Thursday, June 5, 2014

Anniversary Winners and Auction Announcements

May was the busiest month we have ever had here at Inner Goddess.  It was a wild ride and we thank you all for joining us.  We also want to say thank you to the authors that made it all possible.  All three of us were traveling in May so we apologize for the occasional dropped ball.  But we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. 

The Warrior Goddesses Auction has been a huge success, raising over $1300 so far for Pink Door, a non-profit charity that helps cancer survivors reclaim their livers.  I say so far, because we are not done yet!.  There are still 3 auction items that were unclaimed by their winning bids.  We are going to put these items back up for auction June 6-8, midnight.
The complete Honor James eBook collection, plus $25 Strandbucks

A Measured Risk by Natasha Blackthorne (eBook)

ARC copy of Anne's Courage by Skye Michaels

Then we asked you who the Most Memorable Man of Service was.  The winner is Scott Maclaren, the hero from Kilted Desires written by AB McKinley.  To see who filled out the rest of the top 10  visit our page here.

Finally, we celebrated our 2nd year Anniversary with snippets from your (and our) favorite authors.  We can't wait to see what our 3rd year has in store so stay tuned!  We are already looking forward to our annual Hottest Man in Literature contest over July 4th!!!!

We also had a contest for our followers and the winners are listed below. 

Thanks for a great time!!!

pearls, TinkNCognito, and cherrymary

The Giveaway --> 4 Winners!

1st Place - Chooses from half the list of authors and their titles, plus SWAG
Winner:  Jolanda LovesToRead

2nd Place- Receives remaining half of the list of authors and their titles, plus SWAG
Winner:  Tonda Pasowicz

2 3rd Places - A Bucketful of SWAG a piece
Winners:  Toni Hossain    and    Janka Dustan

Jolanda, let us know which 20 names you pick!
  1. AB McKinley - e-books of Kilted Desire 1 & 2, Scotsmen do it Kilted Tank, Mug, Magnet, Pin, Teddy bear, Scottish biscuits ( cookies ), Scottish Tea
  2. Alicia Sparks-- an ecopy (kindle) of Primitive Fix and a tarot reading
  3. Amanda McIntyre - paperback of The Master & The Muses
  4. Beth D. Carter - pdf of Otherworldly
  5. Brenna Zinn - ecopy of Iron Rods
  6. Caitlyn O'Leary -tba
  7. Carrie Ann Ryan - signed paperback of Ink Reunited
  8. Corinne Davies - ecopy of Chasing Peace Love & Fur
  9. Dina Redmon- an ecopy (kindle) of To Speak of it Again.
  10. Elle Boon - an ebook of Selena's Men and Two For Tamara
  11. Emily A Lawrence - Unforgettable Hearts ecopy (kindle)
  12. Erika Reed - ebook of Double Her Chances.
  13. Grace Burrowes - ARC paperback of The Captive
  14. Gracie Wilson - an ecopy (kindle) of Lonely Girl
  15. Heather Rainier - pdf of Divine Charity (June 13 release)
  16. Heather Snow - signed paperback of Sweet Deception
  17. Hennessee Andrews -  Tattoos and Cupcakes ebook
  18. Honor James - choose from her backlist
  19. Izzibella Beau - ebook (kindle) Broken
  20. J. Kenner - signed paperback of Wanted
  21. Jeaniene Frost -ARC paperback of The Beautiful Ashes
  22. Jill Shalvis - paperback of Always on My Mind
  23. Katherine Rhodes- an ecopy (kindle) of Not Quite Juliet
  24. Kristen Ashley - paperback of Fire Inside
  25. Laurie Roma - ebooks of 3013: MATED and 3013: CLAIMED
  26. Lisa Renee Jones - Tote bag and a print copy of Hot Secrets
  27. Lori King - ecopy of Weekend Surrender, and an ARC of new short story Watching Sin releasing June 15.
  28. Maisey Yates - paperback of Avenge Me
  29. Monica Burns - paperback of Love's Portrait
  30. Natalie J. Damschroder - paperback of Fight or Flight
  31. Randi Alexander - signed paperback of Chase and Seduction
  32. Rose Gordon - paperback of Secrets of a Viscount
  33. Sabrina Jeffries - What the Duke Desires (paperback)
  34. Sable Hunter - Green with Envy (It's just sex) and Bad as s (sweeter version (both Kindle copies)
  35. SE Jakes (Stephanie Tyler) - paperback of Free Falling
  36. Sherri Hayes - signed Slave booklet of chapter 1
  37. Sophie Jordan - paperback of Foreplay and signed ARC paperback of Tease
  38. Susan Hayes - ecopy of 3013: Renegade
  39. Sydney Logan -an ebook from her list of released titles.
  40. Tara Rose - 3 ebooks from her backlist

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