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Blog Hop - Cupid's Broken Arrow - Ch 1

This is a wonderful, erotic tale and intended for mature audiences.

Chapter One

Come on, baby! Give it to me!” The woman between Eros’ legs urged as she worked his cock with her hands and mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she licked him over from his base to the tip. Popping his head out of her mouth, she slapped it against her lips. “Come on, Cupid! Get so thick and hard for me you split me in two! It’s been so long!”
Whatever beginnings of an erection he had, softened to nothing as the visions of fat, curly-haired cherubs floated through his mind.
That’s it. Stop. Just stop!”
But why?” she replied, not yet giving up on the chance to have sex with him again. “So, it’s taking you a little longer. I don’t mind. You know how much I love giving head, especially to you.”
Grasping her by her shoulders, he forced her away from him.
You need to go, Ophelia.” he threw his fingers through his hair, stood, and let his wings stretch out behind his back. “I told you not to call me by that name. I never should have told you what happened.”
I’m sorry! It was a slip-up!”
Get out.”
After she dressed, Eros slammed the door behind her retreating figure, the latest woman he had tried to bed, unsuccessfully.
Her body was thick and luscious, her tits overflowing his palms. She was everything he could have asked for in a lay. To her credit, she’d tried using her entire erotic arsenal to raise his cock to standing. It had been a wasted effort with his dick a limp, useless thing, lying against his stomach as she had done her best to get him hard.
He’d lost count of the number of times over the past few weeks that he hadn’t been able get it up, and he’d called the last fuck-buddy in his roster to make another attempt to get over whatever sex slump he was in. None of the others had been able to get him hard, but he was sure Ophelia would have the tricks to get his dick to respond.
What in Zeus’ name is fucking wrong with you?” he yelled as he looked down in disdain at his unresponsive cock in his hand. Shaking his dick in frustration, he went on speaking to it, “I’m the god of fornication, not that chubby baby singing stupid love songs! I never should have left Olympus! Never should have gone to that card shop! Why did I listen to that drunkard, Bacchus?”

A month or so prior, Eros had attended another one of his friend’s wine filled parties. Barely clad or entirely naked nymphs had been running through the woods, their breasts bouncing as the males ran after them.
Deciding to give chase himself, he spied the beauty nearest to him, and took off after her. Moments later, he’d caught her in his arms, and then, laid her down on the ground as his cock hardened in anticipation of being inside her tight heat.
What’s your name, lovely?” he’d asked, as he balanced the weight of his upper body over her while grinding the lower against her wetness. “What should I call you while I’m fucking your sweet pussy?”
Does it matter?” she’d laughed, reaching for the stiffness between his legs. After pushing his clothing aside to free him, she’d wrapped her fingers around his girth, and begun stroking him with lengthy pulls of her hand up and down. “I know who you are, and your reputation, Eros. You’ll forget my name the minute you come.”
Maybe not.” he ran his nose against the length of her neck. “You could be the one that changes me forever.”
Silver tongued liar is what you are, Eros.” She’d smiled up at him as she trailed a finger of her other hand down his face. “I still want you though.”
Reaching down, he had lined himself up to her core, and eased his crown inside of her with a satisfied groan of pleasure.
Ohhhh!” she’d cried out, and wrapped her legs around his waist.
As Eros was thrusting in and out of the writhing nymph, a stumbling Bacchus had crashed through the bushes towards them.
Eros? Where are you?” he’d thundered, closing in on the couple’s moment of intimacy. “Nobody knows that fucking name anymore, dude!” Bacchus was listing from side to side as he couldn’t stand straight as wasted as he was. Wine had sloshed out of his chalice as he’d thrown his arm out towards Eros. “You’re ‘Cupid’ to them all now!”
What are you blathering about? Can’t you see I’m busy here?”
Go down to Earth. You’ll see what they’ve done to you. Fucking shame, man.” He slumped against a tree, and slid down it, dropping in a heavy thud on the dirt. “You used to be the shit. Not anymore.”
The lithe and willing body underneath Eros was as forgotten as she had said she would be, and he hadn’t even finished fucking her.
What the hell are you talking about, Bacchus?” Eros withdrew from her, stood, and helped the nymph to her feet.
He smacked her on her ass, and then she ran off to join the orgy in the center of the forest. The sounds of voices raised in need and screams of blissful release filtered through the air to his ears, but he had no interest any longer.
Walking over to where his friend had passed out, Eros kicked Bacchus’ foot to waken him, “I asked you a question!”
The only response he’d received was a loud snore.
That night, he’d done what Bacchus had said to do, and left Olympus to mingle amongst the lesser beings.
Hiding his wings, and disguising himself to blend with the humans, he’d arrived at one of the larger cities, easily casting himself in step with the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets.
Stopping in front of a store window, his eyes widened as he’d seen what had to be a depiction of himself. Disbelief had washed over him, as his eyes had fallen on a smiling child with a quiver at his back, readying an arrow with a red heart on the end of it for launch.
The front of the parchment read, “Love is in the air! Cupid’s arrow is aimed at you!
What the?”
Incredulous, he’d entered the shop, and begun perusing the cards stocked for an upcoming holiday, seemingly dedicated to human love and affection.
After grabbing one up, he’d snapped it with a flick of his finger. There was no mistaking the commonalities between him and the illustration in his hands.
That isn’t me at all! I’m a full grown man, not a child! Look at me! I’m an erotic, sex god!” he’d shouted, getting the attention of the women and men on either side of him. Pointing at the myriad cards and balloons displaying how the humans perceived him in this era, he’d raised his voice even louder. “What have you people done? You’ve castrated me!”
A man wearing a uniform had approached from behind and slapped a hand on Eros’ shoulder.
Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”
But!” Eros had protested, whipped off his glasses and hat, and tossed them down onto the floor. “Don’t you see these abominations? Don’t you know who I am? I’m Eros!”
Yes, Sir. I see the Valentine’s Day cards. I’m going to call some people to come help you, Eric.”
What?” he had exclaimed, and the people around took steps away from him, mumbling to each other about the ramblings of an insane man. “What the hell is ‘Valentine’s Day’?” He’d screeched as the security guard pushed him through the exit and out the door.
Pacing back and forth in front of the entrance, chewing on his nails and glancing wildly about at the humanity that had betrayed him, Eros had taken flight back home once the police and ambulance had arrived.
Upon entering his bedroom, he’d gone to his treasured arrows. Clasping them in his hands, his grip had been so intense the metal had wilted and withered, bending in half. The tip bowed down in a maddening similarity to his unresponsive cock.

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