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Will His Call of Duty Break Both Their Hearts?

Soldier On
by Sydney Logan
a New Adult Military Romance 
from  Mountain Media Reading
Audience:  Ages 16+
Praise for Soldier On
I found it courageous that the author selected a military hero. In today's society, military men and women should be highlighted for their own courage. Be prepared to become invested in the characters (tissues might be advised). – Evie, Goodreads Reviewer 

If I could give this book 10 stars I would! Being a military wife, I thought "okay I'm going to like this," but it went far beyond my expectations. Bravo Mrs. Logan! One of my favorite books to this day!  – Kelsey, Goodreads Reviewer

Losing her father in Desert Storm has left Stephanie James with a bitter soul when it comes to the military. As a college senior juggling a full course load, Steph's only goal is to graduate with honors at the end of the semester. She’s focused, determined, and a firm believer in all work and no play. Then she meets Brandon Walker at a New Year’s Eve costume party. Despite his disguise, Steph finds herself attracted to the camouflaged soldier who curls her toes with a scorching midnight kiss.
Brandon is an engineering major and ROTC student from the hills of Kentucky. Growing up as the son of a major general has given Brandon firsthand knowledge of the struggles military families sometimes face. Now that his father’s memory is fading, Brandon is even more determined to make his dad proud and graduate as an officer in the United States Army. Then he meets Stephanie, and suddenly, his focus is less on his military service and more on the pretty brunette who has stolen his heart. When he becomes aware of Steph’s resentment toward the military, he worries their relationship is doomed. 

When faced with the realization that she's fallen in love with a soldier, can Steph’s wounds from the past be healed with love in her present . . . and in her future?

Will His Call of Duty Break Both Their Hearts? 

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- Stephanie -
Slipping off my shoes, I grab the library ladder and slowly begin to climb. Sadly, this is the most adventurous thing I’ve done in a long time, and I can’t stop smiling. I’ve made it to the fifth rung when I hear someone clear his throat. 
I hold on tightly and manage to turn myself around without falling off. When I’m sure I’m steady, I look up to find myself face-to-face with a soldier. Possibly Army. Maybe Marine. Not that it matters. I accepted long ago that my hatred for anything military related is a little unhealthy, but when the service strips a girl of the privilege of knowing her father, it sometimes makes a person bitter. 
I am the epitome of bitter.  
This particular solider is smiling at me, and I can’t lie, the smile is kind of beautiful. Despite that, my first instinct is to roll my eyes at his outfit. But then, I remember this is a costume party, and he probably just needed a quick and totally uncreative disguise. 
“I don’t think this room is open to visitors,” he says, his tone soft and deep.   I wonder if that’s his natural speaking voice or if he’s just playing his role as a badass. The guy certainly looks like a soldier, dressed in his head-to-toe camouflage and smeared-on face paint.  
“It was actually the only room that wasn’t locked, which is kind of stupid if you ask me. This is the one room in the house you guys shouldn’t want trashed. Drunken idiots could really do some damage in here.” 
He grins, and my breath catches in my throat as he steps closer. I tighten my hold on the ladder, because a smile that makes a girl’s heart race isn’t the best thing when she’s trying to maintain her balance. 
He’s closer now, with one hand pressed against the shelf behind me. He’s tall, but thanks to the ladder, we’re practically nose-to-nose. Normally, I would be frightened of a complete stranger invading my space, but honestly, this is the most relaxed I’ve felt all night. With his athletic build, there’s no doubt he could hurt me if he wanted, but I’m not afraid. For one thing, his breath doesn’t stink and his speech isn’t slurred. For another, he’s gazing at me with a pair of big brown eyes that make my stomach do this weird somersault-thing, and my stomach hasn’t done somersaults in a very long time. 
Shouts suddenly erupt from downstairs. 
“Ten, nine, eight . . .” 
“Do you have someone to kiss at midnight?” he asks. 
I simply shake my head. He steps closer, pinning me between his body and the bookshelf. 
“You do now.” 

- Brandon -

Christian places her fork on her plate. “Yeah. It’s very important that Brandon stays focused. We wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of him graduating on time.” 
“That’s right,” Dad says with a nod. “We soldier on, no matter what. Right, Son?” 
“Right, Dad.” 
Steph stabs at her chicken, which naturally, my sister notices. 
“Something wrong with your dinner, Steph?” 
I find my sister’s foot under the table and give it a kick. 
Steph looks up from her plate and smiles politely. Even I can tell it’s forced. 
“The chicken’s great.” 
“Then why aren’t you eating it?” 
“Maybe I’m full.” 
“Oh, you’re definitely full of something.” 
“Stop it, Christian,” I mutter under my breath. 
She ignores me.  
“Tell us, Steph. What do you think about Brandon’s career plans? Surely you have an opinion about that.” 
The girls stare at each other with daggers in their eyes. 
“You already know my opinion. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be asking.” Steph tosses her napkin on the table and quickly stands up. “Thanks for dinner. I’m going for a walk.” 
I wait until I hear the front door slam before turning toward my sister. 
“Listen to me very carefully because I will not repeat myself. I am home because you asked me to come home, but I will not stay if you insist on being a bitch to her all week long.” 
She rolls her eyes and rises from her chair. “Whatever. I’m going to help our father with his medication and get him to bed. You know, our father? The one whose heart you’re going to break if you don’t keep your promise?” 
“I have every intention of keeping my promise. And stop talking about him like he isn’t here.” 
“He isn’t here, Brandon! Look at him!” 
I take a deep breath and look over at my dad. He’s just staring out the window. His expression blank. His eyes empty. And I know we’ve lost him. He’s gone, deep in the black hole of dementia that sneaks up out of nowhere and steals him away from us. 
For the first time I’m thankful for it, because I don’t want him to remember any of this. 

Copyright © Sydney Logan 2014

About the Author
Amazon bestselling author Sydney Logan holds a Master's degree in Elementary Education. With the 2012 release of her novel, Lessons Learned, she made the transition from bookworm to author. Her second book, Mountain Charm, was released in 2013. She is also the author of four short stories. A native of East Tennessee, Sydney enjoys playing piano and relaxing on her porch with her wonderful husband and their very spoiled cat. 

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More Praise for Sydney Logan
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