Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Great New Author, Hot New Series: It's a Win-Win!

What's better than finding a great new book?  How about a hot new series!!!  Or even a better---How about a new author to follow!!!!  
Or even better---How about 2 Alpha brother wolf shifters!!!!!!  Oh yeah, now we're talking  {{insert cheesy grin}} !!!  

Welcome to new author Gracie Meadows' new series The Hidden Pack.  It kicks off with Dreamwalker's Duo, and it kicks off with a BANG.  Prophecies, murder, and general mayhem balanced with hot steamy wolf shifters determined to save their woman.  Check it out here: 

Dreamwalker's Duo Blurb:

In book one of the Hidden Pack: Becky Butler lives in the small town of Misty Falls, where everyone goes about their own business. Being a simple girl, she works at the local coffee shop and writes articles for the local paper. People tend to avoid her since she is the daughter of the police chief. And oh, yeah, he happens to be the pack Alpha too. She does have two wonderful friends she shares everything with—even her secret. But after being burnt once in love due to her circumstances, she believes no one will accept her for who and what she is.

Dmitri and Nikolai Daciani have been staying under the radar since the day they were told they were the chosen ones of the prophesy. After constantly moving around to avoid detection, they end up taking jobs as police officers in a small town in South Carolina. The brothers had learned a lot in their ninety plus years, but nothing prepared them for the spunky, shy, little blonde with blue eyes. Their world is turned upside down and all they can do is hold on for the ride because they won't turn away from her. She is theirs and if it means facing off with the evil that is trying to end the prophesy before it can set the magical and shifter world right once again—then they plan to be the men for the job.
Murder comes to this quiet town and answers are needed to solve the riddles left behind. Becky's dreams become a real life horror story and the men must be able to stop the murders before they finally get to her.

Will Becky’s secret be her undoing? Or will her secret, along with the secrets of others, be the key to vanquish the evil. Can love conquer a destiny that has been set—only time will tell as brothers, mates, family, and friends come together to find the answers.

How about a glimpse at that first meeting???  Why thank you, Gracie, I would love to....

Story Except:        

It was odd to have a brother. All she had ever known of shifters were that for some odd reason only a single child could be born, and even that was hard to do. Mike had called her a little wonder because she just left people wondering how she came to be. Her mom would swear up and down the great Luna had sent her to them for a reason. Either way, here she was, getting ready to celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday this weekend with a giant BBQ—country style.

“Oh come on, squirt, you know I can’t resist chocolate. Especially when I know you made it. And if I am not mistaken there’s a hint of Kahlua in there. I swear it is a good thing you are moving out. It saves me from coming over here and eating the—whatever you are mad at—baked items. Anyway, I have to work tonight so I can’t stay to long. I just came over because mom said you needed to talk to me, and that something needed to be pulled out of the attic. She’s on one of those kicks again. She mentioned that she was turning your bedroom into a sewing room to allow more space for her office,” he said as he swiped his finger through the frosting of the cake one more time humming in appreciation.

“I’ll save you a piece. Anyway yes, I need your help putting my TV on my wall. It seems I need a stud finder, whatever that is, because I just keep putting holes in my damn wall, and I don’t want to inflict more damage than I have to,” she explained.

Mike nodded and soon the two of them chatted a couple more minutes while she put the lasagna in the oven for dinner. Lost in thought about what she wanted for her birthday, Mike brought up ideas for him to bring to the BBQ. He had threatened to get her a puppy, but even she laughed because she was more of a cat person. This was something they had argued about even as children. She wanted a cat, he wanted a puppy, but in the end, their mom had decided on a fish tank. After that, they learned if they had issues with something not to let mom know. It worked out for both of them in the long run.

“Sure I can come over in morning after my shift if that’s okay. It will save me from having to back track home. Do you want me to bring over coffee as well,” he chuckled. He knew her dark secret. Never disturb her until after she had a cup of coffee, well unless you wanted to have your balls shoved down your throat.

She nodded in agreement and soon she caught the smell of something. It wasn’t the food, she was about to tell Mike, when a small rumbling sound caught her attention. She turned to stare at a man still in police uniform. He wore dark blue pants, followed by a dark blue uniform shirt with short sleeves. He looked like his arms were going to tear out of them by his bulging biceps. She continued her gaze upward. He had a strong jawline with big full lips that were slightly parted. Finally she looked into his eyes. The gray eyes looked back at her holding her attention. Not only was she lost in the depth of them but she felt the air leave her lungs as if she couldn’t catch her breath along with the smell of burnt wood assaulting her senses. Mike's coughing brought her out of her trance.

The stranger smiled and looked at her brother as Mike spoke, “Um…sorry, dude, I meant to come back in. This is my baby sister, Becky. Beck, this is Dmitri Daciani, he and his brother just transferred from up north,” Mike stated as he made introduction.

Dmitri stuck out his hand to her and she hesitated for a minute. She felt a sudden pull from within. Why was she drawn to him? Not wanting to appear rude because let’s face it, her dad would ream her up one side and down the other if she was. She placed her hand in his and shook it. Suddenly a warmth spread through her body as a spike of adrenaline pulsed through her veins.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Becky. Mike failed to mention he had such a beautiful sister,” he stated with a smile as he took her hand, flipped it over and oh so gently brought it up to his lips and placed a small kiss on the inside of her wrist. The zap of electric currently pulsated through her arm all the way down to her now throbbing sex, causing her to gasp and for him to rumble deep in his chest. What the hell just happened? She pulled her hand back quickly. Damn it, he is part of the real Neanderthal club! Shit…shit…shit.

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  1. WOW ....this sounds like it will be an amazing story along with some hot shifter action....can't wait to read this......

  2. Love finding new authors to read!! This looks fantastic.

  3. I love shifter romance. Need a new series to read and this looks like a good one. Thanks for opportunity to win!

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  5. Love shifters! Sounds like an exciting new series! Thanks for introducing her to us!

  6. Oops...missed the part about the warm welcome! So sorry! Welcome welcome WELCOME to this amazing Erotica Romance Community! As a reader I've discovered the best books ever written now have amazing new friends! WELCOME! :)

  7. Congratulations to Lisa Carlton!!! You have won Dreamwalker's Duo!!!