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Blog Tour - Loving the Crown

Genre: Contemporary Royal Romance

Release Date: 4.26.18

Gillian Bradshaw might be the princess of Hollywood,

But she’s never met royalty like me.

One collision and we’re both hooked.

Only, dating an actress isn’t allowed in the House of Sauvage.

She’s gorgeous, talented and brilliant.

I can’t let a woman like her out of my arms,

No matter what the crown says.

But I’m up against the clock.

Gillian is headed back to the States as soon as her shoot wraps.

I can’t let her go that easily.

I’ve had my share of training in the Royal Navy, but I’m in the fight of my life to keep the woman I can’t live without.

This is one battle I’m not going to lose—even if I have to take on the king.

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Tempting the Crown

Risking the Crown

USA Today Bestselling Author, Violet Paige, is a wine and coffee-loving mama who loves sports and writes about the delicious men on and off the field. When she's not writing, you can find her baking and spending time at the beach with her family. Open a book, raise the score and enjoy the men of Violet Paige.

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A BABY FOR THE VIKING WOLF by Gwen Knight Blog Tour

With great passion comes great responsibility...

Lucy Tullet's entire world has imploded, thanks to the two soft pink lines staring back at her. As a professional party-girl, she never considered settling down and having kids. Until she meets the blood wolf—a renowned Viking vampire hunter with a mysterious past—and spends the night in his arms. Now, thanks to him, everything has changed. Not only are there vampires running amok in town, hunting Lucy and her unborn child, but the blood wolf has staked his claim, determined to both protect her and take her as his mate.

(Available on Kindle Unlimited)

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"Lucy," he repeated as he studied my face. "A lovely name for a lovely woman."I cleared my throat and stepped back, putting space between us. "Are you here as a bachelor then?"Bemusement tugged on his mouth. "I'm flattered. But no." "So, if you aren't here as a bachelor, and you're not part of the European pack…" I let my sentence dangle with the hope that he'd answer my unspoken question. What other reason could there be for his presence? Unless…understanding dawned. "Are you here to bid on one of the bachelors?" Surprise widened his dark eyes, and he choked back a laugh. "Uh, no. While I'm sure they're fine men, they're not the one I'm interested in." Heat spread through my cheeks. "Um. We'll just…be elsewhere," Bailey said. "Like, over there. Yeah, over there works." "What?" Evelyn asked. "Come on, dummy." Bailey grabbed Evelyn's arm and wrenched her toward the bar. The blush spread down the back of my neck. Within five minutes, the entire pack would hear about this. Those two women were the absolute worse sort. Gossip was like air to them. "So." I shot him another look, my tongue suddenly heavy in my mouth. This was ridiculous. I wasn't the sort who gummed up in front of a man. I was the sort who took initiative, who dragged them out onto the dance floor for a good time, who used them, then ditched them the next morning. Yet, here I stood, nervously fiddling with my glass, my mouth drier than the desert. All because Mr. Europe was hotter than hell itself. I cleared my throat and tried again. "What are you here for then?" His brows furrowed. "I came to see someone. But they didn't show." A woman someone? I wanted to ask. Except, the words died in my throat. "And you're really not part of the European pack?" "No." He chuckled, the expression lighting up his face. I loved the sound of it, deep but gentle, as though he laughed a lot. "In fact, I only arrived in America this afternoon." My lips parted. "Wow. You even managed to score a sweet tux, too. Impressive." He bowed his head. "I aim to please." "Did you come to America to meet this friend of yours?" "I did. Guess that won't be happening tonight, though." "And this friend…" Just ask! "A female friend?" His smile broadened, flashing a pair of dimples. "No. Just an old friend. But he's not here, and you are. So, I call that a win." I ducked my head, the bunnies in my stomach launching into full-blown butterflies. Damn it, stop playing coy! Reagan often called me a man-eater. Time to put up or shut up. "Well then." I handed my empty glass to the next server who strode by and grabbed two fresh drinks, handing him one. "If you're not from the European pack, then I offer you my sincerest apology for the way I spoke to you earlier." "That so?" His mouth ticked upward. "I'm honored. I get the impression you don't apologize often." "I'm not often wrong," I said with a playful wink. "Ah, beauty and brains, then?" Before I could respond, he plowed onward. "I take it you're here to bid on one of these fine gentlemen tonight?" "Yup." Not that I wanted to anymore. The only devilishly handsome werewolf I wanted to play with was the one standing in front of me. "You sure you're not supposed to be up there?" "Do you want me to be?" Most definitely. I'd bid every last cent on him. Problem was, from the many hungry glances sliding his way, I wasn't the only one interested. And I wasn't known for sharing. After a moment's consideration, I shook my head. "No, you don't belong up there." He clutched at his chest. "You wound me, madam!" "It's for your protection, and everyone else's too. I wouldn't want to have to kill everyone who bid on you just to get what I want." He stepped closer, his scent overwhelming my senses. "I'm intrigued. What is it you want?" "You tell me," I murmured, my voice taking on a husky note. His fingers brushed against mine, teasing, taunting…playing the game. I gave a slow blink and lifted my gaze to his, my mouth curling into a sensuous smile. "I know what I want," he said. "Do tell." Without warning, he cupped the back of my head and brushed his lips against mine. Slowly at first, tasting what I had to offer. Teasing me with the promise of something more. I'd expected him to ravish my mouth, but instead, he took the time to seduce me. Heat spread through my body, and my damn knees buckled. His touch feathered against my bare back, eliciting a shiver unlike anything I'd ever experienced. My whole body attuned to his, and he'd done little more than offer a chaste brush of our lips. We parted, my chest heaving beneath my dress. His gaze dipped to my plunging neckline, his eyes sparkling at the sight of my flushed skin. "I have a room upstairs," he rasped. Hallelujah. Because we sure as hell wouldn't make it back to my place. "Only if you're interested." I laughed. "You damn well know I'm interested." "Now?" Screw the auction. Gabriel had sent me to smooth over the press, and to donate money to a good cause. Neither of which I'd done. But I'd already won the night as far as I was concerned, without spending a single cent. I could easily donate the money without bidding. I licked my lips, excitement dancing in my stomach. "Now," I murmured. "Right fucking now." He flashed me a grin. "A woman after my own heart."

My Viking Wolf

(Available on Kindle Unlimited)

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Gwen Knight is a Canadian girl currently living in Jasper, AB. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a degree in Archaeology and Geography. Her interests consist of playing in the dirt, designing elaborate snow forts, boating, and archery.

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With great passion comes great responsibility...

Lucy Tullet's entire world has imploded, thanks to the two soft pink lines staring back at her. As a professional party-girl, she never considered settling down and having kids. Until she meets the blood wolf—a renowned Viking vampire hunter with a mysterious past—and spends the night in his arms. Now, thanks to him, everything has changed. Not only are there vampires running amok in town, hunting Lucy and her unborn child, but the blood wolf has staked his claim, determined to both protect her and take her as his mate.

(Available on Kindle Unlimited)

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My Viking Wolf

(Available on Kindle Unlimited)

Amazon US I Amazon UK

Gwen Knight is a Canadian girl currently living in Jasper, AB. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a degree in Archaeology and Geography. Her interests consist of playing in the dirt, designing elaborate snow forts, boating, and archery.

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Cupid's Broken Arrow - special Valentines story

We featured this story last year in pieces over several days but it is so much fun that we wanted to give everyone another chance at this fun story!

Remember that this is an ADULT story - featuring adult themes and content.  In other words, not work or kid friendly but your significant other will thank you!


Chapter One

“Come on, baby! Give it to me!” The woman between Eros’ legs urged as she worked his cock
with her hands and mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she licked him over from his base
to the tip. Popping his head out of her mouth, she slapped it against her lips. “Come on, Cupid!
Get so thick and hard for me you split me in two! It’s been so long!”
Whatever beginnings of an erection he had, softened to nothing as the visions of fat, curly-haired
cherubs floated through his mind.
“That’s it. Stop. Just stop!”
“But why?” she replied, not yet giving up on the chance to have sex with him again. “So, it’s
taking you a little longer. I don’t mind. You know how much I love giving head, especially to you.”
Grasping her by her shoulders, he forced her away from him.
“You need to go, Ophelia.” he threw his fingers through his hair, stood, and let his wings stretch
out behind his back. “I told you not to call me by that name. I never should have told you what
“I’m sorry! It was a slip-up!”
“Get out.”
After she dressed, Eros slammed the door behind her retreating figure, the latest woman he had
tried to bed, unsuccessfully.
Her body was thick and luscious, her tits overflowing his palms. She was everything he could
have asked for in a lay. To her credit, she’d tried using her entire erotic arsenal to raise his cock
to standing. It had been a wasted effort with his dick a limp, useless thing, lying against his
stomach as she had done her best to get him hard.
He’d lost count of the number of times over the past few weeks that he hadn’t been able get it up,
and he’d called the last fuck-buddy in his roster to make another attempt to get over whatever
sex slump he was in. None of the others had been able to get him hard, but he was sure Ophelia
would have the tricks to get his dick to respond.
“What in Zeus’ name is fucking wrong with you?” he yelled as he looked down in disdain at his
unresponsive cock in his hand. Shaking his dick in frustration, he went on speaking to it, “I’m
the god of fornication, not that chubby baby singing stupid love songs! I never should have left
Olympus! Never should have gone to that card shop! Why did I listen to that drunkard, Bacchus?”

