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We just had Isobelle Cate's paranormal Midnight Atonement on the blog earlier this week, but here is a  new sexcerpt which hasn't been seen yet!

Kate rolled her eyes good-naturedly. And that’s when she felt she was being watched. Could it be the sexy stranger? She looked at the counter but she couldn’t see him. She turned back to nurse her drink, the feeling not leaving her. It wasn’t the feeling she got when she was being stalked. It felt more like the protective yet sensual kind, a whisper of a touch against her skin. Her spine suddenly tingled with an awareness which sent signals down to her core, causing the nub inside her sex’s folds to throb in tandem with her heartbeat. She looked around again even as she tried not to squirm and moan because of the delicious sensations occurring between her legs. She gasped when she felt liquid heat beginning to soak her panties. Her breasts swelled of their own accord and she had to brace herself on the table when she felt her nipples harden as though someone was teasing them. Kate swallowed hard. She was breathing heavily and she could feel herself flush as the sensual hunger inside her built up steadily.

Oh God, was she about to have an orgasm? In the bar?

“Kate, are you all right?” Tommy’s voice sounded far away, his concerned face appearing hazy.

Instead of replying, she made a mad dash to the exit. She could feel her body begin to tighten. She bit down hard on her lips to stop the moan from rolling out of her, but her body refused to follow. Her release crested within her like a wave about to lash against the rocks. Unmindful of her high heels, she sprinted across the grass, cutting through the cement paths and the Manchester Eye’s booth, and away from KRO, making a beeline for the concrete seats closer to the nearly deserted Market Street. She got some curious stares but she didn’t care. Just as she closed in on a stone seat, she let out a soft cry of ecstasy. She gripped the seat. Sittingdown only intensified her climax. Her body shuddered as her release spread strong over her body, causing her womb to clench before radiating out and around her breasts and hardened peaks.

“Oh, God,” she breathed, pressing her thighs together to stave off what was left of her climax. But that, too, only further pleasured her when her clit twitched repeatedly between her legs.


She shot him a glance.

“Tommy,” she said hoarsely. “I’m not staying. Tell Anthea and Flo I’ll talk to them tomorrow.”

Tommy took out his phone. “I’ll let them know now. I’m taking you home.” He gave her a cursory glance. “What happened?”

“Nothing. I’ll be fine.” She was slowly starting to feel like herself again. She heard Tommy speak to Florence telling her he was taking Kate home. He ended the call.

“Darling, you’re not fine,” he retorted, catching her when she stood up unsteadily. In a lower voice, he said, “If I didn’t know any better, you just came.”

“Thomas Mitchell!” she said aghast, her face heating up. She punched his arm and winced. Hitting Tommy’s muscled bicep with her soft fist was a mistake.

“Hhhmmm…” Tommy looked at her with a critical eye. He let go of her when she could stand properly.

“Even under the streetlights I can see you’re flushed and your eyes are still dilated. Kate, hellooo, it’s me. The sexy gay you turned to when you needed to cry your eyes after you realized you’ve been had.”

“Well, that time you were still skinny, not all buffed up and someone to die for.”

Tommy’s mouth twitched.

“You’re not my type,” Kate huffed and laughed softly. “Though I saw a few men eye you in the bar.”

Tommy rolled his eyes. “They can wait. You, on the other hand, can’t.”

Kate couldn’t argue as she nodded her assent. She couldn’t understand what had happened to her. Not even when she read what others called trashy romance novels did she get this turned on. She wondered if the attraction she felt for the stranger had anything to do with it. But that was impossible and farfetched. No one could get that

turned on by just imagining a man, could they? Someone whose touch she longed for, his hands caressing every inch of her, his breath covering every inch of her skin to bring it to life, to feel his lips on hers. To make her feel needed, wanted, and desired. That she was the only woman in the world for him. Kate shook her head to dispel her thoughts. She must really be crazy or utterly deprived of sex. The former she already knew. The latter was a choice.

“Take me home, Tommy.” She looked up at him, her eyes showing her vulnerability. She could be like that with Tommy and he’d take care of her. He was some hunk of a brother.

Tommy hugged her to his side before they started walking to the car park. The cold air did a lot to taper the heat of her body. The episode had left her spent and she

just wanted to crawl into her bed and relive the afterglow alone.

Always alone.


