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Who loves Wild Wolves?

Loving the Wild Wolf
Wild Wolves of Montana Book 1

by Lynn Richards
a Paranormal, Romantic Erotica
with bbw romance, werewolves, shifters
from Wolf Publishing


 Roark Grayhawk’s past haunted the lone wolf. He’d become an enforcer to protect those weaker but had failed to protect his sister and she had paid the ultimate price.
Now, another woman needed his help. A woman Roark had tried desperately to ignore. He didn’t want the love of a mate. He didn’t deserve the love of a mate.

Curvy she-wolf Emma Jones has tried her whole life to make herself invisible to her powerful father—the alpha of the Blue Pine Pack. Now, he was forcing her into a marriage with a man who wasn’t her mate. Her mate was Roark Grayhawk, the wild wolf who protected the pack from danger.  Would he protect her?

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Review by pearls

Both characters are swimming in angst, yet the writing style uses wit and sassiness to keep the storyline light and romantic. While obvious to both of them that they are mated, they both fight the call, feeling it can never be.  Fate, however, has other plans, constantly bringing them back into one another's sphere.  He is running from his past, she is running from her present-together they stand up against the pack Alpha, her father.  While she may be a wolf shifter, Emma is like many women who find society claiming she doesn't have the perfect body and social role.  Rather than conform, she creates her own path.  Roark is smoking hot, but caring around some disabling inner demons.  I was interested in how they supported one another to overcome these images.  How they had to love themselves before the true romance could be possible.  I am interested to see where the storyline moves next. 



“What the hell is wrong with you?”
Emma froze, her face still wearing traces of fear as the door crashed open and Roark burst inside, looking wild and fierce.

“I, umm—” Wow. How was she supposed to form a coherent sentence when her heart still raced and Roark stood before her, tall and beautiful—without a trace of clothing? She tried to keep her eyes north of the, umm, border, but failed miserably. Her earlier view of his naked form had been fantastic. But now…
Yummy, yum, yum, her wolf agreed, the animal smacking her lips in appreciation.

“You need to put some clothes on.” The words came out fast and breathless. A rush of fevered color stained her cheeks at being caught ogling him in the buff. Not that she should feel ashamed in any way. Being unclothed was just the way of the shifter.

But seeing Roark without his clothes wasn’t about shifting. It was about sex. Hot, wild, curl-your-toes and melt-the-snow kind of sex.
He cocked his head to the side as if she’d just spoken in tongues. “Why did you scream?”


He cast a glance around and Emma could tell he didn’t believe her. The hairy little devil had scurried under the refrigerator. She tried to breathe normally, but it was proving almost impossible since he didn’t seem in any hurry to put on a pair of damn pants. Her pussy was already wet from her earlier ogling. Now it tingled and spasmed, wanted relief from the slow-building heat that had engulfed her from the day he’d stepped onto pack land.

Awareness swept through the room like a wildfire out of control. His gaze burned right through her. Caught like prey in the heat of his eyes, she found herself unable to look away. This time his shutters didn’t slam close. His wolf shown from his eyes. His hungry wolf.

She was so rattled that she stepped back at an awkward angle, putting too much weight on her still healing leg. It buckled beneath her and before she could stop herself, she was whimpering at the stab of pain.

Strong arms shot out, pulling her against the solid wall of his chest. “Are you okay?”

Hell no, she thought. She wanted to lean into him. To feel his arms wrap around her waist and hold her tight. She’d never felt as safe in her life as she did when Roark was around.

Deep within her, her wolf demanded more.


The woman pushed the animal back down. She’d kept her wolf well hidden throughout the years, drawing on the animal’s strength only when necessary.

Like now. This man was male. Too male for a woman like her. He was big. Powerful. Made her feel so feminine. Made something deep inside her ache. She stepped carefully away from temptation, ignoring the big wolf completely. Which was difficult as hell since being this close caused her body to hum with need. It was also the last thing she wanted to do. She wanted to step closer, into his warmth. Against his cock.

“Let me see your leg.” The words were a command she wanted so badly to obey. Or any other he might throw her way, especially if it involved naked skin against naked skin.

Naughty wolf, she chided her animal. Naughty, naughty wolf.

“It’s fine.” She stuck her leg out and wiggled it to show him the wound was almost healed. There were still some rough looking marks, probably due to the rusty condition of the trap. The skin had closed and the mark would vanish the next time she shifted.

She gasped when he reached out and picked her up, sitting her on the countertop as if she weighed nothing at all. Mmm, she hummed in appreciation. Shifter strength. Even a big girl like herself could be manhandled by a shifter. She hadn’t bothered to put on any shoes, preferring to go barefoot whenever she could. He raised her injured leg to examine it and she soaked up even this small touch in hungry delight. She felt strangely light-headed and she could feel that pull toward this man deep inside.

“This still looks a little rough.” The calloused pads of his fingers ran over her skin causing goose bumps to shimmer over her body. Roark hadn’t wanted her in his cabin last night but he’d taken better care and shown more consideration of her than her father had in years. Damn it, she didn’t want to find more things about him to love.

About the Author:

Lynn Richards is the writing team of two best friends. The only thing they argue about is who is going to stop writing and get the next chocolate bar. The two women love to share their writing with others who enjoy reading a romance with a happy-ever-after (always), sexual tension (you know the kind that make you want to squeeze your legs together), and a sexy alpha male, Whether he’s an ex-military man, firefighter, wolf, lion or dragon, all their male characters have one several things in common—they are delicious to look at, built like a brick outhouse, and fall instantly in love with the woman meant to be theirs.




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