Sunday, August 10, 2014

MEET AUTHOR Morgan Black

Morgan Black is a hair stylist by day and hottie writer by night. She walks her dogs in high heels and never leaves the house  without red lipstick. She firmly believes in the power of Zen, and does Yoga freely in her backyard, in her favorite set of pumps.

Morgan Black also writes hot vampire erom under M. Black.

~*~BOOK  LIST~*~

The Fireside series
Ablaze, Flames, & Simmer
A serial Erotic Romance Bundle:
Erotic Romance, Cowboys, Heroes

Sometimes scars are on the surface, but sometimes what lies beneath is far more treacherous.

Cheyenne is beautiful, successful, and filthy rich. But hidden below her impeccable facade lies a broken girl who feels like love is just another business transaction. After she marries Collin, another wealthy ranch owner, she'll have done her part to keep the family business alive. But when she meets Luke she realizes that her heart can't be bought.

Cheyenne and Luke become stranded in a cabin in the woods and when a blizzard threatens to bury them they must fight for their lives. If only they realized once rescued they'd have to keep fighting.
Bet Me
Love is a Gamble
Ruby Valaquez's life isn't supposed to be perfect. She should be a teenage mom like her sister. In a gang like her father. Or even dead like her brother. Instead, she's a math genius, college-bound with a world of opportunities in front of her.

But opportunities cost money. Something Ruby is sorely lacking in until she stumbles upon an underground poker ring on campus, where she suddenly finds the rush she's been looking for. No one suspects the newest math braniac at school is the same girl who spends her nights raking in cold, hard cash.

James Morey certainly doesn't. The frat boy with loaded pockets doesn't mind blowing his father's money. He'll be tied down by the family business soon enough. Gambling has become his escape, one he desperately needs.

But when the Latin beauty at the table takes him for all he's worth, suddenly there are consequences he hadn't anticipated. And both Ruby and James realize there is more at stake than money...more than either of them had gambled on.
The Working Girl
When Juliette joins a friend on a casting call, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. After her audition she's asked to join the list of women as part of an elite escort service. Suddenly she's thrust into a world of luxury and fantasy. But while her wildest dreams become a reality, her nightmares also creep into her life. Juliette must now find a balance or risk losing everything.

Bitten (Bitten By Lust #1)
WARNING: If you don't enjoy hot sex with fantastical elements, sexy shirtless vampires, and beautiful women, then this story isn't for you.

If you're under 18, get outta here! This story is definitely for readers 18+

Eve Mallory is a stuck up prude with a dead end newspaper job. But when her boss offers her a chance to write a story about the hottest sex club in town, her whole world changes.

Eve thinks she’s just at Red to get the scoop, she never expects to be brought into the elite circle of Vampires who are wealthy, beautiful, and hungry. Possibly for her blood.

And then there's Derek, with his piercing blue eyes, incredible build, and smug understanding of Eve. Why does he know so much about her? And what is it about his touch that makes her tremble?
Intimate Negotiations
Corporate Affairs
Afternoon Delights
Seven Dirty Sins


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