A month or so prior, Eros had attended another one of his friend’s wine filled parties. Barely clad
or entirely naked nymphs had been running through the woods, their breasts bouncing as the
males ran after them.
Deciding to give chase himself, he spied the beauty nearest to him, and took off after her.
Moments later, he’d caught her in his arms, and then, laid her down on the ground as his cock
hardened in anticipation of being inside her tight heat.
“What’s your name, lovely?” he’d asked, as he balanced the weight of his upper body over her
while grinding the lower against her wetness. “What should I call you while I’m fucking your
sweet pussy?”
“Does it matter?” she’d laughed, reaching for the stiffness between his legs. After pushing his
clothing aside to free him, she’d wrapped her fingers around his girth, and begun stroking him
with lengthy pulls of her hand up and down. “I know who you are, and your reputation, Eros.
You’ll forget my name the minute you come.”
“Maybe not.” he ran his nose against the length of her neck. “You could be the one that changes
me forever.”
“Silver tongued liar is what you are, Eros.” She’d smiled up at him as she trailed a finger of her
other hand down his face. “I still want you though.”
Reaching down, he had lined himself up to her core, and eased his crown inside of her with a
satisfied groan of pleasure.
“Ohhhh!” she’d cried out, and wrapped her legs around his waist.
As Eros was thrusting in and out of the writhing nymph, a stumbling Bacchus had crashed
through the bushes towards them.
“Eros? Where are you?” he’d thundered, closing in on the couple’s moment of intimacy. “Nobody
knows that fucking name anymore, dude!” Bacchus was listing from side to side as he couldn’t
stand straight as wasted as he was. Wine had sloshed out of his chalice as he’d thrown his arm
out towards Eros. “You’re ‘Cupid’ to them all now!”
“What are you blathering about? Can’t you see I’m busy here?”
“Go down to Earth. You’ll see what they’ve done to you. Fucking shame, man.” He slumped
against a tree, and slid down it, dropping in a heavy thud on the dirt. “You used to be the shit.
Not anymore.”
The lithe and willing body underneath Eros was as forgotten as she had said she would be, and
he hadn’t even finished fucking her.
“What the hell are you talking about, Bacchus?” Eros withdrew from her, stood, and helped the
nymph to her feet.
He smacked her on her ass, and then she ran off to join the orgy in the center of the forest. The
sounds of voices raised in need and screams of blissful release filtered through the air to his ears,
but he had no interest any longer.
Walking over to where his friend had passed out, Eros kicked Bacchus’ foot to waken him, “I
asked you a question!”
The only response he’d received was a loud snore.
That night, he’d done what Bacchus had said to do, and left Olympus to mingle amongst the
lesser beings.
Hiding his wings, and disguising himself to blend with the humans, he’d arrived at one of the
larger cities, easily casting himself in step with the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets.
Stopping in front of a store window, his eyes widened as he’d seen what had to be a depiction of
himself. Disbelief had washed over him, as his eyes had fallen on a smiling child with a quiver at
his back, readying an arrow with a red heart on the end of it for launch.
The front of the parchment read, “Love is in the air! Cupid’s arrow is aimed at you!
“What the?”
Incredulous, he’d entered the shop, and begun perusing the cards stocked for an upcoming
holiday, seemingly dedicated to human love and affection.
After grabbing one up, he’d snapped it with a flick of his finger. There was no mistaking the
commonalities between him and the illustration in his hands.
“That isn’t me at all! I’m a full grown man, not a child! Look at me! I’m an erotic, sex god!” he’d
shouted, getting the attention of the women and men on either side of him. Pointing at the myriad
cards and balloons displaying how the humans perceived him in this era, he’d raised his voice
even louder. “What have you people done? You’ve castrated me!”
A man wearing a uniform had approached from behind and slapped a hand on Eros’ shoulder.
“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”
“But!” Eros had protested, whipped off his glasses and hat, and tossed them down onto the floor.
“Don’t you see these abominations? Don’t you know who I am? I’m Eros!”
“Yes, Sir. I see the Valentine’s Day cards. I’m going to call some people to come help you, Eric.”
“What?” he had exclaimed, and the people around took steps away from him, mumbling to each
other about the ramblings of an insane man. “What the hell is ‘Valentine’s Day’?” He’d screeched
as the security guard pushed him through the exit and out the door.
Pacing back and forth in front of the entrance, chewing on his nails and glancing wildly about at
the humanity that had betrayed him, Eros had taken flight back home once the police and
ambulance had arrived.
Upon entering his bedroom, he’d gone to his treasured arrows. Clasping them in his hands, his
grip had been so intense, the metal had wilted and withered, bending in half. The tip bowed down
in a maddening similarity to his unresponsive cock.

Chapter Two

Tessa Lovejoy smothered a groan and dragged a flat pillow over her head in an effort to drown out
the shrieking coming through the wall behind the sad excuse for a bed she had woken up on this
morning. Squinting into the foggy dimness, she tried to focus on the red numbers glowing on the
clock radio. Was it really only 4:00? She eased onto her stomach and tried to calm the strange
roiling sensation. Whatever was the matter now? Before she could fall back asleep, she broke into
a sudden cold sweat and only just managed to hang her head over the bed before everything she’d
drunk came back up and out in a horrifying display of human frailty.
Oh, fabulous. Now, even her stomach thought it was human. Curling her nose in disgust, she
swung her legs off of the bed and lurched to the bathroom. Weaving side to side, bouncing from
one wall to the other, she finally managed to squeeze into the shower to stand under the weak,
cold stream until her head cleared and her stomach settled.
Damn that bitch goddess, Fortuna!
Exactly four weeks earlier, she’d been blissfully going about her life as a minor Vestal Virgin
working in the service of the gentle goddess, Vesta. Born into the job, Tessa had never questioned
her position as a very, very, very minor goddess in the complicated hierarchy of Roman deities.
Life was good. She’d had no complaints about maintaining the temple or seeing to the simple
needs of the goddess of hearth and home.  She’d been content. Remaining a virgin seemed a small
sacrifice for the comfortable life she lived. That was before she’d been invited to one of Bacchus’
famous parties. Her two good friends, Justina and Ophelia, talked her into going.
It’ll be fun, they said. What could go wrong, they said.

That night, the sky had sparkled with magical stars; the warm breeze drifted through the forest
clearing, ruffling leaves and gently lifting her blond hair as she stood awkwardly in the shadows.
What was she thinking? She was a VV -- not some trampy wood nymph! Remaining a virgin was
the number one job requirement! This was a bad idea. Swinging her gaze left and right, she eased
back a few more feet, hiding behind the trunk of a massive tree. Five more minutes and she would
slip away. Justina and Ophelia were giggling with a couple of young gods. They wouldn’t notice
by then.
Flute music tinkled as the party got underway. All around her, gods, goddesses and everything
in between were paired off or joined in groups. Torchlight glimmered off of naked backs as more
and more wine flowed and inhibitions vanished.  The delighted cries of wood nymphs getting
pleasured a few feet away brought an uncomfortable tightness to her belly and made her tingly
and needy for something she didn’t quite understand. Shifting position, she nearly gasped as a
wave of dizziness washed over her. Her breasts ached. Her pussy tingled. Oh, she should leave.
This wasn’t her place.  
“Why so sad, luscious girl?” The husky words came from just above her ear, followed by the wet
heat of a tongue trailing down the side of her throat. The unfamiliar touch sent a jolt of desire
straight to her core. Two hard arms wrapped around her, palms cupping her breasts through her
thin gown, fingers tightening over her straining nipples.  “The party’s just getting started. Have
some wine. It’ll make you happy.”
“No, thank you. I really need to leave.” Stiffening against his hold, she tried to jerk out of the
stranger’s grasp, but he only chuckled and held her back to his chest with one hand while the
other conjured a goblet of wine and handed it to her.  Oh, goddess, he was naked. Gloriously
naked. She felt every inch of his skin along her back and butt. His cock thickened to press
between her cheeks as he smoothly wrapped her fingers around the cup.
One last little instinct screamed urgently to move away, but his hot breath dancing over the
nape of her neck felt too good. Shut up, instinct! What could go wrong?
“That’s right, love. Drink the wine and we’ll go play for a while,” he murmured as he tipped the
cup to her mouth. “I’ll rock your world, baby.”
After she finished it, he snapped his fingers and the cup vanished. Turning her to his chest, his
lips curled into a sexy grin and she lost all desire to go.
“Eros.” His name came as a gasp as she drank him in. Surely she must be dreaming?
Gleaming muscles; golden skin; beautiful... His shining green eyes all but hypnotized her while
his clever hands drew her into his arms for a kiss that probably stopped time. Growling low in
his throat, he cupped her jaw, taking control of her mouth until she was fairly panting with
desire. The god could kiss! His tongue tasted of wine as it danced with hers, coaxing her to
respond even as his fingers stroked her clit until she was grinding against his hand like one of
those horny nymphs she’d watched earlier. Good goddess! That animal groan couldn’t be coming
from her! Her face was surely on fire, but he stopped her from moving away by plunging two
fingers deep inside.
“That’s it, baby, fuck my fingers. Let yourself go.”
Dropping his mouth to her bare breasts, he nipped and sucked at her nipples until her eyes rolled
back in her head. Holy, holy, holy sh-- She’d lost her ability to think at all as he spread her thighs
and stroked the head of his cock along her drenched pussy.  In a heartbeat, her gown was gone,
her legs were wrapped around his waist, and she was begging for more. Ten minutes later, her
virginity was a memory and so was he.

