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When pride comes between love

When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever. Kidnapped from a cemetery in New Orleans on Halloween, each of the five friends becomes embroiled in a paranormal turf war that will decide the outcome of not only their lives, but the entire city of New Orleans.

Coming October 20th through October 24th, 2014...
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Their Mate's Redemption
Midnight, New Orleans Style 5
by Marla Monroe
a Paranormal Shape-Shifters Menage Erotic Romance
from Siren Publishing


When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever.

Struggling with guilt, Shayla learns that true love can set you free, but it sometimes comes with a price. Gaston and Beau learn that claiming their mate might cost them their pride.

Beau and Gaston struggle to protect their mate while trying to understand what is happening with their enemies. When it becomes obvious that demons are behind their latest trouble, they know that the trouble wasn’t from within the pride, but from outside.


Shayla jerked back around to stare ahead of her, fully expecting not to be able to see in that direction now either, but the pathway ahead appeared brighter than before. As she took a step in that direction, the light seemed to move, almost dancing over the tombs and crypts towering over her on either side.
“Heidi? Erin?” No one answered.
In fact, the cemetery was eerily silent. Not even the sound of the wind could be heard though she saw the evidence of it in the blowing ribbons on wreaths and pots of flowers. Taking a step, she felt the crunch of the gravel beneath her feet, but nothing made a noise. Fear unlike anything she’d ever felt before crawled inside her and began wreaking havoc on her stomach. Every beat of her heart seemed to push it higher in her throat.
She’d always believed Lissette when she’d talked about Voodoo, Vodun, and Santeria. Each was a different practice mixing all sorts of forms of witchcraft and religion. One thing Shayla respected was the powers of belief. You didn’t have to be a practitioner in any of the arts to experience them if you believed. There was power in belief. If not for them, her friend would still be alive. Shayla believed that with all of her heart. They’d been a part of her death as surely as the one or ones who’d killed her all those years ago.
Something moved in her peripheral vision. Shayla jerked around but whatever it had been, it was gone now. She continued walking, slower than before. She looked from side to side as she passed each vault, praying nothing hid beside them to jump out at her as she did. If she died there before she’d even had a chance to pay her respects to the high priestess who Lissette had held in such high regard, the entire trip would have been for nothing. Shayla desperately wanted to atone for her part in Lissette’s death.
Originally she’d planned to find the store where Lissette had gotten her griss griss and talked to the owner about how to do that. She wanted Lissette to know she was sorry so maybe she could forgive herself. But when they’d found out about the tomb of Marie Laveau, it had seemed like a sign and the perfect way to pay their respects and tell their friend they were sorry.
Why had they convinced her not to wear the griss griss that night? They’d told her it was too valuable to her and where they were going, it might get stolen. In truth, they hadn’t wanted people to see it and ask questions. It didn’t smell exactly, but it did have an odd odor and if anyone asked Lissette about it, she got all mysterious and explained what it was for. They’d wanted to avoid that where they were going. And it had cost their friend her life.
For years after that, Shayla had struggled with the guilt. Then when she’d been attacked…
I’m not going there.
Something slammed to the ground in front of her, stopping her dead in her tracks. Before she could make sense of it, the thing got up and ran back between the vaults, disappearing before her eyes. Another larger shape raced past her, nearly knocking her over in the process.
What the hell? That looked like a panther! A freaking huge panther, but a panther. How much did I drink tonight?
There was no way she could leave the others out there with huge panthers running around. She had to find them. Without letting her good sense step in to stop her, Shayla slipped between the vaults and followed the panther, praying she wasn’t about to get eaten for her foolishness.
As she reached the end of a row of vaults, Shayla felt as if she were running through warm molasses for a split second before she almost popped out into the middle of what she could only describe as something right out of a horror movie. An epic battle raged on in front of her, the noise almost deafening between the growls, snarls, and loud chanting that filled the previously silent night around her.
She’d been right. The massive things she’d seen earlier had been massive panthers who were even now fighting what looked like demon spawn complete with red glowing eyes and grotesque bodies. The stench of sulfur and rotting flesh nearly made her gag, but it was the blood that flowed freely as every paranormal creature she’d never believed in and a few she’d never heard of fought as if the plight of the world rested on their shoulders. Perhaps it did.
There was no way to tell who was on what side or even who was winning. All she needed to worry about was where her friends were, but finding them in this would not only be impossible, but probably suicide as well.
What looked to be a vampire raced past her but before she could turn to check where he had gone, a nasty looking demon hissed in her direction before racing toward her. Shayla didn’t waste her breath screaming. It hadn’t helped her before, it sure wouldn’t help her in this. With everything going on around her she doubted it would even be heard over the fierce battle cries of the various creatures locked in mortal combat.
Instead, Shayla did what any self-respecting coward would do, she ran.


