Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tortured and Dark, they yearn for a mate

Dark Fates:
An All New Paranormal Romance Boxed Set
Series: Redwood Pack 7.7, Fallen Alpha 1.5
Heat Level: 4 Flames

Six brand new, hot paranormal romance stories from USA Today and bestselling authors. Alpha heroes and heroines with dark pasts and the need to find their own happy ever after will draw you in and make you turn to the next page.
Review by pearls
The Hunted Heart is a Redwood Pack novella, and I love this series.  A wolf shifter pack that fights evil, there is a large cast of unique characters.  When I agreed to review this anthology, I didn't realize this was in here.  Boy, am I glad it was!  The Hunted Heart works well as stand-alone as the author weaves the backstory throughout the plot without slowing the flow of the story.  It is the story of a Man who loves a Woman, who has gone so long without love from others that she cannot recognize the same feeling in her own heart.  His patient handling of the situation sets up several romantic moments.  I just loved Noah in this book.  Emelin is trying to learn to live again, and love gives her the wings to fly: Like watching a butterfly morph.  If you haven't read this series, you can read this one and get hooked.  If you are already a fan--You don't want to miss this!

THE HUNTED HEART by USA Today Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan
Emeline might have been alive hundreds of years, but she’s never really lived. Noah has known Emeline was his mate since he first saw her, only he doesn’t know if she feels the same. When he finally takes that final step, he’ll have to pray she finds the connection and overcomes the past she thought she’d lost years ago.

JACKAL’S MEASURE by USA Today Bestselling Author Marie Harte
Tortured by the god of chaos for centuries, Tariq knows only duty to numb the pain. When he’s sent to collect Eden, a sexy human accused of interfering in the Games of the Gods, his missing heart beats again. But love may not be enough to save them.

ALPHA’S SACRIFICE by Rebecca Royce
Hayden Chaucer is determined to make the best life possible for his pack and is ill-prepared to discover his true mate waiting for him in his home. Worse, his mate, Chelsea, has fled the True Believers, and her ability to see the future may cost them their present.

A submissive wolf who lost it all finds herself in a mating dance with the very dominant senior enforcer who will stop at nothing to claim her.

SANGUE FEVER by Ann Mayburn
Drifting without a purpose, vampire Lisabetta finds herself yearning for something more. She finds it while hunting for her next donor. Things are not quite as they seem when she seduces an older mortal man and finds herself in danger of falling in love for the first time in centuries.

All Jubilee Spector wants is to save her brother. The last thing she expects is to stumble into a dark world and another’s war. But Fox Arada is so much more than a man, and her secret threatens to change the Watchers’ world forever

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