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Blog Hop - Cupid's Broken Arrow - Ch 4

This is a wonderfully erotic story and intended for mature audiences!

Chapter 4

For a split second, Eros stood in the doorway of his hotel room and forgot about the hotel evacuation. He gazed at his hardened cock bulging under his slacks.
Tessa accomplished what no other female could over the past month. On top of everything else, she tasted better than the sweetest ambrosia. She reminded him of something, something like virtuosity surrounding the aura of heavens. Her voluptuous curves, in all the right places, tempted his sexual desires back to life like a roaring bonfire.
Pride swelled his chest and emanated outward. For the first time in a month, Eros was hard as a rock. He needed to fuck her…and soon. Power vibrated, tingling the air against his back.
Tessa!” he yelled after her as the crash of shattering glass echoed behind him.
Eros spun in time to see his mystical love arrows break free of their bond and shoot out of the now opened window—almost as if they had a mind of their own. In disbelief, he scooped up his empty quiver and took off running down the hallway with the other hotel guests toward the EXIT sign. “Tessa!”
Not only did he have to hunt her down, he needed to get back control of his damn arrows. In the thousands of years he’d been the God of Love, never once had he lost an arrow, much less have them take on power of their own. Nothing was going according to plan.
Sprinting into the stairwell, he caught a glimpse of a beautiful blonde in a red dress go around the corner below. He wasted no time to catch up to her and latched an arm around her waist.
Over the sirens of the fire alarm, he yelled, “I got you, sweetheart. I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.” Being a god had its perks after all. He could fly her through a fire and to safety should the need arise.
She jerked out of his hold by speeding up her steps. “Don’t, Eros.”
His dick jerked at the way she’d said his name and the movement painfully strained his loaded balls. Wait a minute. It had nothing to do with the venom or bite in her tone.
She called him Eros.
Come again, love?” he asked.
Balling her little hands into fists she stopped and turned to face him. A righteous anger replaced her previous angelic expressions as heat radiated from her. “I am not your sweetheart nor your love.” She pursued him as people pushed around them to flee the stairwell. “You ruined my life, and because of you, I’m stuck on this earthly plane to live the rest of my life like these sodden humans!”
Her feistiness only made him want to fuck her more—to fuck it right out of her and make her cum while milking his cock. He stood his ground as they stood toe to toe, not backing away from the little minx who only a few minutes ago writhed underneath him like a wanton nymph.
Nymph? The truth socked him in the gut. Oh, he’d fucked her sweet pussy alright. The last female he entered was her.

That’s how you know my name.” Glimpses of his memory flashed back to that night. The night Bacchus told him to come to earth and laughed at him while he pounded the most exquisitely tight nymph. The night he wasn’t able to get hard from thereafter. “What were you doing at Bacchus’ party that night?” He narrowed his eyes. “You did something to me. You broke my cock!”
Her jaw dropped and she scoffed at him. “I did no such thing. You’re the one who got me drunk and took my chastity. Because of you I was kicked out of the temple and now a mortal thank you very much.” She glanced down at his crotch. “And by the looks of it, your cock doesn’t look broken, you manwhore.”
Temple? But you’re a nymph. Nymphs live in the mountains near lakes and streams.”
I was a Vestal Virgin. How dare you compare me to all the nymphs out there? Perhaps if you were interested in anything else but fornication the world wouldn’t be in such a state of downfall concerning love.” She cleared her throat.
A virgin? No wonder he savored sex with her more than any other female. On top of it, she was one of Vestas’ maiden’s. A maiden he deflowered—and probably why his dick stayed limp for almost a month. Everything else aside though, he needed Tessa and as the God of Love he needed to make it right—not because she revived his dick. He needed to be reminded what love was all about.
Eros cupped her face, gazing into her crystal clear blue eyes. “I’m sorry. I would never have taken advantage of you had I known the truth. You are a treasure to behold and I’m honored to have witnessed your amazing grace and beauty.”
Her mouth trembled and she nibbled on the corner of her lower lip. Moisture seeped into her eyes. “No. You don’t get to appreciate me after my world’s been ripped away from me.”
Then let me make it right.” His lips descended on hers and he licked her lips, begging for entrance with his tongue. “You have no idea how much you enchant me.” His dick strained in his pants. The way he wanted to drive into her tight heat made his balls tighten more as he entered her warm, wet mouth.
Tessa rocked her hips against him, teasing his already amped up body, mimicking sex as she ground against him. He needed inside of her and quick. Reaching between their bodies he unbuttoned his pants then unzipped them to release his throbbing dick. He hiked her dress up in front and pulled her panties aside until the tip of his head kissed her sweet pussy.
Let me make you mine,” he nuzzled against her lips.
She pulled away from him, covering her mouth and coughed before she inhaled a deep breath. “No. I will never be yours.” She yanked her dress back down. “That is the penance you will pay.”
You will be mine.”
Ha! That’s something Cupid says.” Her haughty tone matched the cockiness on her face.
The defiance she displayed with her taunt boiled deep into his veins. “I will have you. Make no mistake and watch your tongue.”
Her chest rose and fell and she sucked in air and coughed. “You will rue,” another cough, “the day you ruined me and forgot who,” cough, “I was.”
As she collapsed, he caught her in his arms and cradled her. The stairwell had filled with smoke during their argument. And now being human, she wasn’t immune to the effects of mortal ailments.
He made sure to tuck his cock into his pants and fastened them while he flew down the flights of stairs with her in his hold. He’d been so caught up in the moment he forgot about the fire.
Finally on the first level he burst through the exit door with her. Sirens, red and blue lights, people rushed around frantically. He needed to find a paramedic to revive her. Once he spotted an ambulance he raced on foot toward the vehicle to get Tessa aide.
She passed out from smoke inhalation,” he yelled at a male medic. Each slap of his feet on the pavement reminded him how delicate and precious the cargo in his arms was to him.
The world seemed to stop for a moment when the paramedic was brushed by one of Eros’ mystical arrows. The male turned to a female nearby…and they started to make out.
What the fuck?” Eros glanced around the street and his jaw dropped. His arrows zipped through the air, tagging people as they zipped by. Every time they came in contact with a mortal…the person turned to the nearest one who’d also been struck…and they were all going at it.
A scene, eerily similar to the one in the forest during Bacchus’ party, unfolded before his eyes. The normal world had turned into an orgy as men and women alike chased after one another shredding their clothes.
Bacchus appeared on the street. He laughed while sloshing around his wine filled chalice. “Well, looks like you’ve finally found a way to get love in the air.”

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