Every cell in his body cried out for her. His cat roared with demand that he take her, mark her, and fill her with his seed. The male side of him knew it wasn’t that simple or easy.
Her heart shaped face, now pale from shock, called to him just as the scent of her arousal had nearly driven his cat insane with the need to mount their mate. He wanted to taste that sweet honey he knew was seeping from her hot, wet pussy. The urge to bite her and mark her for all the world to see and know that she belonged to him—and his brother rode him hard. Though the panther wanted her submission, he wasn’t as worried about that as much as earning her trust and eventually her love.
Before she could regain her composure and argue with him about that, Gaston moved to reposition her on her back and once again settled between her thighs. Everything inside of him wanted to dive right in and sample some of the delicious juices he knew was right there in her folds. He knew he needed to build her up to that point so that she didn’t fight it. He and his brother needed to overwhelm her with pleasure so intense she couldn’t fight it anymore. Had she truly not wanted anything to do with them, Gaston would have backed away and tried something different, but the sweet fragrance of her arousal belied any protest she might offer.
Once again he started at her lower belly and kissed and licked his way to the softy curly hair that guarded her treasure. He couldn’t wait to bury his face between her legs. Even more, he wanted to sheath his cock deep in her hot, tight cunt.
I can’t scare her away. She is human and doesn’t understand our ways. Patience cat. She will be ours, but we can’t take away her choice.
The panther roared his disagreement. Panther females wouldn’t mate with a male who couldn’t control them, giving them the security they needed to believe their mate was strong enough to protect them and their cubs. Shayla wouldn’t understand that type of mating. Why had the fates decided on a human?
He shook off his questions and renewed his determination to win her trust and her love. At that moment, all that mattered was giving her pleasure so intense she wouldn’t say no to becoming their mate. With that finial thought, Gaston spread her thighs apart with his wide shoulders before spreading her pussy lips so he could see the pink flower covered in her dew just waiting for his tongue.
Cho! Co! Chere. So pretty and wet you are.” He ran his tongue up her slit to circle around the little nub of her clit.
“Oh, God! What are you doing to me?” Her hoarse voice made him smile as he lapped at her much as a Meenoo would lap at a saucer of milk.
She wiggled under his mouth to the point he had to look up to see what Beau was doing to her. He couldn’t help but smile as his brother sucked and squeezed her breasts, his face awash in bliss. To say that Beau was a breast man was an understatement. Gaston laid one arm over her pelvis to hold her still making sure to keep his hand off of her wound. Causing her pain was not acceptable.
Every swipe of his tongue over her wet pussy netted him more of her sweet nectar. He couldn’t get enough of it but knew his brother should have a taste as well.
“Chere, pass me your hand. Let Beau taste how good you are.”
She hesitated then placed her hand in his. He dipped her fingers in her creamy juices before handing it over to his brother. Beau’s eyes sparkled with anticipation as he sucked her fingers into his mouth. When his eyes closed and a low growling purr resonated from his chest, Shayla’s eyes widened again.
“See, beb? He is enraptured by your honeyed taste. It is the sweetest confection,” he told her.
Beau sucked and licked every drop from her fingers before growling louder and covering her mouth with his. Gaston relaxed when her arms wrapped around his brother, smoothing up and down his back. He felt his panther pacing restlessly. He nipped at her clit, feeling her bow beneath them as he soothed the slight sting with a swipe of his tongue. There was nothing as sexy as a female in the throes of passion. He wanted to see that with his mate.
Every fiber of his body ached to possess her but she would succumb first to the pleasure she deserved. He licked once more up her slit before carefully entering her hot, tight cunt with one finger. She instantly tightened around him. His cock twitched at the sensation of her tender tissues squeezing his finger. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of her milking his finger as he slowly fucked her with it while sucking lightly on her clit.

About the Author

Marla Monroe has been writing professionally for about ten years now. Her first book with Siren was published in January of 2011. She loves to write and spends every spare minute either at the keyboard or reading another Siren author. She writes everything from sizzling hot contemporary cowboys, to science fiction ménages with the occasional bad ass biker thrown in for good measure.

Marla lives in the southern US and works full time at a busy hospital. When not writing, she loves to travel, spend time with her cats, and read. She’s always eager to try something new and especially enjoys the research for her books. She loves to hear from readers about what they are looking for next.
You can reach Marla at
 or visit her website at
twitter username     @MarlaMonroe1
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