“Fucking Eros! This is all your fault, you dick! I hope you’re suffering as much as I am!” Tessa
shoved her feet into boots and jammed her arms into a heavy coat. Her stomach needed food.
Just another human inconvenience she had to endure. Food, water, toilets... How did humans
stand being, well, human? As a goddess, she hadn’t needed any of these things. She could drink
gallons of wine and not be sick. Apparently, humans got sick when they drank too much wine.
Yay... Yet another reason to hate Eros.
Living as a destitute human was a small price to pay to get even with that lousy God of Love.  
Exile wasn’t great, but at least Eros would get what was coming to him.  Vesta had lost her damn
mind when Tessa entered the temple sans her hymen. Yeah... That hadn’t gone well. Not. At. All.
The screaming was probably heard on Jupiter. Long story short? She’d been cast out of the
temple and stripped of her privileges. To add insult to injury, Eros hadn’t even remembered her
when she turned up on his doorstep. Asshole. Soooo, she did what all scorned females do. She
plotted revenge.  With the help of the Goddess Fortuna, she had a plan.
Chapter 3

“What the hell do you mean there is no love in the air?” Eros asked, running his hand down his
Bacchus stared at him like he’d grown two heads. “Dude, since you all but stopped fucking your
way through all the single goddesses, there’s been a major shift on Earth.”
Eros narrowed his eyes. “And that’s my concern how? Did you see what they depict me as?” He
slapped himself in the side of the head. “Of course you did.  You’re the one who pointed it out to
me. Serves them right. If they gave me the respect I deserve, then I’d shoot an arrow at some of
heir asses. But,” he held up his hand, “not in a fucking diaper.”
His friend doubled over in laughter, making Eros think about shooting him with an arrow--and
not a love one. When it seemed Bacchus wasn’t going to stop laughing, he stepped around him,
shoving him a little harder than necessary.
“Seriously, you are even harshing my mojo.” Bacchus wiped his eyes, mirth still sparking in them.
Eros raised his left brow. “Are you having problems getting it up?” He wasn’t going to tell his
buddy that was his issue; the man would probably run a full page ad in the Gods Tribune. Nope,
not if he had breath in his body.
“Just take a look at some of the headlines. You knew we would lose some of our powers if the
humans didn’t believe in us.” Humor faded from Bacchus’s voice as he waved his hand. A giant
screen appeared, showing what seemed to be human news.
He’d never really paid much attention to the lesser beings--not that he hadn’t fucked a few
thousand, give or take a few hundred--but their problems weren’t his to be bothered with.
Headline after headline showed couple after couple breaking up or heading for divorce. Eros
swiped his hand in the air, making the pictures go faster, hoping there was an end. It was like
an epidemic had struck. A lovesick potion or some shit.
“How, exactly, does this have something to do with me?”
Again, Bacchus showed him another image. Eros squinted at the vision of the woman, but other
than her being a beauty, he had no idea who she was, or why he felt so drawn to her.
Like he was talking to a child, Bacchus shook his head. “You, my friend, need to fix this, and you
can’t do it from up here. Go to earth, and do your thing. Fuck some women, or men, or whatever,
but make it right. Bring back the love, or I’m afraid none of us are going to be getting any.” With
those parting words, Bacchus disappeared as quickly as he came.
The image of the beautiful woman flashed into his mind. “Fuck,” he growled.
He flashed to the city where he’d seen the woman staring at the store front that had been decorated
with hearts of varying sizes. The display had been torn down and replaced with an obscene theme
of black and grey tombstones with hearts stabbed through. Eros didn’t even want to know the
person who took the time to shove all those hearts into the cherub’s ass. His own clenched in
“Excuse me, do you have a dollar?”
Eros jolted at the raspy female voice. Looking down, he saw a short older woman pushing a cart
filled with what looked like her entire life. His heart ached at the humanity. Being a god, he
wanted to wave his hand and take away all her problems, but as he stared around him, he noticed
the dregs of humanity roamed all around. While he pondered life, it seemed the little human got
tired of waiting on him and continued past, mumbling about good looking men with small penises.
Eros smiled in spite of himself.
“First order of business is finding a place to stay. Second is shooting some love arrows,” he
“You might want to check into an institute as your first order of business.”
His dick, which had been on a hiatus since the party at Bacchus’, chose that moment to wake up.
Eyes as blue as the clearest sky stared up at him from what had to be one of the most beautiful
creatures on heaven and earth. Her bow-shaped mouth was meant for sin, and the luscious
curves encased in drab clothing shouldn’t be making him fantasize about getting her naked.
His body didn’t seem to care that she wasn’t dressed for seduction.
Fingers snapping in his face brought his mind out of the gutter. “Did you hear a word I just said?”
she asked.
“Honestly?” He shook his head. “I don’t need to check into anything except a hotel. Can you
point me in the right direction?” He didn’t need her help, unless it was inside her, then he most
definitely needed her for that.
She looked him up and down. “I’d say you’re more of an uptown boy than a downtown one.”
Visions of going downtown on her filled his head. He couldn’t help the smile that spread across
his face. The resulting red stain on the beauty’s cheeks gave him hope since his dick hadn’t
deflated yet. “Are you busy tonight?” He changed the subject, watching her like a predator.
His bow and arrows vibrated on his back. It took monumental effort not to reach behind and make
sure they were still invisible to the humans.
Her eyes narrowed. “Are you asking me out on a date?”
Rocking back on his heels, he stared at her incredulous face. “Yes.”
“Let’s get you settled into a hotel, and then we’ll discuss a possible date. Maybe coffee or something.”
“Fair enough. What’s your name, sweetheart?” Eros pressed his hand to the woman’s back, steering
her around a group of arguing couples. The situation seemed to be worse than he’d thought. He
wasn’t sure what he needed to do, but he agreed it needed to be done quickly.
“Tessa, my name is Tessa.”
“What a lovely name, Tessa. I’m Eric.” If he was to walk around and tell people his real name, he
was sure he’d get strange looks.

Once he’d secured a room and a meeting time at the little coffee bar next to the hotel with the lovely
Tessa, Eros couldn’t wait for their date. The last time he’d been this excited to meet a female…well,
he actually couldn’t remember, but he was sure it was epic.
Dressing with care, he checked his watch and decided it was close enough to the hour. He made his
way across the lobby. As soon as he entered, he spotted Tessa. She was dressed in an outfit that would
turn any man’s head. The skintight red ensemble hugged every curve and displayed her breasts to
perfection. His mouth watered at the thought of peeling it off. “Mind out of gutter or you’ll scare
her off,” he muttered. “Excuse me.  Are you talking to me?” A man who looked like he’d definitely
ate his Wheaties glared at him. “Nope, I was talking to myself.”
The big man took a step back. As if scared whatever crazy Eros was would rub off on him.
He made his way over to where Tessa stood. She looked a little afraid, which was the last thing he
wanted from her. “You look beautiful, sweetheart.”
Tessa snorted. “Does that usually work with your other women?”
“Well, actually, I can’t remember. But I can promise they all would pale in comparison to you.” He
grabbed both of her hands and held them out to their sides, whistling. “Why would you hide this
body under those drab clothes from earlier?” He kept the shudder from wracking him.
They found a table in the corner after ordering what Tessa described as liquid gold in a cup. Eros
didn’t understand the humans’ need for the brew but had to concede the smell was delicious. His
first taste made him sigh in pleasure. “This is delicious.” He drank more, watching his date sip at
her cup.“How about you show me your hotel r oom?” Long lashes blinked innocently over the rim
of her mug. Eros couldn’t think of a reason to say no, nodding and standing in one motion. Commotion
near the entrance, accompanied by angry shouts had him stepping in front of Tessa. “Stay here.” He
strode toward the front, finding the man he’d spoken with earlier holding a smaller man by the throat,
with a young woman hanging onto his arm. In his long life, and being a wise man, he was able to put
two and one together, coming up with a love triangle. Silly humans.
“I swear, Jake, she and I are just friends. I was only helping her with her homework.”
“Then why were you sitting so close to her, touching her arm like you had the right?”
A female growl came from the woman jerking on his arm. “Because he was pointing out the answer on
the computer, then showing me how I did it wrong on my paper. God, you are such a dummy.”
“Yeah, which is why you’re banging this guy.”
Before the poor guy turned another shade of red, Eros stepped in between them. He could see the love
the young woman had for the big burly dude, even if he was being an ass. With a sleight of hand, he let
his power flow from one of his arrows, reinforcing the love the man had for his woman. Instantly he
dropped the other man who scrambled away. A sweep of love emotion filled the coffeehouse, filling
him with more power. He turned to see several couples kissing.
With a shrug of his shoulders he went back to the table and held his hand out. “Where were we?”
She placed her smaller one in his. “You were gonna show me what you got.”
His dick pressed against his slacks, agreeing wholeheartedly.
Outside he saw the homeless woman again and felt guilty for not giving her money. He took a step
toward her, but the blaring of a horn stopped him from being run over by a city bus. Eros looked
across the street, thinking he’d take her some when the traffic cleared, but was shocked to find the
spot the woman had been standing empty. Turning his head back and forth, he could find no sign.
He swept Tessa under his arm and guided them back toward his hotel suite. Inside the elevator her
scent tickled his nose; a memory of a nymph popped into his mind.
“Can I get you a drink?” He asked, opening the fridge, turning to see Tessa standing in a red lace bra
and panty. “Fuck,” he swore.

