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Blog Hop - Cupid's Broken Arrow - Conclusion

This wonderfully erotic story is intended for mature audiences!

Chapter 8 - the exciting conclusion

Not even the lesser gods like Eros sunk to their knees easily, let alone stayed there. Yet Eros couldn’t imagine ever rising again. Tessa, his lovely Tessa.
You wouldn’t kill an innocent. . .” Eros words bounced off the stone floor.
Oh, I would do more than that if it serves the greater good.”
Greater good? Anger replaced his grief. Eros may have been a lesser god, but even an immortal had a point of no return.
Eros rose. “How can you say that?”
You’ve had your cock buried in so many nymphs, you’ve lost your purpose.” Apollo lazily lifted a golden goblet but didn’t drink. “And your arrow’s effect on me has made fulfilling my purpose . . . difficult. So, I’ll strike you a deal.”
Apollo poured the liquid from the goblet into a small vial and tucked it into his belt. “Ambrosia. It reverses the Laurel berry’s effects.”
So, you’ll—”
Not yet.” He sent Eros an angry gaze. “Figure it out, Eros. You have twenty-four Earth hours to earn the right to this vial. I presume you know what Earth hours are?”
Apollo’s words dripped with a smug supremacy—the same tone that urged Eros punish Apollo in the first place. Only, Eros didn’t feel like punishing. His only desire was to return to Tessa with the ambrosia.
Could he overpower Apollo? Take the antidote from him? He didn’t get the chance to find out.
With robes flying, Apollo left Eros alone with his thoughts and his roiling gut.
Figure it out. Had Apollo gone mad? No matter, he had to see Tessa. He would help her even if it meant he had to trade in every arrow in his quiver.
Earth had somewhat returned to normal when Eros returned. Filthy streets, people brushing past one another without looking into each other’s eyes, homeless men and women muttering to themselves . . . Yes, Earth--where he’d spent centuries trying to make people’s lives better--was the same, dismal place.
Finding Tessa wasn’t difficult. As he stood in her bedroom room doorway, his heart ached. She lay curled on her side, clutching her stomach. For the second time in recent days, he knelt. As Eros raised her hand, his heart flipped at seeing her lashes lift at his touch.
He hadn’t a clue where to start.
I just came from Olympus.”
She winced. Okay, not the right words. “Why did you pledge yourself to Vesta? Become a vestal virgin?” He wasn’t sure where the question came from. But he suddenly wanted to know everything about his goddess-turned-woman.
She sent glassy eyes to his face. “I wanted a choice.”
His brow must have furrowed in question, as she sighed deeply as if readying herself to explain the alphabet to an Earth child. “I didn’t want to be married off to some male, uh—” she winced “—god . . . just to bear his children and then spend my nights wondering which nymph he chased in the forest.”
Tessa might not have had her own quiver of barbs, but her words arrowed through his heart nonetheless.
You think so little of me?”
I don’t think of you at all. I mostly . . . feel you.” She shivered.
He dropped his quiver and slid into bed next to her. As he played with her hair, his cock stiffened. Now alive, he wanted nothing more than for it to stand down—at least until he gained permission to re-enter his sweet Tessa.
She pushed her ass back toward him. She wasn’t helping his stand-down order.
I know you took Laurel berries,” he said quietly. “I know you plotted revenge for me taking you. I know—”
You know nothing. And nothing’s more dangerous than a God of Love who doesn’t feel love himself.” She groaned loudly. “How do humans take substances?”
Humans often do things that aren’t in their best interest. That’s what free will gets you.”
Her hair smelled so good.
Tessa ground her behind against his ever-hardening cock. “But at least they have a choice. Damn you.” She moved his hand so that it cupped her breast. “I like that. I shouldn’t like that.”
Why not?” He pressed his cock between her luscious butt cheeks, but not getting very far due to the thong she wore.
Because it’s not me . . . it’s the berries. Like your seduction skills. Like your damned arrows.”
My arrows make people very happy.” He nibbled on her neck.
They didn’t make Apollo or Daphne happy. And, hitting anyone you feel like, just because you like playing with these Earth people? Not cool.”
The gift of love—”
Should be earned. You take away everything, don’t you? My immortality, mortals’ free will . . . Oh, God, your fingers.”
Without thought, his hand had travelled down to her folds, soaked with her inability to resist the pleasure he could offer. Something danced on the edge of his consciousness. Who cared? Tessa was in his arms.
Let me help you. Ease some of this,” he swiped a finger through her folds, earning a satisfying moan from the back of her throat.
You want to help me?”
She grasped his hand and raised it to her heart. “Make me immortal, Cupid, and return me to Olympus.”
And then?”
And then I shall pay the price. You’ll have this.” She ground her glorious ass against his aching cock once more.
The thought she considered her precious womanhood a “price” unnerved him. What was wrong with him? He’d never thought of the female-du-jour in his arms more than a prize worth chasing, a willing partner, and a moment of pleasure.
Tessa groaned as his fingers continued to play her. “My desire mocks me,” she said into the pillow.
A tumble of thoughts shamed him. He made her feel good, yet she felt no pleasure? She wanted him to reverse what he gave her—long moments of unbridled passion? She wanted to deflect him? Free will.
He knew what to do. He eased himself from Tessa, who had fallen asleep.

