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Opening our birthday presents! Oo La La!

Hey, Tink! 
I found our present. 
I think he comes with his own candle for us to blow {wink}

If you haven't met TinkNCognito yet, you need to.  She's the yin to pearls' yang here at Inner Goddess.  Tink says "why don't we do this?" and pearls jumps online to figure out how to do it.  You can follow her on Twitter @FollowMyRead.  She also has another site, The Outlander Book Club, that she co-runs.  Happy Outlander Day! 

Tink and I like to play a game we created called Hottie Poker, where we take turns finding photos of sexy guys.  It is on the forum, but only viewable by members because, hey, we like our photos sexy!  We started this site as a book club so we could talk to other readers about great romances and erotica.  Feel free to drop in anytime to tell us about books you are reading.  Authors are welcome to drop in and tell us about your books, too!  Check out the Forum here. 

Before Inner Goddess opened 2 years ago, we had already been working on a website together for 4 years.  So after 6 years, we basically finish each others sentences--And right about now Tink is telling me:  Enough about her, move on to the good stuff.

So here are some more Birthday gifts, some snippets from awesome authors!

Sable Hunter has been supporting us since we opened.  The author of several series, she is best known for her Hell Yeah! series set around a family of Texas ranchers.  It's spin-off Cajun Spice follows a friend back home to Louisiana, creating a second storyline.  She even offers "Sweeter Versions" of her stories for those who prefer less graphic romance.  Sable is giving away Kindle ecopies of Green with Envy (It's just sex) and Badass (sweeter version ).  Green with Envy was co-written by Ryan O'Leary.  Here is a sneak peak at their up-coming collaboration,
Come for Me from the Red Hot and Boom anthology.
She watched as Jake walked around the room. His jeans cradled his firm ass just right and Lacy found her eyes darting back and forth from Jake’s backside to the bed in the middle of the room. There were still a few articles of clothing on the bed that she hadn’t put away yet, and all Lacy could think about was the wrinkles those clothes would have after she and Jake rolled around on them for a little while.
Jake stood at her window, holding open the blinds. “You even have a great view of the course and the lake from here.”
Her view looked right down on the section he’d been working on for the last few days, reshaping the new fairway bunkers and digging the interweaving irrigation ditches. Shit. Jake thought to himself. Lacy could’ve seen him at any time from here. It was a strange feeling, but Jake actually got turned on at the thought of this cute little thing sitting up in her room, watching him work. His cock started to stiffen in his pants at a new thought. What if she sat up here, watched him…and touched herself?
There was no doubt about it, with just that thought Jake was full-on hard in his pants. His big cock stretched the inseam of his jeans. He turned his entire body to face out the window. Lacy picked her purse up off the table beside her. “Should we go?”
Unease settled inside of Jake like an unwelcome houseguest. There was no way in hell he could turn around and let her see him like this. She’d probably have him arrested. “You can see everything from here,” he said, trying to buy himself some time. He wished he hadn’t worn such a fitted shirt tonight, because the one he had on didn’t come down low enough to mask his desire.
Lacy came over to the window and stood beside him. “Yea, I can keep an eye on you all day.”
Although Jake liked the idea of that, it did nothing to quell the pulsing erection and with Lacy this close to him, he got a whiff of her perfume.
“We’re gonna run a line of three inch pipe down that trench on the far side,” he explained, trying not to think about how soft and sweet she’d be in his arms. Lacy had no idea what he was talking about. But she smiled politely and asked questions while Jake pointed and explained. He hoped telling her about the redesign project would get rid of the naughty thoughts he was harboring about the woman standing beside him. If he could just distract his libido for a few minutes, he’d be able to readjust himself and they could leave. He had a jacket in the car and he’d put it on after to avoid another situation like this. This would have all been so much easier if she’d just left the room for a few seconds, Jake could just do the old tuck job, a survival skill every man learned and perfected through his high school days, but that would mean putting his hands down his pants and manipulating his package, and that wasn’t something he could do with her in the room.
“Over there,” Jake said with a point. “That’s where we’ll start laying the pipe.”
Why is he doing this? Lacy thought. It’s like he’s torturing me on purpose. He’d come into her room with his easy smile, five o’clock shadow and perfectly sculpted body, smelling like he’d been in the woods all day chopping wood. The man was masculinity personified and now he was torturing her with talk of laying pipe. She was right up beside him now, both looking through the tiny crack in the blinds that Jake had made with his fingers.