Tessa shivered, trying to hide the fact she was freaked the heck out. She was in a hotel room with Eros,
the god who had caused her complete world breakdown, yet she wanted…no, she did not want him.
This was all part of the plan.
Her plan flew out the window as he stalked toward her, his hot gaze roaming over her from head to toe.
It felt like a physical caress, and then his warm palm was touching her shoulder, his lips brushed hers,
and Tessa forgot everything except Eros.
“Oh, God, you taste like sunshine and rainbows.” Eros tongue licked over her lips, coaxing between.
Tessa moaned into the warm wet caress. Hands sliding over her flesh lit up nerve endings she didn’t
know she had.
Her own palms took a leisurely path, slipping the buttons of his shirt free, needing to feel the man
beneath. Jerking at the ends to free them from the pants, she fumbled with the belt buckle until at last,
it too was open, and then her fingers were holding all that male hardness. Goddess, she wasn’t sure how
that had fit inside her.
“Just like that. Squeeze a little harder,” Eros groaned.
Cool air brushed her breasts, hardening her nipples. Eros’ head bent, taking one peak into his warm
wet mouth. Tessa reached for something to hold onto other than the dick in her hand as her knees
wobbled. The world spun, and then cool cotton brushed her back. The handsome devil loomed over
her, completely naked. He stared at her; a frown pulled at his features. She tugged to bring him back
down to her. His lips began tracing a path down her body, paying homage to each breast, over her
tummy and then his wide shoulders were pushing her legs apart. The tiny red thong was no barrier
for his hot breath. Her eyes squeezed shut then snapped open at the feel of him ripping the last article
of clothing from her body.
“Fucking amazing. You smell like everything I have ever wanted only didn’t know I wanted.”
Eros licked around the part of her that throbbed, sending sparks of electricity through her. Two large
fingers spread her open, making her acutely aware of the vulnerable position she was in, and then she
was lost to feeling. He licked and sucked, bringing her to a quick hard orgasm she swore curled her
toes. The lights in the hotel flickered, followed by a screeching alarm. Tessa froze, reality hitting her.
She was under the one man who she shouldn’t be, ready to give herself to him again, forgetting all
about her revenge.
Water hit her, soaking her and Eros who tried to scramble up. “What the hell?” Eros tossed a blanket
over Tessa.
The untimely, or timely drenching was like a bucket of ice water on her. Tessa scrambled off the side of
the bed, looking for her red dress. A pounding on the door startled them both.
“Hotel security.”
Eros jerked his slacks on and strode toward the door. Tessa made sure she was hidden when he cracked
the door open. “We need everyone to exit the building until we make sure the fire is contained and are
clearing the upper levels first. You’ll need to take the stairs, and I suggest you take your identification,
just in case.”
Tessa stepped around both men, hurrying for the steps with the blinking EXIT sign. She heard her name
being yelled from behind but kept going. No way in heck was she going back there, or letting him
anywhere near her until she had her armor back on.

Chapter 4

For a split second, Eros stood in the doorway of his hotel room and forgot about the hotel
evacuation. He gazed at his hardened cock bulging under his slacks.
Tessa accomplished what no other female could over the past month. On top of everything else,
she tasted better than the sweetest ambrosia. She reminded him of something, something like
virtuosity surrounding the aura of heavens. Her voluptuous curves, in all the right places,
tempted his sexual desires back to life like a roaring bonfire.
Pride swelled his chest and emanated outward. For the first time in a month, Eros was hard as
a rock. He needed to fuck her…and soon. Power vibrated, tingling the air against his back.
“Tessa!” he yelled after her as the crash of shattering glass echoed behind him.
Eros spun in time to see his mystical love arrows break free of their bond and shoot out of the
now opened window—almost as if they had a mind of their own. In disbelief, he scooped up his
empty quiver and took off running down the hallway with the other hotel guests toward the
EXIT sign. “Tessa!”
Not only did he have to hunt her down, he needed to get back control of his damn arrows.
In the thousands of years he’d been the God of Love, never once had he lost an arrow, much less
have them take on power of their own. Nothing was going according to plan.
Sprinting into the stairwell, he caught a glimpse of a beautiful blonde in a red dress go around t
he corner below. He wasted no time to catch up to her and latched an arm around her waist.
Over the sirens of the fire alarm, he yelled, “I got you, sweetheart. I’ll make sure nothing happens
to you.” Being a god had its perks after all. He could fly her through a fire and to safety should
the need arise.
She jerked out of his hold by speeding up her steps. “Don’t, Eros.”
His dick jerked at the way she’d said his name and the movement painfully strained his loaded
balls. Wait a minute. It had nothing to do with the venom or bite in her tone.
She called him Eros.
“Come again, love?” he asked.
Balling her little hands into fists she stopped and turned to face him. A righteous anger replaced
her previous angelic expressions as heat radiated from her. “I am not your sweetheart nor your
love.” She pursued him as people pushed around them to flee the stairwell. “You ruined my life,
and because of you, I’m stuck on this earthly plane to live the rest of my life like these sodden
Her feistiness only made him want to fuck her more—to fuck it right out of her and make her
cum while milking his cock. He stood his ground as they stood toe to toe, not backing away from
the little minx who only a few minutes ago writhed underneath him like a wanton nymph.
Nymph? The truth socked him in the gut. Oh, he’d fucked her sweet pussy alright. The last female
he entered was her. “That’s how you know my name.” Glimpses of his memory flashed back to
that night. The night Bacchus told him to come to earth and laughed at him while he pounded
the most exquisitely tight nymph. The night he wasn’t able to get hard from thereafter. “What
were you doing at Bacchus’ party that night?” He narrowed his eyes. “You did something to me.
You broke my cock!” Her jaw dropped and she scoffed at him. “I did no such thing.
You’re the one who got me drunk and took my chastity. Because of you I was kicked out of the
temple and now a mortal thank you very much.” She glanced down at his crotch. “And by the
looks of it, your cock doesn’t look broken, you manwhore.”
“Temple? But you’re a nymph. Nymphs live in the mountains near lakes and streams.”
“I was a Vestal Virgin. How dare you compare me to all the nymphs out there? Perhaps if you
were interested in anything else but fornication the world wouldn’t be in such a state of downfall
concerning love.” She cleared her throat.
A virgin? No wonder he savored sex with her more than any other female. On top of it, she was
one of Vestas’ maiden’s. A maiden he deflowered—and probably why his dick stayed limp for
almost a month. Everything else aside though, he needed Tessa and as the God of Love he needed
to make it right—not because she revived his dick. He needed to be reminded what love was all
Eros cupped her face, gazing into her crystal clear blue eyes.  “I’m sorry. I would never have taken
advantage of you had I known the truth. You are a treasure to behold and I’m honored to have
witnessed your amazing grace and beauty.”
Her mouth trembled and she nibbled on the corner of her lower lip. Moisture seeped into her
eyes. “No. You don’t get to appreciate me after my world’s been ripped away from me.”
“Then let me make it right.” His lips descended on hers and he licked her lips, begging for
entrance with his tongue. “You have no idea how much you enchant me.” His dick strained in
his pants. The way he wanted to drive into her tight heat made his balls tighten more as he
entered her warm, wet mouth.
Tessa rocked her hips against him, teasing his already amped up body, mimicking sex as she
ground against him. He needed inside of her and quick. Reaching between their bodies he
unbuttoned his pants then unzipped them to release his throbbing dick. He hiked her dress
up in front and pulled her panties aside until the tip of his head kissed her sweet pussy.
“Let me make you mine,” he nuzzled against her lips.
She pulled away from him, covering her mouth and coughed before she inhaled a deep breath.
“No. I will never be yours.” She yanked her dress back down. “That is the penance you will pay.”
“You will be mine.”
“Ha! That’s something Cupid says.” Her haughty tone matched the cockiness on her face.
The defiance she displayed with her taunt boiled deep into his veins. “I will have you. Make no
mistake and watch your tongue.” Her chest rose and fell and she sucked in air and coughed.
“You will rue,” another cough, “the day you ruined me and forgot who,” cough, “I was.”
As she collapsed, he caught her in his arms and cradled her. The stairwell had filled with smoke
during their argument. And now being human, she wasn’t immune to the effects of mortal
ailments. He made sure to tuck his cock into his pants and fastened them while he flew down
the flights of stairs with her in his hold. He’d been so caught up in the moment he forgot about
the fire. Finally on the first level he burst through the exit door with her. Sirens, red and blue
lights, people rushed around frantically. He needed to find a paramedic to revive her. Once he
spotted an ambulance he raced on foot toward the vehicle to get Tessa aide.
“She passed out from smoke inhalation,” he yelled at a male medic. Each slap of his feet on the
pavement reminded him how delicate and precious the cargo in his arms was to him.
The world seemed to stop for a moment when the paramedic was brushed by one of Eros’
mystical arrows. The male turned to a female nearby…and they started to make out.
“What the fuck?” Eros glanced around the street and his jaw dropped. His arrows zipped
through the air, tagging people as they zipped by. Every time they came in contact with a
mortal…the person turned to the nearest one who’d also been struck…and they were all
going at it. A scene, eerily similar to the one in the forest during Bacchus’ party, unfolded
before his eyes. The normal world had turned into an orgy as men and women alike chased
after one another shredding their clothes.
Bacchus appeared on the street. He laughed while sloshing around his wine filled chalice.
“Well, looks like you’ve finally found a way to get love in the air.”

