Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Hart Family box set by Ella Fox is live!

The Hart Family Box Set by Ella Fox
is LIVE!

$0.99 for a Limited Time 
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Book Summaries

For the first time ever the complete Hart Family Series is together in box set form. 

Meet the Hart Family
**The Hart Family series is HOT. These couples are passionate & sexual. If sexy stories aren't your thing, these books aren't for you.**

Broken Hart 

What happens when the man who vowed never to fall in love meets a woman that he can't be without? 

Shattered Hart 

He's a player, she's a virgin. What could possibly go wrong? 

Loving Hart 

Spencer and Delilah were made for each other. There's just one little problem... 

Unbroken Hart 

Loving Sabrina healed Dante's Broken Hart, but he'll never forget what it took to get there. 

Missing Hart 

No matter the reason for it, a lie can ruin everything. When an unexpected twist brings these soulmates back together, things get hot. 

Finding Hart 

Two couples separated by circumstances beyond their control. One family hell bent on finding their girls. It's all come down to this. 


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