When Eros found Apollo, the god was in his usual stance. Lying back on pillows, receiving grapes from goddesses, looking as smug as ever.
I’ve, as you put it, figured it out,” Eros said.
Well this should be good.” Bacchus’ words slurred as he stumbled into Apollo’s chamber. The man had an annoying sense of timing, showing up at the worst time.
Yes.” Fortuna stepped from behind Bacchus, disdain rolling off her in waves. Damn, Fortuna, another immortal who had a habit of showing up when least desired.
Apollo raised his hand, which stopped any more words from either of their mouths.
Speak . . . Cupid.”
Eros ignored the bait and stepped as close as he dared. He’d seen Apollo’s moods incinerate men and lesser immortals just because he was bored.
I can end your sorrow . . . and Daphne’s. I can reverse my arrow’s effect. If Daphne wishes to return to you, devoid of the effects of the hate arrow, she will. If not, then she has made her choice of her own free will.”
And me?”
The same. Once I reverse the effects, you will either love her . . . or not. But, Tessa must return to Olympus, immortal and free.”
Apollo was truly intimidating when he straightened to his full height. “Do it. And Eros, if you’re lying, Tessa dies.”
The thought that his love—yes, his true love—would be harmed in any way filled him with intention he’d never before experienced.
First, Tessa. Bring her here.”
Before he could blink, Tessa materialized on a pillow nearest Apollo’s feet.
Eros jumped back a little. He’d forgotten how powerful Apollo could be, summoning anyone from his realm, even women once immortal-turned-mortal, to wherever he wished them to be. Except Daphne, he reminded himself.
Another layer of epiphany rose in his consciousness. Apollo’s heart wasn’t the only part of the god that Eros’s arrow had nicked. Under the arrow’s effect, Apollo had irrepressible feelings. It must have galled Apollo to no end to have part of his world not under his control. Eros had had power over Apollo. And look where it got you.
Tessa moaned. Eros leaned down and whispered in her ear, “First part over. You are in Olympus.”
He pulled an arrow from his quiver and made himself a promise. He’d never again shoot them with such impunity—without thought. “Away to the Laurel tree in the forest. Away to Daphne.” He loosed the arrow, which shot through the largest window on the other side of the chamber. He didn’t hesitate to release a second straight to Apollo’s heart. Both arrows needed to strike at the same time for their reversal to work.
A clap of thunder announced his timing had been perfect.
Apollo fell backward onto the pillows, taking the two goddesses who had been writhing their bodies over him earlier, with him. They giggled. Apollo looked. . . relieved.
It’s done. Now the vial.” Eros held out his hand.
Apollo tossed the vial to him. He made short work of dripping its contents between Tessa’s lips. She gasped and for a few seconds, a blinding light filled the chamber.
When his eyesight cleared, color had returned to her face, and her luscious body was encased in a soft, cream-colored gown. Her new look suited her better than those ugly Earth clothes. Still, he’d prefer her nude and writhing underneath him. His cock agreed, pressing against the tight cloth holding him captive.
Eros helped her to her feet. She pulled back immediately, proving her strength had also returned.
Eros still wanted to crush his body against hers, ram his cock between her legs until she screamed his name in pleasure.
Damn, Apollo. “The Laurel berries. They must still be in her system. I still feel—”
Unbridled passion?” Fortuna mocked him. “Don’t tell me. Eros is turned on. What a surprise.”
Shut it, Fortuna.” Secretly, he admitted she had a point. His cock was back to its original state—ready for business whenever the opportunity arose. Only now the only “opportunity” he wanted lay between Tessa’s legs.
Well, it worked.” Tessa brushed her long gown. “I don’t feel like one of those snaky furry things from Earth—”
Whatever. I’m not like one of those cats in heat anymore.”
That’s a pity,” Bacchus said into his cup.
Tessa stretched, sending her breasts closer to Eros’s body. He kept himself from reaching out and suckling on her nipple visible through the thin fabric.
I feel good.” A smile played on Tessa’s lips. She twirled in place, like a very young girl. Damn, could she have returned to . . . no, not possible.
Apollo returned to his feet. “The ambrosia has returned you to your immortal state, but sadly, not a Vestal Virgin.”
Fortuna’s face burned scarlet. “That wasn’t our deal. You couldn’t have!”