“Like you said, you could just sit here and watch me work all day,” Jake said with a laugh. Oh, my God! Could he know for sure? Lacy’s heart started to thunder in her ears. The way he looked at her now, with his top lip pulled back over his teeth, there was no doubt what he was thinking about. He was imagining her watching him from the window. Oh, Lord, if he only knew she touched herself after watching him. Lacy would die, she would die! The thought of saying she was sick and would have to pass on their date raced through Lacy’s brain. How could she sit through dinner when he’d be smiling and talking to her, but inside he’d secretly be laughing at her. She closed her eyes tight and tried to calm down. She was nervous and shaking! Don’t overthink it, Lacy, she told herself. Unless he has x-ray vision, there’s no way he could have seen your failed attempt to make yourself cum.
Jake just stared at the scene in front of him, the sun was hanging lower in the sky and the muddy soil glistened in the afternoon light. Saints be praised, all he could think about was rolling around in bed with Lacy for a few hours. “Oh, fuck it,” Jake said out of the blue.
“Fuck it?” Lacy questioned. What was going on? Tears welled up in her eyes. Before she knew what was happening, Jake turned and placed a palm on her cheek, lowered his mouth to her and kissed her full right on the lips. Lacy’s legs went to jelly. He’d caught her completely by surprise. But it was a wonderful surprise. Jake deepened the kiss. It was amazing. He kissed like no man Lacy had ever been with, melting every cell in her body with nothing but his lips.
The urge to pull Lacy flush to him was overwhelming, but he’d already taken a risk in just going for it. If their bodies touched and she felt the throbbing hard-on in his pants, she might think he was moving too fast and be scared away. So Jake kept his arousal to himself.
“I just had to do that,” Jake finally said, pulling his lips from Lacy’s and looking deep into her eyes. “I apologize if it was too forward. I know we don’t know each other that well, but it was killing me. And I would’ve regretted not kissing you at least once if things went bad tonight and we never went out again. I’ll understand if you don’t want to continue our date, but now I’ll never have to wonder what those succulent lips of yours taste like.”
Wow. Words eluded Lacy, her brain was completely scrambled. She couldn’t think about anything but the feel of their lips together and the electricity coursing through her clit. If he kissed her like that one more time, he’d own her for the rest of eternity.
“I’m uh…I uh...” The words wouldn’t come out of her mouth intelligibly. Jake had just stolen her breath. He looked down at her mouth and back up to her eyes. There was a longing in Jake’s eyes, it was unmistakable. He wanted more and Lacy wanted to give him what he wanted. It felt like slow-motion, Jake’s mouth came slowly toward hers. His cheek passed over her nose then over her own cheek, the rasp of Jake’s scruff irritating her delicate skin as his lips got closer.
“How’d they taste?” Lacy said breathlessly as Jake’s lips hung agonizingly close to hers without touching.
“Like heaven,” Jake whispered before rubbing his lips across hers, taking small bites of the plump fullness. The nibbling was short lived. Their lips came together again in a frantic dance of tangling tongues and straining bodies. Jake wrapped a strong arm around her waist and clasped her to him. He still had his body turned slightly to avoid her being aware of his erection. Jake let out a breath. “Oh, fuck it,” he groaned again. With a low growl, he turned to face Lacy head-on, no sense being bashful now. He pulled Lacy tight to him and her arms came up and slid around his neck.
She wanted to cross her ankles and press her thighs together because her pussy was throbbing so hard. Her nipples ached at the contact with his firm chest. God, she was sweet. If Lacy was aware of the turgid erection rubbing against her stomach, she didn’t push him away. Jake thought she might be too excited to notice. He walked her backward to the bed. Her knees made contact with the edge of the mattress and Jake laid her down softly on top of the clothes piled beneath them. It looked like they were going to get wrinkled after all.
 Jake looked down on her. Behind his head the ceiling light glared, blocking out his features. It was only when his face came close enough to kiss her, that Lacy saw his eyes. He held her stare while they kissed, the heat in his gaze was immeasurable. Lacy was so turned on she was trembling. Jake pressed his hips down into her softness and it was then Lacy felt the hardness of his cock.
“Is this for me?” she asked before she realized she was speaking.
Jake chuckled. “It’s not over the thought of laying that pipe outside, I’ll tell you that much.”
One of the fun parts of blogging is watching authors that you love as they collaborate on projects, seeing how their different styles compliment one another.  I first saw Laurie Roma and Susan Hayes collaborate on the Sunset Point series, a collection of stand-alone contemporary romance novels set on an island of menage couples.  Now, Laurie and Susan are collaborating on a SciFi series called 3013.  Laurie has written 2 books in the series and Susan has written one.  Only 6 months in, the series if very popular and they are giving away an ecopy of each book: 3013:Mated,  3013:Renegade, 3013: Claimed.
Snippet of 3013: MATED:  

"We want more than one night with you. What we ask is far more than you might be willing to give, but we will do our very best to make you happy if you choose to give yourself to us."  ~ Xavier Tesera - Dragon Warrior

Snippet of 3013: CLAIMED:

"I don't think you understand how this all works, Serra. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. Do you hear me? Nothing. You don't need to thank me. Ever." ~ Commander Jax Spartan

