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Blog Hop - Cupid's Broken Arrow - Ch 2

This is a wonderful erotic tale and intended for mature audiences.

Chapter Two

Tessa Lovejoy smothered a groan and dragged a flat pillow over her head in an effort to drown out the shrieking coming through the wall behind the sad excuse for a bed she had woken up on this morning. Squinting into the foggy dimness, she tried to focus on the red numbers glowing on the clock radio. Was it really only 4:00? She eased onto her stomach and tried to calm the strange roiling sensation. Whatever was the matter now? Before she could fall back asleep, she broke into a sudden cold sweat and only just managed to hang her head over the bed before everything she’d drunk came back up and out in a horrifying display of human frailty.
Oh, fabulous. Now, even her stomach thought it was human. Curling her nose in disgust, she swung her legs off of the bed and lurched to the bathroom. Weaving side to side, bouncing from one wall to the other, she finally managed to squeeze into the shower to stand under the weak, cold stream until her head cleared and her stomach settled.
Damn that bitch goddess, Fortuna!
Exactly four weeks earlier, she’d been blissfully going about her life as a minor Vestal Virgin working in the service of the gentle goddess, Vesta. Born into the job, Tessa had never questioned her position as a very, very, very minor goddess in the complicated hierarchy of Roman deities. Life was good. She’d had no complaints about maintaining the temple or seeing to the simple needs of the goddess of hearth and home. She’d been content. Remaining a virgin seemed a small sacrifice for the comfortable life she lived. That was before she’d been invited to one of Bacchus’ famous parties. Her two good friends, Justina and Ophelia, talked her into going.
It’ll be fun, they said. What could go wrong, they said.

That night, the sky had sparkled with magical stars; the warm breeze drifted through the forest clearing, ruffling leaves and gently lifting her blond hair as she stood awkwardly in the shadows. What was she thinking? She was a VV -- not some trampy wood nymph! Remaining a virgin was the number one job requirement! This was a bad idea. Swinging her gaze left and right, she eased back a few more feet, hiding behind the trunk of a massive tree. Five more minutes and she would slip away. Justina and Ophelia were giggling with a couple of young gods. They wouldn’t notice by then.
Flute music tinkled as the party got underway. All around her, gods, goddesses and everything in between were paired off or joined in groups. Torchlight glimmered off of naked backs as more and more wine flowed and inhibitions vanished. The delighted cries of wood nymphs getting pleasured a few feet away brought an uncomfortable tightness to her belly and made her tingly and needy for something she didn’t quite understand. Shifting position, she nearly gasped as a wave of dizziness washed over her. Her breasts ached. Her pussy tingled. Oh, she should leave. This wasn’t her place.
Why so sad, luscious girl?” The husky words came from just above her ear, followed by the wet heat of a tongue trailing down the side of her throat. The unfamiliar touch sent a jolt of desire straight to her core. Two hard arms wrapped around her, palms cupping her breasts through her thin gown, fingers tightening over her straining nipples. “The party’s just getting started. Have some wine. It’ll make you happy.”
No, thank you. I really need to leave.” Stiffening against his hold, she tried to jerk out of the stranger’s grasp, but he only chuckled and held her back to his chest with one hand while the other conjured a goblet of wine and handed it to her. Oh, goddess, he was naked. Gloriously naked. She felt every inch of his skin along her back and butt. His cock thickened to press between her cheeks as he smoothly wrapped her fingers around the cup.
One last little instinct screamed urgently to move away, but his hot breath dancing over the nape of her neck felt too good. Shut up, instinct! What could go wrong?
That’s right, love. Drink the wine and we’ll go play for a while,” he murmured as he tipped the cup to her mouth. “I’ll rock your world, baby.”
After she finished it, he snapped his fingers and the cup vanished. Turning her to his chest, his lips curled into a sexy grin and she lost all desire to go.
Eros.” His name came as a gasp as she drank him in. Surely she must be dreaming?
Gleaming muscles; golden skin; beautiful... His shining green eyes all but hypnotized her while his clever hands drew her into his arms for a kiss that probably stopped time. Growling low in his throat, he cupped her jaw, taking control of her mouth until she was fairly panting with desire. The god could kiss! His tongue tasted of wine as it danced with hers, coaxing her to respond even as his fingers stroked her clit until she was grinding against his hand like one of those horny nymphs she’d watched earlier. Good goddess! That animal groan couldn’t be coming from her! Her face was surely on fire, but he stopped her from moving away by plunging two fingers deep inside.
That’s it, baby, fuck my fingers. Let yourself go.”
Dropping his mouth to her bare breasts, he nipped and sucked at her nipples until her eyes rolled back in her head. Holy, holy, holy sh-- She’d lost her ability to think at all as he spread her thighs and stroked the head of his cock along her drenched pussy. In a heartbeat, her gown was gone, her legs were wrapped around his waist, and she was begging for more. Ten minutes later, her virginity was a memory and so was he.

Fucking Eros! This is all your fault, you dick! I hope you’re suffering as much as I am!” Tessa shoved her feet into boots and jammed her arms into a heavy coat. Her stomach needed food. Just another human inconvenience she had to endure. Food, water, toilets... How did humans stand being, well, human? As a goddess, she hadn’t needed any of these things. She could drink gallons of wine and not be sick. Apparently, humans got sick when they drank too much wine. Yay... Yet another reason to hate Eros.
Living as a destitute human was a small price to pay to get even with that lousy God of Love. Exile wasn’t great, but at least Eros would get what was coming to him. Vesta had lost her damn mind when Tessa entered the temple sans her hymen. Yeah... That hadn’t gone well. Not. At. All. The screaming was probably heard on Jupiter. Long story short? She’d been cast out of the temple and stripped of her privileges. To add insult to injury, Eros hadn’t even remembered her when she turned up on his doorstep. Asshole. Soooo, she did what all scorned females do. She plotted revenge. With the help of the Goddess Fortuna, she had a plan.

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