Chapter 5

“Tessa…Tessa. Wake up, love.”
Tessa moaned, her head moving from side to side as she surfaced to consciousness. She coughed,
dreading the thought of breathing in more smoke, but her lungs screamed for oxygen. She heaved
a breath even as her throat constricted to insulate her lungs from more smoke. Relief washed
over her as clean air entered her lungs even though swallowing made her throat itch. She hated
the dryness at the back of her throat and longed for the cool waters she missed that came from
the waterfalls that fed Vesta’s temple.
She opened her eyes, blinking several times and surprised to see the dark sky above. The last
thing she remembered was Eros seducing her in the midst of a burning building and smoke
surrounding them. It sure as Hades weren’t the flames of passion that licked them or the mists
of arousal that covered them from would be voyeurs. Why in Zeus’ name did Eros decide to
remind her pussy of what she was missing? In a stairwell of all places!
She looked at Eros’s concerned face inches from hers. His eyes skimmed her visage, caressing
her skin. Lust still swirled in those depths and her sex clenched in response. Dammit! Her body
shouldn’t be rooting for the other side! The plan was to make Eros suffer, to find a way to return
among the gods, goddesses, and demi-gods.
“Let me go!” she squirmed in Eros’ arms that he had no choice but to put her on her feet. The
moment she did, her hip brushed Eros’ semi erect shaft. Tessa gasped when Eros’ arm snaked
around her waist to flush her against him before he started to grind himself against her hip.
“What?” His brow arched even as he continued to rub himself against her. “C’mon let me in.”
“Here?” Tessa gasped in shock. “We’re in the middle of the damn street!”
Eros continued to rock while he leaned to whisper in her ear. “Look around you Tessa. You’re in
a fucking orgy.” Tessa turned in Eros’ embrace and her eyes nearly popped out at the different
couples….coupling. Everywhere she looked, people were making out. The paramedic had a
woman on the gurney inside the ambulance with his face buried deep between her thighs,
pleasuring her as she moaned and held him against her mons. Another woman was bent against
a lamp post, her skirt raised around her hips, and her thighs spread wide. An immaculately
dressed man had his dick out of his trousers and inside the woman, his hands gripping her hips
as he pounded into her. The woman’s screams joined other couples cries. No inhibitions. No
shame. The sight of people experiencing the heights of carnal pleasure made Tessa feel as
wanton as they were. Her breasts swelled and heat gushed out of her already soaked thong at
the sight of so many in the throes of ecstasy. Eros nuzzled her neck while he continued to tease
her with his cock between her cheeks. Tessa pussy involuntarily squeezed vaguely remembering
how thick Eros was, and by Olympus, she wanted to feel him inside her again. Her eyes were
drifting close, her lips parting in a sigh when Eros cupped her breasts and played with her
nipples that hardened against her dress. She continued to watch everyone, turned on by what
she saw.
A scene of pure lust with the scent of sex mingling in the air.
And so many wayward arrows piercing random butts.
The sight woke her up like a splash of water from the Styx.
“What in Hades did you do?”  She turned around in shock and pushed Eros away. The cool air
was chilly against her skin at the loss of his warmth. “Sure you can fuck ‘til the next millennia in
Bacchus’ parties but hello? Earth calling Eros! The police will be crawling up our asses and arrest
everyone for public indecency!” “It’s not like I commanded the arrows to shoot at random.”
Eros scowled, raking his hands through his hair in frustration. His cock bulged against his
pants like a strangled dowsing rod. “So you’re saying you can’t control your arrows like you
can’t control your unruly dick.” Tessa said, giving an indelicate snort.
“Hey, my cock needs pussy action.” Eros defended his appendage. “And your pussy is the one I
want to sink into.” He moved towards her again and Tessa’s libido went on overdrive.
Libido, she thought. A new word she learned on earth that was as old as time. No one was
immune. Human or immortal.
“Tessa,” Eros’ knuckles grazed her cheek and she leaned into his caress. He tilted her chin to
accept his kiss. “Let me in.” he murmured against her mouth.
“No.” The moment she moved away, she started longing for his touch. Why was it so damned
difficult to stick to the plan? Several women screamed their climax. Men groaned when they
came. Vesta help her, she wanted to experience the same mind blowing release.
With Eros.
Seriously, she was going bonkers. Her mind and Fortuna demanded that Eros be punished.
Her heart and pussy begged her to give in.
“You took my life away, Eros,” she sighed, staring unseeingly at the orgy in front of her. “What
would you have me do?”
Eros’ sexy smile faltered before he looked away, a frown pulling at his forehead.
“What would you want me to do?”
Tessa was holding on to a thin thread of sanity because even sombre, Eros was still handsome,
almost beautiful to look at. A eureka moment dawned on her. She moved closer to Eros, her
mouth curving in a mischievous smile. Eros growled, lust flaring in his eyes when Tessa trailed
her fingers, then her hand down his firm chest, abs all the way to his now straining cock. She
unzipped his fly and took his shaft in her hand, watching the look of ecstasy on Eros’ face while
she pumped him. It was a revelation to see the kind of power she had over the God of Love.
And his dick.
She rose on tiptoe to take nips of his mouth, sucking on his tongue, and smiling at the growling
noises he made. Just as Eros gripped her hips, Tessa stopped her hand job and zipped his cock
back inside Eros’ pants. “If you can control your arrows, your wayward cock, and find a way to
get me back to Olympus.” She stepped back and grinned at the disbelief on Eros’ face. She
winked and walked away, throwing one last parting shot over her shoulder.
“You can have my pussy.”