Snippet of 3013: Renegade:
“You have no idea how irritating it is to know you two are in there when I can’t get eyes on you,” Nikolai complained, dragging her thoughts back to the present.
“I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I showed up on security footage, now would I?” she asked sweetly, keeping her voice to a thin whisper.
“Former job,” Colin reminded her. He was speaking so quietly that she could only hear him through the earpiece, which seemed very strange given that he was close enough she could see his lips moving. Without another word Colin settled in to wait, lying back on one of the crates with his hands behind his head and his long legs crossed at the ankle as he contemplated the ceiling.
“Any sign of movement from Bolger yet?” she asked Nikolai.
“None so far. Looks like you two are in for a wait. You might as well get comfortable. I’ll let you know when the target moves. Until then, stay out of trouble.”
“Like there’s any way for me to find trouble up here.”
Colin smirked and crooked his finger at her, then rolled over onto his side and patted the floor right beside him. She didn’t know what he had in mind, but there was no doubt that whatever he was planning, it was as close to trouble as they’d be able to find stretched out on the top of a stack of crates during a stakeout. She couldn’t wait to see what he had planned.
Colin knew he was about to chuck fifteen years of training and discipline out an airlock, and he didn’t care. He needed to touch Alayna, taste her lips and uncover her tattoos so that the world would know who she belonged to. The second she was within reach he hauled her down beside him, sealing her lips with a kiss. She moaned as he rolled over, pinning her beneath him.
“You two are trying to kill me!” Nikolai snarled.
Alayna burst out laughing and Colin captured the sound with his mouth. Once she was silent he shifted his body to one side and put a finger to her lips, grinning all the while. “No idea what you’re talking about, Griz.”
“The hell you don’t. Get your hands off our girl and get your head back in the game.”
“We’re sitting here, waiting for Bolger. I can’t help it if your mind’s in the gutter.” He grabbed one of the cleansing wipes he’d tucked into his back pocket and tore the packet open with his teeth. It was time for that cover-up to come off Alayna’s face.
“Where did you get that?” she whispered.
“I came prepared.”
“Prepared for what? Fuck! What are you two up to now?”
“Hold still, princess. I need to get this off of you.”
“Get what off of her? I swear I’m going to kick your ass the next time I see you, you bastard!”
Alayna laughed very softly and turned her head so Colin could wipe away the make-up that covered her tattoos. When the moisturized pad touched her skin she deliberately moaned again, making Colin’s cock harden in response to her soft sound of pleasure. Fuck, he hadn’t planned on doing more than kissing her, but if she moaned again…
“Yeah, just like that,” she whispered, winking up at him.
“Alayna Grekov-Nielson, if you don’t behave yourself I’m going to take it out of your hide, do you hear me?” Nikolai said.
“I am behaving!”
“Oh yeah, she’s being very, very good.” Colin finished revealing the first mark and leaned in to kiss her before nudging her head over to the other side. He started cleaning away the star, revealing the delicate scrollwork tattoo hidden beneath it. Alayna moaned again, setting off a tirade of cursing from Nikolai and shattering the last of Colin’s good intentions.
He swiped the pad over her face one more time and then tossed it aside. She moved into his arms with a soft sigh, lifting her head to kiss him as her arms tangled around his neck, drawing him down on top of her again. Her taste was on his tongue and she writhed against his, tempting him to forget everything but the pleasure of losing himself in her body. She was everything he’d ever dreamed of, and so much more.
Alayna was a tangle of contradictions and he loved every one of them. She was sensual but fierce, fearless yet vulnerable. Colin knew that he and Nikolai had been given an incredible gift the night they’d found her running through their home, and he intended to show her how grateful he was for her every day they had together.
“I hate to break up your sexcapades, but Bolger just walked out of his office and is heading your way. You may want to have pants on for this next bit.”
“We’re dressed, Griz. Calm the hell down. We were messing with you…mostly.”
“Colin was cleaning me up so those stupid tattoos were showing again. Apparently having guys look at me without knowing I was claimed was making him crazy.”
“Fuck. Who looked at her? I’ll kill them,” Nikolai snarled.
“Quit bitching. You two still aren’t wearing my mark. You can get all territorial after every woman in this town knows you’re taken.”
Another fun part of blogging is watching authors grow in their craft.  Iyana Jenna is someone that grown a lot in the year I have known her.  Last year, she was just publishing her first piece.  Now she has several novels and shorts, each better than the last.  This snippet is from her upcoming MM short story from Breathless Press, Apparition.

"Christ, you're so hot. I want you so much." Zach's hand slithered down and took Drew's length and slowly stroked it up and down. Drew threw his head back to rest on Zach's shoulder, moaning and gasping as the orgasm built in his cock. His hands ran through Zach's hair, grasping it, taking Zach's face down to his own, seeking out Zach's lips and kissing them.

"I want you too," Drew said, breathing into Zach's mouth. "I want you inside me. Please." He took Zach's hands, sniffing, licking them, tasting himself there, and he got harder. Zach kissed him more intensely, their tongues dueling inside as if wanting to melt them into one. Zach pressed his hard-on against Drew, who mewled wantonly and began to rub himself shamelessly. "Yes, oh yes. Like that, Zach."

To Drew's dismay, though, Zach seemed to fade until what was holding Drew was merely a wet trail of shadows. A whisper breathed in Drew's ear, "Later." Zach was gone.

Drew froze. Small hairs rose on his neck and he began to shiver, slightly at first, and then more violently. He ended up shaking, his hands trembling so badly he found it difficult to turn off the water. He hugged himself, stumbled backwards until he hit the wall, and slid down the wet marble tiles. What was going on?

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