FB event
 on Sat., Aug. 16, 11am-noon EST

**Sandrine is giving away an ecopy of SAVAGE LOVE**
Six years ago, Chaz Savage was on top of the world: Beloved NFL star, filthy rich, great friends -- and a man he was close to falling in love with. Lev Chirkoff was smart, funny, sexy and freaking adorable. Then, one night he was gone with no explanation. Chaz is devastated, left wondering what happened to the only man who ever had his heart. Eventually, hurt turns to anger and then to rage. If he EVER sees that man again....

Lev Chirkoff has an impossible job forced on him by the mob boss his father works for. It involves a professional athlete he has worshiped since the first time he saw him, and the very thought of it sickens Lev. He meets Chaz and they seem to be made for each other. Soon, his only plan is falling in love. When a traumatic night forces Lev out of Chaz's life, he disappears. But Chaz Savage never leaves his heart.

Six years later, Lev returns to Seattle, makes new friends and finds a purpose in life. A Halloween party puts him in Chaz's orbit again, and unsportsmanlike conduct doesn't begin to cover the big man's reaction. With the mob after Chaz, Lev is assigned to protect him as they go into hiding. But Chaz Savage isn't about to make it easy for the man who devastated him. Once old feelings stir, he finally has a chance to discover the truth of Lev's betrayal. Lev falls even more deeply for the man who is so much more than just a football star -- but surely his secret will only cost him Chaz's love forever.

They say it takes a village, but in this case it's a reservation -- and as Chaz and Lev come to an uneasy peace, they discover that the people around them are more than willing to give their lives for the safety of their family.

Assassin/Shifter Website
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Ya Like That?
by Iyana Jenna


Iyana will be chatting at the FB event
 on Sat., Aug. 16, 9-10am EST

**Iyana is giving away an ecopy of YA LIKE THAT?**
Evan Foster is left with nothing after his father screwed up their family company. Evan's father ended up in jail, his mother in a mental institution, and they lost all their possession to the bank. Evan dropped out of college and he still has to pay for his mother's treatment. He has a job at a diner but it isn’t nearly enough.

Brian Donaghue is a millionaire with a multinational company but isn’t lucky in love. When he sees the picture Evan sends in with a resume, he’s immediately interested. But the way he ropes Evan into his company is far from conventional. Brian makes Evan an offer he can’t refuse.

Or can he?

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.
Evan’s heart constricted looking at the huge manor standing before him. It reminded him of his family’s former house although that wasn’t as big as this. He shook off the mental picture and strode to the security post, another thing different from his family’s home.

“Hi. I’m Evan Foster. I have an appointment with Mr. Donaghue.” The security guy looked him up and down, making him squirm.

“Can I have your driver’s license?”

Evan gave the man his driver’s license and got a visitor’s card in return.

“Thanks.” He turned toward the house.

“Wait. There’s a message for you.”

“Huh?” Evan took the envelope from the security guard’s hand and opened it. There was only one small piece of paper inside and he took it out.

Go into the house and come to the room at the end of the hall.

Evan frowned. It sounded like a line taken from a bad porn movie. Or perhaps Mr. Donaghue just liked to joke around.

Evan climbed up the short flight of stairs to the porch and reached out for the door knob.

“Hello?” His voice echoed in the large empty hall. Inside, it was dimly lit just like it was outside the house. Evan braced himself. He had permission to be there and instructions. He might as well do what he had to do.

Evan knew he had to get to the room at the end of the hall but he couldn’t help but feel intrigued and wanted to look around. Everything a mansion should have was here in this house: a vast welcoming area for guests, carpeted stairs spiraling up to the next level, and old portraits hung on the walls above the railing. Once he almost strayed, completely spell bound. He shook himself mentally and turned back to the hall.

After passing several rooms and doors, he got to the end of the corridor. He guessed it was the one on the left, for the one on the right was some feet before that. Evan tried the door. It was unlocked and dark inside. He felt around and found the switch. His breath hitched at the sight he was welcomed with. The room was bare, save for the thick red rugs on the floor and another piece of paper. Evan was written across it. He picked it up, turned it over, and read another message for him. Suddenly all of the air felt like it was being sucked out of his lungs. His sight blurred and his knees turned to jelly. He staggered until his back hit the wall, the pain throwing him back to awareness. He looked at the paper once more, hoping that it was just a figment of his twisted imagination. It wasn’t. The message still read the same.