Chapter 6

Eros drummed his fingers on the table in the coffee shop and considered his situation.  It would
help if he could consume more caffeine but since the mortals had gone and made coffee so
expensive he was limited to one a day.  He shook his head.  What was a latte anyway?  Had they
made up that word?
Bacchus stared at him through red-brimmed eyes.  When was the last time Eros had seen Bacchus
not hung-over? One millennia? Two? “Let me get this straight. The woman gives you an ultimatum
and rather than telling her to go fuck off you are actually considering doing what she wants?”  
“I can’t explain it.” He wasn’t even lying; he couldn’t come up with a reason why Tessa was so
damned important to him except she was—and he had to go with the path he was on since no
other ones were currently presenting themselves to him.  “She’s special.  That’s really what it
comes down to and the only one my dick is willing to get hard for anymore.”
Bacchus shook his head. “Better you than me, my brother. Alright, here’s the deal.  I think it’s
fairly obvious that your arrows have gone askew because your dick is acting up. Whatever has
thrown one of them out of alignment has made the other one go soft, or vice versa.”
He hated any conversation that combined talk of his dick with the word soft.  “Go on.”
If he clenched his teeth any tighter together he was going to give himself a migraine.  
“Excuse me.” A nasally voice caught his attention and three women stood to their left.  They
seemed to be wearing some kind of uniform he’d never seen before but consisted of each one
of them dressed in black yoga pants, a long sleeve t-shirt depicting various phrases about working
out, and sneakers to complete the look.  Perched on their hips were three toddlers, one of whom
waved at Bacchus like they were old friend.  Maybe they were.  Who knew who the Gods chose to
reincarnate these days or where those souls got sent.
Bacchus raised a finger and waved back at the toddler, leaving Eros to deal with the woman who
had spoken to them.  “Can I help you?” “We don’t like that kind of conversation in here.  There
are children present.”  The female on the left accentuated every word she said with a flip of her
brown hair over her shoulder.  She would be beautiful if she hadn’t pursed her lips and if
holier-than thou attitude didn’t radiate from her pores.  
Eros leaned forward.  “Couple of things.  Number one, this is a coffee shop, not a day care.
If you don’t like what I’m saying, feel free to leave.  Number two, you really need to get laid.  
Go home and see whoever gave you that beautiful baby and make him get you to come at least
three times tonight. See if it loosens the stick from your ass.”  
“Okay.” Bacchus jumped to his feet, grabbing Eros by the arm when he did.  “Time to go. Enough
caffeine for you.”  They were on the street before the woman could even gasp and rounding the
corner.  “Don’t mess with those women Eros.  Didn’t you see their shirts? They do cross-fit.  One
of them could probably throw you through the window of the coffee place before you even knew
what hit you.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get blood stains out of clothing?”  
“How do you even know this?”  What did Bacchus do when no one paid attention?
“Long story. Look, okay, if you’re going to do this crazy thing and give Tessa what she wants
because she is the only one you can fuck right now then let’s get to it.  I don’t know what to do
about getting your dick to behave.  That’s out of my realm of expertise, but I do know someone
who can help with the arrows.” They crossed the street quickly before the light turned. “Although
I hate to ask the bastard.”  
Eros stopped walking immediately.  “You don’t mean…”
“I do, unfortunately.”  Bacchus sighed loudly. “I think you’re going to have to go ask Apollo to
help you.”  
Eros shuddered.  “I would rather take a bullet through the head.”  
“Well considering that wouldn’t kill you, I rather believe you would.”  Bacchus laughed.  “Listen,
you go see Apollo or we could talk to your mother about the dick problem.”  
“Absolutely not.”  The very idea turned his stomach.  “My mother can’t know anything about
this.  Aphrodite would have a field day.  I’d never hear the end of it. But really? Apollo is such
a downer.  He’s going to be all disapproving.  I’m going to hear a lecture for the ages.”  
“And then when he’s done with that, he’ll fix your arrows and maybe even your dick in the
Eros had thought he didn’t want to hear any phrases that contained the words dick and soft in t
hem, but hearing Apollo and his cock in the same description was much, much worse.  
“Come on, Cupid, let’s go get this over with so you can finally bed Tessa and get on with your life.”  
Nodding, he followed Bacchus down the street.  He didn’t correct the other man’s assumption,
but he had a strong suspicion that once he bedded Tessa again, he would never, ever want
anyone else.  She was it for him and he’d jump through any hoops he had to, to get to her.  
Even Apollo’s.  

Chapter 7

A wide smile split Apollo’s face as he reclined on a large pile of multi-colored pillows and rugs.
“Eros. Bacchus. What took you so long?” Eros stormed over to the God of Medicine and Music,
ready to fight to the death. “What did you do to me?”
“Only what you’ve deserved for a long time, Cupid.”
“You’re still upset about that?” Bacchus mocked. “Dude, get a life. It’s one girl.”
Jumping to his feet, Apollo stood nose to nose with him. “She was my one girl.”
Seeing the pain in Apollo’s eyes, an overwhelming sadness filled Eros’ heart.
What have I done?
On the journey here, it occurred to Eros his problems began right after the festival, but that
made no sense. He’d attended the festival for millennia and never a penis problem one.
Why now? He replayed the scene in his head.
The image of Tessa hiding behind the tree. Her thin chemise barely covering her luscious curves.
The fire in the night threw its flames high and wide, lighting up the night time and outlining her
body. He watched her as she peeked at the orgy in front of them and simply couldn’t help himself.
Even now, his mouth watered at the idea of her luscious curves, the way she tasted, the feel of her
skin.“I can see from that confused look on your face, Cupid, that you’re still trying to figure this
entire thing out.” Apollo smirked.
“Quit calling me Cupid,” Eros growled as his head pounded with ideas.
Why now? Why this festival? All I did was fuck Tessa against that tree…oh no.
Eros’ eyebrows slammed into his hairline. “Daphne.”
“Daphne,” Apollo whispered her name.
For too many years, Eros had attended the festival in pursuit of pussy, but he always avoided
that part of the forest for good reason. There stood a very specific tree.
A laurel tree.
The very tree that was once Daphne, Apollo’s love.
The woman Eros shot with a leaded arrow to make sure she never fell in love with the God of
Medicine and Music, right after he shot Apollo with a golden arrow to guarantee he’d love her
for eternity.
“Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it, Cupid?” Apollo tossed back a goblet of wine.
Eros’ own arrogance angered him. How he let Apollo get under his skin so long ago still rubbed
him the wrong way. Apollo’s taunting had pushed Eros to hurt not only him, but the beautiful
nymph Daphne, who’d done nothing more than be quite beautiful.
The bastard has probably been waiting millennia to fuck with me.
The image of the tree still haunted him. The way the trunk resembled the nymph’s body as she
danced. The branches outstretched like arms as her head leaned back in ecstasy.
His mother warned him that gods don’t take defeat lightly and some, like Apollo, were extremely
patient and could wait out their adversaries until the perfect time to instill their plan.
But how did Apollo do this? It didn’t matter. He promised he’d help Tessa and he needed Apollo
to do it. Yanking at the crotch of his pants, he tried to adjust so he felt some sense of release,
but to no avail. “Problems?” Apollo laughed. He growled. “Damn you, Apollo. Fix it.” “Fix what?”
Standing with his feet wide, Eros pointed to his penis. “You know fucking well what.”
The corner of Apollo’s mouth twitched. “Your dick? Sorry, not in the dick fixing mood today.”
Bacchus’ head fell back as his rich laughter was probably heard all the way down to Earth. He
filled a large chalice with wine and sat down in an oversized chair near the fire.
Lunging forward, Eros’ hands reached for Apollo’s throat. Right before Eros made contact,
Apollo disappeared and ended up on the opposite side of the room where the muses busied
themselves. “Choking me won’t accomplish anything. I’m immortal, remember?”
“Sure it will. I’ll feel better.” Storming across the temple, the slap of Eros’ shoes on marble
echoed throughout. “Fix it!” Evaporating again, Apollo stood near the pyre. His arms locked
across his chest as the flames danced behind him. “I can do this all night and from what I’ve
heard, you can’t or you can’t do much. The juice from the laurel fruit can be quite toxic. Causes
all sorts of problems.”
“You’re a piece of shit.”
A horrible thought stopped him in his tracks. “Did you tell anyone about this?”
A scowl replaced Apollo’s mischievous smirk. “I told you a long time ago to leave the heavy
lifting to us full gods and you could go around shooting your arrows any which way you wanted
when it came to love and passion.” Smoothing down his thick robes, Apollo picked a few grapes
from the silver bowl to his left. “But you didn’t want to listen so I’m making you listen.”
“To be fair, gods or demi-gods aren’t good at listening to anybody.” Bacchus drummed his
fingers on the armrest of the chair as a buxom muse sauntered by. His eyes raked across her
body. She giggled, crooked her finger and gave him a wink before disappearing around the corner.
Without a word, Bacchus followed.
Seeing his one ally leave, Eros’ temerity faltered slightly. Without Bacchus’ full backup, he might
not be able to hold his own. Sitting on his throne, Apollo’s Cheshire cat grin further unnerved
Eros. “Well, well. How the tables are turned.” “You’re enjoying this a little too much, Apollo.”
His eyes sparkled with mischief. “Payback’s a bitch.”
“Fuck off.” The amount of pride Eros had to swallow to walk into his adversary’s temple was
almost too much to take. If his cock didn’t ache so damned much from missing Tessa’s perfect
touch, Eros would have never considered being here at all.
But he needed Apollo’s help because he needed her.
Not needed. Wanted Tessa desperately.
She was his addiction. His muse. His life.
“Word has it that a lovely little thing has you so wrapped, you’re having trouble in the bedroom.
That your arrows have gone out of control.”
Eros clenched his jaw so tightly, he could have easily cracked a tooth. “Is that what you were
hoping for? Me having no control over what I do?”
“Something like that, but seeing the madness that your misfiring has caused is better than
anything I’ve seen in a long time.” Waving his hand over the fire, the bird’s eye view of the
madness popped up. “Interesting. There’s two, no three men and two women…wow, she’s quite
the contortionist.” “Fix it.”
“And why should I? You took my love and I took your ability to control love.”
For thousands of years, Eros had built a world out of controlling love, lust, and like. If Apollo
permanently took that away from him, Eros would have no purpose. He would waste away into
nothing and the Earth he’d watched over would fall into complete chaos.
“But I can’t have people going around humping all the time. They’ll become so obsessed with
that, they won’t do anything else and I can’t have them stop their need for me.” Apollo snapped
his fingers and instantaneously, Eros felt the angst and stress of the need for release evaporate.
He rolled his shoulders from side to side as the muscles in his neck and back relaxed. “Damn,
that feels great.” With a whoosh, his quiver, bow, and arrows shot in through the open doors.
They assembled and hovered in front of him. Eros grabbed and held them with a white-knuckle
grip. “I have to hand it to her; she sure knew how to work you.” “What?”
“The woman. Tessa. She sure knew how to work you well.”
Eros’ anger surged to the surface. “You stay the hell away from Tessa.”
Apollo drummed his fingers on the armrest. “I know she wishes to return to Vesta’s temple
and the only way she can do that is to be a virgin again. Agreed?”
Swallowing hard, Eros reluctantly nodded. “Yes, she wishes to return. I promised I’d get her
there.” But she also agreed to give me her pussy if I could get her back.
He paused. That makes no sense. How do I get her to Vesta and she’s promising to be with me?
“I see from that furrow in your brow that you are confused.”
“If she returns to the temple, we can’t…fuck…ever.” Eros paced. “Why would she promise
something she can’t give?”
Apollo shot Eros a pity-filled look. “Fortuna has been quite a source of information. Seems her
and your lover are close friends.”
“Fortuna? What does she have to do with anything?” Not that he cared. The woman had been
nothing but a pain in Eros’ ass for years. Dread settled in his gut like a lead balloon. No.
“That wonderful sweet smell from your lover? The way she tastes. Breathes. Loves. Sucks.
The want of you not getting enough? The addiction you have of her?” “Yes.”
“It’s laurel juice. Well, that and a few other herbs I’ve mixed up, but know it’s all for medicinal
purposes only.” Tilting his nose up, Apollo smirked. “She’s been drinking it just as I instructed
her to, to get you highly addicted to her. “She wouldn’t do that. To me.”
“You sure? You took her life away. Fucked her without thought or emotion and left her there
without a second thought. Laurel juice is quite potent though. Sadly, the girl gets horribly
hungover from it.” Standing, Apollo causally walked about the room as he poured more salt into
the heartwounds of the God of Love. “Fortuna asked me to help her. You see, your Tessa wanted
to ruin you. She came to Fortuna who came to me and told me how you screwed her to never
ending passion right up against that laurel tree. Against my beloved Daphne.”
Eros shook his head, knowing something didn’t ring true. “You’re lying. The timing doesn’t add
up. I had…problems before I met Tessa, not after.”
“Ah, yes. Well, the laurel tree drops its berries. You were standing in a sea of them when you
went on your fuck-fest. I simply increased their effect on you after I watched you pop Tessa’s
maidenhood, drove her to never ending passion right up against that laurel tree. Against my
beloved Daphne.”
Apollo’s words dripped from his mouth like poison. “At first, I wanted their magic a bit more,
but it did make so much sense to let her be your addiction and your cure. The very person who
wants nothing to do with you when it’s all said and done.”
Never had Eros thought he’d see the day where his own heart crumbled from betrayal. Eros’
pride plummeted to his feet. “She betrayed me?”
“I have to say, the girl is quite smart. Bewitching you so. Leading you around by your cock.
Beautifully done, but it really doesn’t matter. With the amount of laurel juice she’s consumed,
she’d headed for kidney failure. Humans are so fragile. Pitiful.”
Sinking to his knees, Eros screamed an unholy cry that carried all the way to Mount Olympus.
Tears ran down his face at the thought of losing Tessa two-fold, but despite her betrayal, hearing
of her imminent death broke his heart far more.  “Please, don’t hurt her. I’ll do anything you
want.” A low chuckle radiated around him. “Anything, huh? I seem to remember begging you
for something similar many years ago. Do you remember that?”
“Yes.” The pleading look from Apollo as he watched Daphne change into a tree. How Eros
knew how to change her to love the God of Medicine but refused to do it.
The feet of Apollo appeared in front of Eros as he hung his head.
Tucking his fingers under Eros’ chin, Apollo tilted his chin up. With a satisfied smirk, Apollo
whispered, “Now you know how it feels to have your entire heart ripped out of your body.”

