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Third time's the charm at the Last Chance Tavern

Triple Her Chances
The Last Chance Tavern 3
by Erika Reed
a Menage Erotica Romance
from Siren Bookstrand
Pre-order for July 2 Release!

10% discount through July 9th.

Can be read as a stand-alone

Sage Monroe is tired of being stepped on and feeling unloved by the people she cares most about in life. To make matters worse, her ex is trying to extort money from her with a video she knows nothing about. When the attractive Duffey cousins come to her rescue, she’s grateful, especially if they can help fix her problems before word gets back to her father.

Tye, Kash, and Tristan Duffey have been smitten over the sexy little cocktail waitress since the moment they laid eyes on the beautiful blonde. When they discover Sage’s apartment had been robbed and her ex is blackmailing their woman, the three will stop at nothing to ensure her safety. The three cousins take control of the situation and vow to eliminate the problem that is causing chaos in her life.

Can their love for one another overcome life’s obstacles that threaten to jeopardize their future?
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]

Story Excerpt

“Shh…it’s okay, doll. We’re here for you. Everything will be okay,” Tye’s voice whispered against her ear as she lay in his arms. “You know who may have done this?” he asked.

Sage lifted her head. “I have a feeling it was my ex boyfriend Steve Pritchard. He has been harassing me for money lately, threatening me he would get it one way or another.”

“You hear that, Sergeant Matthews?” Tye said as she buried her face in his shoulder.

“Yes, sir. I will note that in the file and try and track down Mr. Pritchard for questioning. Until then I will be in touch if I have any further questions for Ms. Monroe.”

She could hear Kash and Tristan moving around her room putting the last of her belongings into bags. He then picked her up and carried her from the apartment. Sage heard Officer Matthews tell them that he would be in touch with her and for her not to worry.

Tye carried her to his truck and slid in with her. Her tears began to dry up and she noticed that Kash was driving them to a house she had never been to before.

Sage wiped her remaining tears. “Where are we?” she said as she watched a beautiful house come into view as he pulled into a dirt driveway that led to a two-story home.

“You’ll be staying with us for a while until you get back on your feet and we figure out how to find that sleaze ball ex of yours,” Tye said.

Sage sat up in his arms as the truck stopped. “What? I can’t stay with you. Take me back to my place. I just need to get a locksmith out there to fix my lock. I will be fine by myself.”

The passenger door opened and Tristan took her from Tye’s arms and continued to carry her to the house. “Don’t worry about the locksmith. We already took care of that for you. We all think it’s best if you stay here with us for the time being until we get to the bottom of this.” Tristan was always sweet to her.

He then sat her on her feet of the entryway of the house. Tye disabled the security system that was along the wall next to the front door.

“This is a beautiful house. I heard that Tye recently moved in with you. So you all live here now?”

Kash sat the large trash bag of her belongings down on the floor. “Yes, we all live here in the house. We recently finished remodeling. It needed a lot of help when we found it. But Tristan and I knew it was the house we had always wanted to own.”

“What do you say we all go talk in the living room?” Tye asked as he walked ahead of her.

Sage followed him into the living room.

“Come sit down, Sage. You must be exhausted after your trip and then finding out about your apartment that way.” Tye said as he patted the seat next to him on the couch.

Sage was mentally and physically exhausted. She wanted nothing more than to go upstairs and sleep for days. But she knew she had to figure out where she was going to live because she didn’t feel safe at her apartment any longer even when she got a new lock. That’s why she wanted to save for a house in a family-oriented neighborhood where she could raise a family one day with a loving husband that would care for her and love her until the day she died.

“Honey, are you certain it was your ex, Steve? It almost looks like someone had a key, but tried to make it look like they forced their way inside,” Tristan insinuated.

Tye turned to face her as she sat on the couch. “Didn’t you get the key back from that asshole when you kicked his ass out?”

“Yes. He took all his stuff and left the key on the counter.”

Kash walked into the room at that moment. “That doesn’t mean shit. That asshole could have made another key at one time or another.” Kash sat in the recliner across from where Tye and Tristan sat with her. “What the hell did you see in that piece of shit, anyways, doll?”

Good question. “I ask myself that question every day.”

Tye grabbed her hand. “Why didn’t you answer my messages?”

That’s when she remembered her phone. “I turned it off last night after Steve had kept bugging me all day with constant text and calls. I guess I forgot to turn it back on. I didn’t want him to ruin my trip with Addison.”

Tye then said, “Has that asshole been bothering you still?”

Sage was embarrassed. She didn’t want to tell them about the sex video Steve was holding over her head, but she was in over her head now and she needed their help. She still feared that the video existed and he would use it to extort money from her because he knew her parents were rich.

“Steve has been trying to blackmail me since we broke up for money that he thinks I can get him for a video he supposedly has of the two of us having sex.” Sage looked down at her hands, feeling a bit embarrassed. “He says if I don’t give him five thousand dollars he will take it to my father, knowing it will jeopardize his position as senator.

Kash then said, “Is there really a video out there or could he be bluffing just to get money from you and your parents?”

Sage was exhausted. “I don’t know for sure. I have never seen it. But he knows who my father is and he is planning on using it to his advantage. He has always been a shady bastard and I don’t know what I ever saw in him.”

Tye nodded. “Don’t worry, sugar. We’ll help you.”


About the Author

Erika Reed lives in Southern California with her hot and sexy husband and two beautiful daughters. When Erika isn’t writing, she likes to read and spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys vacationing in the winter in the desert, playing in the dirt, and relaxing with her family at the river in the summer, having cocktails with her girl friends. Erika is very thankful when her husband lets her lock herself away while writing and holds down the fort with the girls so she can work in peace and quiet. Erika loves writing and will continue to surprise her readers with her exotic stories in the future.
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  1. Erika, I love loved other works of yours and I am sure this will be no different! Congrats on the new book.