About a month ago I met Dina Redmon when she stopped by share her Contemporary Romance Chasing Circumstance with us.  Dina is giving away an ebook of her first novel To Speak of It Again: My Journey from Innocence, along with sending this snippet.....
This is not just a tell all book about people you don’t know. It goes much deeper than that or at least I hope it does. It’s a story about human interactions, relationships and my journey from innocence to personal growth. It’s a story about everything, nothing and all that is in between.
So again, why did I choose to write this? The truth is this book had to be written. I mean, it absolutely had to be written. No, not because it’s some epic tale. Hell, at this point, I don’t even know if anyone other than me and my people will ever read it. It had to be written because if I hadn’t, my people would have ripped out my larynx and shown it to me. You see, I’ve talked about turning my journals into a book for years and they are tired of hearing about it. So, for my own safety and well being, it simply had to be done.
I suppose this is the part where I should tell you who I am. It’s easy in its complexity. I’m not so conceited as to tell you how I think you should see me. Instead, I’d rather tell you the facts as I see them, as I lived them, and let you come to your own conclusions. I cannot promise that I won’t throw in any personal commentary. After all, this is my story and the story of the people I’ve met. With that said, I think it may be time to introduce myself.
I was born under the midnight stars. Naw, I’m just kidding. I screamed my way into this world somewhere in the 1970s in northern California. Shortly thereafter, my family and I relocated to Minnesota, where I lived until I returned to California later in life. I’ve lived all over the United States—California, Minnesota, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Oregon. I am a gypsy, a caregiver, an artist, and a human. Everything that makes up this package has been labeled as Maggie Reed. Hello, it’s nice to meet you.
Author Sydney Logan helped us out with our new contest Most Memorable Man of Service over Memorial Weekend.  At that time, she posted about her military romance Soldier On releasing in June.  For our birthday, she gave us a snippet from her contemporary Appalachian Romance story about a love charm in Mountain Charm.  She is donating any ebook from her backlist.
“It’s your birthday?” Dylan asked.
“Yes, and it was blissfully uneventful until you showed up.”
“Beautiful and infuriating,” Dylan muttered. “Look, Angelina, I was just given this assignment yesterday. I don’t have a clue about Appalachian magic tricks or devil-worshipping or whatever it is you do up in these mountains, but I have a story to write. Just let me interview you and your mom, and I’ll be back on the interstate before you can say abracadabra.
Instead of pointing out just how ignorant he sounded, Angelina decided what he truly needed was a strong dose of fear.
“Actually, I do have something you need to see. A family heirloom. Wait here?”
Excited for any useful information, Dylan’s eyes lit up and he nodded enthusiastically. Once again, those good manners kicked in, and Dylan opened the door for her. 
Angelina raced inside the house. She hadn’t touched it in years, but she still remembered where her father kept the key to the case. She grabbed what she needed and quickly made her way back out to the porch, letting the screen door slam behind her.
Dylan jumped out of his chair. “What the hell?”
Angelina lifted the rifle and pointed it straight at him. He didn’t need to know the safety was on—or that the chamber was empty.
“This is a Remington, passed down from my father and his father, also known as an Appalachian magic wand. Just watch. It’s going to make you disappear.”
Angelina thought it was almost comical, hearing him curse and watching him leap off the porch. All the commotion caused her dog to chase after him, which only made Dylan sprint faster until he reached the sanctuary of his vehicle.
“Are you insane?” Dylan yelled.
“I tend to get a little crazy when someone trespasses on my property. Leave my family alone and don’t come back!”
He slammed the door and had to do some fancy maneuvering to get around her car, but within seconds, the only sounds Angelina could hear were Dylan’s squealing tires, her dog’s noisy bark, and her mother’s hearty laughter.
Another up and coming author we have the pleasure of working with is Izzibella Beau, who writes the New Adult Assumption series.  Broken is already released and Barely is on its way! She's sharing a snippet of both with us.  She is giving away an ecopy of Broken.