Chapter 8

Not even the lesser gods like Eros sunk to their knees easily, let alone stayed there. Yet Eros
couldn’t imagine ever rising again. Tessa, his lovely Tessa.
“You wouldn’t kill an innocent. . .” Eros words bounced off the stone floor.
“Oh, I would do more than that if it serves the greater good.”
Greater good? Anger replaced his grief. Eros may have been a lesser god, but even an immortal
had a point of no return.
Eros rose. “How can you say that?”
“You’ve had your cock buried in so many nymphs, you’ve lost your purpose.” Apollo lazily lifted
a golden goblet but didn’t drink. “And your arrow’s effect on me has made fulfilling my purpose  . . .
difficult. So, I’ll strike you a deal.” Apollo poured the liquid from the goblet into a small vial
and tucked it into his belt. “Ambrosia. It reverses the Laurel berry’s effects.”   “So, you’ll—”
“Not yet.” He sent Eros an angry gaze. “Figure it out, Eros. You have twenty-four Earth
hours to earn the right to this vial. I presume you know what Earth hours are?”
Apollo’s words dripped with a smug supremacy—the same tone that urged Eros punish Apollo
in the first place. Only, Eros didn’t feel like punishing. His only desire was to return to Tessa
with the ambrosia.
Could he overpower Apollo? Take the antidote from him? He didn’t get the chance to find out.
With robes flying, Apollo left Eros alone with his thoughts and his roiling gut.
Figure it out. Had Apollo gone mad? No matter, he had to see Tessa. He would help her even if
it meant he had to trade in every arrow in his quiver.
Earth had somewhat returned to normal when Eros returned. Filthy streets, people brushing
past one another without looking into each other’s eyes, homeless men and women muttering
to themselves . . . Yes, Earth--where he’d spent centuries trying to make people’s lives better--
was the same, dismal place. Finding Tessa wasn’t difficult. As he stood in her bedroom room
doorway, his heart ached. She lay curled on her side, clutching her stomach. For the second time
in recent days, he knelt. As Eros raised her hand, his heart flipped at seeing her lashes lift at his
touch. He hadn’t a clue where to start. “I just came from Olympus.”
She winced. Okay, not the right words. “Why did you pledge yourself to Vesta? Become a
vestal virgin?” He wasn’t sure where the question came from. But he suddenly wanted to
know everything about his goddess-turned-woman. She sent glassy eyes to his face. “I wanted a
choice.” His brow must have furrowed in question, as she sighed deeply as if readying herself to
explain the alphabet to an Earth child. “I didn’t want to be married off to some male, uh—”
she winced “—god . . . just to bear his children and then spend my nights wondering which
nymph he chased in the forest.” Tessa might not have had her own quiver of barbs, but her
words arrowed through his heart nonetheless.
“You think so little of me?”
“I don’t think of you at all. I mostly . . . feel you.” She shivered.
He dropped his quiver and slid into bed next to her. As he played with her hair, his cock
stiffened. Now alive, he wanted nothing more than for it to stand down—at least until he
gained permission to re-enter his sweet Tessa.
She pushed her ass back toward him. She wasn’t helping his stand-down order.
“I know you took Laurel berries,” he said quietly. “I know you plotted revenge for me taking you.
I know—” “You know nothing. And nothing’s more dangerous than a God of Love who doesn’t
feel love himself.” She groaned loudly. “How do humans take substances?”
“Humans often do things that aren’t in their best interest. That’s what free will gets you.”
Her hair smelled so good.
Tessa ground her behind against his ever-hardening cock. “But at least they have a choice.
Damn you.” She moved his hand so that it cupped her breast. “I like that. I shouldn’t like that.”
“Why not?” He pressed his cock between her luscious butt cheeks, but not getting very far due
to the thong she wore.
“Because it’s not me . . .  it’s the berries. Like your seduction skills. Like your damned arrows.”
“My arrows make people very happy.” He nibbled on her neck.
“They didn’t make Apollo or Daphne happy. And, hitting anyone you feel like, just because you
like playing with these Earth people? Not cool.”
“The gift of love—”
“Should be earned. You take away everything, don’t you? My immortality, mortals’ free will . . .
Oh, God, your fingers.” Without thought, his hand had travelled down to her folds, soaked with
her inability to resist the pleasure he could offer. Something danced on the edge of his
consciousness. Who cared? Tessa was in his arms.
“Let me help you. Ease some of this,” he swiped a finger through her folds, earning a satisfying
moan from the back of her throat. “You want to help me?”
She grasped his hand and raised it to her heart.  “Make me immortal, Cupid, and return me to
Olympus.” “And then?”
“And then I shall pay the price. You’ll have this.” She ground her glorious ass against his aching
cock once more. The thought she considered her precious womanhood a “price” unnerved him.
What was wrong with him? He’d never thought of the female-du-jour in his arms more than a
prize worth chasing, a willing partner, and a moment of pleasure.
Tessa groaned as his fingers continued to play her. “My desire mocks me,” she said into the pillow.
A tumble of thoughts shamed him. He made her feel good, yet she felt no pleasure? She wanted
him to reverse what he gave her—long moments of unbridled passion? She wanted to deflect
him? Free will.
He knew what to do. He eased himself from Tessa, who had fallen asleep.

