Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When Trust is worth fighting for: Guarded Heart

Guarded Heart

By Lisa Andres

 a New Adult Sports Romance

Dubicki learned to channel all of his pent up rage into his fists.
Now, he’s just hired one of the best coaches in the world to help him succeed in becoming a top MMA fighter.

Carissa Hart is a woman that has seen more in her young life than many people will in their lifetime. She’s finally on her own two feet and determined not to let anyone hurt her again.

Jesse’s been abandoned by everyone that he’s ever loved.
Carissa has been abused by everyone that she’s ever loved.

They are inexplicably drawn to each other.

Neither of them wants to be hurt again.

Will their relationship survive when a shocking secret from Jesse’s past threatens to change their life forever?
“Listen, I have a little tradition after my fights in town that I go to Dubicki’s after and see my family. I either celebrate or commiserate with the locals. Any chance you would want to go with me tonight?”

“Wow. Jesse, that’s really sweet, but, honestly, I’m still digesting what just happened. It might be a bit soon to meet your family.”

“Carissa, honestly, I decided the night that I met you that you would be mine. You can meet them now, or you can meet them later, but you will meet my family.”

She bit back her smile at his bravado. His announcement to her was a little shocking, but something in it connected to her. As long as he didn’t force himself on her, she would go with the flow of things. She wasn’t ready to leave him just yet, so she decided to go with him. She tried not to be nervous about meeting the family before they’d even had their first date. She kept telling herself it was crazy, or, at the very least, it all felt a little surreal. If it was a dream, she didn’t want to wake up.

Authors Bio:
 Lisa Andres is an author of both Metaphysical and Romance books. She's currently working on her next Metaphysical book: Indigo Warrior - A Guide for Indigo Adults & Parents of Indigo Children which will be out in the summer of 2014.

The third book in the Dubicki's series featuring Dana, Carissa's best friend from Guarded Heart, is planned for release in January 2015.

Lisa lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota with her boyfriend and three cats.


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  4. The book looks great! MY TBR pile just got larger...