Take off your shirt and shoes. Kneel on the floor in the middle of the room. Put your arms behind your head.

What was that supposed to mean? He signed a contract to be a personal assistant and not some ... sex slave or something. Or was that what they meant by personal assistant? Bile bubbled up in his throat. So it was for this reason that they paid him high, huh? A high-class whore? Evan wanted to run away, not having anything to do with them or the man named Brian Donaghue, whoever he was. He just wanted to forget he'd ever brushed with this ... this kind of stuff.
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The Silver Bullet series
by Olivia Black
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 AMZ     Bookstrand
Olivia will be chatting at the FB event
on Sat., Aug. 16, 2-3pm EST

**Olivia is giving away an original handcrafted Scrabble tile necklace**
Welcome to the Silver Bullet, the hottest gay club around! From a dance floor to a dungeon, we have it all.
There are 12 books in this MM series so far, with 3 more in the works!!!!

Oh, and did I mention it is also a paranormal series?  Primal Male!!!
Start out with Book 1: The Alpha's Mate
Alpha Gideon Channing isn’t just the leader of his pack in New Orleans. He’s also the owner of Silver Bullet, a gay club that offers everything from a dance floor to a dungeon. The club caters to all of its customers from shifters to vampires and even humans.
Josh Gordon is human. He’s just graduated college and is ready to party.  He knows that paranormal’s exist. In fact, everyone does, it’s not a secret. After drinking and dancing with his friends, large arms wrap around him and he’s instantly blown away that a huge wolf shifter would be interested in him.
The two men spend a wild night together, but when Josh wakes up, he’s scared of the awkward morning after. He can’t understand why his heart hurts with each step he takes toward the door. Before he can sneak out, Gideon stops him and convinces him that he needs more than just one night.
Look what you can find for each book on Olivia's website:
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Visit her website at:


by Draven St. James
These firefighters are hot enough to start their own fires!
Draven will be chatting on the FB event
at Sunday, Aug. 17, 8-9pm EST 

**Draven is giving away winner's choice of an ecopy from his backlist**


 Grey's Hidden Fire

Grey's entire life is wrapped around his job as a firefighter. It's all he has ever wanted. That is until his new coworker Mica Cruz saunters through the door with his smoldering dark looks and dimpled grin. Suddenly Grey finds himself wanting to get to know what Mica looks like out of his gear and between the sheets.

Mica has one rule: he keeps his work life and his personal life separate. It's easy enough to follow until he meets Grey and finds his rule can't stand up to the fire that Grey ignites. There's one big thing standing in the way of all of his lust-filled musings. Grey is straight.

In a profession where being gay is often kept quiet Grey must come to terms with his growing attraction to Mica.
How much is he willing to sacrifice, and can they come together before someone's hatred threatens to destroy them both?
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Fire and Mistletoe
When Greyson Hayes envisions the perfect first Christmas with Mica Cruz he sees twisted sheets, a bottle of wine and a roaring fire. What he doesn't see is a holiday spent with the uproarious Cruz family. Grey hasn't taken part in a family Christmas since the death of his parents. Despite his misgivings, he can't seem to form the word no when it comes to Mica.

Mica knows that Grey's not a grinch. Hell, the man shares so much Christmas cheer during the holidays that he leaves no time to experience any for himself. Not this year. Mica plans to make a few changes, starting with a few wicked and whimsical gifts. He enlists the help of his co-workers at Firehouse Six. They band together and strive to provide Grey with the same joy he gives to everyone else--with five a.m. tree hunts, strategically placed mistletoe and Mica playing Santa's not-so-little helper.

But while Mica is busy being nice, Grey has plenty of time to be naughty…
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Fused by Fire
Michael prides himself on being the man that everyone can depend on until one of his firefighters is severely wounded on the job. Will he be allowed to process the situation alone? Not when a loud and persistent Simon Winters shows up on his doorstep. The man hasn't met a boundary he didn't skip across. 