When Eros found Apollo, the god was in his usual stance. Lying back on pillows, receiving grapes
from goddesses, looking as smug as ever.
“I’ve, as you put it, figured it out,” Eros said.
“Well this should be good.” Bacchus’ words slurred as he stumbled into Apollo’s chamber.
The man had an annoying sense of timing, showing up at the worst time.
“Yes.” Fortuna stepped from behind Bacchus, disdain rolling off her in waves. Damn, Fortuna,
another immortal who had a habit of showing up when least desired.
Apollo raised his hand, which stopped any more words from either of their mouths.
“Speak . . . Cupid.”
Eros ignored the bait and stepped as close as he dared. He’d seen Apollo’s moods incinerate men
and lesser immortals just because he was bored.
“I can end your sorrow . . . and Daphne’s. I can reverse my arrow’s effect. If Daphne wishes to
return to you, devoid of the effects of the hate arrow, she will. If not, then she has made her
choice of her own free will.”
“And me?”
“The same. Once I reverse the effects, you will either love her . . . or not. But, Tessa must return
to Olympus, immortal and free.”
Apollo was truly intimidating when he straightened to his full height. “Do it. And Eros, if you’re
lying, Tessa dies.”
The thought that his love—yes, his true love—would be harmed in any way filled him with
intention he’d never before experienced.
“First, Tessa. Bring her here.”
Before he could blink, Tessa materialized on a pillow nearest Apollo’s feet.
Eros jumped back a little. He’d forgotten how powerful Apollo could be, summoning anyone
from his realm, even women once immortal-turned-mortal, to wherever he wished them to be.
Except Daphne, he reminded himself.
Another layer of epiphany rose in his consciousness. Apollo’s heart wasn’t the only part of the
god that Eros’s arrow had nicked. Under the arrow’s effect, Apollo had irrepressible feelings.
It must have galled Apollo to no end to have part of his world not under his control.  Eros had
had power over Apollo. And look where it got you.
Tessa moaned. Eros leaned down and whispered in her ear, “First part over. You are in Olympus.”
He pulled an arrow from his quiver and made himself a promise. He’d never again shoot them
with such impunity—without thought. “Away to the Laurel tree in the forest. Away to Daphne.”
He loosed the arrow, which shot through the largest window on the other side of the chamber.
He didn’t hesitate to release a second straight to Apollo’s heart. Both arrows needed to strike at
the same time for their reversal to work.
A clap of thunder announced his timing had been perfect.
Apollo fell backward onto the pillows, taking the two goddesses who had been writhing their
bodies over him earlier, with him. They giggled. Apollo looked. . . relieved.
“It’s done. Now the vial.” Eros held out his hand.
Apollo tossed the vial to him. He made short work of dripping its contents between Tessa’s lips.
She gasped and for a few seconds, a blinding light filled the chamber.
When his eyesight cleared, color had returned to her face, and her luscious body was encased in
a soft, cream-colored gown. Her new look suited her better than those ugly Earth clothes. Still,
he’d prefer her nude and writhing underneath him. His cock agreed, pressing against the tight
cloth holding him captive.
Eros helped her to her feet. She pulled back immediately, proving her strength had also returned.
Eros still wanted to crush his body against hers, ram his cock between her legs until she screamed
his name in pleasure.
Damn, Apollo. “The Laurel berries. They must still be in her system. I still feel—”
“Unbridled passion?” Fortuna mocked him. “Don’t tell me. Eros is turned on. What a surprise.”
“Shut it, Fortuna.” Secretly, he admitted she had a point. His cock was back to its original state—
ready for business whenever the opportunity arose. Only now the only “opportunity” he wanted
lay between Tessa’s legs.
“Well, it worked.” Tessa brushed her long gown. “I don’t feel like one of those snaky furry things
from Earth—”
“Whatever. I’m not like one of those cats in heat anymore.”
“That’s a pity,” Bacchus said into his cup.
Tessa stretched, sending her breasts closer to Eros’s body. He kept himself from reaching out
and suckling on her nipple visible through the thin fabric.
“I feel good.” A smile played on Tessa’s lips. She twirled in place, like a very young girl. Damn,
could she have returned to . . . no, not possible.
Apollo returned to his feet. “The ambrosia has returned you to your immortal state, but sadly,
not a Vestal Virgin.”
Fortuna’s face burned scarlet. “That wasn’t our deal. You couldn’t have!”
“Couldn’t have? Have you met me?” Apollo laughed, and the marble statues around the large
room rattled. “I am Apollo. Never forget that.”
Vesta rushed in, sandals flapping on the stone floor. “Tessa!”
The two goddesses embraced. “I’m glad to be home.”
“I feel terrible how we left things.”
“Once again, I am sorry.” Tessa kneeled at the other goddess’s feet.
A pang of desire shot through Eros as if one of his own arrows pierced his heart. Her position
taunted him. He rather liked Tessa on her knees.
Vesta pulled her to standing. “Come, we’ll figure something out. Justine and Ophelia wish to see
you. They have admitted their part in how things turned out and—”
“Not so fast, my lovely goddesses.” Eros had met his end of the bargain with Tessa. It was time to
collect his prize—her succulent body, nude and writhing underneath him. “There is the matter of
fulfilling a promise.”
Tessa blushed a hundred shades of red. Great. Not only had her immortality been restored so
had her modesty.
Eros held out his hand. “Tessa? Come with me now.”
Tessa crossed her arms. “If I recall, it was Apollo who returned me to my state. Not you.”
Apollo’s booming laughter once again filled the space. “Oh, she’s good. You may have finally
met your match, Cupid. Of course, if she wishes to bestow her favors on me, her savior, I will
not object.”
“Over my ashes.” Eros had an arrow locked and ready to shoot at Apollo once more. “I can
return you to your own unbridled passionate state quite easily.”
“Eros! No.” Tessa stood in front of the arrow. She placed her hand on the tip and lowered his
arrow to point at the ground. “Enough.”
“Well, well, the two non-lovers saving each other. How quaint.” Fortuna spat on the floor, turned
and walked out. Fortuna grew bored easily.
Vesta stepped forward.  “Tessa, you should know that you were never meant to be a Vestal Virgin
for forever. Only until a holy marriage was offered. You could then retire and marry whomever
you wished. Of course, Cupid forced your hand.” Vesta was a kind goddess, though the look she
threw Eros on those final words belied that fact. And why did everyone in Olympus insist on
calling him Cupid!? No matter. Her scathing look did little to wither his growing hard-on at the
thought of having Tessa in his bed every night.
“You didn’t let me finish, Tessa.” Eros sheathed his arrow. “I wish to be your first lover, and your
last. Bond with me, as only the gods can do.”
“Marry you before Hera?” Tessa spit hair from her face and backed away. “Are you crazy?”
“No. A wise woman once told me that I wouldn’t be a good God of Love if I hadn’t experienced it
myself. You did that for me, my goddess Tessa. I love you. Bond with me.”
“I’m not supposed to. I-I can’t.”
“You can. Free will, remember? You are free to love whomever you choose.”
Vesta sighed. “He’s right. I shall miss you, Tessa. But you are no longer one of my Vestal Virgins.
Not even Apollo could reverse that state. You are free to choose.”
Tessa peered up at Apollo. “Did Eros do what he said?”
“I still love Daphne. But it feels less of a compulsion. So, I’d say, yes. But if you ever again—”
“He won’t.” Tessa turned to Eros. “Will you?”
“If I’m occupied with other pursuits--” he lifted her hand to his lips “--I won’t have time to do
much else.”
Tessa’s face colored anew. But when he cupped her cheek, she pressed her face into his palm.
“A trial,” she said.
“Fair enough.”
“Pussy whipped.” Bacchus snorted.
“Oh, and Eros, If you ever visit Earth again, you will find yourself called Cupid. Deal with it.”
Apollo’s face stretched into a smile.
Eros supposed it was a small price to pay for love.
“So, this is what it feels like.” He itched to reach into his quiver. Perhaps one more arrow. . .
just so he could share the overwhelming feeling consuming him.
“Don’t even think about it . . . Eros.” Tessa gave him a sly smile.
“Valentine’s Day is coming up.”
“Have faith. The Earth people don’t often make the right choice. But the mistakes are theirs to
make. Besides, now that I’m not bound to being a Vestal Virgin, I have plans for you that don’t
involve arrows. Or at least not that kind.”
Before Eros could grasp her waist, she turned and fled the chamber. What the…?
Eros gave chase. The forest floor was soft under his feet, and Tessa’s giggles urged him to run
faster. He caught her just under the giant Laurel tree. Daphne had remained in her state. He
reminded himself it was her choice. And when he sank his cock, now hard as Mount Olympus
itself, into Tessa’s wet pussy, he relished in his choice—of Tessa, of real love.

The End