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Blog Hop - Cupid's Broken Arrow - Ch 6

This is a wonderfully erotic story intended for mature audiences only!

Chapter 6

Eros drummed his fingers on the table in the coffee shop and considered his situation. It would help if he could consume more caffeine but since the mortals had gone and made coffee so expensive he was limited to one a day. He shook his head. What was a latte anyway? Had they made up that word?
Bacchus stared at him through red-brimmed eyes. When was the last time Eros had seen Bacchus not hung-over? One millennia? Two? “Let me get this straight. The woman gives you an ultimatum and rather than telling her to go fuck off you are actually considering doing what she wants?”
I can’t explain it.” He wasn’t even lying; he couldn’t come up with a reason why Tessa was so damned important to him except she was—and he had to go with the path he was on since no other ones were currently presenting themselves to him. “She’s special. That’s really what it comes down to and the only one my dick is willing to get hard for anymore.”
Bacchus shook his head. “Better you than me, my brother. Alright, here’s the deal. I think it’s fairly obvious that your arrows have gone askew because your dick is acting up. Whatever has thrown one of them out of alignment has made the other one go soft, or vice versa.”
He hated any conversation that combined talk of his dick with the word soft. “Go on.”
If he clenched his teeth any tighter together he was going to give himself a migraine.
Excuse me.” A nasally voice caught his attention and three women stood to their left. They seemed to be wearing some kind of uniform he’d never seen before but consisted of each one of them dressed in black yoga pants, a long sleeve t-shirt depicting various phrases about working out, and sneakers to complete the look. Perched on their hips were three toddlers, one of whom waved at Bacchus like they were old friend. Maybe they were. Who knew who the Gods chose to reincarnate these days or where those souls got sent. 

Bacchus raised a finger and waved back at the toddler, leaving Eros to deal with the woman who had spoken to them. “Can I help you?”
We don’t like that kind of conversation in here. There are children present.” The female on the left accentuated every word she said with a flip of her brown hair over her shoulder. She would be beautiful if she hadn’t pursed her lips and if holier-than thou attitude didn’t radiate from her pores.
Eros leaned forward. “Couple of things. Number one, this is a coffee shop, not a day care. If you don’t like what I’m saying, feel free to leave. Number two, you really need to get laid. Go home and see whoever gave you that beautiful baby and make him get you to come at least three times tonight. See if it loosens the stick from your ass.”
Okay.” Bacchus jumped to his feet, grabbing Eros by the arm when he did. “Time to go. Enough caffeine for you.” They were on the street before the woman could even gasp and rounding the corner. “Don’t mess with those women Eros. Didn’t you see their shirts? They do cross-fit. One of them could probably throw you through the window of the coffee place before you even knew what hit you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get blood stains out of clothing?”
How do you even know this?” What did Bacchus do when no one paid attention?
Long story. Look, okay, if you’re going to do this crazy thing and give Tessa what she wants because she is the only one you can fuck right now then let’s get to it. I don’t know what to do about getting your dick to behave. That’s out of my realm of expertise, but I do know someone who can help with the arrows.” They crossed the street quickly before the light turned. “Although I hate to ask the bastard.”
Eros stopped walking immediately. “You don’t mean…”
I do, unfortunately.” Bacchus sighed loudly. “I think you’re going to have to go ask Apollo to help you.”
Eros shuddered. “I would rather take a bullet through the head.”
Well considering that wouldn’t kill you, I rather believe you would.” Bacchus laughed. “Listen, you go see Apollo or we could talk to your mother about the dick problem.”
Absolutely not.” The very idea turned his stomach. “My mother can’t know anything about this. Aphrodite would have a field day. I’d never hear the end of it. But really? Apollo is such a downer. He’s going to be all disapproving. I’m going to hear a lecture for the ages.”
And then when he’s done with that, he’ll fix your arrows and maybe even your dick in the process.”
Eros had thought he didn’t want to hear any phrases that contained the words dick and soft in them, but hearing Apollo and his cock in the same description was much, much worse.
Come on, Cupid, let’s go get this over with so you can finally bed Tessa and get on with your life.”
Nodding, he followed Bacchus down the street. He didn’t correct the other man’s assumption, but he had a strong suspSeicion that once he bedded Tessa again, he would never, ever want anyone else. She was it for him and he’d jump through any hoops he had to, to get to her. Even Apollo’s. 

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