Simon has had the biggest crush on Lieutenant Firefighter Michael Donovan since the first day he saw him. Which just happened to be at an interview for a job to work as a firefighter. Before his desire to lick the gruff older man from head to toe affects his work, Simon transfers over to being a paramedic. Just when he's begun to build a life that doesn't include hot shower fantasies of Michael, the object of his angst is thrust into his path.

All too quickly, Simon begins to barrel through Michael's defenses and dig up the desires Michael has fought so hard to hide. As passions flare out of control, tragedies collide from every side. Michael's struggle to keep Simon at a distance starts to crumble beneath the weight of the secrets that Simon is hiding. Will Michael be able to protect Simon when he needs it the most or will he lose Simon forever?
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Scent of a Wolf
Pack of Light series
Jace Shaw is one of the few survivors of an extraordinary, rare wolf pack. He spends his days on the run and his nights in another world with a man he's only dreamed about. To sleep is to feel his dream man's hands on his body and hear his wicked whispered words. But when the sun rises reality crashes in: the evil that destroyed his birth pack hunts his kind down in search of a way to control their power.

Merek Wahya is an alpha dealing with all the issues of being newly appointed, but they all fall away when he closes his eyes at night. Then, a man with moonlit hair and mercury eyes crawls into bed with him. When he wakes it's to a painful arousal no one can satisfy. When Merek's wolf catches Jace's scent he knows he's found his mate, and he soon learns their nocturnal meetings were only foreplay. The joy of this discovery is shadowed by the trouble that follows Jace. Merek's mate is embroiled in a battle between two ancient packs, a war Merek must now fight. If he fails he could lose Jace forever.
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Covert Delivery
Aspen Starr is in a bind and not in a good way. His father is trying to use him to sweeten a business deal and being a bought boy toy holds no appeal. Just when he thinks he has no options left Sundae’s Custom Easter Baskets knocks at his door. Soon he finds himself blindly following a trail right into the path of a sexy new boss and a whole new mess of carnal complications.

Garren Thomas has rules and one of those is to never get involved with an employee. Easy to say, harder to enforce when Aspen is hired on. With each passing day Garren's control slips until all he wants to do is spend his days with Aspen in his bed.

When faced with giving into his desires, Garren sees his simple life being torn apart. Can he get Aspen out of his system without losing his heart? Aspen isn't much better off. He is drawn to Garren, but he can't help the fear that the secrets from his past will destroy it all. As Aspen's begins to lose himself within the confusion of sex and love one question plagues him: who sent the basket?
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Moonlit Wolves series
by Bronwyn Heeley
Bronwyn will be chatting on the FB event
at Sat., Aug. 16, 6-7pm EST

**Bronwyn is giving away a pdf set of the 6 Moonlit series ebooks**
Hot Werewolves, Mob characters, Hunters: 
Running away from your self can be quite dangerous!
Reading Order
1. Loved by a Werewolf. 2. Forever with my Werewolf,
3. Seeking my Werewolf, 4. Taking Control of my Werewolf,
5. A Werewolf's Howl, 6. The Rub of my Werewolf
And there are three more on the way!
 Loved by a Werewolf #1
“Let’s face it, you’re fucked anyway, why not hope for the best and get what you can out of the situation.”
Kidnapping the son of one of the mob leaders isn't easy, and when said son happens to be a werewolf's mate, it's bound to get messy.
Purchase Links
extasy books (publishers) :
 AMAZON      ARe       B&N       Smashwords      :Goodreads

Contact Bronwyn Heeley:

Twitter: @BronwynHeeley





Dangerous Wish

Uniform Encounters 6

by Morticia Knight


Morticia will be chatting on the FB event

at Sat., Aug. 16, 7-8pm EST


**Morticia is giving away winner's choice of one of the Uniform Encounters ebooks**

 Buy Links:

