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Blog Hop - Cupid's Broken Arrow - Ch 5

This is a wonderfully erotic story intended for mature audiences only!

Chapter 5

Tessa…Tessa. Wake up, love.”
Tessa moaned, her head moving from side to side as she surfaced to consciousness. She coughed, dreading the thought of breathing in more smoke, but her lungs screamed for oxygen. She heaved a breath even as her throat constricted to insulate her lungs from more smoke. Relief washed over her as clean air entered her lungs even though swallowing made her throat itch. She hated the dryness at the back of her throat and longed for the cool waters she missed that came from the waterfalls that fed Vesta’s temple.
She opened her eyes, blinking several times and surprised to see the dark sky above. The last thing she remembered was Eros seducing her in the midst of a burning building and smoke surrounding them. It sure as Hades weren’t the flames of passion that licked them or the mists of arousal that covered them from would be voyeurs. Why in Zeus’ name did Eros decide to remind her pussy of what she was missing? In a stairwell of all places!
She looked at Eros’s concerned face inches from hers. His eyes skimmed her visage, caressing her skin. Lust still swirled in those depths and her sex clenched in response. Dammit! Her body shouldn’t be rooting for the other side! The plan was to make Eros suffer, to find a way to return among the gods, goddesses, and demi-gods.
Let me go!” she squirmed in Eros’ arms that he had no choice but to put her on her feet. The moment she did, her hip brushed Eros’ semi erect shaft. Tessa gasped when Eros’ arm snaked around her waist to flush her against him before he started to grind himself against her hip.
What?” His brow arched even as he continued to rub himself against her. “C’mon let me in.”
Here?” Tessa gasped in shock. “We’re in the middle of the damn street!”
Eros continued to rock while he leaned to whisper in her ear. “Look around you Tessa. You’re in a fucking orgy.”
Tessa turned in Eros’ embrace and her eyes nearly popped out at the different couples….coupling. Everywhere she looked, people were making out. The paramedic had a woman on the gurney inside the ambulance with his face buried deep between her thighs, pleasuring her as she moaned and held him against her mons. Another woman was bent against a lamp post, her skirt raised around her hips, and her thighs spread wide. An immaculately dressed man had his dick out of his trousers and inside the woman, his hands gripping her hips as he pounded into her. The woman’s screams joined other couples cries. No inhibitions. No shame. The sight of people experiencing the heights of carnal pleasure made Tessa feel as wanton as they were. Her breasts swelled and heat gushed out of her already soaked thong at the sight of so many in the throes of ecstasy. Eros nuzzled her neck while he continued to tease her with his cock between her cheeks. Tessa pussy involuntarily squeezed vaguely remembering how thick Eros was, and by Olympus, she wanted to feel him inside her again. Her eyes were drifting close, her lips parting in a sigh when Eros cupped her breasts and played with her nipples that hardened against her dress. She continued to watch everyone, turned on by what she saw.
A scene of pure lust with the scent of sex mingling in the air.
And so many wayward arrows piercing random butts. 

The sight woke her up like a splash of water from the Styx.
What in Hades did you do?” She turned around in shock and pushed Eros away. The cool air was chilly against her skin at the loss of his warmth. “Sure you can fuck ‘til the next millennia in Bacchus’ parties but hello? Earth calling Eros! The police will be crawling up our asses and arrest everyone for public indecency!”
It’s not like I commanded the arrows to shoot at random.” Eros scowled, raking his hands through his hair in frustration. His cock bulged against his pants like a strangled dowsing rod.
So you’re saying you can’t control your arrows like you can’t control your unruly dick.” Tessa said, giving an indelicate snort.
Hey, my cock needs pussy action.” Eros defended his appendage. “And your pussy is the one I want to sink into.” He moved towards her again and Tessa’s libido went on overdrive.
Libido, she thought. A new word she learned on earth that was as old as time. No one was immune. Human or immortal.
Tessa,” Eros’ knuckles grazed her cheek and she leaned into his caress. He tilted her chin to accept his kiss. “Let me in.” he murmured against her mouth.
No.” The moment she moved away, she started longing for his touch. Why was it so damned difficult to stick to the plan? Several women screamed their climax. Men groaned when they came. Vesta help her, she wanted to experience the same mind blowing release.
With Eros.
Seriously, she was going bonkers. Her mind and Fortuna demanded that Eros be punished. Her heart and pussy begged her to give in.
You took my life away, Eros,” she sighed, staring unseeingly at the orgy in front of her. “What would you have me do?”
Eros’ sexy smile faltered before he looked away, a frown pulling at his forehead.
What would you want me to do?”
And his dick.
She rose on tiptoe to take nips of his mouth, sucking on his tongue, and smiling at the growling noises he made. Just as Eros gripped her hips, Tessa stopped her hand job and zipped his cock back inside Eros’ pants.
If you can control your arrows, your wayward cock, and find a way to get me back to Olympus.” She stepped back and grinned at the disbelief on Eros’ face. She winked and walked away, throwing one last parting shot over her shoulder.
You can have my pussy.”

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