Friday, October 3, 2014

Mixing up some romance with a little risk

Perilous Risk

a Regency Risks novel
by Natasha Blackthorne
a Regency Historical Erotic Romance
Can be read as a Stand-alone


Heartbroken and disillusioned, Rebecca Howland is done with all men. Especially noblemen. Past a certain age, she knows her previous life of carnal indulgence and grand adventure is over. Or so she thinks. Back at home, whilst working in her family’s shop, a moment of compassion entangles her in an old battle between two powerful, bitter enemies. A commoner, Rebecca finds herself falsely accused of a heinous act by a vicious member of the aristocracy. In grave peril, she turns to the one man she thinks can help her.

Stephen Drake, now inexplicably Baron Drake, has always desired Rebecca. When she turns to him, he vows to protect her at all costs, especially from the dangerous life he lives. The stakes are high and time is running out for her … and for him as well. Stephen finds himself driven to ruthless actions that threaten to kill the fragile bond between them.

Years ago, Rebecca forbade herself to love Stephen Drake. Now he’s back, no longer the young man she remembers but a dark and dangerous stranger. When he demands a fortnight of her complete submission in return for his protection, his sexual dominance ignites carnal passion that makes her feel alive like never before. But … dare she trust a man with too many secrets?


Excerpt from
Perilous Risk
Regency Risks, Book Three
By Natasha Blackthorne


©Copyright Natasha Blackthorne 2014

For Adults 18 years of age or older only.

His stare pinned her and she remained rooted to the spot like a cornered hare.

He lowered his head. She felt her eyes widening. Her heart beat harder and harder, deafening thunder in her ears.

He put his mouth to hers.

She couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. Couldn’t make a move.

Oh, God. Oh, God save me…

His full lips pressed hers, warm, soft, intense. She’d never known a man’s mouth to be so lushly sensual and yet so deliciously firm. From that touch, pleasure surged through her, tightening her nipples, and sending sparks of fire tingling into her belly and outward, all the way down to her toes. She couldn’t suppress the shudder that wracked her head to foot.

He lifted his head. Then he watched her, closely.

Edginess built inside her, combining with and intensifying the arousal pulsing in her blood. She licked her lips then let her breath out in a ragged sigh.

“Open to me, Rebecca.”

He’d spoken softly, oh so softly—but the steel beneath the gentleness sent shivers all over her. And not a little tingling excitement. Unable to bear the determined heat of his gaze, she stared at the bridge of his elegant straight nose. Dazed, afraid of him, yes, holy heavens yes, but far more frightened of the feelings that were rapidly leaping to life within her.

No, this couldn’t be happening. She had kept herself safe all these years since Jon. No emotionally dangerous entanglements. She was past all of this. He should be out chasing some young opera dancer tonight. She should be home, fast asleep in her chaste bed.



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