Totally Bound:     Amazon    Amazon UK     ARe
Love is a dangerous emotion that EMT Jared won’t risk. But it looks as though a sweet and sexy National Guardsman is about to make him wish for that—and much more.
EMT Jared Li loves his job, his friends and clubbing. There’s nothing like a night of fun getting glammed up, throwing on some heels and shaking his ass to the latest Britney tune. Life is all about having a good time with as many hot guys as possible.
Dan Harrison has been in the National Guard for about six months and out for not much longer than that. At twenty-two, he’s somewhat innocent, a little shy and not interested in meaningless hook-ups. One night at a karaoke bar changes everything for him when his fellow Guardsman Joseph introduces him to his friend Jared. Dan’s never met anyone like the luscious twink who’s filled with so much life and laughter.
A night of passion shakes them to their very cores. Jared really likes Dan, but doesn’t want to get caught up in any type of exclusive thing. Dan wishes there could be more between them, but is willing just to be friends in order to remain near the androgynous stunner.
Hanging out strictly as friends proves to be almost impossible for them both. Not only does Jared continuously lust after the muscular soldier, but he’s also falling for the caring and compassionate man. Dan’s every sex fantasy stars Jared in one of his daring club outfits, but his heart is what really matters and it’s already been lost to Jared.
A traumatic event breaks down the barriers between them and gives them the chance to be together the way they both want. But after Dan is called up by the Guard to assist at a natural disaster, the same bravery that Jared admires in Dan might be the final thing that separates them forever. 
Short Teaser:
Pretending to be terribly interested in what Joseph was saying, Jared had kept an eye on Dan in his peripheral vision. Something nagged at him. Obviously, he was going to need another drink soon—it seemed the five different types of liquor in his AMF weren’t clouding his conscience enough. He was hot for Dan and really wanted to have fun. He was sure Dan did too, but Joseph was acting like a mother hen about his buddy. It was such a buzz kill.
Dan had returned with an identical blue drink. As he’d sat down, Jared had noticed how he had tried to subtly move the chair closer to him. They’d toasted one another then the music had come on—the host croaking through a cringe-worthy performance of some Roy Orbison song. He kept peering at Dan when he was sure Dan wouldn’t notice—gauging whether there was any chance the young man would make a move on his own. Nope.
That must be what Joseph had meant about Dan needing guidance.
Leaning in so Dan could hear him over the caterwauling, he spoke right next to his ear.
“I warned you.”
Dan nodded, laughing. It wasn’t a loud, attention-drawing noise. It was easy. Comfy, like home. Dan inclined his head toward him.
“Are you going to sing?”
“No, but I might dance. That is, if they ever play anything worth shaking my ass to.”
Jared didn’t miss how Dan’s eyes had widened slightly and his lips had pressed together when Jared had mentioned his potential ass-shaking.
“Do you ever sing when you’re here?”
Jared shrugged. “It depends. They haven’t gotten any new Lady Gaga since her first album—yawn—and the same goes for Britney. I asked Ted, the host, if he could get Britney’s Work Bitch and he looked at me as if I were from some uncharted galaxy. I think I frighten him.”
“He’s obviously missing out by not accommodating you.”
Jared raised his eyebrows. Dan had said it with such sincerity.
“You are so right, Dan. Especially since I love being accommodated.”



When One Door Opens
by JD Ruskin
Buy Links
Dreamspinner Press     Amazon     Barnes&Noble     ARe     Kobo
JD will be chatting at the FB event
on Sat., Aug. 16, 3-4 pm EST

**JD Ruskin is giving away a copy of When One Door Opens (e-book or print)**
Logan Sellers's parole officer has issued three commandments: stay sober, stay employed, and stay out of trouble. At first Logan thought those three simple rules would be easy to follow. But that was before he accepted a side job assisting his boss’s housebound agoraphobic nephew, Caleb.

Caleb is deceptively normal for a guy who hasn't left his apartment in three years, and his friendly, caring personality tugs on heartstrings Logan didn’t know he had. But hitting on his boss’s nephew is asking to be unemployed. Logan has enough problems with booze on every corner and a supervisor trying to jump into his bed. He doesn’t need to work out how to free Caleb from the anxiety that keeps him in his apartment; he needs to keep his nose clean, attend his AA meetings, and make a fresh start—alone.

If only his heart would get with the program.


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