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Dragons, Tigers, and Wolves--Catch up with Alicia Sparks

Dragon's Law #2 - Damon By Alicia Sparks

Damon has lived with guilt and regret for six long years and has finally decided to put an end to it. He knows his betrothed, Kira, is alive, and now it's time to find her. When he travels through space and time and lands on the foreign planet, Earth, he finds more than he ever dreamed.
 Kira awoke six years ago with no memory of her past and no idea about the strange bite mark on her shoulder. The only thing she knows for sure is that the moon controls her, forcing her to have feverish dreams of a time and a man she doesn't remember.
 Their destinies collide in New Orleans as Kira goes to a sci-fi convention to unveil her latest video game created to help rid her of her demons. Standing before the audience, she never expects the man of her dreams to literally step forward and cause her entire world to come spiraling down around her.

Catching up with Alicia Sparks

Louisiana is Tiger Country. Visitors to the state are constantly reminded of this fact when they travel down the interstate and see billboards announcing Tiger Insurance and Tiger Car Loans. They are also reminded when they drive through Louisiana’s small towns on Friday night to watch the St. Mary’s Tigers battle against the Montgomery Tigers. However, there are no tigers in Louisiana. None in the wild at any rate. Our only tigers are in zoos and, yes, at truck stops along the interstate. So why the obsession with tigers?
It goes back to the Civil War and a band of fighters who originally used Tiger Rifles as their primary weapon. This group was mostly Irish and composed of people who were less than honorable in their daily lives but they could shoot straight and fought with their hearts. As the Civil War continued, more and more battalions became known by the nickname of “Tiger” and a group of Louisiana Tigers even fought in Canada in 1866. The name stuck, becoming a title for any group of fighters from Louisiana who fought with the same passionate nature of their forefathers, and thus the Louisiana Tigers were born.
Why the history lesson? Because like most of Louisiana, I am also obsessed with tigers. But, instead of praying to the football gods every Friday night or Saturday afternoon, I spend my time thinking, what would happen if….

Primitive Series by Alicia Sparks

In my new Primitive series from Beau Coup Publishing, I get the chance to explore that very topic. I’ve always been obsessed with shape shifters, and thanks to my new publishing agreement with the fabulous Sable Hunter, I am able to explore my fascination in a way that doesn’t involve me painting my face purple and yellow (LSU’s colors for those who don’t know).  In the first books in my series, I introduce readers to the Maddux family of the Atchafalaya Basin, about two hours outside of Baton Rouge. The Maddux family has roamed the swamps incognito for over a hundred years, but now they have a problem. Their clan leader, Nik, has been taken hostage and his captors think he is a white tiger instead of the shape shifter he is.
The book begins when his brother, Kenyon, hatches a plan to spring Nik from his cage and lands in one of his own—jail. Of course, he has an ace up his sleeve, the one woman he’s never been able to live without, Sage Villalobos. Sage spends most of her time as an eco-terrorist fighting for whichever cause catches her attention but she is bound by honor to show up when the Maddux family needs her help. Years ago, her family made a pact with the Maddux family that the second born daughter of each generation would marry the second born son to continue the tradition between the two families. Even though Kenyon is the only man who has ever set her body on fire, Sage hates being bound by honor, so she makes a deal with Kenyon. After the heist, she wants out. No more bailing him and his family out of this bind and that, and no more steamy kisses that leave her gasping for breath. Instead, she walks away and never returns. Kenyon agrees but is determined not to give her up without a fight. 
In the second part of the book, we discover what happens to Nik after his narrow escape from behind iron bars. He’s wounded, alone in the swamp and has only partially morphed back into a man. When he stumbles upon Juliette, a woman full of her own set of secrets, he is at her mercy until his body can fully heal. What he doesn’t know about Juliette is she does have the power to heal him. She was a nurse before she secluded herself in the swamps. But she also carries a deadly secret that could destroy them both and their ways of life. 
This is only the first set of stories in my Primitive series. We will later find out what happens to Juliette’s brother, Logan when he meets up with defiant mayor’s daughter Hanley, and Nik and Kenyon’s cousin, Willow when she collides with a member of the Canadian Tiger Tribe, Timbre Lenox. The Primitive Series will be starting soon from Beau Coup Publishing, a new company that I am very excited to be working with. 

"Knowing What to Wish For"

Wild Shifters Anthology

In the meantime, I have a new shifter short story in the Jupiter Gardens Press anthology, Wild Shifters. Even though my guy is not a traditional shifter, he is a Djinn and is able to shift between smoke and human form. “Knowing What to Wish For” begins with Hailey Conrad being assaulted by a series of wicked dreams that make her wonder exactly what goes on in her mind when she’s sleeping. She’s never thought about the kinds of things she saw in those dreams…whips, handcuffs, paddles, the kind of things that make a girl like her blush. But she’s turning 40 and is determined to have an adventure before she’s plunges “over the hill” toward middle age. Of course, her friends assure her she’s got a long way to go before she’s considered middle aged and that age is just a number. On a weekend excursion to New Orleans, Hailey encounters a strange man who gives her a necklace with a charm on it, a wishing lamp. When she rubs the lamp, the dreams begin. But when they start taking over her waking hours, she knows she’s got to make a wish. She’s just not sure what to wish for.
After a six year hiatus from writing, I’d like to announce that I’m back in a big way. I have recently published with Ellora’s Cave, writing about sexy dragons and orgasm inducing ice cream, and I’ve also written a range of novels and novellas for Loose-Id and New Concepts Publishing. I am very excited about working with both Jupiter Gardens and with Beau Coup. They are allowing me to expand my horizons and my audience. So, what’s next? Aside from the sexy shifters, I have a line of hockey-rotica novels that will make you wonder how the ice manages to stay frozen with all those hot bodies flying across it. I’m also working on a zombie series that I’d like to compare to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, with a multitude of characters and narrators to keep my audiences intrigued. One thing is for sure, you will be hearing a lot from me in the near future. 

Book Blurb: Wild Shifters Anthology: 
Knowing What to Wish For

When Hailey Conrad and her best friends head to New Orleans for her fortieth birthday, she has no plans for a hook up, but the mysterious stranger in the French Market seems to know exactly what she needs to mark the big 4-0. He gives her a wishing lamp with one warning: don’t make a wish. Of course, when she rubs the lamp, her most carnal fantasies come to life in a way she never imagined, leaving her knowing exactly what to wish for.

Alicia Sparks Bio:  

Alicia Sparks is a Southern girl with a flair for all things a little naughty. From writing about sensual ice cream to sexy tigers, her stories all contain a high level of heat, which she blames on her Southern surroundings and her smoking hot husband. She has been writing for ten years and shows no signs of stopping any time soon!



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