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Cowboy vs. Biker: come to Divine Creek to find out

Divine Charity
Divine Creek Ranch #18
by Heather Rainier
an Erotica Menage Romance
from Siren/Bookstrand

Charity has adored Justin since he stole her heart twenty-two years ago and together they’ve built a steadfast love. She’d do anything for him, except ask for her deepest desire, because the risk of hurting him is too great.
The day he claimed Charity’s heart, Justin swore he’d never share her love, but time has given him a new perspective. Despite her attempts to hide it, Justin knows Charity has always loved his cousins, Val and Ransome. Now older and wiser, he wants to give her the same fulfillment her sister Grace enjoys with the men she loves.
Seeing so many ménages in Divine gives Val and Ransome hope, and when fate offers them an opportunity they seize the chance for a future with Charity. When an innocent victim from their past adventures reaches out to them, they provide safe haven, not knowing that doing so will ultimately place the woman they love in danger.
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, public exhibition, role-playing, HEA]

Val saw the mischief gleaming in her eyes as she stared at him and Ransome while whispering to Justin. He whispered back and then nipped her lower lip and smacked her bare ass. An amused chuckle rumbled from his chest as she climbed over him and stepped toward the French doors that led into the bedroom. She licked her lips and nodded at Justin. Val and Ransome turned questioning looks on Justin and he said, “Did I ever tell you about one of Charity’s favorite fantasies anytime we’re camping?”


Justin smiled and said, “She has this thing about being chased.”

Charity nodded as she backed toward the stairs that led down to the yard and the woods beyond. “Did you think I was just going to fall into your arms, boys? If you want to keep me…” She looked beyond them to Justin and gratitude glowed in her eyes before she darted into the shadows, calling, “You have to catch me first!”

Justin laughed at the surprise on their faces. “Better get after her, guys. She’s fast and sneaky. If you can catch her, take good care of her. Meet you in the house later.”

Val and Ransome erupted from their chairs and charged for the stairs. She was barefoot and he was a little concerned about her getting hurt. Chasing her with a hard-on was going to be a bitch and he contemplated whether he’d nail her the second he caught her or spank her ass while carrying her over his shoulder back to the house.

They listened for sounds of activity before taking off at a rustling sound in the distance. They spooked a deer and a flock of birds but didn’t find a trace of her. After several minutes of searching, they heard a shrill whistle from the direction of the house and the sound of amused female laughter.

“Shit!” Ransome stopped in his tracks. “How did she get past us?”

“She must’ve waited for us to pass her on the trail.” They both headed back to the house at a dead run.
The Insider's Guide

Fans of Divine Creek Ranch have loved Charity and Justin since book 1 of the series.  Her sister Grace's "No Regrets" attitude has barreled through 18 books, encouraging the citizens of Divine, Texas to seize the day and reach for they want.  While you wait for Charity's turn, take a moment to reminisce about the other couples and their history by checking out the Insider's Guide. 

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Biker vs. Cowboy:  What's the best ride? 
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  1. That is difficult because I like both! Cowboys are rough and tough just as bikers however they have a different way of showing it!

  2. Although, Bikers are hot and sexy...Cowboys do it for ME! *le sigh* I'm getting all worked up just thinking about that HAWT, sexy Cowboy and the ride! *fanning self* ;)

  3. Cowboys every time, sits and taps foot, I'm not a patient person and I want this book yesterday :)

  4. I would have to say it is a toss up for me but if I have to choose....a HAWTHORNE cowboy!!

  5. Thank you to all the ladies at Inner Goddess for the lovely write up on Divine Charity. I can't wait to share this book with readers. the more I write in this weries, the more I know I'll never be able to decide between bikers and cowboys. It's the heart of the hero that captivates me, and while I love discussing whether he prefers a saddle or a bike seat between his thighs, it's always the woman in his arms who wins his heart. I wish all the entries in the contest good luck! <3 Inner Goddess, you ladies are awesome!

  6. I would have to say a Cowboy that was a Biker. The best of both worlds. Heather Rainier can't wait for this book to come out.

  7. Heather is such a great author and a friend of the blog too. Love her.

  8. Cowboys. Something about the hats. Gotta love it

  9. It's such a hard choice because I love them both but I think I would have to choose Biker

  10. I just cant pick I love them both

  11. While I love horses and have always loved reading about them, I am not at my best on top of one. That being said, I have been on the back of a bike, so I am going to have to give my vote to bikers!! But this doesn't mean I wouldn't turn down a ride on a cowboy!

  12. Gotta love a Cowboy.....but there's something about a bad boy in leather on a bike. Hell, if Heather Rainier writes it, either is going to blow your mind!!!

  13. can' t really make that decision - like them both. For sure when it's a story written by Heather Rainier

  14. I have to say i am definitesly voting for the cowboy out of the two. They are so sexy and make love in so many different places if you believe the books you read and they do make some hot loving moments come alive in my thoughts. Judy King

  15. Can't I have a bike ridding cowboy? Why limit your self in fantasy land, I want both. :)

  16. I agree I want both and ridding cowboy.

  17. Oh maaaaan. How to choose? There's pros and cons to both. I think I have to pick cowboys in the end, because I personally would rather ride a horse than a motorcycle, but that doesn't mean I'd hate to have a man that did!

  18. I'm the best ride! But I pick bikers