Couldn’t have? Have you met me?” Apollo laughed, and the marble statues around the large room rattled. “I am Apollo. Never forget that.”
Vesta rushed in, sandals flapping on the stone floor. “Tessa!”
The two goddesses embraced. “I’m glad to be home.”
I feel terrible how we left things.”
Once again, I am sorry.” Tessa kneeled at the other goddess’s feet.
A pang of desire shot through Eros as if one of his own arrows pierced his heart. Her position taunted him. He rather liked Tessa on her knees.
Vesta pulled her to standing. “Come, we’ll figure something out. Justine and Ophelia wish to see you. They have admitted their part in how things turned out and—”
Not so fast, my lovely goddesses.” Eros had met his end of the bargain with Tessa. It was time to collect his prize—her succulent body, nude and writhing underneath him. “There is the matter of fulfilling a promise.”
Tessa blushed a hundred shades of red. Great. Not only had her immortality been restored so had her modesty.
Eros held out his hand. “Tessa? Come with me now.”
Tessa crossed her arms. “If I recall, it was Apollo who returned me to my state. Not you.”
Apollo’s booming laughter once again filled the space. “Oh, she’s good. You may have finally met your match, Cupid. Of course, if she wishes to bestow her favors on me, her savior, I will not object.”
Over my ashes.” Eros had an arrow locked and ready to shoot at Apollo once more. “I can return you to your own unbridled passionate state quite easily.”
Eros! No.” Tessa stood in front of the arrow. She placed her hand on the tip and lowered his arrow to point at the ground. “Enough.”
Well, well, the two non-lovers saving each other. How quaint.” Fortuna spat on the floor, turned and walked out. Fortuna grew bored easily.
Vesta stepped forward. “Tessa, you should know that you were never meant to be a Vestal Virgin for forever. Only until a holy marriage was offered. You could then retire and marry whomever you wished. Of course, Cupid forced your hand.” Vesta was a kind goddess, though the look she threw Eros on those final words belied that fact. And why did everyone in Olympus insist on calling him Cupid!? No matter. Her scathing look did little to wither his growing hard-on at the thought of having Tessa in his bed every night.
You didn’t let me finish, Tessa.” Eros sheathed his arrow. “I wish to be your first lover, and your last. Bond with me, as only the gods can do.”
Marry you before Hera?” Tessa spit hair from her face and backed away. “Are you crazy?”
No. A wise woman once told me that I wouldn’t be a good God of Love if I hadn’t experienced it myself. You did that for me, my goddess Tessa. I love you. Bond with me.”
I’m not supposed to. I-I can’t.”
You can. Free will, remember? You are free to love whomever you choose.”
Vesta sighed. “He’s right. I shall miss you, Tessa. But you are no longer one of my Vestal Virgins. Not even Apollo could reverse that state. You are free to choose.”
Tessa peered up at Apollo. “Did Eros do what he said?”
I still love Daphne. But it feels less of a compulsion. So, I’d say, yes. But if you ever again—”
He won’t.” Tessa turned to Eros. “Will you?”
If I’m occupied with other pursuits--” he lifted her hand to his lips “--I won’t have time to do much else.”
Tessa’s face colored anew. But when he cupped her cheek, she pressed her face into his palm. “A trial,” she said.
Fair enough.”
Pussy whipped.” Bacchus snorted.
Oh, and Eros, If you ever visit Earth again, you will find yourself called Cupid. Deal with it.” Apollo’s face stretched into a smile.
Eros supposed it was a small price to pay for love.
So, this is what it feels like.” He itched to reach into his quiver. Perhaps one more arrow. . . just so he could share the overwhelming feeling consuming him.
Don’t even think about it . . . Eros.” Tessa gave him a sly smile.
Valentine’s Day is coming up.”
Have faith. The Earth people don’t often make the right choice. But the mistakes are theirs to make. Besides, now that I’m not bound to being a Vestal Virgin, I have plans for you that don’t involve arrows. Or at least not that kind.”
Before Eros could grasp her waist, she turned and fled the chamber. What the…?
Eros gave chase. The forest floor was soft under his feet, and Tessa’s giggles urged him to run faster. He caught her just under the giant Laurel tree. Daphne had remained in her state. He reminded himself it was her choice. And when he sank his cock, now hard as Mount Olympus itself, into Tessa’s wet pussy, he relished in his choice—of Tessa, of real love.

The End

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