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Devil May Care Series: Sinfully Sexy Stories




 Devil May Care Series
4 Hotter than Hell titles
by Julie Kenner and Dee Davis
They were the baddest of the bad, the illegitimate sons and daughters of Satan, who had managed to make love, raise hell, and milk life in a manner worthy of their heritage. Until the day the devil himself needs to name his heir… The mission? Each sibling must complete a task that is designed to stretch him or her to the limit. The prize? The Keys To Hell. The problem? Four mortals equally determined to ensure that the the Devil’s children fail… So who will the next ruler of Sin City be?

  Raising Hell

As the second son of Satan, Nicholas Velnias is certain he has no chance of stepping into his father’s shoes. But when his older brother fails to win the keys to hell, Nick is suddenly the favored son. And the task to prove his worth is so simple he knows that he can’t fail—all he has to do is steal the soul of a woman. How hard can that be? After all, Nick steals bits of soul every day, infusing them into canvas and pigment to add that panache to the masterpieces that have brought him fame and fortune. But when Nick meets Delilah Burnett, the innocent daughter of a preacher who’s bad for the devil’s business, all hell breaks lose. Because while Nick may have set out to steal the girl’s soul, in the end she’s the one who steals his heart.


  Hell Fire
Marcus Diablo is the third son of Satan. Starting his immortal life as El Diablo, a black-hearted pirate to rival them all, he prefers living on the edge. But modern day life has been a bit dull, so when Daddy Dearest pops in with the news that the Keys to Hell are up for grabs, he accepts his father’s quest. Bring back the Devil’s Delight and the entire underworld is his -- lock, stock and fiery brimstone. Celeste Abbot has spent her life helping her father amass an exquisite private collection of some of the world’s most sought after items. Traveling around the world, jockeying for position with other treasure hunters, she’s fought for and won things that many people aren’t even convinced existed. But one treasure has remained elusive. A perfect ruby known as the Devil’s Delight. Only one thing stands in her way. A green-eyed blast from her past who also seeks the stone, and will stop at nothing to get it. And to make matters worse, the devilish man once stole her heart. As Celeste and Marcus are thrown together again, the forces of good and evil collide in an all out battle of the sexes. Because when a devil meets and angel—all hell breaks loose.


  Sure As Hell
They were the baddest of the bad, the illegitimate sons and daughters of Satan, who had managed to make love, raise hell, and milk life in a manner worthy of their heritage. Until the day the devil himself needs to name his heir apparent. So who will the next ruler of Sin City be? As the eldest child of Satan, Lucia is used to being Daddy’s princess. And she’s played that role faithfully throughout the years, being the only one of the devil’s children who has worked fulltime in the family’s devilish business. As an assassin, Lucia is top-notch, but lately she’s been faltering, and when her father comes to her with a proposition—pull off one last job and move up the corporate ladder to take over all of Hell … well, that’s an offer that Lucia can’t refuse. More than that, how can she fail? Because even despite her declining enthusiasm, Lucia is the best of the best. But when Lucia meets Dante Moreau, the deliciously sexy son of her intended target, things get a bit more complicated. Now Lucia has to decide between dancing with the devil … or following her heart.

  Hell’s Fury
Jezebel Wyatt is the second of the Devil’s daughters. An Immortal with a gift for acquiring information, she has survived the centuries using her unique talent to obtain and sell crucial secrets to whomever offers the greatest prize. For Jessie, it’s only a game. Winner take everything. So when her father appears with the deal of all deals—steal the Protector of Armageddon—she accepts. But she knows she needs help, and the best alternative is also the worst—her ex-lover—David Bishop. International operative David Bishop is obsessed with finding the Protector, and through it the man who killed his brother. The only time he’s ever been distracted from his quest was the time he spent in Jessie Wyatt’s bed. An ice cold siren with a red hot core, David isn’t sure he can trust her—even though she’s offering a partnership that would give them both what they desire. With Jessie’s ability to acquire information, and David’s uncanny knack for getting into and out of tight situations, they seem to have everything they need. But as the forces of evil mount, Jessie and David must face their past as well as their darkest demons. And together they’ll learn that only by relinquishing everything can they hope to fulfill the promise of love.

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Inner Goddess Series Review

Review of Raising Hell by TinkNCognito
Nick is a famous artist, son of Satan himself and a bad boy in all rights. His art is infused with a bit of each subject, part of her soul. In all his centuries, he has been looking for his ultimate muse to make his ultimate masterpiece when he sees Delilah. But to make his best work, he must take all her soul. With that, he will become heir to his father. Delilah is the daughter of a southern preacher who moves to New York to become a model. She is beautiful but never seems to be what they are looking for. Just about to give up, Nick steps in to paint her. She is beauty and light and joy, but can she survive his darkness. I really enjoyed this novella. It was a fast read with love, hope and morality hanging in the balance. Nick is sexy and Delilah is sweet and together they combust like fire thrown on gasoline. The evolution of each is fun to read and the conclusion is very satisfying. I can't wait to see where the next novella takes me

Review of Hell Fire by TinkNCognito
Marcus is a collector of fine things - famous art, jewels, and various other things of value. Now whether is it all legal is a different issue! He is also the son of the Devil and he has been tasked by his dad to get the Devil's Delight - a ruby of legend that hasn't been seen in centuries. If he retrieves the ruby, he will become the heir. Celeste has been trained most her life to be a thief by her father, who also loves fine art. And he wants the Devil's Delight for himself. Of course, given her father's affinities, she has crossed paths with Marcus before, both going after the same treasure. Celeste won the first round enjoying his bed as a bonus. But unlike the last time, in order to get the ruby, they need to work together, may the best thief win. As was true with Raising Hell, this is a fast paced, fun read. Our main characters are interesting and complicated. When they come together, Marcus and Celeste are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. The question is - who will get the ruby? I loved the pace of this story and was super happy with the ending, which had a twist I didn't predict. I loved it!

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