“It shouldn’t have happened like that.” He glanced back at me.
                I’m confused. “What?” I asked wanting him to continue the explanation.
         “The whole first kiss thing.” He waved his hand around. “And being stuck here at this lame party and getting drunk on your eighteenth birthday.” Colton wiped his hand over his face again in frustration.
                “Well, I liked both of them a lot.” I took a step forward towards him.
                He turned around. “Well, that’s not how I imagined our first kiss.” He was staring at me with those brown eyes anyone could fall in love with.
                Hold up a minute! It wasn’t how he imagined it? So he’s thought about this before? “Have you thought about kissing me before?” Good thing alcohol made inhibitions go away or I’d never be having this conversation right now.
                I could tell he just rolled his eyes. “Probably more times than I should have.” He gave me a sexy little grin.
                “Hmm,” I said out loud.
                Colton looked at me out of the corner of his eye, “What?”
        “We could always try again.” A small smile started to form on my lips.
                “Try what again?”
        Now was not the time to be confused Colton. I felt like I may need some more Jell-O if we had to continue this type of talk. “The first kiss thing.” I moved a little closer.
        “Ayma, you can’t have a redo on a first kiss. It’s something that can only happen once. Like something you’ll always remember.” He was looking straight across the empty field right now. I think it was empty, but there might have been cows or something out there. I still really dark where we were standing.
        “Do you remember your first kiss?” I didn’t know if guys remembered stuff like that. It seemed he was in deep thought of recollection. I’m guessing that he did remember “Colton, my first was awesome. Maybe the second would be even better.” I tried to lighten the mood.
        Colton gave me a bigger smile and shook his head, “I don’t want you to feel like I took advantage of you in the morning.”
        “I’m not drunk anymore.” I took a step forward, but stumbled a little. “Well, not as much as I was. I can make rational choices right now. I just haven’t gotten this whole walking after drinking thing down yet.” That made him chuckle a little. “So, how’d you think it would happen?” Why did I sound nervous on that question, like my voice was shaky?
        “Well…” He turned to me and I could see his whole face clearly now. He was like so, perfect. “First.” He brushed my hair back gently with his hand. “We were supposed to have a perfect date.”
        “We just did have a great night.” I tried to get him to see I didn’t regret any of what happened.
        “Shh.” He placed his finger against my mouth. There goes that deep burning fire in the pit of my stomach that I thought I’d never feel again. “Then I was supposed to drive you home and walk you up to the door.” He was looking into my eyes and I could feel myself start to grow weak. “I would tell you I had an awesome night.”
                I giggled on that one. Hey, it was corny but soooo cute!
        He gently took my face in both his hands and brought his face closer to mine. I could feel his breath against my skin, then I could feel his lips softly touch mine. I started to move my lips with his and the fire came back to life. I held my arms up, put them around his neck and pulled him closer. He had his hands on my back, but not moving like they were before. I could feel him wanting to deepen the kiss, but holding back. I opened my mouth slightly and gave him permission. He took the invitation and lightly touched my tongue with his. I think that sent both of us over the edge.
                His kiss became more deep and intense. I could feel his hands begin to move down my back and onto my butt. I slowly took my arms from around his neck and moved them under his shirt again. His stomach flexed at my touch, but then relaxed. He felt so good.
        A soft moan came from my throat. He took me to a point I didn’t know if I wanted to come back from. Colton slowly stopped kissing me and put his hands back on my waist to pull me closer. He leaned his face down by my neck and ear. I could feel the deep breaths he was taking, they matched my own.
                He placed his forehead against mine, “That was how it was supposed to be,” he whispered in my ear.

 Barely Breathing:
Everything was going great until he rubbed his hand along my stomach and that was when everything turned cold. Colton got off of me and sat on the end of the couch. He looked as sexually frustrated as I felt. I had no idea what was wrong, he just stopped!
“Um, is there something wrong?” I tried to gain some composure back after that adrenaline rush of activity, something that had been missing from our relationship for seemingly so long.
“Yes…no... I really don’t know anymore.” He sounded frustrated that he couldn’t give a clear and concise answer. “What do you want from all of this, Ayma?” He pointed his finger between the two of us.
I really had no clue to the response he wanted or what he actually meant. “I don’t really understand the question.” I started picking up all the fries that I’d thrown at him.
He came over and started to help me clean up. “I mean, we haven’t really talked about anything that we’re going to do, if we’re still going to wait on getting married or how we’re going to take care of the baby, how we’re going to do anything.” He threw the fries that he’d picked up on the coffee table and sat down.
I was guessing any romantic escapade was sort of out of the question right now. I didn’t know why I wanted to, maybe it was all hormonal or something. I let out a deep sigh and sat down beside him. “I really don’t know what to do. I’m about as clueless in this as you are.” I didn’t know what else to say. I knew he was looking for answers and solutions, but I didn’t have any to offer. “Colton?” I looked over at him staring at the wall in front of us.
“Hmm,” he said without even a glance in my direction.
“Do you still love me?” My voice sounded like it was cracking or I could start crying at any moment.
There was hesitancy in his response. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he said, “Yeah, I do.” But why did I get the feeling there was something more going on?
“I think I’m going to go to bed.” He stood up and started toward the bedroom. “We have school tomorrow,” he said as he walked into the room and out of my sight.
I turned off the lights and made sure the front door was locked. I went into the bedroom where Colton was and saw that he was just lying in bed with the TV on. It really didn’t seem like he was even watching it.
I changed into my night clothes and crawled into bed beside him. I gently kissed him on the cheek and rolled back over to my side. There was no response on his part, except for a soft ‘good night.’
The night of dreaming was eventful. Let’s just say my excitement from the little make-out session Colton and I had in the living room carried over into my dreams. Somehow, Colton ended up turning into Bentley somewhere along the dream lines. Hey, I couldn’t help what I dreamed, right?
I knew I’d woken myself up from the excitement I was feeling or the way that the Bentley/Colton character in my dream was making me feel. I remembered I kept calling Bentley’s name every time he would touch or kiss me in my dream.
I looked over to Colton’s side of the bed. He wasn’t there. I heard a noise over by the dresser and saw him standing there.
“Hey, why are you over there?” I questioned, sounding still half asleep.
He held out my cell phone. “Who the fuck is Bentley and why were you calling his name in your sleep?”
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  4. Thank you every one who has taken the time to read all of our excerpts. All of us authors really do love all of our readers out there. Barely Breathing: Assumption Series Book 2 is now on Amazon for all those seeking some more Bayshore drama and heat.